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Ted Cruz is not filibustering but he is doing a mighty good job of what it is that he is doing. I think it is fantastic, patriotic, responsible and a lot of other things. I dissed him in my earlier post because I distrust government so much now especially since Obama took office. I don’t know the procedures of the Senate as Ted Cruz seems to have honed and the Constitution but he is speaking for the people of the US. I liked his reaction to human rights and the Constitution last year and his truthful gentle pressure on Feinstein while she responded like Harry Reid does about Ted Cruzes strategy on Obama Care in a weak, unstable, unbalanced, disoriented, and stubborn fashion which is typical of people who are ignorant of the truth, don’t want to deal with facts, most of all have no common sense and live in fear which is why they pander about just about everything and don’t grasp historical examples or learn from other people’s failures and other government failures such as health care in other parts of the world. They don’t learn from the past! They take the popish easy road leading to minutia, though popular, meaningless. What they ought to do is move to Europe. The US was different than Europe for good reasons lest we forget the past we will be like Europe and while it has it’s attractions I wouldn’t want to be stuck there. I have heard the polls about what percentage thinks this or that and I don’t believe in polls. Many are asked to participate and many don’t because of the the time issue or are busy. I have never been asked an opinion for a poll on any issue so I know they must be inaccurate by a wide margin. I do know that just about everyone in the news and on the internet do not like Obama Care so far that I have heard of except for the journalists that profit by the controversy yet it is rare to hear one that has read it. Probably like reading the tax code which also needs to be replaced with the simple consumption tax. In my opinion Obama Care is political cover for extreme failure economically. In the years of Bill Clinton as President he created an economical bubble isn’t that why they call him Bubba? When walking on the stage to assist Obama about Obamacare he walked just like Billy Graham (must be cut from the same mold) at Nixon’s funeral when Nixon talked about Qing David and corrected his humongous blunder to King David. Fitting since Nixon got us into this financial mess with some help from his presidential double agent vatican shill Billy Graham and a freudian slip about who pulls their strings —-CHCHCHCHCHINA—– and what they really believe. Bill Clinton who FEELS OUR PAIN more than likely lives in fear of a little pain. Sometimes it takes a bit of pain to topple a regime which should be our goal financially and morally, to get our ducks in a row. Manufacturing took a dive because of the deals made with foreign countries and preference of some skills over other skills for immigration. Service type jobs became the major source of income over production kind of like air over matter. Now we have a ton of lawyers, IRS agents, insurance agents, but buy most of our products from overseas. Those lawyers and IRS agents are scrambling on top of each other just to get a piece of the pie but the pie is dwindling so now we have Obama Care with IRS agents who will be running it, lawyers will be fighting about it, and insurance agents will “git in to fit in” and it will fail.

There is that thing called matter.

In America we have a potential work force that should be considered a huge asset yet some American companies go overseas using foreign workers because of all the perks they get overseas and cheap labor. Black Americans are afraid that if legal immigration occurs they will lose their jobs but that has already occurred for the most part take Detroit and Chicago for example. People in power want to control them (black Americans and Mexican immigrants) and their political bent by keeping the status quo but guess what it is a changin’. Some are catching on to the slavery and dependency. What we have is very bad leadership and have had that for quite a while. The people that defend ObamaCare say that medical care was denied to some and that is in my opinion a BIG FAT LIE. When I was cared for there were many indigents (street people), illegal immigrants, pregnant teens and their babies and me who were cared for with great care and diligence physically and financially. We have the greatest Health Care in the world and it is under attack. What this Obama Care healthcare is about is control, unbelievable taxation without representation, fraud, punishment, and federal abuse by elites and interference of other countries in the affairs of America to degrade our government, our Constitution, our human rights, and our excellent and superior health care. To put down and destroy one of our greatest assets sought out by people from all over the world to be controlled by our adversaries who could not compete with it.

It really is the Hillary plan and Hillary is bad for business and bad luck to hang out with because many she befriends end up dead or destroyed and definitely used like toilet paper. She was in the insurance business before she was First Lady and Obama Care is about insurance. She is a bitter hag and doesn’t care about anything or anyone and cares little about the truth.

She will take full credit if it goes well and can distance herself if it doesn’t. That is how the Clintons do their junk.

Remember: what does it matter if they were attacked blah blah blah and that is who designed this death trap called Obama Care.

Obamas speech the other day with clips of it on Fox news looked as if the audience were hostages, and they didn’t even seem to understand what he was saying as if in a foreign land and as if there were neon signs out of the cameras view cueing them to laugh or clap.

Kind of interesting and I would not put it past him.

The lady in the gigantic yellow suit on the floor of the Senate reminds me of the atheist

Madalyn Murray O’Hair

but was really Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

who is hell bent on Obama Care is disgusting to listen to as she spits out her blather and could be Hitler’s sister or maybe his mother?

I’m surprised she didn’t give a heil hitler salute at the end of her bombastic and LOUD Stand at Stalingrad SPITCH. You think we could have done better than that in America for a Senator or for anything for that matter. Pretty scary madwoman. Get her in Michelle’s cafeteria at the White House and put a hairnet on her head and white butcher coat with a big ladle to serve hummus to their friends. Seems fitting!

images-3 images

The Tank From Hell with Sebellius and Clinton. I guess she is their secret weapon.

That’s why they need ObamaCare just to afford the material for her wardrobe and big enough closet to store them in and all those mothballs.

(Is there one big enough for her mouth?)

What size combat boots does she wear? 14double wide?

I bet they would really enjoy her health food sloshed on some cabbage served by Cossack Madalyn Mikulski. Where did she come from? Who made her? She reminds me of a German labor camp enforcer or a teamster with a hammer and a sickle.


Does she run the Secret Service in Maryland, too? I bet she does.

No wonder Harry Reid cowers he probably has bad dreams about her nightly and suffers from PTSD just at the memories of those dreams. Is that who gave him that shiner last year? She is really humiliating to behold.

Revelation 17:6

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Just tell her NO!


No one can afford Obama Care except those that are exempted which is illegal if it is the so called law of the land. I won’t buy it. I don’t like to buy anything forced upon me. I hope Americans will ignore it and not buy into it and force it to fail just as it forced us to fail and will force businesses to fail, put many out of the system all together punishing the middle class and the middle class is what makes America strong. When Americans resist his stupidity he thinks we are messing with him. Well personally how can we not mess with him…. he is mess.

Yet for only 50 cents a day you can save a child’s life

so the child can get all the emergency care he needs, vaccinations, etc.,

via UNICEF? 

That adds up to $30 a month! HMMMMMMM something wrong with this picture.

I guess the difference is that child is not insured.

The middleman expense?

Need health care coverage? Just dial 1-800-F**KYOU to reach Obamacare’s national hotline

“Need health insurance? The Obama administration has you covered. Simply dial 1-800-FUCKYO to reach the next available health-care provider.

Far from being a mistype, that’s the official number that Health and Human Services wants Americans to dial when seeking health care. Obamacare’s national call center really did list its number as 1-800-318-2596, helpfully spelling out President Barack Obama’s tendency to blatantly flip the bird in plain view…….”

Rand Paul: Can’t we all just get along?

Obama thinks we are a more stable world since he took office LOL…..BOY IS HE CONFUSED. It is interesting how he views the world he thinks he rules. I think his mother really screwed him up! She probably told him he was great when he wasn’t etc,. more than likely his dad wasn’t around much and she had to put all her desires and needs on her son and now he has an unhealthy view of females and mothers (inner hatred) etc. Probably doesn’t understand the word No. I forget the name that sick kind of relationship but I think it is part of the problem with Obama. “If we raise the debt limit we won’t be more in debt” is Obama and the Obama Care supporters mantra, but lets get real when you raise your credit card limit what happens? You charge more and you get in more debt. So that is an outrageous ridiculous platitude. Shows they are ill equipped to lead our country if they haven’t figured that out. Try raising the debt limit for your children on your own credit card and give it to your kids and see what happens.

Think of Obama and Obama Care as that child and say N O.

The Obamas and their friends just want a face lift and they want us to pay for it so we have to look at their gnarly grins that much longer.

I don’t agree with the games in politics and nor do I understand them but it is a valiant effort by Ted Cruz and very few other Republicans and no Democrats. I believe they know they cheated to be the majority in the Senate and hold the office of President and because of that they will fail. That is all they have done since they stole their offices. Is it any wonder?

The Neo Catholic:

“Republicans are standing between our legs” Hmmmmmm you seemed to be enjoying it as far as I can tell, Tamara, at least you were the other day and the day before that, and the day before that even though they didn’t seem to be relishing it.


Here is a lady who is on her toes, smart and truthful, who sits on the discussion panel of the Hannity Show of Fox News when it comes to Obama Care and how the House of Representatives should behave in regards to Obama Care, Obama and the abuse and overreach of the federal government as stated by Hamilton. I sure hope the House of Representatives don’t think they know better than the founding fathers of the Constitution.

I bet he had had experience with that kind of abuse

and wanted to give good advice for

future generations of American representatives

who have the wisdom, courage, and spirit.


Betsy McCaughey

I noticed that a famous african american preacher rose up to say that America should be a Nanny state. He is the one I think that said “you have to git in to fit in” I think it was him, anyway. Was he referring to Bernanke’s power and does that usurp the House of Representatives and if so then it needs to be defunded first.

If there is no way to check if your vote truly went to the candidate of your choice (which there isn’t) and the candidate has already been chosen using computer technology which can be manipulated hence voting is about raising money then the only recourse a citizen has is to not pay income and federal taxes. They pay taxes already on the state level when they buy a product. So in essence they are a citizen of the State but not a citizen of the Federal government. Seems fair to me since

 Federal income taxes are voluntary!

Supreme Court said that Obama Care was a Federal Tax.

That is why the penalties and fines they threaten you with

if you don’t sign up on Obama Care are meaningless.

That’s the joke!


But Obama is so prideful and so are his supporters they want us to prove it to them

and prove it we must until they keel over from their own prideful weight and their lust because they are very slow to learn in fact their learning curve is as bad as their job growth and economy growth.

Here is a joke I made up: Do you know why Catholics are so humble and gracious of others beliefs because they haven’t figured out what they believe so they believe all of the other beliefs hoping somehow they might by hook or by crook get it, See?

And for the money. OPM

Arise kill eat arise kill eat arise kill eat

(in reference to the tanner like Islam does to their women in burkas with a stick who went into a trance because he was hungry and was on his roof top praying at 6:00 the schedule of Islam (that’s what they do in Islam) before his meal was served by his wife. Remember Obama said he thought their music was the most beautiful sound. No accounting for taste or anything for that matter. I think its tedious but must be helpful to put people in a trance because of the tediousness of their attempt to sound melodic.  From the Book of Acts. He is not the same Peter as the Peter in the Gospel of John. That is why Jesus in the Gospel of John tries to differentiate between the two Peters. The Book of Acts is when things go awry and there are many reasons for the mess. For one The Vatican and the Roman Flaviuses specifically Josephus Flavius at the time after they stole the holy books in Jerusalem and obviously edited them after crucifying Jesus.) Josephus was not really a Flavius but adopted by them and he was hired to be the propaganda man or why else steal the holy books but to alter them. It was why they came to Jerusalem to kill Jesus and steal the books and blame the Jews.

Sean Hannity is a doing a great job of exposing the lies in Obama Care and it’s supporters even if he is Catholic. LOL

Obama Care is not a law

or the law of the land

it is a TAX.

 Obama Care supporters keep calling it a law and they are not telling the truth either from ignorance which is par for the course or purposefully like Bill O’reilly does when he lies about everything but they are of the mindset that if they keep saying it over and over again that it is the law or a law and (read their lips) we will believe them eventually. That is propaganda so that they may steal your money and give you lousy healthcare in return, fund terrorism by sifting out what they need from the money you give them because they are deceived and are deceiving you. That is how deception works.

Really good article:

We must shutdown Obama’s “big lie” campaign, before it’s too late

“Resistance to Obama is not futile. But resistance is essential if we’re to preserve our greatness and the benefits we enjoy from that.”

SEE RELATED: The idiot’s guide to de-funding Obamacare


Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

That is desperation. I don’t think it will be possible for a President to steal peoples money from their accounts. I think that might be another impeachable offense.


This was on the drudge page with the article about seizing bank accounts. This is the look of the Democrat Black African who feels that the country is against him because of his race and it is a false image. He is more worried about why he did not get the ball in the hole or the basketball in the hoop. I’ll tell him why, because he stinks. If you were really African American you would be able to get the basketball in the net so you must be something else. I bet even Tiger Woods could shoot basketball if he weren’t busy advertising weight loss for Fox.


SURE IT DOES. Someone needs to send Obama pacifiers on a rope

that way he won’t lose them and can share them with Sebellius.


What we need are hospitals, doctors, and nurses willing

to work under the State Free Market level

and not work for the Federal Socialist level.

Did the Federal government build the hospitals in each state?

Or was it the State taxes that bought the hospitals?

Why support a Socialist government? We should not! They are and have been doing a very bad job anyway at the Federal level so why pay for their anarchy as demonstrated in the Congressional hearings by taking the fifth or making people sign Brennan’s non disclosures hence they aren’t our government but an entity unto themselves. Let them rule themselves and let us part from them. Let them default on their debt (because I know I sure didn’t give permission for them to spend it frivolously as they have on all the things they have spent tax dollars on) and let them pay it back to whoever they owe. Let Obama pay for Obama Care and the federal debt. He owns it.

Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Mike Lee and Sarah Palin and a few others are standing up to Obama and his Khrushchev type personality……. and their Kevorkian tactics because they have guts unlike the rest of the cowards in Washington. Whether Cruz fails or wins, as an American I appreciate the effort and stance he has taken and I believe when all is said and done about Obama Care everyone else will stand behind his effort and those that didn’t care or stand with him will regret their indifference to the concerns of middle class Americans and business because it will affect everyone if the middle class fails and it won’t be pretty.

Here is UGLY:

“It will be a cold day in Arizona when we defund ObamaCare,” said Senator McCain the “we should have” boy who sifts his saliva when he talks on Fox News subtitle who is obviously possessed and despises true patriotism and truth.

A supporter of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!

L E T  I T  F R E E Z E  I N  A R I Z O N A!

Senator McCain is afraid of Senator Ted Cruz

because he is the

Winston Churchill of our day in the USA!

(McCain must have profited in the first election shutting Sarah Palin up. Plays poker in Congressional hearings, shuts up his constituents, and plays footsie with Ambassador Chris Stevens. Probably shares the same mother!)


I bet Obama is jealous of Senator Ted Cruz


for his greater ability to communicate.

I don’t like green eggs and ham, Sam!


I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised 

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)


Sen. Ted Cruz to Hecklers: ‘Is Anyone Left At Organizing for America Headquarters?’

Lots of hecklers. He is definitely a threat to the powers that linger in Washington DC and a Very Good Risk for Americans. He and Sarah Palin would make a great team!

Fearless and Truthful

I keep hearing how unpopular Ted Cruz is and I have not met one person who doesn’t like him or Sarah Palin. I guess it’s a regional dislike in the DC area.

Gotto have a woman run against Hillary who is being propped by Fox, even on Watter’s World and by Bill O’reilly. They just love Hillary because she is a Jesuit. There can’t be any other good reason because she doesn’t know what’s what. The Jesuits I imagine are originally French, I think, and are naughty. Take Chrysler for example.

Really good article and some things in it I did not know about ObamaCare

written by Ann Coulter:


Death Panels Alive And Well In Canada And Coming Here

Another British Healthcare Horror Story: UK Death Panels

Ted Cruz not swayed by Mitt Romney attack

“He brushed off criticism from Mitt Romney on Friday, when the former Massachusetts governor called the strategy not “effective.” That’s because the strategy seems to be working or the Dems wouldn’t be so loud and obnoxious. When they settle down and quit overreacting then maybe the strategy may need to be reassessed but it is definitely working now.

Chuck Todd Tears Into Ted Cruz: ‘What Planet Are You Living On?!’ (VIDEO)

The enemy is getting NASTY. We all know the polls are BS. Not one person I know has been polled by these frogmen and they probably polled federal workers or Food Stamp recipients if they performed a poll at all. Ted Cruz has tons of support or why would they be tearing into Ted Cruz. Their horns are showing!

We need a revolution: Jesse Ventura

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura explains why he thinks it is time for a revolt amid a government shutdown.Screen shot 2013-10-12 at 2.18.25 PM

“We need a revolution of stop electing Democrats and Republicans. They’re destroying  our country they have us totally in debt up to our ears (and he points to his parietal bone of his scalp). They are completely responsible. You notice I combined them together. You want to join the Tea Party?: Not at all. Why not? Because the Tea Party has been preempted by the Koch Brothers. (?sounds like Coke Brothers) They’re in control The Tea Party started off good but they got taken over. No, I want I want nothing to do… I’m for the abolishment of all political parties and I have great people who stand with me on that.” The reason I added this is because it was funny and kind of scary.

400 US surface-to-air missiles were ‘STOLEN’ from Libya during the Benghazi attack and are ‘now in the hands of Al Qaeda’, claims whistleblower

Theft of US weapons in Libya involved hundreds of guns, sources say

Gee I wonder if some GMV’s ended up in Syria!


Humorous IMO:

Speaking of green eggs Bill O’reilly has a third book in a trilogy so far about killing called Killing Jesus  he recently said I’m proud of killing Jesus” in interviews about the book while feverishly trying to sell it lately more so than his other books about killing.  I WONDER WHY? He also said that Jesus was ‘violent’ I think was the word he used for when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Oh and he said that Jesus was afraid. (That’s why he threw the money changers out of the temple because he was afraid, right?)


Recently he also said that Hitler was not a Christian in an interview with his hired hand of the show Watter’s World but Hitler considered himself to be a Christian as far as I have ever heard or read. I guess if Bill O’reilly says it isn’t so we should listen, but don’t take his word for it. (Kind of like some Muslims who are of the religion of Islam probably think of Obama as not a follower of Islam yet he considers himself to be of that faith over Christianity in his own words in the past.)

Here’s a compound word for Bill O’reilly:

s i m p l e – m i n d e d

O’Reilly: The Holy Spirit inspired “Killing Jesus”

September 26, 2013 11:30 AM

Bill O’Reilly’s book, “Killing Jesus” is not religious and contradicts parts of the Bible, but O’Reilly tells Norah O’Donnell that he is using God’s gifts in a positive way. Watch 60 Minutes on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Says he believes it was the Holy Spirit that got him to write the book called,

“Killing Jesus.”

I think it was Senator Madalyn Mikulski ordering you in your dreams and you mistook her for the holy spirit. Not really sure why but could be that hatred for women thing you harbor probably because you were ordered around by nuns, the Jesuit oath (Luciferic), your deceptions throughout your career and the tanning, and her hearty hatred for women and men thing coalescing into this huge feeling to write about someone you wanted to deride like the others you wrote about. I imagine it was a loud command and you were actually in a self-deluded trance with imagery of four-footed wild animals on a four cornered sheet in the sky and a sickle and the command to

“Arise, kill, and eat” like in the Book of Acts. Ya think?

He also said the idea came to him one night and he thought Killing Jesus. Well, of course, you thought of that title you had written two other books entitled Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy.

There is a another book out and Bill O’reilly interviewed the author of

Jesus was a Socialist

She said that Jesus said that to go to heaven you have to sell everything you have and Bill O’reilly said that was crazy. So I guess he doesn’t believe that Jesus said that. And neither do I. It is also in the Gospel of Mark and probably The Gospel of Matthew. I’m pretty sure this is not in the Gospel of John because it’s hogwash.

Luke 18:18-22 18 And a certain ruler asked him, saying, Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? 19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God. 20 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother. 21 And he said, All these have I kept from my youth up. 22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. 23 And when he heard this, he was very sorrowful: for he was very rich.24 And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!

I think the man that Jesus was talking to was Bill O’reilly. He just didn’t want him to join and it was the only thing he could think of to say to this idiot to make him quit following him and it would cost him if he did join.

It’s kind of like Obama saying, “I shouldn’t have to offer anything” speaking of compromising with the people or the Republicans but the fact is he does want you to compromise or why would he have had them meet at the White House today. He wants your compromise. He just doesn’t want to say it and the Republicans should not appease him not one inch because that is exactly what he wants even just a little bit (a little here a little there) ends up filling a cup and that is not good. Rand Paul today said he wanted to compromise with Obama and I’ve heard others talk about little things in the Bill they might want to work on or compromise on. Why? I noticed Rand Paul seemed to have some little white circles around his eyes and thought “hmmmmm did he get a tan?”

Why in the world would you want to compromise with the devil. This is the time to stop compromising and don’t bother talking to him at all or meeting with him.

He is lost and just wants to have your company, literally.

Remember the Libyan Mo-ammar al Gaddafi who Obama gave a certain car company from Detroit to a few years back about the time of the meeting of the G-8 summit in L’Aquilla, Italy after the earthquakes in 2009? Not a good idea to do business with Obama at all:

Obama hails death of Muammar Gaddafi as foreign policy success

and Detroit is bankrupt

Chrysler Sweetheart Deal

is now in Mexico. They pay taxes to America so the Feds get money and hire Mexicans in Mexico and not Americans in America. So Detroit really did get screwed although the unions helped screw the people in the long run and then the people who took advantage etc. I guess it was bound to happen. It is kind of the middle finger from Obama to Americans, but pandering to Mexico and the drug lords he arms.

Doing Business with Obama at all is a losing proposition. DEFUND AND KILL THE BILL.

(I thought Obama gave Chrysler to Muammar Gadaffi of Libya around the time of the G8 Summit in the earthquaked area of L’Aquila Italy in 2009 and with Pope Benedict before Muammar Gadaffi was killed in 2011 in Sirte (Here’s the Clearest Video Yet of Gaddafi’s Capture) Very Graphic and Unusually Cruel and Inhumane and this is not how prisoners should ever be treated under any circumstances and yet I have heard that Chrysler is a French Company.) Maybe his death was a French thing. Looks like terrorists.

They wanted Chrysler?

Obama Gives Chrysler To Libya & Muammar Gaddafi

You should hear Obama at the end of this for a few seconds he goes into a southern drawl like his body is taken over by Louis Farrakhan as he says with determined foreboding in a mad insane kind of way as if he intends it to occur. He looks absolutely CRAZY and full of HATRED.

The disease part has to do with OBAMA CARE!:

“Terrorism and nuclear weapons, climate change and poverty,

genocide and disease.”

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 1.23.41 AM

Was he raised in the south? NO so why is he talking like it?  Humorous!

About this sound Daimler AG (help·info) (German pronunciation: [ˈdaɪmlɐ aːˈɡeː]; formerly DaimlerChrysler) is a German multinational automotive corporation. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Bribery and corruptionOn April 1, 2010, Daimler AG’s German and Russian subsidiaries each plead guilty to two counts of bribery charges brought by the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Daimler itself will pay US$185 million as a settlement, but the company and its Chinese subsidiary remain subject to a two-year deferred prosecution agreement which requires further cooperation with regulators, adherence to internal controls and meeting other terms before they are required to return to the court room. Daimler will face harsher penalties if the company fails to meet the terms of the agreement during the two-year period.

Additionally, Louis J. Freeh, a former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will serve as an independent monitor to oversee Daimler’s compliance with anti-bribery laws.
U.S. prosecutors accused key executives of Daimler, Daimler subsidiaries, and Daimler affiliates of illegally showering foreign officials with money and gifts between 1998 and 2008 to secure government contracts around the world. The investigation for the case revealed that Daimler improperly paid some $56 million in bribes related to more than 200 transactions in at least 22 countries (including China, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Serbia and Montenegro, Egypt and Nigeria, among other places) that, in return, awarded the company $1.9 billion in revenue and at least $91.4 million in illegal profits.[30]
The SEC case was sparked in 2004 after David Bazzetta, a former auditor at then DaimlerChrysler Corp, filed a whistleblower complaint after he was fired for raising questions about bank accounts controlled by Mercedes-Benz units in South America.[31] Bazzetta alleged that he learned in a July 2001 corporate audit executive committee meeting in Stuttgart that business units “continued to maintain secret bank accounts to bribe foreign government officials,” though the company knew the practice violated U.S. laws.
In another attempt to silence Bazzetta, Daimler later offered to settle his termination of employment suit out of court and he eventually accepted a settlement. But Daimler’s strategy with Bazzetta proved to be a failure as the U.S. criminal investigation for violating anti-bribery laws was already underway in what is one of the most wide-ranging cases brought against a foreign corporation.
According to the charges, the bribes were frequently made by over-invoicing customers and paying the excess back to top government officials or their proxies. The bribes also took the form of luxury European vacations, armored Mercedes vehicles for high-ranking government officials and a birthday gift to the then notorious dictator of TurkmenistanTurkmenbashi (Saparmurat Niyazov), including a golden box and 10,000 copies of his personalmanifestoRuhnama, translated into German.[32][33]
Investigators also found that the firm violated the terms of the United Nations’ Oil-for-Food Programme with Iraq by giving kickbacks worth 10% of the contract values to officials within the Iraqi government, then led by Saddam Hussein. The SEC said the company made more than $4 million in profit from the sale of vehicles and spare parts in the corrupt Oil-for-Food deals.[30]

U.S. prosecutors further alleged that some bribes were paid through shell companies based in the U.S.

“In some cases Daimler wired these improper payments to U.S. bank accounts or to the foreign bank accounts of U.S. shell companies in order to transmit the bribe,” the court papers said.[34]

There’s more but I didn’t want to add it because of space and this post is already grown more than I wanted it to.

Susan Rice is married to Shell, isn’t she?

(I suppose that’s why she always has an army about her.)

Speaking of companies here is a post about companies in the bible:

A Desert Place (a Different View)

In The Garden of Gethsemane

Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

and more at

Merangue’s Blog


I think it may be time just to get rid of that branch of government all together. Get rid of the job of President and the Secret Service that control him (which they do or they would not have been cueing him on his talking points when running for President and also the second run for the office and also while in office)

and be done with it.

That would save a lot of tax dollars and the out of control spending and crimes of the Secret Service. 

Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator’ Under Obama

Federal Lands

Make the the Obamas and the Secret Service move to Mexico. That would solve our Federal problem and as far as Federal lands it was Federal taxes that purchased them paid by Americans so why are the states paying the Federal government for the Federal lands. If anyone they should pay the people of the US for the lands. Obviously they aren’t thinking very well at the state level. Just take the Federal lands back which aren’t theirs anyway and screw the Federal Government. Get the national guard to guard the lands for the States and their people against the Park Service who are abusing the lands for their own political ends.

 Forbes suggested privatizing the lands, but guess what: the Americans own the land. They are public lands kind of like a library. Let each state’s national guard run the lands which will give them something to do for their states and for the public.

We ought to defund the Department of Interior and not bring them back up ever. They were used and allowed themselves to be used by the President against the public and the public land hence they don’t deserve to be funded and they need to lose their jobs for their lack of service and disrespect to the Republic.

Once they move the President and the Secret Service to Mexico there could be a problem but I’m sure Mexico can handle it. I don’t think the President of Mexico will go along but he got Chrysler and employed his people so it seems fair to me. Let him handle the old President of the US  and the Secret Service so we don’t have to deal with him and his stupid insanity.

Good riddance to Chrysler a bad company if the above is true. Perhaps the same should be said for Shell.

Let Mexico pay the Federal debt.

If I could go back in time I would tell our country and it’s inventors to never share again their inventions. I would tell my country to stay separate from Europe and to not ever get tied up in any deals with those nations. They suck a big one.

Dr. Ben Carson and Bill O’reilly

Wednesday Oct 2nd : Bill O’reilly also had Dr. Ben Carson as a guest and he admitted that after the luncheon he had had last year with Obama and was so outspoken about Obama Care that got so much media attention before the IRS scandal was revealed that he too was visited by the IRS. Of course, Bill O’reilly mentioned he had been visited by the IRS as a caveat before the doctor told his IRS story. (Kind of like when he talked to the actor LaVar Burton about having been stopped by the police and kind of mocking the actor for his legitimate fear because of his race being African/black American of being stopped by the police hoping they would be calm when they do stop him last year when the frisking was of a big concern for arms which seems to have subsided, kind of like that floods in Colorado after O’reilly’s Watter’s World and Father Jonathan of Fox News visited the smokers and brownie eaters at a Marijuana Festival.) Then the doctor said with seriousness and boldly to O’reilly that the press needs to buck up and report the truth for the people and Bill O’reilly said have you ever heard the saying, “spitting in the wind?” as if he was doing that (reporting the truth) and obviously saying it is no use (we will continue to deceive because that is what pays them) and then later said that Dr. Ben Carson probably would get a visit from the IRS again.

It was a bit weird. We shall see what occurs and hopefully the IRS won’t visit Dr. Ben Carson again. 

From the sounds of it in the last few days especially on Fox, Bill O’reilly wants Obama Care as much as Obama. Sleeves/slaves cost money. The IRS were to be the ones in charge of ObamaCare so it seems to me that is the hub, the rub, and the nub.


so that BILL O’reilly can’t threaten a respected doctor for being reasonable using the IRS and Obama can’t implement his BABY at all. Then they can’t pay for their stupid games and wait them out to see who is funding their games besides the IRS (their tool) such as I suspect of The Treasury Department, naturally.

Jack Lew

can’t even sign his name which looks like a bunch of loops upside down. Very Islamic. I suspect with his threats to Congress he may be a big fish in this game who may be a BIG TRAITOR. It makes sense since this is about control of money and people. SO DEFUND THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT TOO.

Park Service Workers Erect WWII Barricade

Shouldn’t these guys be fired. Ridiculous.


Actor Fred Thomson former US Senator appeared on Fox this morning and I swear he reminded me of that famous TV doctor of Fox I think he used to star on Oprah the one with the bald head as if they melded or something. I don’t know his name probably because I never really listened to the guy for obvious reasons but I’ll explain that I think he is ridiculous. Of course Fred Thomson could be sick or something being bald but his body sure changed too in the gut area. Even his wrinkles which went up real high were a bit disconcerting as if he was upside down but his features were in the same place. His skin looked very unreal. I don’t think it was the same guy except in his voice, but then I have seem him in the ad so much selling insurance in the backyard scene and he looked in shape and dapper then just really out of shape now.

Doesn’t he usually wear a jacket or suit coat.  I don’t think I’ver ever seen him without a one in public appearances, why would he now? To support ObamaCare? I thought he was a Republican but decided to get involved all of a sudden just to say the polls have the President ahead of the Republicans….give me a break. How much did that appearance cost? Well he had a jacket when I went back to the video on their site but he looked very sloppy which doesn’t seem to fit unless he decided to be sloppy for his appearance on Fox just for the heck of it. Sure did get that video up fast for having only been aired this morning about a half hour ago and it is not even 8 in the morning. Usually takes them longer like by a few hours or more to upload their shows on to the internet and to do their edits.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 7.39.35 AM

Something way off course at Fox

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 7.39.13 AM

like they are The Body Snatchers.

Check out the nose on the right and the mouth and the chin and the jaw bone shape on both guys. I know he has aged since the first picture but if you look at the eye on the left in the left picture beneath the eye, at the eye sac, and on the right picture the eye sac is not there. And it is not as if the eye sac was unattractive so I doubt that would have made Ed Thompson have plastic surgery so it’s mystery to me. Also looks like Kelsy the comedian on the left. Maybe they are brothers? man on left different earlobes and I doubt a man would have part of his ear lobe hacked off unless my grandmother was cutting his hair and so I think it is the actor.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 8.45.01 AM


Conversations from Hell

Neil Cavuto is a crackpot! I hope you lose you crappy voice too and aren’t able to make money bein’ a crackpot anymore. You are such a lame brain. Neil Cavuto managed to call Sen. Ted Cruz a crackpot about 5 times in a 2 minute lame-brained rant and make no mistake about it, it was purposeful. I can’t think of anyone less talented than you, yet so full of yourself ie drunk on yourself. You aren’t even funny when you think you are or cute when you hope to be cute. Too much steak and lobster for pure adulterated BS, I guess. (Ever notice how Neil has invisible canned laughter in his show to boost his drab personality displays. He needs all the help he can get.)

Neil did it again. He got real deep and told half truths as usual about JFK today, Nov 26thth. He gets paid well to do it too. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. All you really give a hoot about is the stock market. You need to step back a little. You are a crock pot. Smug and pompous. Who writes your schmaltz, anyway? (canned laughter)

Another conversation from hell Thursday Oct. 10th O’reilly’s opening salvo using expelling his ob-noxious fumes about ObamaCare and the Republicans and Hillary Clinton. He is demonic and a liar. He basically says OC won’t be defunded and the Republicans are down in the polls and Hillary is the winner. He is one sick asshole. Of course all three perceptions are his hope and his lifeline. I guess it’s that Jesuit desire for all three because they thrive on it. Then he argues with Carville to smooth it over. I wish people would notice his game.

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 4.09.49 PM

Creepy Obamacare ad hits college campuses and your nightmares 


Obama: Attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, merely a ‘bump in the road’?

Published on Sep 24, 2012

“During an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” which aired Sunday night, President Obama was asked if the recent tragic events that occurred in the middle east have given him any pause about his support for the governments that came to power on the heels of the so-called Arab Spring.”

Obama; “Well I said even at the time that this is gonna be a Rocky path. I…….  I was pretty certain and continue to be to be pretty pretty certain that uh there gonna be bumps in the road?”

That it will!        

You can almost hear Bill Clinton sayin’ the same thing the way that he does

and for that matter Neil Cavuto.

Same crappy voice.


Bill Clinton and the Democrats are freaking out 

Now he wants Obama to honor his promises. Another political ploy because elections are looming. It means nothing just like the unapologetic apology means nothing. How about standing up earlier for the truth so that others might see that it was for the right reasons instead of the obvious political reasons because of the elections. There was one time that he did stand up and say something that I think was true in part and it was quite a stand whether or not he meant to which was an eye opener to me. That particular time was when he gave a speech in Philadelphia on the campaign trail written about further in this post and linked below. I think politicians sometimes find themselves between a rock and a hard place but what Clinton said at that particular time was monumental but I don’t think anyone else had a clue except for a very few people and I kind of did only because of what I noticed in regards to Benghazi. Most people are clueless for many reasons.

 Feinstein and the others chided and ridiculed Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mike Lee, and others for their stand when they stood up for the truth with courage and now that things look bleaker and after the dust has settled Bill Clinton and the Democrats want to clear their reputation for standing for an illegal law and the Obama lies just to get reelected when they knew all along that Obama was feeding the public their lies. I guess they must feel like they are on a slippery slope and are grasping for straws to keep them from falling off that fiscal cliff they love to hold over everyone’s heads. They are misusing the money they get for their secret agenda which involves Israel (control of Jerusalem and it’s demise) and the disbelief they share about God. They are users of the unaware and the uninformed and should lose their own rights for abusing and deceiving their fellow Americans.

It is all for show. Acting! They are ridiculous.


DEM REP: ‘President Was Grossly Misleading to the American Public’…

If Bill Clinton were honest he would say to repeal the whole illegal law even if only for it’s failure to date. But he is not honest and desires greatly to control the American people, American business, and take away our freedoms in any way he can and ruin America as he has other countries Haiti is one example and there are others. He does not care a hoot about anyone but himself and his and their plans to destroy anyone in their way. But at least he is trying to some degree to set things right with some of those that have been deceived (the ones that lost their insurance) even if it seems to be a bit late. The whole concept of Obama Care is flawed and the intent for the same. Sebelius demonstrated that the intent of the bill is not for the benefit of the people who need health care with the one girl she denied for quite a while the health care the girl needed and it took quite a bit of pressure and God’s hand to alter that. I believe it was God’s hand that made the difference but I’m sure Fox News credits their own pressure however they did allow the public to see the issue by airing it on their station. This whole health care bill should be dumped. But the Democrats and the left of course expect something in it’s place as demonstrated by the interview with Sarah Palin. WHY? We already had something in it’s place that needed more oversight to prevent fraud. Nothing more. We don’t need Obama Care just like we don’t need the tax code we have now. It is outdated and cumbersome to the nth degree and should be simplified for the benefit of small business, the self employed, and the middle class to get the economy flourishing again. It should not be rocket science so that only the accountants and their businesses understand it and benefit by it. Consumption tax works at the state level and obviously would work at the federal level. If you tax on what is spent the incentives to spend such as lower prices and competitive prices will help all businesses. Everyone including the rich, the middle class, the poor, the government, and cpas will benefit. It’s a no brainer. The problem with the government is it cannot keep up with itself and it’s expenditures if we grow the government which hinders free market and business. Sarah Palin is right about that.

In regards to Bill Clinton and the rest of government and their machinery the federal workers who can’t be fired (the enemy of freedom and infiltraitors of our system). The law that Federal workers cannot be fired needs to change…they need to be easily fired or they should not work for the Federal government to help keep the Federal Government elected officials free from outside pressure and protect their freedom to pursue and oversee what is good for America and for their constituents and to do their jobs that they were elected to do without having a conglomerate of un-fireable federal workers who don’t obviously work for America but for another country to hinder them. PERIOD>

Below is the result of the infil-traitors in our government:

How about Vincent Foster? Juanita Brodderick? John F. Kennedy Jr? Mary Mahoney? Ron Brown? and others:


What about them? What about Benghazi? Do they matter?

That is not freedom, that is tyranny.

Clinton cares as much as Obama Cares which is ZERO. If voters don’t care who these guys knock off in their zeal to control America and Americans both will be destroyed and it will be their fault as well for standing up for such sleazy guys who knock off their business and political competitors and even their friends. It’s time to try to get someone worthy in office like Ted Cruz and his admirers who have courage under fire and can see the forest for the trees before it is evident to everyone else.

Applause for Ted Cruz on NBC!!

Hmmmm, I didn’t hear any boos either!

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Warned You

November 13, 2013 Rush Limbaugh

No, the baker’s dozen should not be let off the hook at the polls for their deception but in my opinion it includes many more than a dozen. They knew the intent of this law that’s why they tried to separate themselves from it but make the rest of America comply and they should be tossed out of their offices immediately. I guess they consider themselves to be superior but they are scum bags in reality. They should have lost the trust of their constituents by now for their intentional skullduggery.

We don’t need milk toast such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, McCain and many more. There are so many I can’t list them all but many are on this post. They are worthless lousy self gratifying leaders who will go down in history as liars, thieves and traitors to themselves, and others, generations to come, their own loved ones, and to this country.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 12.43.06 AM


Well that is so important but how about the real one? Does it matter? Just about any male model might look like JFK Jr. It happens in families: there are similarities physically because they share some genes and tend to look similar.

JFK Jr was vying for the same seat as Hillary Clinton and looking into the assassination of his dad President Kennedy and had recently visited Billy Graham who supports Hillary Clinton and that ought to matter!

What doesn’t matter are Bill Clintons tiring old after-the-fact sloppy opinions. That is obvious and we shouldn’t need Clinton or Cheney to state the obvious except that we have a bunch of drones in people form that can’t quite perceive the obvious and state it and make it stick. Freedom to insure or not to insure or who to insure by should be protected. It was protected before Obama and his islamic fundamentalism took office. I guess that is what was meant by Obama’s statements to fundamentally change America. Therein lies the problem! I believe insurance is a scam but should be left to the individual either way. I think insurance is like a R. C. priest who gives false assurances and sells a lie such as selling forgiveness as the Roman Catholic Church has divined/devised nevertheless if someone is inclined to lean on their lies until they figure it out should be allowed to do so and I should be allowed to warn anyone I wish about their deception.

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury




ON FLIMSY OR FRAUDULENT ASSURANCES THEY SHOULD HAVE CHOICES AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT COME BETWEEN DOCTOR AND PATIENT ETC. OUR SYSTEM WORKED VERY WELL BEFORE OBAMA, PELOSI, RAHM EMANUEL AND HIS BROTHER MUCKED IT UP. Allowing people to make their own decisions in their lives about how to spend their own money is fair and prudent and those decisions should be between them and God and whoever they trust. What is the saying about trust? It is earned. I don’t trust government except a few in government who have earned my trust the rest have utterly failed IMO.

Public School System

The Public Schools have gone the way of bullying and I don’t trust them any more especially since Obama took the Presidency. I blame him for that. There has always been bullying but now it is unprecedentedly clear it is getting very much to be cultic like behavior and in my opinion the public schools should be teaching the basics: Reading, writing, arithmetic, geography and some history that can be proved. What a kid does after public schools educationally should be up to him. We should not force education on anyone because some people learn later in life, some early and some inbetween. Girls are at a disadvantage because of their bodies and menstruation and should be given leniency for those reasons. Many schools won’t give bathroom passes when needed and some people need to urinate often and some don’t etc. The public schools are abusive and should be tempered but all they care about is attendance because of the money and that should be changed. Attendance should not be part of the equation for that reason alone. But that is a Roman Catholicized concept like attending church every Sunday and it being a sin not to attend every Sunday so they can force their propaganda on their victim and beg for money or find various reasons to spend it. We don’t need to computerize schools. They should have books. Being quick does not make one smart. Learning makes one smart and sometimes it is a slow process depending on the individual and his or her experience. That is what is partially wrong with federal programs  and that is why Obama Care should be nixed. Sometimes economics gets in the way and parents should have the right to decide with their kids the best course each semester for their own desires and pursuit of happiness and their God given talents. If a kid fails at one or two classes it should not prohibit them from progressing in the other courses. It should not fail their grade but just retake the courses they failed. They are people, not cattle. Even Einstein failed. Everyone fails at something or other. Teachers should be fireable, but they should be given some leniency in style for their teaching. If that happens we might have a relaxed yet good teaching environment for teachers, students and parents. There should be no union for teachers to give them power over their students but they should have the right to teach how they teach or be fired if it isn’t up to snuff or if they are abusive in all the ways they can be which often are unseen kinds of abuse. Students should have to live by an agreed set of rules as well and not gang up on their teachers as they often do. Parents should be able to attend with their kids to oversee what is taught whenever they wish to watch. Many times parents aren’t allowed and that is a definite sign that something is wrong with the school, it’s union, teachers and the intent of the school.


Public Schools ought to format their schools to be more like the State Colleges using the hours/credit system.



Kids, parents, and teachers would be more relaxed and happier and there would be many more opportunities for success. That should reason enough for change. IF a kid wants to drop a course because of a teacher or their style or because of their failure early on they should be able to and retake another time. It may take longer to get some through school but they may actually have a better chance in life if given some leeway and get a better education. It will benefit our country to have enlightened students in the droves instead of unhappy bored bullied neurotic children of hell and neurotic teachers, etc. Others students may not need the leeway but some do need it depending on their personal traits and personal lives and less chance for abuse of both teacher and student occurring. Offer classes such as at college that interest kids and teachers. Offer night classes as well. Have student lounges throughout the campus for them to study between their classes or have discussions or meetings with other students or teachers or to get tutored with beverage machines and snack machines tables and chairs and in order to keep track of them make them sign in and out. Make education interesting early on. Make education desirable even if it takes longer it will be worth it. It doesn’t have to be like a prison which affects their attitudes. Most schools at high school level are pretty depressing and it doesn’t have to be depressing. It can be enlightening instead. If a student excels in art let them, if they excel in mathematics let them, if they excel in science let them, if they excel in sports let them (using the prerequisite system used in college.) They should not have to excel at everything. The high schools could have shuttle buses that run all day and through night periods for the kids to leave when they need to leave or arrive just like college not necessarily every ten minutes but on the hour or half hour depending on the routes and they would have to sign in to keep track of them. It doesn’t have to be designed around the 8 to 5 working class which seems to be dwindling for some reason. Some people do better in the night time hours. Our society could be changed greatly if at that time of their lives is a good experience that promotes self learning and growth without unnecessary prohibition and cult like stigmas for their failures forced upon them usually by others who are frustrated and stigmatized. We won’t have to drug our kids to keep up or to control them because of their personal hindrances or their personal problems. They won’t be targeted as much because of their frailties and can achieve at their own pace. If they want to take less courses a semester or go for a full load they have the option depending on their choice for that semester and their upon their personal ability. Offer more college preparatory courses such as Intros to certain paths like psychology so they can determine ahead of time whether they like it or not and not waste precious time in college searching. Teachers won’t be judged by kids frailties either but by their performance and their success with kids of all kinds and relationships might improve between all parties. If a teacher is fired in one place doesn’t mean their abilities won’t be needed in another district. Sometimes it’s just a chemistry kind of dislike as are many relationships. What works in one place may not work in another.

Failure is human and if you haven’t failed yet, you will.  The left seem to have taken a very closed minded road forcing their will upon the people while the right seem to be more about freedom (The Tea Party) which is quite an interesting dilemma. I always thought the left were more liberal but they are quite the opposite. What happened to them? They want the population to assimilate and I think that is very unhealthy and makes for a dull lip biting neurotic society full of drones that can’t think for themselves or make choices for themselves. Sometimes families have troubles financially and personally and often they need the flexibility for their families. I like help but I like the choice to accept help if I desire it and the freedom to choose if I think I know better for myself. I should not have to pay for help I don’t want or need nor should anyone else. Obama Care is not meant for a free society. It is meant for a totalitarian society so take it elsewhere like Germany. We don’t need it.

I think changing the school system might be a job creator as well. I don’t like Common Core but I do think what I wrote about schools is a good way to allow kids their education in their time depending upon their circumstances without malice or stigmatizing them. It’s malicious to teach errors when we know it is incorrect such as supposedly Common Core says it’s okay to think 2 plus 2 can equal 5. Rather insane if you ask me. I think whoever came up with this kind of teaching was intending to hurt kids. Since Obama is responsible for forcing it on the public school system he must have a vendetta of some kind and is using the kids. Teaching ignorance is a pretty strange doctrine. He’s a coward in his core being. I think we should discard this Common Core immediately in spite of him. No wonder he thinks we don’t have a debt problem in our government. I think we should discard his Obama Care in spite of him. Screw him. Sometimes it’s a waste of time to deal with someone that it’s best just to ignore him and go on as if he isn’t there. Besides he thinks there is no there there so what difference would it make to him if we do ignore his myriad of executive orders and laws which are abominations?

Kids go through things just like adults but aren’t mature enough to always handle those things correctly. I think punishment is appropriate at times but so is forgiveness and many opportunities to rectify their immaturity and failures because of those circumstances. Not every kid or adult is faced with hardship and those that aren’t ought to lighten up on those that do face them. Kids that are traumatized need time to overcome as well as adults for their mistakes and failures. Often those in families that are richer really do have it easier than those that aren’t but mask their failures with their opportunities allotted to them because of their station in life and tend to retaliate in hidden ways that hurt others later on. There are lots of examples but if we take the heavy burden off those that face hardship by giving them opportunities to pull themselves up when they are ready it will benefit them and others later on because there will always be stinky people you have to deal with: Master manipulators etc who because of race, creed, color, religion, vice, and stupidity like to make things difficult for others and every kid that overcomes is one less of them. I know, I have had to deal with the aftermath of parents and other kids that sabotage a kid (my kid) for their beauty and talent and because of my beliefs. It’s rough but I believe my kids will surpass their malicious intervention and eventually succeed and some day those parents and/or willing participants will regret the manipulation they wielded on my kids for their sick reasons when it is good for them to gain that understanding and can learn from it because in a way they are being tested as well. It is out of my control as it should be, Thank God:) because I wouldn’t know what is the right solution to that kind of maliciousness and He does but is patient in His ways and I like to leave it there with Him.

Don’t think I haven’t been tempted to do otherwise but it never works out right when I do. I react of course to their actions because that is inevitable: To every action there is a reaction but the miracles and the good results aren’t because of me, I just like to witness them and write about them when I notice them and add my pennies worth of suggestions:

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?


What is the smallest seed in the world?

The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

The mustard in the Bible versus the Quran (1)

I also write about the bad things I notice if it pertains to the subjects at hand. I have noticed other very bad things which someday I may write about if it is needed such as some things that have occurred recently but later because I think it might do more harm than good at this time to dwell upon them but threatening as they were intended to be to me and mine they did not overcome my loved ones.

Smiles and sneezes are contagious, but so is discontent. Let’s aim for the smiles.

Course you can say “sure thing, this chic is out to lunch” but I have noticed how things change overnight in the strangest of ways. Because Obama and his minions deceived Americans about the health care they forced upon the USA and its failure shows me it was not unnoticed and their 100,000 that have applied for health care I think is a deliberate lie. I doubt they have had that much success at all. If so, then why are they freaking out now about the people who have lost their insurance when they knew they would lose their insurance all along?

I don’t think Obama care will be ready ever. That’s my prediction. I think it is a difference in belief systems that makes the difference.

And the Islamic/RC  belief system is  flawed and deceptive, is it any wonder their plans also have gone awry? What’s that saying:

The best laid plans of mice and men

often go awry.

They have, haven’t they?

Obama Care has been a real ZINGER!

I don’t think it was because of the BIG BANG THEORY either. Obama Care was intended to bolster a few cults (very large ones) and undermine certain Americans in various ways and to confuse and confound them in any way possible.

(Billy Graham might know what I mean. I know Obama knows.)

 Obama Care was and is and will be a failure because of

divine intervention


Sandy Hook Hero Teaches Kindness

By Stefan Doyno | Katie’s Take – Wed, Nov 13, 2013

Katie Couric of NBC interviews a woman named Kaitlin Roig-Debellis who saved her children at Sandy Hook Elementary from a madman whose mom gave him a bunch of assault weapons even though he was mentally ill and decided to kill a bunch of kids at school. This brave woman saved her students in a 3X5 bathroom. I think she means feet or a note card. After being honored by Glamour Magazine NBC had to get in on the act and invite her because of her now famous website suggesting that kids from one class can sponsor another class through this new website and obviously she took a tragedy and changed it into an opportunity and because she was honored by Glamour. Her beauty had nothing to do with it. I swear but not really.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 6.54.40 PM

Looks like the cat that ate the bird.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. With great dignity and presence of mind she overcame the fact that Sandy Hook Elementary massacre never occurred. JUST BECAUSE SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY MASSACRE WAS A HOAX, WHAT DOES IT MATTER? It helped to divert attention away from other pressing events such as BENGHAZI. Just like all the other diversions since. Many who are interested have seen the actor playing the dad of one of the children who supposedly died in the tragedy that never occurred laughing before his fake crying debut about his kid. (I guess this is in reaction to my post addition about public schools.) She talked and promoted her idea about a box to alleviate their worries and fears. Very altruistic Islamic remedy and only a ploy of no value ie a trick just like the box in Mecca which is based upon deceptions (similar to voodoo-ism and actually promoting a false religion a false messiah and a false prophet. Is that why she is being rewarded by the press and getting notoriety? The reason I browned this verbage is because the press are brown-nosing Obama and his lack of belief in the truth and his stubborn deceptive ways, his religion and the other religions that support it, thrust upon the children at public schools and for what? a pretty face? a false veneer? Don’t forget the boxcutters used by the terrorists on planes when the Twin Towers were destroyed in NY and the people that were killed. Pretty damned big clue and a Declaration of war by those that Obama stands with in the event matters should slip through his hands [such as Obama Care a tool for his control over his enemies – the Americans, and even more specifically –Truthers, and even more specifically – Believers] as they are lately and after that he and them think they will be able to sink Israel) such as Sandy Hook Elementary School and many others that have occurred since Obama took his office in the White House. Will it stop the bullying in the high schools and the parents setting up another kid for competitive reasons and most probably for religious reasons? Jessica Lange comes on next with her banana bread and book interview. Seemed fitting and kind of funny, thanks, whether or not you meant to it was meaningful. Timing is everything. Here is a video of a young Brad Pitt look-a-like talking about the hoax: The Sandy Hook Cover Up. There are a few others in my other posts listed and linked on Merangue’s Blog including one of the dads trying out for the part and many others online if you care to know unless you prefer to live lies. Like the verse in Gospel of Matthew about one woman shall be grinding at the mill one will be taken and one won’t. I guess if she is willing to lie she will be taken as prisoner, but rewarded well. Beauty? True Believers as O’reilly would account. It’s getting a bit retarded and people need to start standing up against that kind of tyranny a bit bolder

for the kids.

That’s how truly good things happen such as Obama Care falling apart and Egypt putting down the Muslim Brotherhood last I heard and stopping Obama from bombing the hell out of Syria. Not to mention the discovery of a new water hole in Russia via a rock from space, Sarah Palin recounting the advice given to her by Republicans about what she shouldeth or should not sayeth, and Ted Cruz reading to his kid whilst standing up against Obama Care:) Those are the divine intervention kind of things that occur if you quit playing along with OBAMA, ISLAM and the RC Pretense. The more that do stand up the better. While it may be easier to play along it is detrimental to others in the long run and that is why it matters! And it hurts to go along with Obama in reality when you aren’t needed any more. If you believe in the truth and stand up for it whenever possible it will help others some day some way even if those entities try to confuse you and confound you about other things. Don’t go along with their lies whenever possible otherwise you are exacerbating the deceptions. I’m sure sometimes it is unavoidable and possibly one isn’t given a choice so do your best under whatever circumstance you find yourself in but do your best to be perceived so that others will notice the deception if you want to be a secret hero or heroine. Do not be true to the lies. Deceiving the young for a better life is what is at work in this deception but it is a trap. It’s called extreme manipulation. When you are able and have courage and believe that the truth matters: dig yourself out of the hole you are in and tell the truth about it because you are basically partaking of the sins spoken about in Revelation and it may have detrimental consequences later on until, “you ‘fess up about your part in the deception.” because you give ground to the enemy by contributing to their deception and it hurts others in the long run. It may not be glamorous but

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Doesn’t Work….

the truth works with good results.

Who you believe in makes the real difference. I believe in the Gospel of John which is very different than the Synoptic Gospels which I accidentally stumbled upon in my research and inquiry. I still have to fight deception because the other gospel faithers and hopers seem to be at war with the Gospel of John believers and so they prop their deceptions trying to trip me up so it is a battle daily, hourly and minute by minute. What I found though is the truth calmly and quietly helps me kindly even through really rough times.

I wrote about one of Pope Benedict’s contributions called:

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

Seems that “faith” was a ploy to make faithers believe. My post is a bit harsh until you understand where I’m coming from which if you read some of my earlier posts listed at the top of

Merangue’s Blog

you will start to see the deception. I challenge you! It might actually help you through these times we find ourselves having to cope through.

It’s free without advertisements and I don’t axt for no contributions:) or for that matter try to deceive you about your health care, your insurance, your children, etc unlike the guy flailing his lies and deceptions in the White House. Oh and let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi in this article:

House Democratic Leaders: We Will Not Apologize to Americans Losing Their Health Insurance

Oprah looks a bit humid around Barack Obama. Kind of a warm, hot, and steamy chemistry going on in this picture of the two of them like he made Susan Rice feel around the time he needed her to lie for him about Benghazi and he wants and needs Oprah Winfrey to think about him in that certain way….OBVIOUSLY because of the failure of Obama Care (timing is everything) and she seems to be emitting those same feelings at least in this picture. That’s why she would be stupid enough to say what she said about racists. Nothing like a lot of money to think you are hot even if gotten with a bunch of schmaltzie shows. It looks like she likes him a lot and she sounds like it too. I guess it doesn’t take much to be a black racist just a bit of sexy long steamy moments and a good imagination. I can feel it myself from the both of you and it makes me feel sexy thats how powerful those feelings that are being exuded by both him and you. Just hold your horses girl, he’s using you and is a pro at initiating those kind of feelings because in his mind that is all you and women in general are good for and when he is done with you more than likely you will feel like an idiot just like I think Susan Rice felt after her appearances about a video tape excuse for Benghazi. Benghazi was much more important than a video tape and you wouldn’t want to lose your cool over a false, steamy, imaginary feeling when peoples lives and souls, their careers and businesses, their talents and a safe environment to practice them are in the balance, would you? That is how important Benghazi was that he ridiculed and cheapened with his lies and you ought to weigh it against your sexuality or his and it shouldn’t be that hard to reject his deceptive manipulation and your delusion.

He is schmoozing you to save his ass:):

  Hip, Smug — and Ignorant

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 8.21.25 PM

(Can’t really tell if this is a photoshop creation but the expression on Obama’s face is typical of Obama’s – pity me I’m african american and therefore I can’t get succeed the really shitty deceptive Obama Care Bill that was intended to destroy America look – when he desires a woman’s help which she seems to be more than willing.)

Shouldn’t Oprah have to bare her arms for the sake of fairness to Michelle (such as at Benghazi) or does Oprah have some MIGHTY big things Michelle lacks? One woman is good for one thing and another woman is good for that other thing, right?

Oprah: Old Racists ‘Just Have To Die’ To Further Racial Progress

Didn’t we already have this conversation with Oprah about a purse? The failure of Obama Care is not about race! He could be 50 shades of gray the premise of Obama Care and the changes since are deception, an infringement of freedom and basically a tax on Americans and their businesses, a job killer, a business shackle, a control tool, a power grab against other branches of government and against State’s and individual rights, sold to America with false information such as you have to be insured to be seen in an emergency room which is not true, false promises such as you can keep your health plans and false threats such as you can’t repeal a law etc. After the humongous coverup of Benghazi and the exemption of this “law” to members of Congress and when they kept saying it’s the law of the land and could not be repealed I knew Obama Care and it’s defenders were nefariously duplicitous in a plot to undermine and steal our medical treasure and to punish America for competing in the world and being the number one best care in the world on the heels of the Roman Catholic hope and faith to take it over to be replaced by their version of care run by Catholic nuns like Sebelius and her IRS agents with no accountability similar to the Vatican style unaccountability since she doesn’t work for those that want her fired. Coincidental timing another clue. DUMP Obama Care like a bad idea and get over it (or you can keep defending Obama Care at your own risk with your own bank accounts.)

Oliver Stone is silly!

Oprah please compare the picture of you and him above to this picture:


The Pretenders – Message Of Love (Remastered)

As irresistible as it may be to imagine yourself with Obama:

Is it really worth the lies and the coverup of Benghazi?

I don’t think you want to be remembered for the $30,000 purse you didn’t get in Zurich or the woman Obama schmoozed for a cheap dig about the people who are struggling against the lies, the cost, and the deceptions of Obama Care which could easily be considered an introduction to the Third Intifada/Third Reich and already he and his followers are responsible for the deaths and persecution of many people including kids. So if you think your sexuality is worth those things you are mistaken. Obama is very very tricky like the devil, and best you start to understand how tricky tricky is but then maybe you are just one of his feminine tools and vise-versa.

CIA personnel asked to sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack

Putin said it was a set up a day or so later

although he masked his remarks with his geese stunt.


By the way Oprah….Do you sing?


The reason I ask is because of a little archaeology clue left behind …….

in particular an 8 x 11 slab in Yodfat, Israel.

I wrote about it in the post called:

Josephus and His Footprints

and another reason I ask is because of that old saying everyone knows that starts out with the words “IT AINT OVER TILL…….. “, another reason because of your name and it’s anagram variations, your voracious relationship with the Obamas, your ridiculous defense of Obama for his deceptions and lies using race as your weapon, your shallow sensibilities (the purse) especially in regards to your faith espoused over the years using your schtick talk show and profoundly affecting many lonely housewives such as a particular White House reporter who thought she had never seen Obama fail as he is now. I hope she’s watching him fail. I stopped watching The Oprah Winfrey Show a long time ago because it lacked depth and your faith reminded me of Jan Crouch of TBN including your style, hair and makeup, and fakey interaction with caucasians that you seem to have secretly despised and used abusively in secret, your fakey-ness in general, your guru-ish video recently and cultish manipulation of weak women using your show and its popularity, your acute smugness and snobbery, and personally because of the dumb-ash tree that fell recently leaning upon a certain rooftop at a specific time to make a point. That’s manipulation at it’s wurst although I’m sure it’s worse than that for others!

WOW!  O o

Now, could you please pass the pancakes?

(“O, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.”)

I think all those that defend the deception to force Obama Care on the public ought to pay for it themselves and be responsible for all the costs in the future that the deception has inflicted upon the people of America including Obama’s Eva Braun: Oprah Winfrey.

Isn’t that fair?

Jeremiah 7:17-19

17 Seest thou not what they do in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem?

18 The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.

19 Do they provoke me to anger? saith the Lord: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their own faces?

Seemed fitting to add. I think this occurred in the past but history is sort of repeating itself because of jealousy, deception, and ignorance. I think this is talking about Roman Catholicism and Islam and their worship of Mary. Just a good honest guess. So I think this may apply to this time as well since a majority of the earth seem to have succumbed to this false worship and seems to be one of the symptoms that unite Islam and the RC and they seem to be running the show lately maliciously and creating havoc on the general populations to frighten and control those they think they own.

Angelina Jolie is in the news lately doing some photographed good works. She also is coming out with a movie soon, coincidentally.

Alec Baldwin and cussing

Alec Baldwin is in the news again. I was thinking about that situation, whether or not the reporter was going to bash some teeth in or not, putting a microphone in someones face or near it is rude and an invasion of that persons personal space. Perhaps we should change rules of engagement with famous people and regular people for that matter; reporters ought to ask first if they can interview especially when the interview is concerning their personal life type encounters such as this particular incident was, and if the answer is yes then put the microphone in their face. But usually they are competing to get the first interview and I think that is why they do it but it still is rude and an invasion physically to that person. What he said may have been publicly a faux pas, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t above it at some point in their life. He expressed anger, so big deal. Coming out and acting like the calm and collected, above it all, never losing it when invading someone else’s personal space is quite manipulative. Possibly the reason for the encounter was to dishevel him and/or her. I know people that know how to illicit that kind of response and they usually are pros at it. Knowing he gets angered easily and is sensitive to that kind of interaction (as we all do) makes me wonder why the reporter even attempted an interview and then goes on a news program to make herself look superior. Maybe she wanted him to lose his future job in place of someone else she prefers whether or not he deserves it. Sure were a plethora of press around his car so I think he had a right to be angry about the opressive mob around him. I would have felt claustrophobic and it looked like a trap to me. I know he had a tumultuous marriage to another beautiful actress and had some physical problems with her because of his anger as I recall but that still doesn’t mean he should be harassed since I think that marriage is way in the past and resolved by now. Some relationships are destructive at times. Just because someone blew it in the past with one person does not mean they can’t overcome past mistakes. Some relationships are volatile for a number of reasons and are best annulled, separated, or divorced. Reminds me of the taped conversations of Mel Gibson by his ex-girlfriend which seemed like a set up to make him look bad. Course Mel did make a movie that offended some sensitive people and it was a bit slanted and had uttered some things while drunk and had a run in with a producer and started a church. I think it was retribution for something in the past, perhaps mentioned.

That’s my take on that incident.

When I say a cuss word in anger does not mean I really want whoever I cuss at to actually do it I just am expressing frustration and it pops out of my mouth or sometimes I write it to express frustration but not necessarily to be taken literally nor do I want the destruction of someone because of my anger. Such as Screw off to name one. I certainly don’t expect someone to take a screw off (in their zeal to make some nonsense point) such as Cher tweeting about Sarah Palin lately although how do we know it was Cher Could have been anyone acting like Cher that is why tweeting is a bit dangerous.) Hopefully that is understood but lately I get the feeling some people take things so literally that you can’t say anything out of frustration without a ridiculous literal reaction that is literally ridiculous, if you get my drift. LOL Kind of like someone saying SEE SEE.  Which reminds me of what Paul (not sure which Paul though) said when sermonizing to some people in one of the books after the gospels (Corinthians) and saying Jesus didn’t really understand what they were saying which is BS. If that were the case then Jesus must of been illiterate and honestly that would be a misnomer, wouldn’t it? Paul supposedly spoke many languages and certainly Jesus did also and probably knew some that Paul didn’t which makes me think Paul was following a different Jesus that didn’t understand. Of course he could have been talking about someone else who was occupying the room. (2 Moors which were in the coat of arms of  Pope Benedict XVl although I recall there was only one earlier but now there are two I could be wrong though about that, but the change could indicate doubles.)

 I wrote about that in my post about

The Stones of Amen

Reminds me of Obama’s Occupy movement which was inspired by the Arab Spring! In Wikipedia they seem to say that the Tea Party are also a part of the   occupy movement. I highly doubt that. The Tea Party movement are similar to those in the past history of the US who wanted less government control, less taxation, and freedom where as the Arab Spring are against those basic human rights contained in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Obviously if you travel to those Arab countries you can see they don’t believe in freedom for the average man and woman. They don’t even let women drive in Saudi Arabia, for heathen’s sake!

Life Inside the Bubble which Obama built to protect himself from critics because he can’t handle it. Unwilling to learn. I think Benghazi stumped him and he fears the repercussions of Benghazi and his part in Benghazi and the coverup because he lacks understanding. He deceives himself because of who he serves, himself. It is called self deception, narcissism like the Pharaoh of Egypt was self-deceived because of the sycophants he surrounded himself with. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and popes except for one did the same thing. It is false pride. While they were talented they still were fooling themselves and their importance and the people around them hurt them like an alcoholic and his alcoholic friends. It is destructive to themselves and to others. He is acting though and I think he knows he is fooling the author of this book. Why in the world would this author be able to criticize Obama without repercussions such as an IRS audit unless it is chicanery. He probably works for the Secret Service but he isn’t gonna tell ya he is an agent or it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?  Either this guy is a set up to help Obama and the Democrats politically or Obama fooled this guy. It’s pretty obvious Obama has a BIG PROBLEM or he would have been honest about Benghazi instead of sending Susan Rice out to lie about a video tape for days and days. His Benghazi coverup has snowballed him essentially. Kind of like the dinosaurs of old were frozen in the Ice Age that is why Obama is so ineffective, now, resembling a humongous brain numb so he gives medals for those that are still hanging out with him as a reward for sticking it out regardless of the evidence. So he sends out his agents to soften and warm the ice hoping for an escape. That is why he is honoring anyone and everyone he can hoping to gain a fan club. Their fans. They are silly, childish and dangerous to themselves and to others and are afraid to face the music.

Obama should never have been elected as President!

Blind devotion.

Knock Out Game

I think this new fad is retaliation against the regular guy/woman because Obama is doing such a lousy job. For one unemployment and all the other Obama funk. When Obama took office he did a lot of chatting about a civilian army of some kind. I think these guys must be part of that army. Timing is coincidental…..Obama in office and losing his game. Where did they learn to hit once so hard? That kind of a hit is practiced IMO. If we are going to have surveillance cameras perhaps they need to be a bit more clear to ID the people doing this kind of crime in the areas that they are occurring. What is the point of surveillance if you can’t id the person doing the crime. It seems to be just evidence of a crime which is obvious by a victim. When you catch one who is doing it *knock out crime* there ought to be investigation into who trained them to hit once and instead of frisking they ought to be sniffing with dogs such as hunting dogs. I think a good hunting dog could pick up a scent of the hand that hits a person on the street. Dogs are honest in that they can’t be bribed even with a treat if they catch a scent and are trained well. And keep the dogs out in the area until the hitter is sniffed out. Of course their tweets should be investigated too and I-phones confiscated.

In retaliation kids that run in packs ought to be stopped from hanging in groups in these areas that this occurs and by race if need be since it seems to be African Americans doing the crimes, or Islamic. It would probably be a good idea to figure out which so we don’t assume one or the other and get down to the nitty gritty on what and who is causing this kind of crime. Islam fundamentalism, Obamaism, Muslimism, or just plain racial stupidity? It might hurt their socializing but might teach them not to hit someone on the street or aid and abet a participant of this peculiar game and teach the others to tell the authorities who does the hitting otherwise they don’t get to congregate with each other at all. I think that would be a good solution to this deadly game. Can’t date….can’t party….can’t walk together….. no more friends…… no more football games….. no roller skating….. no drugs…… no drinking…… no shopping malls, no more pants hanging down, no more hanging out at all, no more driving around, no more driver’s licenses in these high crime areas and the areas that this occurs until those that do these crimes get caught and turned in by their friends and cohorts and they should have to wear shackles for their time in prison or jail and the time that they are on parole, etc. I just don’t think kids will put up with a thug kid if that thug kid ruins their social lives, do you?

How about an early curfew in those areas……

say around 6:00 P. M.

Would that nix this game?

I imagine it might make those that go along with these nuts who would do such a lousy act resent the nuts themselves and change who they want to hang out with.

If a 6:00 P.M. curfew doesn’t stop this kind of crime

then make it earlier like 4:00 P.M. 

We cannot put up with this kind of indecency for another day.

Let’s call it the


And if that doesn’t stop it we’ll make it much harder;)

C-WAG for short.

It’s tough, but when people act rough …… Tuff is good enuf.

The Fabulous Thunderbirds-Tuff Enuff

And when we find the cause no more golf games:)

Girl who got punched in head gives lame liberal speech humanizing her attackers [VIDEO]

This is stupidity but she was victimized and probably is afraid because of her victimization. The attack obviously affected her common sense and I would not be surprised if she was threatened during the attack verbally subconsciously or consciously and fears reprisal for anything she might say. That is the power of thuggery. Maybe she recognized her attacker. In any case empowering thugs isn’t smart. It is typical of an abused person to humanize a thug. Probably scared her a bunch and she may not have any safe haven due to the increase in thuggery since Obama took office. It’s one of Obama’s weapons along with terrorism using the media to show crimes without resolution of them but instead a girls resolution to accept and humanize her assailant. I think it has to do with the “Copenhagen Syndrome” of someone overcome like when someone is a captive for a while and time is this little component in these attacks that is questionable.


BUSTED: Woman snaps shot of knockout attacker [VIDEO]

The woman took one photo but with two guys and one is a gasp and the other is running from the scene. Definitely not walking you can tell by the position of his legs and arms. Do you really think the guy a gasp would be standing there a gasp if he did attack her? When someone commits a crime they are in full motion usually quicker than those around that don’t know something is going to occur. When JFK was assassinated the only person in full motion running around doing his/her work was the one jumping to the back of the car picking up things and everyone else was in shock and a few seconds behind the attacker because they did not premeditate whereas the attacker does premeditate. The woman also was quick to react to grab her phone and take a picture as she is falling. IMO. Looks like a set up

but for why?

The thing about what is happening these days setting people up to alleviate responsibility of other attacks by african americans on whitey?

Or alleviate responsibility of islam using african americans in order to not cause a rift between african americans and islam because of the reaction to this kind of crime so set it up as if african americans are being set up by whitey? IF so the agasp man is in on it.

Or is it to blame a young black man.

IF you don’t consider all three options then you aren’t really seeing what is occurring these days since Obama said at the UN he will stand with Islam no matter what and he sure doesn’t want to lose the support of african americans his bastion of unearned respect and support  because he looks black and since he took his office.

My best guess is all three are in on it.

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 11.01.24 PM
I think Sean Hannity is a truther as much as he can be one with what he perceives. I don’t think he has shied away from trying to find the truth. His interview with Zimmerman was the most impressive interview I ever saw and it helped me an awful lot. Sean Hannity concluded differently than I did but it was very informative and he asked the right questions. IMO. There is a trend going on obviously but some of the incidents may be set ups as well. Hopefully the police aren’t lumping them all together and investigating them singularly because for some reason there is this thing about copycats and people that will turn something into something else for political reasons. 
There is a war on for your minds to use your bodies for it’s purpose. Premeditative type evil. That is why it is important to try to control yourselves as much as possible and to recognize that sometimes we are affected by evil and sometimes by good. There is another unseen world a 4th dimension and when you can see it or hear it or notice it, it helps if you can handle it. When women have kids they tend to receive this gift to care for their kids. A protective sense/nature that many men don’t. I could recognize my newborn cry and differentiate between her and 20 others without seeing them. It is kind of like that. Sort of a sixth sense. It also helps if you believe in God and the more you believe the better off you are and the more you notice and are more aware of your surroundings and are able to interpret cues, signs, signals, coincidences vs purposeful intervention and use good judgement as much as possible.  The less you notice the less you perceive obviously. The less you perceive the less you notice. The less you notice or perceive the more off guard you are. The more you notice you notice more and it develops in you like an ability or talent. It usually takes something tough in your life to make you notice or even want to notice. In my case it was unavoidable.
If you don’t know the difference between right and wrong it hurts you such as not
knowing the difference between a lie and misspeak. You are the devils helper the less you know or understand.
When you read the bible and compare the gospels and the Old Testament the more you learn and the more you notice.
I don’t always interpret correctly or conclude correctly as with anyone hence I misunderstand and believe me the evil loves to sow confusion and mayhem because that is a tool of evil. Simplicity usually is better. That is partially why I am against Obama Care, our tax code etc because it is so complicated and doesn’t need to be but that is the power of complexity to confuse and rob people. How would you know if it changes from one day to the next so you are under their will and they are under evils spell (such as signing a bill without reading it in the Senate and following Pelosi’s advice basically throwing caution to the wind even though it was their job to read it which they are paid to do and were elected to do and didn’t. They were derelict in their duties! Evil loves derelicts!) whenever they wish and that is evil.
That is why the Ten Commandments were and are so universal, simple and amazing. Interpretation of them was individualized by the individual but a great guide for living.
While we aren’t perfect, life in America sure got worse and so have the people since we discarded them.
I know that was a HUMONGOUS MISTAKE.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to correlate the decline of America and that mistake. That is one thing we could change if we want to remain American. But if we prefer to be like everyone else then we could ignore that option.
Just because Jesus fulfilled the Law ie The Ten Commandments and his teachings doesn’t mean He meant we should ignore them. If you don’t have the Ten Commandments how do you know what he was fulfilling or what he meant by his actions and words? How do you interpret him without them? (Why would he make them at all if they weren’t important?)

Obama and the Messiah complex

ObamaCare is a tax not a law as stated by the Supreme Court. But the powers that be in American keep reiterating that Obama Care is THE LAW. He keeps changing it.These same people have been snowed by Obama’s persona and deception and have endowed upon him a Messiah image and Obama wants us to believe it is THE LAW so that he may fulfill them because of that image he wants to perpetuate. I don’t think it will happen ie replacing the Ten Commandments with Obama Care because he is not the messiah and Obama Care is not a law but using our system and those that are deceived and bribed to fool the people into thinking is the law and it is not. It isn’t working.

I think

Obama Care is also an attempt to coverup the damage done by Obama and who he is in cahoots with that cause devastation and then sell the solution such as Obama Care and Climate Change. When Obama was in office the earthquake and the tsunami and the nuclear accidents in Japan when Pope Benedict tried to force Japans Catholics to accept the Neocatechumenal Way against their will and their delay requests (5 years) because of the increase in suicides since the Neo Cats had arrived (with their way to some degree) and it aftermath are what is going to be covered up via Obama Care. He tweeted about the help they were to receive and *another was coming*. Not sure he meant earthquake (aftershocks) or the clergy that were assisting for the Japanese Catholics and/or the cleanup. Now the Japanese are covering up the degree of radiation by shutting up the information as much as possible and no one can possibly know who and how bad some will be affected and those that have already been affected. It would be hard to calculate just like it was for Chernobyl.
Many people don’t realize that the new warfare in the world is much different then it used to be. Many people do realize it. What is important to learn is why they do what they do and how. 
Learning about Jesus without learning about the Old Testament is like learning to read without learning to spell. Learning about grace without learning the law as If God dis disgraceful before the New Testament was written. I wonder how those Hebrews ever survived being freed from Egypt and what would have been the point? In order to lead the  Hebrews who were slaves of the Egyptian Pharaoh away from slavery God used Moses (who had been raised Egyptian) to lead the Egyptians and to inform the Pharaoh who he was dealing with and to identify himself so that everyone would know his name:

Exodus 3:13-15

13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? 14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. 15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.


Even more on Obama lawlessness

Things Are Getting Even Weirder In Washington DC

Whoever that was that testified before Congress that was spotlighted on Fox News last night Tuesday 3rd of December named Jonathan Turley of George Washington University

and looks and sounds an awful lot like Jack Lew seemed to be suggesting

a revolutionary war?

Ever hear of impeachment?


Core Curriculum

To attempt to teach 2 plus 2 is anything we want it to be…. is insane. C’mon. That is dumb. What is the point in learning a mistake. When I read music and learn a song the less mistakes I make while learning the less mistakes I learn to make that is why when learning a song you do it slowly and try to get it right slowly and then go faster when you have it memorized.
Now we have Knock Out games and deception out the kazoo.
However I have had some real miracles so I know that something good is going on because of my beliefs even in these lousy stinkin’ times which have helped me get through them and make better decisions and have helped my kids even though they still have struggles. I think that is life on earth for most people. I’m not wealthy, but I enjoy learning. I think I learned how to learn. I am a self learner but I do get help in mysterious ways especially when I’m stumped. So I know I am on the right track even though some of those I offend try as they may to get me off track. Sometimes I get me off track too because sometimes I offend myself or am offended by others and react which I tend to do.
Do you think the follower of Robert Tilton could differentiate between good and evil? Very naive and silly. That is why it is more fulfilling to branch out and read the bible on your own and with help but don’t depend on the clergy who may be deceived themselves for numerous reasons. Do it yourself also but first learn to spell. To be honest some of it is hard to read especially the begot stuff. But some of the things are really interesting and helpful in ways I never imagined when I started my quest. Jesus said in the Gospel Of John to believe on him whom he hath sent. Well, the person that I see in the picture that is supposed to be Ambassador Chris Stevens and is not I think is who was sent to me. I recognized something that others don’t and that is why I think he was taken at Benghazi somehow. At that moment that I recognized what I recognized I realized that Obama was lying. The things afterwards, the reactions and the words, the coverup also helped me to see that Obama was up to no good and especially when and after what he said at the UN. I also recognized my dad who is deceased at another time warning me about Obama Care. Others don’t see that because they don’t know what I see. I also recognized my dad in his spirit at a hospital after my daughter was bullied as if he was sent like sending a message that she was under God’s care even though others tried to interfere in bad ways unsuccessfully. If you believe in God and specifically who I have come to believe he sends us help you just have to try to recognize it when you can and don’t ignore it but also determine with sound judgement intent so you can differentiate between bad and good. In the case of the Obama/Benghazi incident my recognition warned me and it was a good warning.
This article is ridiculous. 
I don’t know why the news agencies don’t report about the scam reports on the internet. They seem to ignore them such as about Sandy Hook Elementary which was a scam. Everyone who looked into this know it was a hoax yet nothing about it in the news. Barely except some professor spoke out and lots of regular get real people who smelled a rat. Is their internet filtered? Like the Representatives of Congress whom I believe are not receiving information purposefully by who they are surrounded by who may be and most probably are filtering their information in order to control their minds, opinions, outlook and votes and most of all influencing them. Like they are insulated from other influences such as I think the Vatican does to the Pope in order to control them. I have noticed that some of the videos seen at the News enterprises change sometimes in detail when noticed by people (the get real people) and expressed in order to deceive. Like the videos of the kids and adults that were supposedly poisoned in Syria. I remember reporting in my posts the woman with the painters mask over her face bringing in two kids to the contaminated area and it changed overnight. That is what you would expect in Russia or China, not America. I also noticed Obama acting as if he was meeting Netanyahu and the news  I saw of Netanyahu at the wailing wall with his hand up around the same time or very close. So either one was true or one was not true. So something is going on and since Obama has been caught in so many lies I distrust him. When he ays one thing and says another in opposition to what he said he knows he has said the opposite then you have to determine he meant something else which adds up to a lie/coverup. I do think the same thing is occurring to him control wise but he has control over what he says and when he is caught in a lie ought to be honest about it otherwise we know he is lying unabashedly. He has said somethings in regards to that person I recognized at Benghazi as if taunting me about that person things he knows I know and not very nicely so I know he knows more than he is saying with malice of forethought and a sick humor. Power corrupts and it has corrupted him or he has corrupted his power either way it is bad in a leader who leads from behind.
As far as teaching in public schools: Do you think teaching kids wrong math will help them to know how to budget. Keep them barefoot and pregnant type teaching. Is that what Americans want? That is ISLAM.
On the other extreme being intelligent without belief in God is extremely dangerous and foolish.

Changing of times and laws

that Obama seems to fulfill obviously to deceive

and that is why there is so much confusion.

I think these cowardly attacks are retaliation using his assholes that he controls to do it. How in the world did Obama Care pass the Senate without one Senator reading the bill in order to see what was in it occur otherwise? It is deception. That is how he destroys and because he is a sore loser he retaliates when obstruction occurs to his master plans. He is what you call the biggest asshole in the world and that the world has ever encountered. That’s why he leads from behind. He is crazy and to go along with him is to be taken captive and turning into a dweeb for him and down the road to be destroyed by him while performing an act against good people for his manifesto and you may not know it when you do it like the Senators who passed a bill without reading it. That is either extremely dumb or they are captives of his deception. He is a sick MF and so are his followers. I wish I could find another way to express how bad he is and so MF is gonna have to do. They need to disembark from him whenever they can and try to oppose him but it helps if you believe in the truth about God otherwise it is harder to do and you have less defenses.
Obama thinks because he got the Senate to change the rules in the middle of the game is a winning proposition for him but everything he does is leading to his own destruction and exposes him and those that are obnoxious bullies such as Reid. Senator Reid is the most obnoxious Senator know to mankind and he needs to be ousted from office. Harry Reid reminds me of those guys that used to hang out at airports barefoot with cups in one hand for donations and white jumper suits with bald heads except for little pony tails on the top of their heads that harangued everyone to death. He is such a loser. He is Obamas fetch it guy. Anyway they will wish they played by the rules soon enuf but bad losers and spoiled brats don’t play by the rules as is the case today as they took advantage of their majority in the Senate when they themselves were against that kind of tactic when they were the minority. Kind of like Oprah Winfrey and her tactics. Who on top didn’t learn lessons from the past of her supposed abuse when on the bottom so she says but gets a pound of flesh instead which she has abundantly blaming racism for Obstruction of Obamas bad leadership which leading from behind tends to be and disregarding the truth which may have actually and I believe it is Gods hand that has obstructed Obamas intentions with Obama Care because very few in Congress have been able to make a difference with the exception of Ted Cruz so it must be someone who can. He did it by telling the truth for a long time on the floor of the Senate overcoming discomfort of the hours that he did not filibuster and reading to his kids which was monumentally a great miracle for my post. The timing was perfect.  It makes sense that Obama in retaliation would go after the filibuster rule now because he is a loser and lousy leader.  I guess it’s a AHA kind of insanity.  SEE SEE. Oprah is also in Obama’s harem defending him with the race card as he destroys people and businesses and deceives everyone he can and mostly the race he and she exploits ….their own. He has lied and lied over an over again and she blames racism for his failures when quite possibly it is his own character and his lies that has bound him. The African American race is not doing as well these days if you haven’t noticed. That is not a nice a thing to do Oprah when you had plenty of opportunity and the means to offer or try to offer better than the schmaltzy junk on the Oprah Winfrey Show and conclude that God is not with him. I know it is the difference between faith and belief and believing what happened in Egypt which was a sign of the true Messiah. There are so many similarities and signs that should not be ignored but being wealthy tends to blind people. IMO 
It would be nice if we did not shoot the assailant so he or she could be questioned. Using dogs to find them helps not to shoot a suspect. Arresting a suspect used to be the goal now it is shooting someone suspected of a crime. It’s like allowing whoever is controlling the suspect get rid of the suspect so as not to be caught and it won’t help to get to the nitty gritty. It’s is like treating one symptom with out treating the other symptom and does not get rid of the disease. It just makes it more contagious like killing racists only creates more racists. We need to catch them and find out what is occurring and why and extract information from them. I believe in a way they are possessed a victim of evil and it would be smarter to keep them alive and learn what the heck they were thinking at the time of the crime and what possessed them to act so rotten using the court system and through police interviews and punish them appropriately through our Judicial system so that others may learn and possibly they may learn to not be possessed. That is why I think dogs would be helpful, curfews and all the other things written would be much more effective. You would think the JFK assassination and the killing of Oswald by Ruby to coverup the reasons for the assassination would be a good lesson and it just doesn’t seem to be learned by Law Enforcement which makes me think the Obama mob might be a part of this game. It would benefit the public and Law Enforcement to be more judicial toward the suspect instead of using a gun to solve it because it does not solve it unless you are the one being victimized and it is self defense. It is becoming to seem like a setup to kill or could be and is not past Obama to set this kind of game up to start race wars. Starting with Trayvon Martin. The game may be a diversion again for his failures and retaliation because to him and his minions “It’s gone baby. It’s all in your head.’ in regards to Benghazi.  The game is psychological warfare to show us brutality without reason and without clarity so we get to see it on TV via the news but we can’t ID it in order to make people afraid such as Islam is famous for. Mob rule tactics. It’s the RC/Islam teaching America their lessons. We need to deal with this trend ASAP because it is a trend under Obama’s watch and needs to be quickly resolved. It is as sick as he is and if we find a connection we deal with it. It is not past Obama to use teenagers as he does women. He is the bottom of the barrel, the scum of the earth.
We need to rectify Obama so that others may learn.
Could be Hillary received a knock out and for that matter the other woman leader recently. I know that a Senator visiting a Safeway got shot in the head in Arizona under Obama’s watch. Lots of leaders getting accosted as well as the public since Obama took office. It is not just coincidental that lawlessness has increased since Obama came to town. He is the worm that was spoken about in the bible who is Lawless make no mistake about that and we just need to prove it and put him where he belongs in a cell with a nuke aimed at him bound and chained where he can gorge on hummus for the rest of his life.

Sen. Thune: This is a game-changer in the Senate

(the game between minority and majority is over if you ask me)

Fox News anchor lady asks Senator Thune: What about Harry Reid’s rational that President Obama deserves an up or down vote on his team on his judicial and executive nominees and that filibusters are going to get in the way of that so they had to use this nuclear option?
My answer: OBAMA DESERVES NOTHING. Reid is an ass kisser is all it means and will break the laws, change the rules, lie, cheat, and steal from the Americans and anyone else and do anything to kiss more ass. He likes it.

So much for Senate Rules. Should the Senate be in session at all? Appears there is no point. Might as well abolish the Senate in Washington DC if you take away the Senate minority rights:

Might as well abolish the whole Senate which means all those federal workers won’t get to suck off the elected officials that won’t be there any more because:

They are not needed any more either.

Their jobs are also on the line and looks like they don’t like their jobs anymore because without a Senate minority there isn’t any reason for a Senate majority. Git it? Does Juan Williams git it yet? He will. There won’t be much need for a national press either:) Git it? there won’t be any federal pundits because there won’t be a working Federal Government and Juan you won’t get to support Obama any more because he won’t need you. Ironic.

That is why they compare it to a Nuclear Option. Speaking of Nuclear Option:


Scientists witness massive gamma-ray burst, don’t understand it

“An exploded star some 3.8 billion light-years away is forcing scientists to overhaul much of what they thought they knew about gamma-ray bursts – intense blasts of radiation triggered, in this case, by a star tens of times more massive than the sun that exhausted its nuclear fuel, exploded, then collapsed to form a black hole.”

I wonder if that is an O-men……. a sign? Timing is quite interesting and it is so rare.

“The theoretical edifice GRB 130427A is eroding has been 46 years in the making.”

That would be around 1967 or 1968. What occurred in 1967 or 1968 was The Six Day War. HMMMMM What were the results of that war?

While I don’t think Obama is dumb I do think he resents learning from other humans.

But while we are at it we should Abolish the President while he is in office. He also is a minority, isn’t he? So much for democracy, eh?

Is this impeachable?

I think he stepped over the line legally, didn’t he?

Time to haul Reid and Obama in front of Congress, don’t ya think and impeach them?

Are the Senate majority as stupid as they look? Appears so. They are ridiculous. LOL

Why Pay Taxes? Government gone wild.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) (R) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) (L) hold a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington November 21, 2013. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Senate Democrats stop filibusters on nominations

This is on Rush Limbaughs site. I liked his comments best so included it:

Democrats Distract Us with Nuclear Option

November 21, 2013

RUSH: “It’s outrageous. There’s no question. They did it. Dingy Harry went ahead and they just voted the nuclear option in the Senate. They just changed 250 years’ worth of rules on advise and consent, and now Obama’s gonna get every judge he wants. He’s gonna get them.”

He won’t get them, he just thinks he will. Unless our government wants to walk alone without any more money from tax payers because if there are no rules in government there is no working government worth paying for.

Harry Reid, Obama, and Shumer just shot themselves in the foot and decided there is no need for federal elections, rules etc. Talk about possessed…..Geeeeeeeeez They are nuts.

Well looks like the Federal Government is self destructing. Might as well just forget them and work from the state level. No more Feds. Thank God I live where I live. There is no point for the Senate in Washington anymore. But we elected Senators who need to go to where they are useful – the states where they reside when not in Washington.

This is revealing, isn’t it? Reveals the immense stupidity of Harry Reid, for one but many more revelations here.

Harkin calls for more rule changes

The way I see it is either Obama is impeached with his fellow comrades or there is no legal Federal Government for this Republic/democracy and everyone up there loses their jobs. Seems like a clear choice to me. What we now are seeing is the creation of mob rule replacing our form of government or perhaps the veil has been removed. That is why you can’t fire federal workers, isn’t it? 

Ochlocracy (“rule of the general populace”) is democracy (“rule of the people”) spoiled by demagoguery, “tyranny of the majority“, and the rule of passion over reason, just like oligarchy (“rule of a few”) is aristocracy (“rule of the best”) spoiled by corruption, and tyranny is monarchy spoiled by lack of virtue

Hence the plethora of lies and brutality and definitely not concerned with the welfare of the people or the country so Obama Care was intended for evil. God knows it was intended for evil or it would be succeeding now, and it isn’t succeeding. Frozen. Now they want to delay it till after the elections coming up in 2014….talk about transparent. They want to keep it looming which is not good. Hold it over our heads, lord over us for their own ends. BIG BROTHER in shorts. Don’t want to wear cuffed jeans and sandals?

Either way I’ll be okay. How about you?

What’s in your wallet?

I detest the lack of accountability, the lack of concern, the lack of acknowledgment by people like Juan Williams for the atrocities going on in America since Obama took office because he is black. That is why racism grows. I haven’t once seen him bat an eye or budge, or even question his master, Obama and that is disgusting! I sure don’t forgive in my heart someone who is that unmoved, unfeeling. It makes me suspicious of him. At least others seem somewhat concerned or distressed by Obamas leadership, his lies, and it should be questionable even to his most ardent followers his real intent since Obama has lied so much, but not Juan Williams; as if it’s only a game to him….. like he gets off on it which I think is sadistic, he gets off on the frustration of others which is sadistic so I naturally think he is a natural born liar and I have total disrespect for someone that distant from the truth. I consider him Obama’s boy toy. He deserves slavery. I can’t wait to see him in different circumstances begging for mercy. I don’t think he has one ounce of it in himself for anyone but Obama. He might as well be Obama’s double and he seems to be always wrong about every issue,  fact, and misrepresents everything, but that is what liars do. Figures. I think it is his job. I don’t think I have ever seen anything much colder and deader than him except maybe Obama.

I can safely say this is when my hatred for Juan Williams started but the date says September 2013 and the way I remember it seems like a year has passed because I have felt this hatred for a long time and I have watched him for a long time trying to see if he would falter from his declaration. He said it way earlier than in September of this year that I do know. He said it very close to the time of the event that is why it was so peculiar. Hmmmmmm I wonder why! Just talked to another life form and he recalls that Juan Williams said it about a month or so after the event too. There’s gotta be a reason for the mixup on the internet as to the date of that declaration by Juan Williams and I think I know why in part anyway. Diabolical but futile. Like how the Germans felt on D-Day. Unsure. To lie even about that is reflective of the importance of Benghazi and the coverup. To say what he said defines the word VINDICTIVE invoking the vernacular ie

to call a spade a spade.


Does Oprah understand why racism persists?

It ought to be self-evident:

“We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal.”

Juan Williams shuts down Benghazi hype at Fox News: ‘It’s gone, baby. It’s all in your head’

So Juan, how’s Obama Care progressing? Having any luck?

Is it all in your head? Whose head is it in Juan?

Is it gone, baby, Juan? Are you so sure you aren’t mistaken about what you believe? Doesn’t look as if Obama has a handle on things anymore does it? Are you sure you want to stick it out with a lunatic loser? Are you sure you are perceiving things correctly? Maybe you backed the wrong guy? Are you doing any second guessing now? Want to put your life on the line for him? Are you willing to fall on your sword for Obama? 

Are you willing to put your business on the line for Obama? We shall see.

Democrats are acting awful desperate lately, aren’t they? It must feel like having bought a house on a sink hole, eh? Been there done that.

Like serving chili con queso to your fancy hungry guests

and all you have in your cabinet

to eat them with

are saltine crackers. 

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Official Video)

 I don’t think you give a shit either way that is how cold and dead you are. I think you think everything is gonna be okay with you regardless that is how dumb you are.

I don’t think you git it, that is how deaf and blind you are.

I guess I would categorize you as far as species go to the lowest form of anything: cockroach comes to mind but I think they even have feelings. I guess the closest species to you is Obama.

But as you will read following;


WE WIN ….YOU LOSE….You just need to come to grips with your loss!


2 plus 2 equals 4


There is a lesson in this song starboard side of the middle.

3/5 of 100 is 60′

The Senate Rules

The Republican States ought to select 2 more Senators for each Republican state so they can have the Majority in the Senate? That’s Logical and who says you can only have two per state. Just split each state in two. Texas 1 and Texas 2 so each can be represented by 2 which equals 4. Would that help? President Obama probably wouldn’t figure it out since he didn’t know how many states there were in the USA in earlier interviews.

(If the rules can be changed in the middle of the game then who says it takes a majority at all to make a law. Let’s make the minority able to make laws regardless of the majority in the Senate without Presidential interference.)

‘Convert or die,’ Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram tells Christian women

Does Oprah think this is racism? Does Bill Cosby think this is fair?

This is terrorism. Terrorism is craziness. The girl that was forced to be Islamic or convert if in her heart she is still Christian she can remain that because it is a matter of the heart whether they stick a veil on her or not whether she had to say something or not to live. God knows what she believes and does not expect her at gun point or knife point to sacrifice herself for her beliefs. He did that already for her in the Gospel of John. Conversion is a matter of the heart and spirit and just because she is forced to read the Koran doesn’t make her Islamic. She is a prisoner of Islam and they are guilty for her false conversion. She is not guilty. So there! It is terrorism and meaningless for Islam to force conversions (a useless ploy) because forced conversions are terrorism and meaningless. The true God knows the difference even if Islam doesn’t which they don’t or they would not be of the Islam faith. Islam is the essence and the substance of stupidity just like it’s prophet and it’s itty bitty god that is why they have to use force because it is so ugly and unattractive. Heck, Mecca is a good example of ugly and insanity. Walking around a box dressed in white is sheer madness and kissing a ….!

PSSSST===============AN ASIDE===============

Martin Bashir of NBC is way over reacting by his uncontrollable anger on air at the studio no less at a woman Sarah Palin for her natural beauty, warm personality, and courage which most people of real class appreciate and acted rather rude to his future guest. Kind of an odd thing to do to a future guest. He knows his side is losing the war and proves to me at the least that

Islam and America just aren’t compatible and never ever will be.

Islam is like the pillow in the tragedy Othello!

Kurtz: Sarah Palin Cancels NBC Interview Over Martin Bashir Remarks

Put a wet sock in it Mr. Bashir. If you ain’t got nothin’ nice to say about Sarah Palin then you are a doo-doo head.


When the Hebrews were slaves they were forced I’m sure to do things they did not want to do and that more than likely included worship. It is not real when it is forced. Rape is not love. The rapist thinks it’s love, but the raped individual knows the difference and so does God. In essence the rapist is just Whistlin’ Dixie ie loves slavery.

Michelle O: Husband ‘in bathroom all the time just singing’… I highly doubt Obama was singing in the shower….If he were of the Islamic religion it is unlawful for him to sing even in a shower. Obama said he would stand with Islam if there was a choice between Christianity and Islam, unless he recently made a change in his beliefs! Christianity allows people to sing in the shower or anywhere for that matter. Singing is fun and Islam doesn’t like fun. Fun to them is that pillow. They suffer from severe guilt which is  very frustrating. They can’t even walk in a different direction at Mecca. I wonder what would happen if they did. Talk about slavery….. Geeez Louis. 

Don’t forget about Lazarus in the Gospel of John. Just because some don’t believe that Jesus raised him from the dead doesn’t mean He didn’t raise Lazarus from the dead, because in truth He did raise him from the dead 4 days later and had witnesses. He only waited 4 days to prove it because of the beliefs (about death) for the witnesses at that particular time. After He raised Lazarus from the dead people tried to find Lazarus in order to kill him because they were afraid it would get around and be news that Jesus raised him from the dead and they could not find him from then on.

It got around and it was news. LOL

I believe in miracles.

You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles) by Hot Chocolate

Terrorism is a psychological weapon meant to scare people to death, but death is powerless against Jesus of the Gospel of John as that particular miracle demonstrated.


Insults fly in U.S.-Israel showdown…

The reason Obama didn’t attend the Gettysburg address at the 150th anniversary is because he doesn’t believe in God. He left out “Under God” in his rendition of Lincoln’s Speech when he read it. It was in the news yesterday. He thinks he is God. God doesn’t lie. He doesn’t have to lie. Obama does lie as he has demonstrated over and over again.

Just caught my kitties on the counter eating a pizza crust – That was timely.

Congressman Yells ‘You Lie’ at Obama During Speech

 I wonder if Obama is singing now?

No Deal

By the way for those that don’t know any better misspeaking and lying are two different acts. Misspeaking is saying words one doesn’t know or realize are false and a lie is saying words one knows is false. Obama knew he was saying false words hence he lied many times.

Herman Cain: Obama faces ‘uphill battle’ to restore trust

Obama will never restore trust or at the least it is nearly impossible. I don’t think mankind will be his teacher. 

You can’t make deals with a liar. You can’t make deals with agents to a liar such as SOS Kerry because you have to believe the person you make the deal with. Faith isn’t good enuf when dealing with a liar, is it? When a person lies over and over again their words become meaningless and Obama and his agents are speakers of meaningless words. Obama and Kerry might as well be speaking in tongues like Robert Tilton: Mumbo Jumbo. Voo Doo. Might as well be talking to a chicken. Cluck Cluck. Liars are chickens. They are afraid to tell the truth. President Obama is afraid to tell the truth and cannot be trusted to lead a country or make a deal with another country and has lost his authority by his lies. Authority requires trust. Trust is earned.

Screen shot 2013-11-23 at 8.34.28 AM

Scattin’ in Tongues!!!.

Worthless mumbo jumbo!

Would you trust your fate on the words of a chicken? Does “Cluck Cluck” make you feel secure?

When someone is holding a gun to your head vs losing your position are two different things.  Self Preservation is what some call it when one lies in fear of losing their life, or because they are ashamed, afraid of a spanking from their parent etc, afraid of punishment but in this case Obama is the boss who is lying to force others to do things they don’t want to do such as buy into Obama Care and all the other lies and to get his team (in this case the Democrats) reelected, to raise taxes in tricky ways to redistribute money and power to whomever he wishes since there is no accountability. He lies to preserve his lies and to force others to lie for him which is destructive to them and he knows it which enslaves them to him and creates this big mass of lies to protect himself with little care for those on the outside of that mass because to him they are disposable and replaceable as long as it protects him.

A BIG BALL to rollover the people.

When I was a kid my parents would punish us if they caught us lying etc. When a kid rough houses and a vase breaks mom gets mad and everyone denies, but an accident is different than purposeful mischief and mayhem in order to destroy that vase.

The Vase in America is our Health Care System in order to take it over and destroy whomever and their business whenever Obama and Sebelius decide or another Democrat decides or the IRS decides and proved their dishonesty when they had the gall to make the Senate worthless in defending the laws and rules of the Senate of the land with the intent of filtering money to use in nefarious ways and to make the House of Representatives powerless. The Supreme Court said Obama Care is a tax and not a law. Hence no Republic or Democracy but instead Tyranny and 52 Democrats are responsible for the mayhem because they went along with Obama. They will be held responsible for the mayhem and deaths of many Americans and the destruction of our government etc.

The Vase in the Middle East is Israel and their Health Care System.

The Lusty Month of May

The Bible says that Israel will expand it’s borders by no fault of their own so this may be the START of that process because of the dishonest brokers involved such as Kerry who works for Obama. Obviously the mayhem isn’t for the benefit of Israel just like it wasn’t for the USA, but it is for the benefit of Obama and his chumps who are lawless

in order to destroy.

Bill Cosby is a hypocrite, ass kisser, and a schmuck. But as comedians go he can get a laugh and wish he would have kept his talent where it belonged instead of using it for nefarious reasons.

Take the word ASS for instance: What does Bill Cosby think of the word ASS?


Hillary Clinton: If U.S. Doesn’t Get Act Together, World Will “De-Americanize”

By the way Hillary needs to toss the blue suit. Saw her on Fox News and thought “Oh my gosh, that is one terrible suit.,” intended to slenderize her, but it didn’t work. Whew. I felt like she should have had a crop in one hand. Try an afghan dress. Wasn’t the US supposed to be exiting Afghanistan by now?

Why would anyone want to Americanize the world? Hillary does, but it is ridiculous. What Hillary wants to do is Jesuitize the world. America needs to Americanize America. Get rid of the Islamic/Jesuit bully pulpit and get back down to earth.

Honestly, I think Ted Cruz would Americanize America because he cares about it and is well versed about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He seems to have a good grasp of the spirit of those and the struggles that led to both and the struggles that kept them, respects both, which are the heart of America, and additionally a really amicable personality, patience and composure with good intentions. I believe he believes in God and you just can’t beat that combination of attributes which in my opinion would reinvigorate America and it’s trustworthiness and would unify both sides of the aisle for the success of America and Americans without inflicting harm upon the world for his own ego. He might actually be too good for America and more than we deserve, but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. He is gifted.

He is the perfect person for immigration reform to deal with all the effects and problems that may arise! I think he could be the perfect person to handle that and tax reform and basically a natural reformist for America because of those attributes stated above.

America needs reformation.

We can hardly reform other countries until we reform ourselves.

What I think is great about America is it is or was a place to grow for all kinds of people. Whereas many countries stifle that in their people which is what has been happening lately in America and that needs to be reversed. One thing though it hasn’t stopped people from speaking out which is really great.


Ted Cruz:

The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas

Ted Cruz spars with Cuomo on Obamacare

Ted Cruz says, “Increase choice and drive down costs.”

I learned that in economics in my first year of college in Austin. I think it is the numero uno lesson of Economics. Everyone should know that, so why do Democrats persist in their unreasonable tax on Americans? Didn’t they learn that concept in economics in college? I got an A in that class. It was a night class but I think better at night and early mornings than in the working hours . Hmmmmmmm. Did Democrats just party through their college education?

I think Ted Cruz is Presidential material because he is candid, truthful, courageous and ahead of the times, understands the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and seems to genuinely care about humanity.

What if I forced Americans to buy my jewelry. Would that be fair to other jewelers? Would it be fair to Americans? Of course not.

If you have to force it, it isn’t any good.

Glad to see Senator John McCain recently turn the corner for freedom. I hope it is a sincere change of heart for Americans and not a re-election ploy. How do you know?


That’s why I prefer the consumption tax over all other types of taxes. It’s a choice whether you buy or you don’t. If one product has higher taxes included because of trade laws I can buy another product that doesn’t such as an American made product that doesn’t charge those extra charges and hence cheaper. It works for me. If however I want to pay more I can if I like the other product more. It’s a choice. The consumption tax is superior because I don’t have to worry about a bunch of legal junk I don’t understand and tend to screw up and I don’t have to hire a CPA to help me figure it out which I can’t afford. I won’t be hassled by the IRS for misunderstandings, ignorance, and fined with penalties that accrue inexorably for inability to pay ruining credit for the rest of my life. I just don’t get the product I desire at that time until I can pay for the product. Obviously health is different but there is such a thing as credit payments for a product when you can’t afford it at the time you desire it but if your tax system screws you over in your life and causes you to have a bad credit rating so you cannot borrow so you are doubly screwed over which is what occurs to many people and it is unfair. Simplicity is cheaper and superior. Otherwise only the rich can afford lawyers and agents to get around tax laws and only the rich can get good healthcare because they can keep their credit rating high and borrow easily. That is unfair. Tax on consumption is fair and everyone wins. The rich don’t necessarily have the upper hand when the rest of the population is screwed by all the loopholes they can’t afford to use. The rich actually screw themselves which is stupid, like Oprah’s un-purse. If the other classes can’t buy the rich peoples products because of all of the ridiculous tax laws and penalties and ruining the credit of the classes beneath them, don’t the rich lose customers? Of course they do, so they limit their own economic worth and their competitors win. When people rise in class stature they usually like to buy high dollar products. But if you make it impossible they won’t and those high dollar products lose their potential. Take for instance Oprah Winfrey didn’t get her purse probably because she likes to keep whitey down and blame failure on whitey and the racism of whitey. If she could look at the problems honestly she might have been able to purchase that purse she desired. People rise and fall in worth naturally due to competition in the work force and the things that occur in their lives that are not expected which happen to the rich as well.  In the long run the rich, middle class and the poor benefit by the consumption tax because the economy keeps chugging along even in the ups and downs of each race, creed and color and class unlike what is occurring these days because of the ridiculous and cumbersome IRS FEDERAL INCOME TAX CODE very similar to OBAMA CARE which has and will ruin everyone eventually if it is not repealed.



It affects the pursuit of happiness for everyone as the crime rate increases because of the complexity and punishment of these cumbersome laws. IT’S a NO BRAINER!

CHARITY is not the solution but a club to hold over people and make the giver look and feel good such as the RC which enhances itself by monopolizing it’s reputation by stealing from everyone else with lies and by overtaxation in all the ways it can think of such as indulgences and to keep their power which is debilitating to everyone else. Same goes for the Federal power being wielded by Obama with Obama Care in an Islamic fashion. It is a charity to make his reputation at the expense of everyone else and to keep power where he and his followers want to keep it because they fear competition and then support terrorism to scare people. IT SUCKS!

It’s suffocating the economy and builds resentment exponentially while looking pretty doing it or looking like he’s doing us a favor. He isn’t doing us any favors but killing business which is his intent which hurts everyone.

Dr. Ben Carson: People are fearful because there was such a ‘willful representation’ of ObamaCare

Rep. Cantor: Can’t tell what’s going on

Rep Cantor:  “This has been the problem all along. When the President Obama thinks he knows better for families what they need and what they can afford, that’s when things go awry.”

Kind of like Oprah’s unpurse!

Basically forcing a person to buy an inferior product. GIT IT?

Carol of the bells – Christmas song

Like Make Believe Freedom

People have goals and pursuits and sometimes they make decisions based on their personal pursuits, abilities, personal situations and no one should get to make decisions for someone else and look good doing it when in actuality they are hindering them (to keep them down) especially when done purposefully by Obama in regards to Obama Care and their doctor patient relationships when in actuality it is unadulterated thievery to deprive the patient of good doctors and doctors their patients and hurt the medical business altogether replacing with a shanty town voodoo medicine similar to selling the world Global Warming an RC idea floated to coverup HAARP and destruction of countrysides and towns to control and rob and generate their own businesses and  investments such as building materials, their religion, their chuches, their priests etc. Like Japan recently and the Neocatechumenal Way. Only problem is star fish are turning to jelly now. It is called Self-Destructive Ness. It’s the RC/Billy Graham psychosis in order to abuse whenever needed for sex, money, power, OPM and their businesses and it is because they are inferior or they would not need to do dumb things to stay afloat.

Massive Starfish Die-Off Baffles Scientists

So don’t complain about one without explainin’ the other.

Them N’ They (TNT) just can’t get enuf.

Oprah is being rewarded now with a medal of some kind of honor by Obama because she was willing to sell Obama’s false religion but she still complains about racism and a purse she did not receive. She was abused as a child she says but through it all she was able through television and many shows to overcome her abuse to be a very rich lady who supports those that support the cause of Global Warming and destruction of other peoples properties. Do dolphin and starfish not matter anymore? What about the food chain? Is that not important anymore? Frogs are more important than starfish?

Does she have a hankerin’ for fried frog legs or something? Saving them for later? Wasn’t there a frog plague once? That ought to inspire her.

Does Oprah see any correlation between when Obama took office and abusive behavior occurring frequently especially in public schools, unemployment and joblessness, loss of freedom, lies and coverups of the White House, declining middle class, a big divide between the upper class and all other classes, major storms, population discontent, Benghazi, IRS abuse, Islamic abuse, assassinations all over the world. Does she care? No, she is receiving an award for her courage in spite of it all. Will she start biting her lips too when she sees someone else raped or abused? So much for racism, huh?

Whose the fairest of them all?


Twitter and Face Book

And Laura InGraham

Laura InGraham interviewed the mother and her young daughter accused of bullying another child to death who may sue the Police chief the other day. The girl admitted to some problems between her and the other girl but didn’t go all the way in depth. She was really cute but so were the other girls however there is something about the one that committed suicide that seems strange to me in her picture which is all that I can judge her by. Taunting. Laura asked the mother if she monitors her daughters tweets and face book. The woman said she didn’t know anything about that kind of technology. I don’t know anyone that can monitor their kids activities on line successfully unless they are constantly watching and there is no way anyone can do that. I think it is intellectually and morally dishonest of Laura InGraham to even ask that ridiculous question. What does Laura do when she is in the bathroom or taking a shower; does she have a computer in the shower to monitor her kids. Does she monitor them when she is at her job. Does she know for sure her kids are being monitored even if she can afford to hire a 24-hour a day watch dog for her kid? How about when they spend the night or are at school? My kids usually don’t want to be in the same room with me and if possible they would rather be at someone else’s house. It’s a stage they go through, not always, but sometimes. I was that way with my mom when I was growing but eventually I enjoyed my mother a bunch and shared some talents with her or rather her with me.

There is no possible way she can! So quit being unreasonable and dishonest and GET REAL.

GUISE and Common Core

Now the mother of the girl that committed suicide is suing the families of the alleged bullies but I just heard that the bullying was going on for a year so why didn’t the public school officials (teachers, principals, and staff) and the sheriff who is accusing the girls do anything about it in that year, if they knew that? Why didn’t the victim’s mom pull her kid out of that school? It’s not her fault, but it would have been a better reaction, I think, instead of suing now. The only thing I think that might have been the problem is if she didn’t know about the bullying for that year somehow and learned of it after her daughters death? I think from the sounds of it the alleged bully was being controlled by others (other kids) who were controlled by others (such a adults in the system) and followed along like kids often do and that sounds cultic to me. Kids are impressionable and aren’t developed in ways that adults are supposed to be. With my kid the principal said it would take 6 weeks to investigate. We didn’t wait for his investigation which is a long time when someone is being bullied. She was taken out of school within a few days. A year is a long time. Our public school system needs an overhaul because there sure is a lot of bullying in the public school system especially since Obama became President and the public school curriculum is hurting them and the teachers which I think was it’s original intent. I have heard it (Common Core) has upset teachers, students, and parents from a teacher and a student to the point of crying a bunch. That’s kind of weird if you ask me when everyone is upset then why put up with it?

Florida cyber-bullying suicide case

Just saw the mother on TV with her lawyer and it occurred to me that this is a RC/Islam martyrdom set up using kids, bullying, intimidation, lies, twitter, Face book, peer pressure, I phones, twisting of rules and regulations, twisting of laws, twisting of morals, twisting of everything to teach moral lessons which is typical of that alliance. Like the Daryl Hannah movie of a woman/girl in a tribe called The Clan of the Cave Bear. It also reminds me of the pressure that was inflicted after Rachel Corrie died under a bull dozer. I don’t think Rachel was murdered as I recall but placed herself in between a rock and a hard place. It had to do with the building of settlements in Israel vs the Palestinians. Palestinians often use their own kids as human shields, or place a bomb on their bodies, or put in harm’s way with cameras around of course to gain support to watch as that kid is killed or maimed to gain a following. Martyrdom is a RC/Islam tool and they use those not aware and those that are aware who are willing for their own political and religious achievements to in essence get their way at what ever cost because it doesn’t matter to them the cost because people are disposable and unimportant when placed against their goal. It is jealousy of Israel and hatred of the God of Israel and God’s will for Israel’s will. By Israel’s will I meant the promise made to Israel by God and their past land purchase which the RC/Islam do not honor or believe. An excuse to send illegal arms to Palestinians with the ships under the GUISE of something else. Notice Rachel’s name and the new teaching curriculum at the public schools causing mayhem and bullying and basically lawlessness with no regard for what is right and what is wrong and kids.

The girl  that committed suicide wasn’t the only victim

in this manufactured suicide. 

It’s an excuse to punish American kids, their families, and the public schools.

An attack from within.

Why do the nations rage?


IRAN and John Kerry

Iran and some nations with the assistance of John Kerry have come up with some time and space to pursue an agreement with Iran. You would think after the Japan’s debacle and it’s nuclear energy accident/tsunami (which is debatable….Haarp/Sura etc) Iran might not want to develop nuclear energy for it’s own sake and it’s own safety for it’s people. Not like Iran doesn’t suffer earthquakes quite often that are pretty intense. They have oil out the kazoo running through their country. Seems to me if Iran were serious it would look into other alternatives besides nuclear and if the other countries were serious would lead or coax Iran to go another direction as well for their sakes.

The Global Warming frenzy fear mongering by the Democrats appears to be a bunch of malarkey even to those involved in these Iranian sanctions and most of all to President Obama. Did the Japanese nuclear accident help to warm the earth and ocean? Did the accident in Russia at Chernobyl warm the earth?

Uh, yea.

But the American elections are looming as Obama Care looms as nuclear activity looms in Iran as the Senate becomes a relic (a first step).

There sure is a lot of looming goin’ on and no real conclusion. A lot of ying-yanging and John Kerry takes his bows and gives thanks and mention of a few of his sidekicks, but for what? A humongous speech about nothing. Total Political Carp and gooey starfish.

(I get the feeling that Obama is prepositioning human shields in certain countries as hostages such as the colonel in North Korea I think as a human shield now with his agreement with Iran which seems like a game to him. Obama thinks he can protect himself and will use those shields for his own protection and it is not for anyone by himself. I recall what happened to those seals recently that supposedly saved a hostage for him (as a diversion) around his first Presidential speech. Everything he does is a set up and a lie. Like his math he doesn’t want anyone to know what is real and what is not real because in fact he doesn’t know what is real and what is not, hence “there is no there there” statements etc. I have to admit the media isn’t reliable in that regard, either.)

Hero Pakistani doc who helped get bin Laden hit with dubious murder charge

Yea American needs to change directions because trust is earned and I would think this clearly shows what you get when you deal with America, President Obama and his cronies.

You get screwed.

I think Nuclear energy would be beneficial to the Croatians too. Why not build nuclear plant in L’Aquilla, Italy run by the Syrians while Iran builds it’s nuclear energy plant next to Israel

just for grins:)

Just to clue Iran in Obama is not committed to you any more than he was committed to Egypt. You are only a card in his game to be played whenever it works for him. I would dismantle your nuclear ability in total and think about a different course all together. In other words lay low and work with who you have witnessed that God is with. Just look back a few decades that ought to be clue enuf.


Students usually have required reading and one of those we had to read was about the occupation in Europe by the Nazis and possibly Russians and I forget the name of the book but they made some prisoners eat only bread mocking the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel of John who said he was the Bread of Life misunderstanding his words purposefully. He meant he was the substance of life and believe me he does not need to be transubstantiated. He is not a wafer or a wafer thin mint. The wafer thin mint is in reference to a a Monty Python skit about a fat guy who stuffs himself to the limit and explodes after he eats just one more wafer thin mint. Pretty funny skit. What Jesus said that is related in the Gospel of John was the reason for that particular abuse of starving people and only giving them bread IMO. Trying to prove that “man cannot live by bread alone” when Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels was in the desert being tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights while fasting. (It was when he responded to the devil about turning stones to bread.) Obviously in this required reading book someone was testing the premise on Jewish prisoners because Jesus was a Jew and resented his characterization of himself and of God when Moses was dealing with the Pharoah of Egypt who would not let his slaves go (the Hebrews) and Moses asked God who shall I say that you are and He said to tell them He was I Am that I Am. I inferred that the reason for the abuse of the jews related in this book because of my bible knowledge and the things I have learned about those that believe in the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew to the other gospels and the only gospel that is dissimilar to the Gospel of Matthew is the Gospel of John although the Gospel of Luke does have a few interesting comparisons that illuminate those differences I believe purposefully to (let the reader understand.) The assassination of JFK is also related to the preeminence of the Gospel of Matthew and the Second Vatican and the Neo Catechumenal Way and other secret RC societies like Opus Dei, etc  some starting that same year 1963 and the clergy who were included in the press group incognito following him around at the airport in Dallas. They knew. One reporter made a joke about the tanning that JFK was donning having been to Hawaii beforehand. I believe he meant it another way. Lots of clues in those tapes. They have many secret societies in the RC because they don’t want to be seen doing their good works which aren’t really good unless you are deceived or to protect their enterprise like O’reilly would if someone screwed with his enterprise. Deception is contagious because those that are deceived usually spread their deception more such as the many shows and books about JFK’s assassination. One of the chief writers/authors of the Second Vatican was known for his Preeminence of Gospel of Matthew views and was included for that reason and he was at the airport and looked just like a pilot. There are lots of interesting faces if you look deeper at the airport in Dallas especially on the side of the President’s entourage. A few on the other side of the fence as well. One straggler in particular as he drives away who is of the Islam religion and seems to be quite aware of the event before it occurs. IMO. Lots of famous people just out of time a bit.

Fact is just for the benefit of those that do believe and realize that Obama is the Destroyer he and his agents don’t have much time left if you measure from a few certain points mentioned in this post. He knows Obama Care is a farce. A diversion. A tax and a bunch of BS. Just Hang On best you can. He and those that do his dirty work will do anything to upset anyone they can including the recent Cher and Sarah Palin name calling.  There are people employed full time using american tax dollars to tweet with kids using aliases to cause trouble. Communication is being tampered with in a myriad of ways. That is why Obama Care is a charade to get more dollars as if 600 million dollars isn’t enough, to screw with everyone possible to get in their line for their morsels of good will ie “to fit in to git in.”  Git It? To screw with doctors to uplift their own doctors instead. Kind of like what happened in Germany to the doctors who were displaced by other doctors in WWll although not yet as severe. Your doctors earned your trust and you should stick with them and they should stick with you. Work it out until Obama Care goes down the tubes where it belongs.

Stick with your original doctors and hospitals regardless of the insurance business debacle and what occurs because of the Obama’s, the RC, Islam and their fixes intending to f… with America and it’s freedom.

Let’s Hang On ~ The Four Seasons (Excellent quality)

We never needed Obama Care. We had a great system that they want to either own or destroy. Screw them. I sure don’t recall anyone complaining about our Health Care system until Obama took office. At least it was never in the news until then except for a few who compared it to socialized medicine of other countries. And then there are those that can’t admit a lie is a lie that you need to watch out for such as the lady who owns a medical practice with her doctor husband who appears on Fox News often to support Obama Care. Obviously she has much to gain if Obama Care is implemented which I’m pretty positive it won’t work out for Obama by the looks of it and because it was thrust upon the US with lies so she ought to just admit he lied and lied and lied.

Daniel Hannan’s warning for America (video)

Pope Francis and Kissing

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 5.39.08 PM

(This is Pope Benedict kissing someone but honestly I don’t know who it is, hopefully Pope Benedict knew and 4 Y. They do it all the time!)

Watched Pope Francis recently and he is getting a lot of news for his smooching which he does a lot and so so gracefully….so so very impressively. How he does it is so moving like the way he holds his hand around someones head whilst he does it. He cups his hand in a certain way so as not to touch or just lightly touch but look passionate at the same time. It is practiced …..photo’d and filmed of course. Getting to be like watching Madonna kissing Brittany Spears over and over again. Because he smooches a lot does that make him possess the truth? Of course not. If he has to do it out in public with a camera and a movie camera on him whilst he does it, is it sincere or is it acting? He is promoting his religion and his popery. Like Angelina Jolie’s good works and her new movie which I plan to see eventually. I imagine her private good works having nothing to do with promoting herself and movie are far more impressive but she is a product some of the time and a person other times. That is all the pope is doing whilst using his many agents to screw with many people who resist his religion and his screwed up whey (and those secret societies he employs as does Obama and anyone willing to ass-ist them usually by deception and other mob like tactics. Promising one thing and gettin’ another…. kind of deception)

Priests practice their cross thingy they do before entering a pew ….same thingy!

When you see the Pope doing his thingys and Obama doing his thingys the video The New Pope you tube hopefully will help you sometimes weigh their behavior:


(Might compare their wafer thingy to Indiana Jones and the heathen he met in his travels.  Especially the ones in the caves. Pretty similar.)

Here is a post about their practices and some comparisons of the gospels about a few certain instances related in all four gospels and their mistakes:)

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised

Krauthammer and the Three M’s

is condescendingly touting on O’reilly Show (of course) that every one needs a psychiatrist if others know how to make them angry by pushing their buttons. Not true, but he didn’t receive a name like Krauthammer fer nuttin’. How much you get paid for yer pinyins? I think Krauthammer needs a doctor to teach him about manipulation. Ever hear of the three M’s? A psychiatrist ought to know.

How about the woman who was shot to death at the White House with a baby in the car? How about Zimmerman? What did you think then? As I recall you were wrong about Zimmerman and so were a slew of others at Fox News. Perhaps you are wrong now. What about the cops attacking a car with bats and gunfire? Just because you sound intelligent doesn’t mean you are intelligent. So far I’m unimpressed by your opinions on almost everything you attest to especially in regards to Obama Care and usually placating Obama and his intent. You soft pedal because you are confused and don’t know where to stand. IMO. How many times do you have to be wrong before you realize that you are wrong? Tell us Mr. Smart Man! Who pays for your opinion? There is a story in the bible about foxes that is quite interesting. Can’t recall at the moment if it is Samson or Abraham who tied their tails together. Anyway interesting story you might check it out. The problem with some people is they just don’t believe there is a spiritual world that does interfere in good and bad ways depending on who their master is. It helps to know when strange things occur and/or in these times in particular. It would be great for someone to analyze President Obama’s mental health. He doesn’t seem well maybe because he isn’t well.

Only a few have tried at Fox News and some are surprisingly making a difference lately. It is as if they are beginning to see. It isn’t easy. You have to want to know to get to know. The desire has to be there instead of resting on your laurels. You can’t possibly think the things that have occurred in the past few years are normal events if you are honest or unless you are a willing part of the deception!

I think or have a gut feeling Greg Burke of Opus Dei is returning to Fox News soon in another prettier form. So watch out. 


Neil Cavuto’s rant about Ted Cruz was a conversation from hell.

I think he is possessed too

and just a stupid pompous pimp!

If this Stupid Bill goes through I will pray that those that wrote it, support it, promote it, work in it and enforce it and those that profit by it will get real sick starting at the top

and those that don’t won’t

because it is illegal

and meant to hurt the middle class and small business and the American public

and destroy the USA

and because it is an abomination

and I believe

this Bill comes from hell.

Then we will dismantle it and other things and people as well:)

Leslie Marshall is Upset

Militant Democrat Leslie Marshall guest on O’reilly of Fox News often and also a doctors wife that own a practice mostly of medicare and medicaid patients (who she and he obviously resent) let loose tonight with her hatred for risky behavior.Though I’ll bet it helped their business earlier in their career but just isn’t good enuf now. She and the Mayor Bloomberg ought to make the rules for everyone like 2 oz coka cola drinks or no salt at the table. We ought to forget all spices because now they are infected. But that won’t affect most of New York because their food is flavorless as I recall. Masturbation used to cause blindness but thank goodness they figured out it was an old wive’s tale or they would call that risky behavior. Swimming used to be punishable by death because it was considered witchcraft. Tanning booths was her beef tonight but never mind doctors wives tend to take many vacations others can’t abusing her fair share of oil expenditure getting to O’reilly’s show to make her fee and promoting Obama Care for her husbands business and never mind the oxygen she abuses with her carbon dioxide she expels every time she opens her mouth and her wasting of cloth that she wears. Should we all stay inside and never get any sun never mind that it is healthy for the body and mind to get some sun to some degree. Course you can over do it but Leslie is moderate in all her ways and never has been drunk, tipsy, high because Leslie is superior to those clients she wishes to swap. Oranges are getting the new wasp treatment in Florida…I wonder what that will cause down the road. I used to run in the DDT fog because it was fun with other kids. Will my government reimburse me and them for the damage it might have caused? Sugar is bad so Michelle her hero I’m sure decided to make kids have low caloric meals for lunch. Slow down nuke manufacturing in Iran with video tapes and pay them for it. My advice to her and her husband build your business and your clients on someone else’s back: how about in Iran if you really care about the health of others and their risky behavior. Talk about promoting thyself and your business by trying to force your selfish ideas on the American people. I think it is risky to appear on O’reilly should we charge her for flaunting herself and her ideas on the air? Let’s make a tax for that. I don’t think you and Milton Berle could have been friends. Should we charge the military men for their risky behavior? I think we need to stop pedestrians in New York and if they choose to walk charge them for every step they take. They are overpopulating the city making it very crowded not to mention the carbon dioxide emitted from each one which tends to make it stink.


It gets real old when politicians use this Bill to intimidate, to threaten, to undermine, and  to blackmail the public and use it for their own benefit politically and keep it looming on the horizon against the public and their health and the health care business and against business in general and not eliminating it presently. It is BS that it is the law of the land, it is BS because it is illegal and the President who signed it into law is illegally the President and should have been impeached last year on Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious and things I can’t remember at the moment.

So my prayer for sickness for those pulling and playing the strings regarding: ObamaCare and protecting Obama and arrest, promoting terrorism of innocents, using drones to kill, bullying the public, extorting from the public for frivolous vacations and to support frivolous lifestyles, face lifts, adding pork to bills to defraud the people, and payoffs for bad business schemes, to cheat the american public in all the ways the federal government is guilty of doing and lying to the public via the press for other entities and their agendas many of which are insane and ridiculous and spreading the wealth but mostly to the elites in Washington DC and Europe and causing undo hardship and stress on the Americans for not balancing their budget, paying their debts, reining it in, fixing the leaks of fraud,  deceptions, failure, illegal enterprises, lining their own pockets, fixing elections, and abusing the people here and abroad etc

Americans deserve jobs, to keep their earnings, and they deserve better leaders that don’t sound, look, and act like used car salesmen ie liars such as Obama and his wife Michelle and their compadres Bill and Hillary Clinton

because the truth does matter


it seems very fair to me.

And certainly after Obamas first press party when he said


Makes you wonder what real time is, don’t it. Was it before the first election or the second election when Michelle stood and posed for the photographer in front of a burning building in Benghazi? Time may be shorter than you think. Depending on who controls time I guess and on which side of time you are on.

and before any deals made funding anything but the BARE necessities and exempt from funding those that have refused to answer questions about Benghazi and the IRS abuses including the President and his wife, CIA, FBI, DOD, The State Department, and the IRS and from the looks of it the Secret Service since they are the ones that provided Obama with talking points suggesting what he should say via POTUS which is a sure sign they are controlling him and obviously a controlling power asylum which happens to be located in Maryland near the Navy base Annapolis which was infested by Vatican leaders around Pres. Kennedy’s assassination and shortly thereafter we were engaged in a war in Viet Nam promted by France who seem to have a nasty habit of starting conflicts (such as with the Palestinians who are influenced a great deal by France who seem to be using terrorism for their ends) against our men and women and using our men and women at the same time to seal their deals (using their Vatican influence and I guess the Jesuits were formed probably in France to begin with, hence Notre Dame and the Court of the Gentiles courting to murder) which is gettin’ really old and tiresome. Honestly we need to cut them off relationship-wise like you would a really nasty interfering mother-in law. And definitely Congress should defund the White House staff and any unnecessary staff of both the House of Representatives and the Senate (the ones that are not elected, the machinery ie they work for someone else other than the USA). President Obama should have to sit in front of Congress and answer some questions about Benghazi and so should First Lady Michelle Obama since she was photographed at the site the night of the attack with a huge gun and a syringe, without her wigs on, her face swollen from surgery, wearing girly jeans rolled up, and heeled sandals. And especially now that we know arms are missing and military vehicles are missing that are used to lob things such as sarin gas and missiles (which we did not know were missing for quite a while so obviously there has been a coverup) before Obama sent the Navy to the Mediterranean Sea threatening Syria with a military strike when it might have been our own vehicles involved in the gas explosions which would mean that that threat of strike was to cover their misconduct, to put it mildly, at Benghazi. Why was Michelle there? Was she having a trance moment like Bill O’reilly? Did God tell her to go to Benghazi and trade arms and vehicles with terrorists to terrorize Syria? Did Obama know? He must have known about something since he mentioned her arms at the press party. Some in the press should be questioned also. Are the Obamas part of the Jesuit Society and is the Senator from Maryland involved? And we know the Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Lombardi gave the video excuse so were they involved in the theft of arms and vehicles themselves with the Obamas to implicate the Syrian President Assad? Is Senator McCain involved in the deaths of the men at Benghazi? etc

McCain hires controversial Syria analyst who inflated credentials

Is Harry Reid involved in arms and vehicle theft/trade to terrorists? Would he know if he was?

Some Got Warning To Avoid Westgate Before Bloody Siege

DID OBAMA SET THIS UP TOO? Or Michelle? Would be nice to find out.

Obama on budget: ‘Let’s get this done’

OBAMA says this isn’t about the deficit.

NO THIS IS ABOUT FUNDING TERRORISM via OBAMA CARE and using American taxes to destroy other nations including the USA and the fundamental change of the USA and our type of government from a democratic republic to a Muslim Brotherhood Fascist country and acting like the mob and killing dissenters who disagree or expose them which is terrorism and funding Michelle’ and Hillary’s surgeries to appear younger.

The Obama rule by crisis which is called PARANOIA and usually schizophrenics possess that trait. It must be a Jesuit spiritual delusion that occurs when they take their oaths and join in the first place. I imagine Hitler was a Jesuit Christian and he too was paranoid and a schizophrenic.

Hitler Finds Out He’s Jewish…and Black (The Daily Buzz)

Can we unite to impeach this menace to society?

Obama: 'I will not negotiate'...

Nor should we negotiate with terrorists

which is what Obama and Michelle

have bred.

And certainly we need a better press who don’t talk deceptively and hide the truth

such as Neil Cavuto and Bill O’reilly!

Have you ever noticed how little Bill O’reilly talks or investigates Benghazi?

Have you ever noticed how he tries to find out the strategy of the Republicans via his guests but seems comfortable with the Democrats strategy and isn’t too interested because I surmise he knows their strategy.

Have you ever noticed how he props Hillary Clinton every chance he gets positively and negatively but attention is attention no matter how you hear it

disregarding other viable women and men for President?

He is so transparent if you catch his 22.

His is very loyal to the Loyolas and their Jesuit ways similar to the mob

as Hillary Clinton is loyal to their ways

although she does not make cookies for either Bill and does not have her hands kneading dough (elbows high in flour) she just steals everyone else’s

and ObamaCare is one of those ways.

So when you support Obama Care

you are financing the Jesuits:

their murders (even children), destruction of lives and the futures of many people, destruction of jobs, destruction of nations, assassinations such as Kennedy, frauds, rape, and their lies:)

You ought to read their secret oath


I hope Republicans and Democrats do what is right this time because on the wise:

Revelation 18:4

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, 

Come out of her, my people,

that ye be not partakers of her sins,

and that ye receive not of her plagues.


HER is a church system/religion just in case you are wondering and referring to the woman with the golden chalice drunk on the blood of saints that have been martyred.

Martyrdom is a Roman Catholic and Islamic fundamental.

(You can read about martyrdom in the posts about the Neocatechumenal Way and probably Opus Dei and their influence being enforced by the Pope and others in Japan and those that assisted Japan in their turmoil for their own reasons and the rise in suicides because of that influence and the response by the Japanese around the time of the tsunami in the link below to get an idea about the mindset of martyrdom of the Roman Catholic in that country for an inkling of the problem. You can also read about the relationship of Roman Catholic and Islam in the past and present in some of the posts and listen to Walter Veith also in regards to his research about that relationship which I have included in many posts. I know many Catholics and have met a few Muslims that were normal average people but it is the inner circles of those religions and their affect on their followers sometimes willingly and knowingly and sometimes without understanding or an inkling but it is a good idea to get acquainted and learn about it to protect yourself and your loved ones and be disloyal to the wrong ways!)


The House of Representatives are again in the driver’s seat.

Hopefully the Republicans will

stand their ground.

Don’t give in and don’t give up!

If the government shuts down because of your stand it isn’t you that did it.

The Shut Down will be because of the Democrats.

They weren’t willing to compromise and you did your best and they lose;)

Of course, they will try to twist it using the press who lie unabashedly and they will try to bribe you and try to strong arm you, shame you, ridicule you, and try to scare you and say all sorts of things about you and try to blackmail you

but it is time to be the mule.

Don’t give in. Stop any motion forward for ObamaCare.

Don’t waste our taxes on Obama’s HUMONGOUS FAILURE, one of many.

We can handle the pain for this cause. More like a pain in the . . . but you tried to work with them and they were not willing.

We have had many shut downs before and it is necessary since they are hell bent on the shut down for OBAMACARE so let them die on their swords for Obama.

Don’t do it for them, ok!

Remember Republican voters and some Democrats are watching you!

You are in the cat-bird seat. Don’t budge.

They are freaking out already because they can’t handle the pain,

their own, that is.

Obama said the problems yesterday with signing up for his BILL was because DEM AND WAS SO HIGH. EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES   I think he means they were stoned on MOLLY.

Poor James Clapper national security is 75  percent worse today than yesterday. How does he know? Is there an intelligent answer for that.? And Lindsay Graham is egging him on because of the government shutdown. Someone has Lindsay Graham on the take.


By the way what happened with the flood in Colorado. It was raging and now……. nothing. No news. Or has everyone forgotten?

Did Father Jonathan intervene?

The reason I brought up Father Jonathan is because he was met by the Watter’s World representative of O’reilly in Colorado at the Marijuana festival and soon after the place was flooded. Seemed timely and coincidental. Watter World seemed surprised to see Father Jonathan in drag.

All those that cannot be fired, or are federal workers, who suck off the Americans or who allowed themselves to be exempt from the law they signed on to should never be allowed to vote again and should be thrown out of government and their citizenry should be burned and they should be tarred and feathered for our entertainment and tossed out of this country on their blood sucking asses!

PS: Don’t listen to Fox News Pollster Doug Shoen HE IS A SNAKE who probably polled people like Watter’s World types who don’t vote. He is a shyster. Looks like the guy in the ad on TV for Obama Care who says, “We’re ready for ObamaCare, are you?” lays down a pen, turns around and with the corncob up his … and walks out and acts like him too.

 I swear they could be brothers.

SNL Cold Open: Jesse Pinkman Helps Obama Explain The Affordable Care Act

Why do these people remind me of SPANISH INQUISITION?

Mel Brooks´ Spanish Inquisition

O’reilly thinks some Americans don’t care about a shut down but that may be true for some. I care. But I care more for my country and it’s future. And if a shut down occurs because of the FAT CATS in WASHINGTON DC it is because they tried to pull a fast one on the people of the UNITED STATES with a 20,000 page BILL that wasn’t complete, that was unread, that was a bad design intended to bankrupt the USA, destroy the middle class, KILL SMALL BUSINESS, and KILL AMERICANS UNHINDERED with the stroke of a pen by an IRS agency or orders from BILL.


and maybe O’reilly can write about it. Call it Kill Ying Bill.

There is a 2 part movie about it already called KILL BILL

with Uma Thurman and David Carradine and anyway she won!

By the way congrats for TOM DELAY.

A victim of Bill, but a survivor because you just can’t keep a good man down.

Tom DeLay’s advice to GOP:

‘Hold firm’ on budget

“…..When DeLay was in the House GOP leadership, the government was shuttered for a total of 28 days in 1995-1996 over a budget impasse between President Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress. While the public largely blamed Republicans in that fight, DeLay doesn’t believe his party was at fault.”

“We won. We won the budget cuts, we won it,” DeLay said on CNN. “We showed Bill Clinton that we’d take him off a cliff and we got welfare reform, (a) balanced budget and we won seats in the next election.”……..


Reminds me of a orange tabby cat I owned named Oliver. I caught him just in time in the yard with a bird. When he knew I saw him he looked up and he put his paw on top of the bird to hide it and he looked up at me innocently but afraid I knew what he was up to. It was pretty cute and funny because he tried to act like there was no bird. I got to him in time to let the bird fly away. I will never forget that, it was like a cartoon, but real. Oliver could also catch a ball thrown at him and retrieved it as well. Smart cat.



Good joke on O’reilly with Greg Gutfield and his side kick Bernard McGuirk

but it was the side kick that told the good joke

about Jesus

not walking around thinking he was Bill O’reilly.

That is funny.

Obama to House Republicans: Don’t burn down the house over fiscal fight

Don’t believe anything he says, he is a pathological liar and a schitzophrenic paranoid prick, and bad for the USA.

Hold on to your purse.

 Burn Down The Mission 

Obama and Michelle’s mission.

You have to SHUT OBAMA CARE DOWN, not delay it. IT has to NOT LOOM or they will use immigration and all sorts of other ways to keep the foot in the door and spend the money and gain strength.


The 800,000 federal employees of the government some of who have been soaking the government for a long time and should have by now accrued a substantial savings and can handle a shut down along with other Americans who have not soaked the government and American tax dollars and the federal workers have done a pretty a lousy job because they do not work for the Americans but for SOCIALISM. The ones that have been doing their jobs and not soaking the federal government should be in favor of a government SHUT DOWN for the sake of AMERICANS and for the sake of the country they reside in.

The lady on Fox news who was appealing for leniency on Federal workers and appeared aside Cal Thomas undermines American citizens for her own well being (and her lear-ned delicate Europeans style nature. Go buy a purse in Hollow Land!) which must be substantial to sell out for another form of government and deserves slavery again which was achieved by other people with courage. Hopefully in spite of her selling out and Euro elitism she might still keep her freedom because of the courage of other Americans.

I’m not dumb and I know why the car companies in Detroit and Michigan failed and witnessed it personally in family members because they soaked the system,

as Lois Lerner soaked the system and still is.

Smoke pot on their breaks and drinking on the job, take long paid vacations, play poker on the job like some Senators, sit around doing nothing, and all the other things that are overlooked because you can’t be fired.

call in sick and go fishing and still get paid, a pension, and all the other benefits etc

That kind of shameless abuse and taking a free ride has to end.

Unions were a good protection for the worker once

but they went too far and so did those that joined those unions and both became a hindrance to the companies that employed them raising their incomes and raising prices to be uncompetitive dooming those companies to failure and bankrupting Detroit and soon Chicago will be destroyed by that same kind of attitude

which is what has happened to the Federal Government.

*BREAKING* 2nd in command US Nuke arsenal suspended…connected to…?

Last month, there were rumors of an unauthorized transfer of nuclear warheads from Dyess Air Force Base to an undisclosed location in South Carolina:

‘“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 1980s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”’ [link to www.libertariannews.org The very next day Senator Lindsay Graham made some very bizarre statements to the press saying South Carolina may be nuked by terrorists if we do not attack Syria. “Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor” [link to charlotte.cbslocal.com And now, three weeks later, it is announced that on the very same day of Sen. Graham’s statement, Vice Admiral Giardina, 2nd in command of the US nuclear arsenal has been suspended pending an investigation.

No. 2 US nuke commander suspended amid probe (on Fox News)


It has to be a full victory

not a half baked failure

 or Republicans will lose in 2014 and 16


“A loom is a device used to weave cloth. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads.”

What weaves?


BLACK WIDOW LOOMING Remind you of anyone?
She likes to feed on people until she is ready to eat you!
She was/is a single mom that’s because black widows don’t like their male counterparts except to copulate.
But he is there even though “there is no there there” in Obama’s own words.
The Black Widow

You are appeasing if you delay by one year or for any amount of time.

IF it looms we lose doctors, nurses, hospitals, ground, our health, businesses, business growth, jobs, freedom, strength

everything you can imagine

and we receive DEATH to AMERICA.

When you are near the finish line you don’t give the ball back. When you are holding the cards with the greatest hand ever you don’t fold or reshuffle.

When you are in a race you don’t stop so the people behind you can catch up.



by Kenny Loggins

Make no mistake about it.

Make no mistake where you are!

Stand up and fight! Don’t be a fool anymore! Leave them behind!


Obama Says He Spoke On The Phone With Iranian Leader(178)

Radio problems cited in deaths of Ariz. Hotshots

Had radio problems at the Navy Yard Massacre too!


September 20, 2013 China’s military is using stolen U.S. military secrets obtained from a convicted spy to defeat a high-technology communications system used in joint warfighting, combined arms warfare, and missile defenses, according to U.S. officials. 

Don’t worry I think we have that capability too  —


Two can play at this game!

Well Huckabee is pandering, just in case. What a dweeb. It is very interesting to see those that fold and who they really work for. Their self interest and their cushy job. Watched him belt it out (like a really big Lamb Chops) playing piano and it was sickening. I can’t believe he has a show. But he is a charlaTAN.

Senator Mitch McConnell also caving for his reelection. Says 80 percent of Americans don’t favor a government Shutdown. Running government based on polls which is very Putinish. I beg to differ I think that percentage is way overblown. I think most Americans favor a Shut Down if it Defunds Obama Care now. The problem with Mitch McConnell and others like him they are not leaders and have no backbone like an amphibian and frog like in appearance (hence the neck) and because many Americans don’t understand what is at stake (because of their lack of leadership like McConnells) and those that cave probably have been bribed. There is a reason for those physical characteristics. Have you ever been polled? I never have and don’t know anyone that has.

Monkey 1

Funny when my daughter was in the hospital the girl that played nurse had the same neck as Senator Mitch McConnel. she asked me many personal questions about my ex-marriage and my religion and talked about my ex’s eyes who wears glasses etc which was weird and soon thereafter she overdosed my child on pain medication and my daughter had a bad reaction to it after having been on it long enough not to react to it ( not sure it was purposeful or negligence but it occurred ) and the nurse reminded me of Senator Mitch McConnell because of that bloated neck and her eyes. My daughter made it through but the girl wouldn’t even get a doctor for me…… I had to chase around to look for one and never found one and she looked as if she knew what she had done because her eyes got as big as a deer caught in headlights and I think my child might have died had it worked but thank GOD, it didn’t. And the other girl who played nurse reminded me of Putin or seemed foreignish because she kept calling me ‘friend,’. which made me a bit suspicious but I gave her the benefit of doubt. She kind of looked like The White Widow they keep talking about in the news having to do with terrorism in a Nairobe mall although she was not wearing a burka type outfit. Although that could be false information since we don’t really know and the information is being given to us by the Nairobes who could be providing a needed crisis for Obama, like the Navy Yard crisis. Seems to be that Islamic way Obama subsidizes. She gave me a sample of some coffee and soon after I got really sick and could not breath as if an elephant was sitting on my chest for a few weeks. And my other daughter also got real sick with the same catching it from me,

but we lived through it.

It was de-BILL-itating AND IT WAS NOT FUN.

I think it was a huge sign. AND IT MIGHT BE A SIGN FOR YOU TOO!

Life is easier when you learn from others, but sometimes that is hard to do:

They say that breaking up is hard to do, Now, I know, I know that it’s true.

Don’t say that this is the end instead of breaking up……

So watch out Senators and Congressman and the Press that lie for money

it might be your turn. 

Will you live through it?

Who knows, only God knows.

The IRS abuse *been there done that a long time ago* in regards to taxes is insignificant to me in comparison to what the IRS abuse that will occur with Obama Care can do and I won’t be a party that kind of care!

I’ll warn you I won’t vote for a Republican again if they don’t act like leaders. There will be a strong third party and Republicans will never again win over the people. I won’t vote with the Democrats either because they are Socialists and Elitists. I think there are plenty of others who feel that way, like me. So say goodbye to your cushy jobs and any influence you have acquired however it was that you acquired it probably by being a charlaTAN for the Democrats and for Socialism because you are weak elitists and too damned delicate.

President Kennedy got TANNED in Hawaii before he was assassinated in Dallas/FORT WORTH and the reporter who reported his tan knew it and was amused by it.

SICK MOTHER F. . . . .

Strange but just heard Geraldo on his show call Eric Bolling “my friend” and it sure sounded familiar. The nurse might have said “my friend,” but she was a female and I didn’t know her. Weird that I would write about it again tonight (wrote about this a long time ago in another post) and tonight Geraldo used that kind of familiarity with Eric Bolling, but they probably are friends. HMMMMM

Maybe another sign.

Glenn Greenwald to release new NSA revelations…

‘US assassination program’…

Reporters to reveal ‘US assassination program’

This is very funny. LOL The NSA is supposedly assassinating people and these brave men are going to report it. I guess the NSA aren’t very good at keeping things under the radar.

Does Susan Rice know?


Obama care is my only hope

“What do you think of this story?”

IT’S BULL SHIT, That’s what I think! He ought to ask everyone to send him a dollar. I probably would believe it more, if he did.

Like Wounded Warriors (not to mention UNICEF) starring all sorts of recognizable people, ones released from Mexican jails, ones involved in racing, a famous colonel, a general, a weatherman….

Weatherman considers vasectomy after findings…

The weak Republicans who want ObamaCare to loom for another year demanding a year delay hence it still looms are pitiful. As if that will help the health industry, doctors and nurses and hospitals and individual businesses and individuals hoping we will stick with them and waste a vote for them again. They need to plan ahead just like everyone else does with their business and as long as it looms they can’t possibly plan ahead. These guys need to be castrated to match their itty bitty brains and become Eunuch like Doug Shoens his itty bitty .-.-.-.-s and he has four if you include that other guy in the TV ad.

Urban Dictionary: unic

A man who has not balls, his balls have not dropped or he has had a sex change, 2. One fucked up guy” DES_headshot_colorDouglas Shoen a Fox News Political anal-yst, a snake, and a liar

Makes good sense that the European Union’s initials are EU, come to think of it.

The fact is we don’t know what the Republicans are going to do until they do it because there is a lot of false information being passed on to the consumers by them and the press to increase certain kinds of pressure. Why does Rep. Peter King look and act like an alcoholic? Do you really think it is the medical instruments of medicine we are worried about, you idiot? Yea you know it was a mistake (or inserted by someone trying to alert others about the fraud of this whole bill. Freaked out the Dems so that was an easy choice as if you are helping at all. Something to do with liability which could get you  and your asshole friends behind bars) in the bill that wasn’t meant to be there in the first place. It has implications for you guys that’s why you are so concerned about it.

And I am so impressed with his concern for those 800,000 free loading unfirable Federal workers. Guess what, those are not the ones you are supposed to be concerned with. It is the citizens of the USA, stupid. They are supposed to be making life better for Americans not hindering them, spying on them, abusing them, sucking off them, eating American businesses, eating Americans profits, interfering with them, in other words blood suckers etc. You have it backwards Rep. Peter King but that’s because you are doing the same damned thing and heading to the same place they are and there is a bunch of bat shit there not the kind of place you want to go to.  At the rate you leeches eat there won’t be anything left and you will have to suck Michelle’s blood. She’s stashed some away for later use.

I won’t forget how she said “My heart goes out to you” in regards to the Hurricane Storm victims and sped off to Hawaii with her family living it up. How much was that? I won’t forget Sen. Inouye who died just in time for a military pandermass. Screw you. I won’t forget your image at Benghazi. I won’t forget the deaths that follow you around where ever you go. I won’t forget your hummus program. I won’t forget you shut down the White House to the people. I won’t forget the entertainment at the press parties and those jokes. I won’t forget the lies. I won’t forget Obama’s doublespeak. I won’t forget the deceptions. I won’t pity you. I won’t forget.

I won’t forget what Obama said at the UN after Benghazi either. And I will not let anyone else forget what you said for as long as you still breathe:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

–President Obama, in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, in which he continues to blame a YouTube video, “The Innocence of Muslims” for the Benghazi attack.

I did and still do and will continue to slander that abomination:)

and slander you as long as I still breathe!

Four Pinocchios for Obama on Benghazi terror claim

Isn’t what Obama said at the UN

what essentially occurred at the mall in Nairobe?

Doesn’t it make sense that they (the Obama’s)

may be responsible for what happened in Nairobe?

Could those terrorists be hired hands of the Obama administration?

Details emerge about Americans badly injured in Benghazi attack

Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge seems to find things that few other journalist investigators

even try to find. She is definitely worth her weight.


Now Congressman Johnson is adding his two cents and how the uncertainty for federal workers affects them. (I think I’m gonna cry.) DIDN’T they get cues from this terrible BILL that they ought to store away some of their earnings just in case there is a shutdown. At least they were earning when civilians weren’t earning because of the looming Obama Care Bill. Guess what looming Obama Care is doing the same for unfederal workers and unfederal businesses, making them feel uncertainty. Obviously the military is important. Making up some reasons about the compromise that Republicans want now with Democrats and it was the Democrats that were wanting that same compromise last year when they discovered it in the bill so it isn’t a compromise as if because they both agree on something that is a compromise. Both wanted it in the first place once it was discovered .

It’s a deception.

DEFUND OBAMA CARE PERIOD and if you have to shut down the government to do it , then shut her down. The Fed’s ought to be able to handle it, that is the compromise.

The Federal workers have to compromise for the public they serve and if they can’t handle it they should quit because they obviously aren’t serving except for their own benefit.

Is the fed making a profit? No, it is making a deficit.

The Feds get paid by the people that are not feds.

In Other Words they are taking advantage of tax payers dollars.

Why should tax payers pay for their uncompromising selfish federal needs?

Start your own business with your own money or get a real job!

Peter King: ‘I Honestly Don’t Know’ What GOP Wants From Shutdown

If he hasn’t figured it out yet he never will.

He says, “The question is John Boehner’s under tremender pressure……” Slurring but standing his ground. I think he needs a post or a pillar to lean on. The question doesn’t even make sense but rambling is his forte with a few names and get-by- words to make it sound like he is on the up an up yet he doesn’t get what his party wants.

Rep. Peter King belly aching some more but at the same time standing firm and tough and when he stops you know something is up. Bathroom break? Barely a weekend of shut down and these guys (the Peter King type guys) are dragging everyone else down. I wonder, do they do anything besides talk to the press? Maybe he ought to spend some time in his office and organize his office to pass the time and get acquainted with the things that are in his office and stop complaining about his party. I would hate to have to be involved in planning with this guy on any event or job. He would be the one watching everyone else do the work while bitching about their work to anyone who would listen just so he wouldn’t have to work but look like he was doing the work. There is someone like that on every job. Pitch in doesn’t seem to compute in his inebriated nature.

He definitely is in Obama’s camp. The Americans are not his concern,

just his help.

Here is another heart-wrenching Federal plea (I think I might cry some more):

Holder: DOJ Employees Will ‘Suffer’ Under Shutdown

Don’t they get drug money?  (Fast and Furious)  I think they will survive. You would think these guys didn’t have jobs or something. It’s pitiful.

Instead of Women Suffrage this will be known as the

Federal Workers Suffrage in the USA For the Greater Good

Aren’t they a bit unreasonable?

NOPE that is the compromise. You don’t get paid for sitting at home.

Just take a vacation and have fun.

Go to a National Park or visit the White House and take the tour. Take a tour of Wall Street. Check out those panda bears at the zoo. Goto Mount Vernon.

Go to Arlington Cemetery and take it in. Count them if you can.

Go visit Vicksbourg National Park and see what real suffering looks like. Breathe it in. Count them if you can. Try to imagine their suffering and balance it against your small itty-bitty sacrifice for what is right.


And then go to the Sandy beaches in New Jersey:

 Beaches Hit By Hurricane Sandy Reopened

Then envision the Senator from Maryland in a big yellow suit bloviating, Hillary Clinton strutting, and Kathleen Sebellius demanding money and envision them making decisions about who should live and should die on a list of children because of their religious or political affiliation or because of their parents choices.




If you choose to fund Obama Care then you might as well just go to Nairobe hang out at a mall, take a number, and wait.

Obama says he is not resigned to government shutdown

It is a new dance called the BELGIAN WAFFLE

Now President Obama wants to take care of America and if you believe that I have a piece of property I would like to sell ya right on the Mediterranean Sea for a million bucks and if you just sign a piece of paper, give me your social security number and your bank statement with your passwords and signed check you can have it! I’ll send ya a picture of it too. Don’t mind the hotel, it can be removed.


Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 3.34.07 PM

Nancy Pelosi is fuming because she may not get that dividend she was counting on.

The one we never got to hear about.

If there was a limit to the amount of times a person can lie Obama has hit that limit and should be kicked out of office on his black Islamic mohammad ass and on the way I hope he loses his future!

Excuse me for my hatred but his speech were out and out lies and everything about him is a lie and those that hang out with him are lies and I hope they get kicked out out of their offices on their white atheistic socialistic fascist fat asses and I hope on the way they lose their future.

There is a limit in my estimation.

If I had a gun I would kill him LOL I’m only human.

What a disgusting but proud slime ball.


Obama On The GOP: ‘I Shouldn’t Have To Offer Anything’


The “I’ve Never Seen Him Fail Yet” psychosis and yet he hasn’t done anything worthwhile except talk and it isn’t very impressive. AND AND AND AND AND AND AND AND

It’s called conjunctivitis.

In an interview with NPR, President Obama said Republicans can still avert a government shutdown, but when asked if the House has come up with a bill he would approve of, he answered flatly, “No.”

Then in his cabinet interview he said he wished the Congress spent time on growing the economy instead of a shutdown. The guy is daffy duck. He can’t take it he blames everyone else for everything. What do you do with someone like that? He can’t even shoot a basketball. And he apologized to Netanyahu for our possible shutdown. Do you think Netanyahu cares?


 And that did not stop Netanyahu from visiting the wailing wall with his right hand up as if he was saying where he really is and meaning he was not meeting Obama. It’s like Obama went to absurdity land and thinks it isn’t noticeable. He needs someone to put him in a straight jacket and get off whatever drug he is on till he can make some sense of his surroundings. Netanyahu is not who we owe, duh.

Funny article about Obama about a comical conversation between Jackie Mason “The Ultimate Jew” with Aaron Klein on WABC:


‘If he wasn’t the president, he’d be in jail or in a sanitarium’

Now on Fox New a man is up there talking about the poor federal workers who are being used in their terrible game and now those workers are pawns. This is outrageous. SICKENING

Obama: negotiations can’t be done ‘with gun held to the head of the American people’

Yes he is crazy. Life is tough on Day Three. Obama is melting.


 Kind of like the Syrian debacle, remember? Although he did try to act like he was in charge and his administration tried to make it look a certain way as they do about everything. There are other instances and I think Obama knows he just can’t seem to give up like that Pharoah in Egypt that was stubborn in the Old Testament and ended up losing e v e r y t h i n g  even his own life at the end of the plagues as he tried to cross the RED SEA because he had soooooooo much pride and he wanted to keep his sleeves and thought he was god and the water broke and he didn’t make it nor did his men:O

By the way yesterday I think it was when one of the women news anchor women on Fox was talking at the end of her schpeel I saw what looked like a demon smiling. It was just a flash of it but it was her and she was demonic for sure. Don’t know if it was some kind of interference or her real features were revealed. A media trick perhaps. The one with the beautiful eyes. She is also the one that when I was saying something in my house I remarked about her eyes how pretty they were she answered into the camera and said “I was waiting for you to say that” about her eyes. Just thought I would add that as a warning to anyone who may have experienced the same. I think Fox News has some explainin’ to do. I think our government is well aware of it, too and some of the things they say such as Neil Cavuto’s conversation from hell was another good example. When they start double speaking or not meaning what they say or out and out lying is when you will start to notice their evil intent as if something takes them over because one day they will act weird and another day they will act normal. Kind of od. But just to warn them I won’t let them change my mind about who I believe.

If they want change, they are gonna have to change who they believe in. HA

I’m well aware it sounds quirkey but I didn’t do it, they did and that’s the difference between who is really off their rocker. I don’t try to deceive, they do. That’s why I know I’m okay, how about you.

I wonder do I have a recourse for government spying via Fox news into my home via TV and harassment for my beliefs with intent to harm?


And again if you didn’t read the article by Ann Coulter above you should read it now:



So start acting like a REAL Republican and not a DEMON-KRAUT

By the way you ought to try to absorb this post about Sauer Wine if you can stay away from your cocktails for a few minutes:

Sour Wine

Make a decision:

Do you want baseball and apple pie or sauerkraut and hummus?

What would you like your children to have?

Just to clue you in you are experiencing a GROUND HOG DAY. We went through this last year about the medical instruments when the Dems freaked out probably because their stolen tax dollars they absconded is devoted to whatever companies produce those medical instruments. We also saw the downfall of some blood sucking such as the Wounded Warriors the day before this one because they were outed and disappeared, but are back again because of the Ground Hog Day you are experiencing.

(That is why we are seeing Lindsay Lohan again in the news daily on Fox News

and in a few months it will be Amanda Bynes: It’s like a Déjà vu or layers of a seasonal flashback)

It would be wise if Dems and Republicans try to be honest and defund ObamaCare because you are being tested ie JUDGED and what you do and don’t do will affect YOU, NOT ME, try as you may.


with the little knowledge that you have

otherwise we’ll have to go through it again with you:) if you make it through this day.


A day is a year and and a year is a day, etc


2 Peter 3:8

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing,
that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Believe me, I know my beliefs have unearthed the worms and the ants, and I know what you and your friends are up to cause I went through it already and each time I learn a lot more about who, what, when, where, and why

and so do others.

That is why they call that last book in the bible THE BOOK OF REVELATION

because it gets revealed!



not only to me and the others (they are among us) and the people you serve

but to the ULTIMATE JUDGE!

You and your friends and the Clintons and the Obamas and the arrogant press

(you can tell what they think of themselves by how they present themselves)

especially in the last few days

(because it is time to get serious)

think you are in control



Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier

A New Powerhouse Primetime!

By the way Megyn Kelly of Fox News is back to grace the public again after having a baby. They are special, aren’t they? Just not special enough, eh? You can’t make a great salary at home, reicht? I guess that salary is too damned good and your job of entertaining to abuse the public and too profitable to give up even to stay at home with your baby for a few years, eh? And besides you are soooo important for those that you work for and for their agenda. You are a chosen one, reicht?


O’reilly’s madonna. After all the Uncle Samming we went through for the past few years ……………….whew. You may have some special mediatrick tools to abuse the public, but that is all they are…..mediatrick tools!

Let’s hope she tries to be truthful, this time;)

although tonight Thu 10/10 on her show she managed to exclaim her purity and her innocence because she never cusses. I think she told a story about her experience being between two cars and her frustration by it and said that she said her worst word she had ever uttered and it was pitiful. I think it wasn’t a bad word at all, I can’t remember it that is what an impression it made upon me, besides it is evident in her portrayal of herself on Fox. Must have been rough experience, eh? I would call it more than likely selective memory syndrome which seems to be a common problem these days that’s why the news likes to be pithy so as not to learn anything other than impressions. Not sure what the point to her wee memory was except I guess she is competing for “the who’s the most fairest of them all.” (Twerking in a fairway.) Course we have to take her word for it. I guess one of the guests was Rep. Duncan Hunter of California on the House Armed Services Comittee (of course) kind of a good looking one with dark hair so maybe that was part of the reason for her exaggerated attempt to charm. It probably worked too. Kind of like  “I love the way you wear your skin.”  kind of charm. “Nothing propinks like propiniquity,”  later dubbed Ball Rule of Power. Who pays her? Then she brings up O’reilly who I think is her boss as if he is honest. She is beautiful and smart but I don’t think she is fair except superficially in a Stepford-wife kind-of-way.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.05.52 PM

Mary Poppins – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

 On Sean Hannity’s show tonight he had clips of Obama demonstrating his concern for people that fainted in his audience when he was schmoozing on the campaign trail a number of times and it does seem to be very contrived as did her display though that may be true that she has never showed anger and expressed it with words. Course maybe her life has been a bowl of cherries compared to the simple folk.

camelot – what do the simple folk do?

SOW they say

I guess it is about appearances because Obama sure hasn’t been concerned about much of nothin’ except how he looks doing it. He should never had played basketball.

I’ll BE Watching you

but not any more. I don’t want to waste my mind on your deceptions. It’s disgusting and the same goes for O’reilly. You both treat the truth with total disrespect and obviously are a tool of the devil! I hope others notice and I hope you both lose your positions and your shows because of it.

So far so good except for that moment in the show about her veneer and her attempt to connect it ie segway it to Bill O’reilly. That was a pitiful attempt to rehabilitate but I suppose that is what they pay you for; partiality, O’reilly for you and you for him, etc. The Jesuit Veneer! They do need a real good one to cover their deeds.

I think although I don’t know but it is possible that is what the DOD military deaths etc  and not giving the military men/women and their families their deserved honor and respect may be contrived to do. Would not surprise me one bit after all of the deceptions we have all had to overcome since Obama came to town. It sure is getting tiresome though.

Now I feel like Rizzo Betty from Grease but geeeeeez it’s hard not to.

Shell likes Megyn Kelly, that’s for sure. KEK.

Buzz Feed Sunday Fox interview with Megyn on her makeup and her early years. Rehabilitating her image. They really don’t need to be so transparent about it though,

do they?

Kucinich and her partner on that same show more worried about the schedule of the President which they could get if they would just talk to the Secret Service since they actually make the schedule than the truth of who is responsible for the death benefits of fallen soldiers and the treatment of their families and willing to lie about it. It’s their way to confuse the average listener about their own veracity. On the one hand they are obviously right on the other they are wrong purposefully. Comedic if it weren’t so stupid and trying to upset the average American who does see the difference because they get some kind of kick out of playing their crappy games on the psyche of Americans which is par for the course for Obama followers.

Then on the same show they use Ted Cruz who may or may not be aware of their game. Still not sure. It’s their game so in a matter of time and patience we shall see if Ted Cruz notices or is part of their games like Rand Paul was used by Laura InGraham which I wrote about in another post. Was Rand Paul aware? I know Paul Ryan is up to some wicked tricks with Megyn Kelly: what a cryin’ shame complaining about Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz showing up to a freedom rally which seems to be fretting them quite a bit.

Obviously they wouldn’t need to do these double-speaks if things were going their way so it must be necessary for their purpose. I can’t imagine reacting to my post about Megyn on TV news the very next Sunday so what is at stake for them? What the heck are they so afraid of, it’s just little ole me? Or is it the basis of these posts about the Gospels that has them all abuzz with their purposeful mischief such as Obamas and the Redskins vs shutting down the White House to the public but welcoming Hollywood

and hence everything else afterwards?

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.46.41 PM

I hope that Ted Cruz gets the upper hand of this abusive government and others stand with him in the House of Representatives. It will be the saddest of days for America and for generations if there are any more to come if he doesn’t. It may seem like your livelihoods are in the pink but hold on to your hats it may not be so pleasant if our Representatives cave in to this maniacal piece of shit President and his administration. His shit will hit the fan and it flies in all your faces.

For me I shall go on and do what I have planned for myself and forge ahead either way regardless of what you do or don’t do for yourselves and for the public you swore to serve,

which does not mean you eat them, ok? It means you serve them with the best you have to offer for their rights and their concerns (personal and professional) and get a handle on the mismanagement that has occurred in our government for all those unexplainable and idiotic reasons and fix it and shut down Obama Care so they can live in a free and independent country that they deserve despite your least efforts in the past.

(Nov, 19th, I changed my mind about watching Megyn Kelly because I have lately watched some shows in part because early on I was disappointed but she is quite compelling and quite a force to reckon with and has lately been on the mark and doesn’t seem to let people sidestep her too easily.) That is what is hard about trying to keep up with the news it keeps changing quickly and there is so much of it. But I commend her latest efforts. I commend Greta lately too. Just try to stay on the right side of your jobs even as confusing as things do get sometimes and I don’t mean Republican. I mean work for the truth. The truth matters to Americans and is the only cure for our dilemmas. Without it we are screwed. With the truth we can actually try to make changes that are effective. Republicans don’t necessarily have a monopoly on the truth nor do Dems, obviously since  there are some Republicans who really aren’t and have weakened their party in the past by tieing their hands behind their backs. It is the job of the press to try to get the truth out about whatever they are reporting on or are discussing. Obama definitely has a problem with the truth.

He is speaking now and I can’t listen to him because he is so convoluted and enveloped in lies everything he says is suspect and also how he says it. Totally untrustworthy. I don’t think he even knows the difference between the truth and deception anymore which may be the biggest problem we have in Washington and in the world and he certainly doesn’t want anyone else to know the difference or he wouldn’t be in favor of the new teaching systems at the public schools which say it is okay to think 2 plus 2 is 5. That is convoluted. Sure helps when you don’t want to explain how you spent money that isn’t there or transferred it to another place it wasn’t supposed to go. To take advice from someone so self deceived as Obama is, is like putting a gun to your head. Not his, mind you because he knows he is full of …. that’s why he sings in the bathroom all the time like Nero in Rome as it was burning which probably was a good thing then even though he was as evil or more so but in this case it is the US and it is a bad thing because Obama is evil and I don’t think the US is evil but has been overtaken by evil forces because of Obama and his deceptions and ability to deceive. The US is the best and last country in the world who has a chance to and can put this deception down as they did in WWll if we don’t listen to him and his ill advice. Obstructionism is not a bad thing if it is obstructing bad things, bad people, or bad legislation. It is a tool and should be employed to protect America and the world when needed. Since Obama took office it’s been pretty damned bad. Why do you think Obama the Destroyer is in the USA? Because we were effective in WWll, that’s why! Why do Americans feel punished? Because we won that war, that’s why. He wants to destroy us from within:) and then destroy whomever he wishes using the power given to him that is why he needs to be obstructed whenever possible.

 Obama, his administration, his followers, his panderers, and his git in to fit in’s

will choke on it and their lies!

Changing the rules because one has the majority such as what occurred today exposes the Democrats in the Senate as cheaters. Funny how things turn around on those that do change the rules ie move the goal posts and it usually does bite them in the ass:)

Bret Baier on Fox News had a show on a few times and tonight called the Great Food Stamp Binge which was very illuminating. I know it is the tip of the iceberg but a good starting point in learning about waste in government and those that want to keep it a wastin’ not for the good of 1/4th the children in America but for other reasons and that is what needs to be learned and investigated and the same with other welfare programs and government assistance type entities and the other ones that steal freedoms from Americans such as the EPA. There are tons more which need to be swept clean. This is serious and I believe via Hannity and Greta and others including the Libertarian guy Stossel have had shows showing how money is funneled to people hurting Americans.  They have also been pretty steadfast in trying to teach and learn what they know about waste in government. Only so much they can do about it, though.

When will Congress get interested? It is their job after all. That is what you are paid to do and not invent ways to spend more in other countries or for other countries.

Even I can spend money, but the American people aren’t paying me a salary they are paying you and obviously those Federal workers being harbored by bleeding hearts of the Federal government should get a different job like un-boxing products for grocery stores shelves on Wednesday night or work at the a bar and serve drinks and live off tips, something they have the ability to do and get off everyone else’s dime.

 It seems that may be their talent since they failed in government and have helped to cause government to become the burden it has become.

Does Susan Rice really need to walk around with an army surrounding her?

It’s ridiculous. You would think she was Elvis Presley.

That entourage psychosis has got to be cured. That is the kind of pork that needs to be sliced out of the government spending and that goes for Senators and Congressmen and all the other self important positions. I can’t figure out how you get anything done if you have to accommodate that kind of waste.

Buy a shot gun and put on some mithril, but cut the pork. Americans don’t want to kill you they want you to stop killing them.

Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to ‘Free Health Care’

And that is what  is going to happen to Federal income tax payments if Obama Care looms because it is BS!

America will revolt.


IF OBAMA CARE LOOMS THEY ARE DOOMED AS A POLITICAL PARTY and some Republicans hope for that, because they are liars. such as those mentioned in this and other posts.

What a bunch of malarky. Kind of like Geraldo’s Romantic Catamaran Diarrhea.

I can’t imagine any one who would date that guy except Eric Bolling who might want to acquire his Catamaran. There are no words sleazy enough to describe him and unlike wine he gets worse with age. Only quite a few other people I know that come close to being on a par with that scumbag.

Disheartening as that is…….. there are a lot of worms.

Chris Christie, a fighter from Jersey

Would you want him to fight for you?

N.J. Republican governor running for re-election says it would be “stupid” to decide now whether to make 

What was I thinking?


(This guy looks like Lorne Greene of Bonanza)

Did Saudi men take inferiority pills some time or other or are they just DUMB? EVENTUALLY we will figure out what happened to them.

Maybe their brains overheated in their deserts.

NO, I think it has to do with MECCA and that abomination they kiss.

Samuel L Jackson to president Barack Obama: ‘Stop trying to relate’

What say yo, O’reilly? Say wa?

I don’t agree with Samuel Jackson or O’reilly about a Hillary run,

but I imagine she will run FROM THE TRUTH for sure

WHAT DOES IT MATTER if she does?

What is it about the COCK THAT CROWS?

Bill Clinton: GOP ‘Begging For America To Fail’Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 2.23.24 PM

He has that “Trying to mess with me” look. LOL



FBI seeks data on 3 in Benghazi attack: But these three people weren’t there that night because this picture was taken in the daytime. We want to catch the ones that were there that night. Wouldn’t that be prudent?

We want to catch that one in sandals and jeans boldly bearing arms in front of the blazing building on fire at Benghazi. She resides in a big white house and has a teensy weensy little heart that CAIRS.

Sen. Barbara Boxer Claims Obama Cut Federal Budget Deficit in Half

“President Obama inherited a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit.

It is now down, it’s been cut in half….”

That would make the deficit .6 trillion dollar deficit. She has trouble communicating but defending her party and her man. Does she work? I think they are running scared. Honestly until government cleans up their act they should take a cut in half of their salaries just to be taken seriously.

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 12.37.22 AMHMMMM

What was she thinking? 



Which means we are not producing goods and MANUFACTURING has been highjacked by the Obama Administration which affects the middle class the most. I don’t believe the chart mark for Clinton because that is when the bubble started so this must also be false information to lift the BILL They will do anything to reelect a CLINTON because they made money on ARI ie the aristocrats made money, not the middle class!]

In other words the Jesuits lined the pockets of the Europeans.


Obama Knew The White House watched the 7 Hour Terrorist Attack live on video and did’nt lift a finger to save 30 Americans.

AND neither did the CLINTONS!

That wasn’t the first time Bill Clinton didn’t lift a finger to save Americans!

Remember YEMEN?

Word play


Dem O C rats /OD em C rats/ MED OC Rats Mediocre



Trivia: Is John Kerry blind in one eye?

(Like Anderson Cooper a year or so ago from water glare in Portugal)


(LAbout the same time as the one-eyed sheik Mr. Marlboro in Northern Africa that terrorized and slaughtered prisoners at a gas plant in Mali last year)


Obama cancels Asia trip to deal with shutdown

Excuses himself because he really cares or is it something else?

Calamity never stopped him before! I think it is something else holding his trip back but he’s afraid to admit it.

Zechariah 11:17

Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock!

(Not IDLE?. Exempts themselves? Proving their allegiance to idol worship and another government, and Sebellius can’t insure herself through Obama Care because it is illegal I heard today of someone who listened to the hearings. She’s a witch with a capital B.

On the hearings today she could not answer one question from the Republicans. She either said “I don’t know” or “I’ll check it out” or just skirted the questions all together

and the Democrat who thanked her for fielding the questions could not have been more candid about her job: to field the questions asked of her by the Congress.

Incidentally another Fox News attack, “Who’s on top of the world and who just got knocked down a peg or two” said by Shepard Smith as I walked by the TV after a phone call from my sister lovingly critiquing my appearance. I know the difference and how the truth can be so twisted. Thanks Shepard:) I will report what you say and do if it affects me or my family and friends. I recognize the spirit in which something is said and I can tell when another entity turns it into crapola. I do this to inform others affected by the sick twisted power being abused on the population which I believe is why there are many kids being hurt in schools and where kids commit suicide and men in the military for that matter. It is no accident and I want others to notice for their own survival Because the devil has come down:

Revelation 12:12

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

Revelation 12:12

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time:

Ya better try to figure out who you stand with soon because the next verses tell where he ends up and it is not so good and he knows it.

The sea has another meaning but it has to do with the Mediterranean Sea, WWl and WWll and the one going on now which includes what occurred at Benghazi that Obama denies there is a there there and having to do with “Mare Nostrum” which means

“Our Sea”.

You can read more about it in the following post:

I also has to do with The SEE which has to do with Roman Catholicism and it’s Pot Pourri.

Benghazi was a marker in time as a sign, IMO, that is why the controversy and the coverup and the “I don’t knows” and the many lies, Obama Care and the many lies, Cair,the UN speech by Barack Obama soon afterward Benghazi saying: There can be no future that includes those that insult Mohammad and Islam.

Let’s not forget the fiasco about the fiscal abyss” called the fiscal debt controversy Paul Ryan espoused occurring right after Benghazi for a diversion pushing someones buttons.

Well it was not Ambassador Chris Stevens (dragged around by Libyans in that infamous picture) who I think is alive and well for now and I surmise that it was instead someone who insulted Islam. That is why the flippant remarks from the ambassador’s family about his supposed death.

Can it be any clearer who Roman Catholicism and Obama and his minions, the Jesuits and probably the Club of Rome pay homage, worship, adore, venerate, revere, honor, etc.?

Revelation 20:10

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

The False Prophet is Mohammad!


and their stone at mecca

(Bill O’reilly *worship of $ over truth, Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton, Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, and their authorities who worship Mary and oil)

the sword shall be upon his arm

(leave no man behind? a marine, Benghazi? Yemen? on Michelle),

and upon his right eye:

(The Treasury?NSA? Obama)

and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. 

Kerry, Cooper, Obama, the golden calf ‘course udders are found on female cows? 

ut·ter 1  (tr)
tr.v. ut·teredut·ter·ingut·ters 1. To send forth with the voice: uttered a cry. 2. To articulate (words); pronounce or speak. See Synonyms at vent1. 3. Law To put (counterfeit money, for example) into circulation. 4. To publish (a book, for example). 5. Obsolete To sell or deliver (merchandise) in trading.


1. to give audible expression to (something) to utter a growl
2. (Law) Criminal law to put into circulation (counterfeit coin, forged banknotes, etc.)
3. (tr) to make publicly known; publish to utter slander
4. Obsolete to give forth, issue, or emit

HMMMMMMMMM Interesting! I’m not very good at prophetic riddles. Guesswork.

Just watched some news reported but not by Shepard Smith about some shots fired near the Capitol. Od. Although not odd in a way. Is it real? Or is this the fire cracker attack? Probably a NSA or Park Police victim responding to the many cues she receives to cause havoc for the President to put the pressure on Congress to do as he wishes because he shouldn’t have to do what ever it is he is thinking from one moment to the next because with the President’s instability it is hard to know from one moment to the next. Getting so typical these days since Obama took office. It’s his foray! She seemed to know her way around though. I’ve been to Washington DC and the White House many years ago but put me in a car now I would not know how or where anything is but she probably had GPS in her car and she had a two year old.

Her own or someone else’s kid?

About the Death of Miriam Carey at the Hands of Washington D.C. and Capitol Police

“….According to friends and family, she was concerned that President Obama was monitoring her….”

“…..The only time gun fire is exchanged is when the suspect comes out shooting, never, never have I heard of southern California police shooting at the end of a car chase if the suspect wasn’t firing at them……”

Savage: Only Outrage at Execution of Woman in DC on Prison Planet

Congress Gives Standing Ovation to DC Cops For Executing Unarmed Mother

Pretty weird.

This was the same time that Obama was telling the Federal workers to stick with him so maybe this was an example made for them to see what could happen to them if they didn’t stick with him whether or not they were cognizant afterwards people in Washington and the News men reacted a bit odd and flippantly as if it is normal or deserving to assassinate an unarmed frightened woman with a baby in the car.

Timing is coincidental to say the least.

Killing Jesus, Kennedy, and Lincoln and SPYING 

I wrote a bit about what happened to me after a phone conversation with my sister that involved Shepard Smith of Fox News and his comment somewhere in this post. This was not the first time that a anchor person from Fox News had comments directed at me in my home. So I believe Fox News is involved with the NSA or are monitoring certain citizens of the US via TV somehow or another without the help of the NSA. I’m not a mechanic or electronic engineer, but to think it isn’t possible is NUTS. I know my religious beliefs can be the only reason they are interested in me. (Certainly not my magnanimous personality, my stunning appearance, or my great wealth lowering my worldly stature to some but all of those are measured in the eye of the beholder, IMO) My beliefs seem to be a threat to their concoction. I have pondered it for quite a while and that is the only thing that stands out in me are my religious beliefs via stumbling and are diametrically opposite to some on Fox News, such as O’reilly, the Independent Bill O’reilly, who is a Jesuit. (I think that may be a contradiction in itself.) I think the Jesuits were involved in the incident at Benghazi. That is why you rarely see O’reilly bring it up. However, he does bring up Hillary Clinton (a Jesuit) quite often as if she is the only person that can run for President next time around or be successful. Whether or not he mentions her negatively or positively, he is still campaigning for her. He can’t seem to contemplate anyone else so I surmise it is because she is of the same faith. He just came out with a book about Jesus recently and rarely fails to mention it is a best seller of course he advertises the shit out of it. No one else in the world has a better chance to sell a book but someone who has a nightly show.  It is called Killing Jesus a third in his trilogy about killing. The others are about Lincoln and Kennedy. In my estimation I proved that Kennedy was killed for religious reasons and that the clergy were involved in the assassination in my posts: CBS News and JFK Transcriptions. More than likely the Jesuits were involved in all three assassinations. When the Kennedy assassination occurred there was a concerted effort by some in Roman Catholicism to rank the Gospel of Matthew as preeminent over the other gospels. However, the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke are very similar to the Gospel of Matthew except for a few parts that is why they call the first three gospels: the Synoptic Gospels. The Catechumenal Way and Opus Dei were started in 1963 and the Second Vatican Council also occurred that same year, the year Kennedy was assassinated. They like Jesus a certain way …. their way or no way at all. You can read about those and many more posts on:

Merangue’s Blog

Obviously since the lockdown has been lifted so quickly after the shooting of the woman in the car with her baby at the White House they know it is only a one person job and not a conspiracy because they have inside information about the incident meaning ………  Sure do get tired of the President’s games!  I’m sure we won’t hear the truth about it because that is impossible for a liar and his lying administration and those that protect it.

“Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, was in his office in the Hart Building when he heard, “pop, pop, pop, and then pop again.” He thought it was the start of construction and thought, “God I don’t need this all afternoon.” He said he soon found out that it was gunfire and that he then welcomed 10-15 Capitol visitors to his office when the lockdown order was given.

“I didn’t get my Marine sword down to do battle,” Roberts said. “But I was ready to.”

Kind of eerie because of the verse above about “the sword shall be upon his arm.”

Gunshots Outside Capitol, Suspect Reportedly Dead

Doesn’t make any sense since there was a baby involved if it was her baby unless she were a captive of someone else trying to free her baby and herself or draw attention to herself and her baby or kidnap someone else’s baby. Pretty strange. But I bet if we inquired of the President under oath about it and all the other things he might shed light on the matter if under a truth serum of some kind and in a straight jacket.

Maybe the woman was Nancy Pelosi?

A black Lexus sounds like a government style vehicle, doesn’t it. Who else buys a black vehicle? Well I talked to a few family members don’t think it is odd to buy a black vehicle, but I do. 

The vehicle was stopped at first but they let her go so it isn’t that random. I guess the cops don’t think fast in DC for instance they could have shot her tires and the car would not have been able to move but they didn’t attempt to so they must have wanted the baby and some drama, but not the woman. She must have been a liability issue.

Maybe Michelle was just dotting her eyes and crossing hertz?

WH defends ‘gun to head’ rhetoric…

On Fox Ed the White House reporter says that Republicans are thinking because of the spending that still is occurring because the White House and his lying administration want one and are doing their best to confuse everyone with the many diversions since Benghazi and now the shutdown is a Grand Bargain and you just can’t bargain with the devil. Ridiculous. The Grand Bargain is you can get a pension the size of a marine’s pension for the President and his lying wife and one way tickets to Saudi Arabia for him and his family Defund ObamaCare in total answer questions about Benghazi in total under the stipulations cited above truth serum and a straight jacket but also a (Hannibal Lecter mask now because of the hassle you put this country through with your shenanigans) or go to jail for the rest of their lives under all those apparatuses and either way you choose with an A-bomb pointed at them at all times. That is negotiating.

If you choose the better option I will hope you go to Mecca and pull some shenanigans so we can fait accompli what needs to occur hopefully on a special holy day when the music plays.


Is that wrong?



American WWII memorial in France closed due to slimdown

Greg Palkot gets around and showing the memorial in Normandy France of the 9,300 troops that died in D-Day in June1944 that is closed now even though it is an open air memorial. Doesn’t he have anything better to report about? He says in essence that some people are upset because they made plans for years to see the memorial and they can’t change their plans…….

Oh yea they can change their plans. What you do is say instead of going here you go there instead. I went to Europe and I didn’t see this particular memorial and I made it through. In fact I lived there and we still didn’t make it to that particular tourist attraction. Get over it there are plenty of other places to tour. DRAMA. In fact, just leave France and find a friendlier place to go. When I was in Europe France was my least favorite of all the places I was privileged to have toured. The snobbery and hatred for Americans was permeating and omnipotent even after WWll. I wonder why? Oh, that’s right because we won WWll, even though it was messy. LOL. (There are reasons for the treason.)

By the way the couple at the memorial in France look English. The woman’s haircut is a dead give-away and she looks like she owns a sheep farm. The man looks like the actor that was involved int Sandy Elementary Massacre in Connecticut that was trying to screw Americans with his actress wife/companion who was under Obama’s spell to disarm Americans. I’ll have to watch it again to be sure, if not, he is probably a degraded descendent of that other specie because as you clone from a clone they get worse like the Pharoah’s descendants who married only family members to keep the royal line going because they thought they were superior until they descended into insane babbling idiots unable to lead from the right direction such as what resides in the White House and that finally had to hide out in the Appalachian mountains to survive off unwary canoers so they wouldn’t be seen so in the spirit of giving I suggest that defunding the White House would help the Obamas to start their journey and they could canoe to and fro Mount Vernon to Washington DC until they are ready to head south full time. But I don’t feel like it right now but soon as I do I’ll compare.

Turns out they are from Pennsylvania. Oh well. I guess they have to suffer through their European vacation with only a long shot view of the memorial and just blame it on those crazy Americans and those vindictive French who had freedom given to them and they just weren’t appreciative of that freedom they couldn’t keep an open air memorial open for tourists visiting their country. That’s how much they appreciate tourism dollars. Like I said if I ever go back to Europe I won’t be visiting France because they stink.

Susan Estriche on Fox News today Sunday had to put in her two-pence talking about Boehner getting control of his party and put the government back to work. She said Obama Care is gonna happen no matter what and that Boehner needs to get the government back up, Obama is the President at the end of the day from where she is 3000 miles away. Guess what she can’t be 3000 miles away and be in the US. She probably is in England. That is over 3000 miles away and makes sense she would want America up and running since she is 3000 miles away and it benefits her to have our Health Care decimated and go to Obama Care so they can receive benefits in England such as those tax dollars they love to waste on their hats. Thanks Susan for your input. We are glad you are here in the thick of it and that you hope the best for America. Maybe you could visit Camp Bastion or Benghazi and air your two-pence there.

S H U T  U P.

Now might Simon Cowell add his shillings worth and tell us what he thinks Boehner should do about Obama Care and the Great American Government Shut Down! Maybe he could tell us what to do about our national debt, our national sucking sound, our furloughed federal workers sucking sound, NSA sucking sound, White House Secret Service murdering an unarmed and frightened women in front of her baby sound when all they had to do was shoot out her tires and everyone knows it sound unless it too was a hoax, the Congress applauding the Secret Service although that could be applause by the Congress for another event and Fox just doesn’t give a crap about the truth sound.

Exclusive: Mitt Romney on how he would reopen the gov’t

Who cares how he would reopen the government. He didn’t get elected!

Mark 13:22

For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders,
to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity

Now Mitt Romney is adding his sense on Fox but as you recall he seemed to have knowledge of who pays President Obama’s salary and other payments and seemed to have knowledge of other things that a candidate should not have had. The dinner he attended with Obama, Bush, other political and the press and the Roman Catholic Cardinals was pretty eye opening when one of those Cardinals gave the finger like Obama has a habit of to the camera. I think Mitt Romney was a shill for donations of money for whoever he represents and nothing more. The poll takers are making their salaries producing false results manipulating the voters and creating a false impression just to get more money and donations for their party and to keep the wheels of Democracy churning. Remember he has some out of country investments and could care less about the American worker, just profits. It is big business the art of extracting money from voters at election time. I would not trust Romney ever again as a candidate or trust his Obama Care advice or his debt ceiling advice. Shawn Hannity is very naive about some people such as Mitt Romney. I guess probably because Shawn wouldn’t even think of cheating the American people but I have learned  a lot in the last 5  – 6 years most of all not to trust anyone in these dark days and remembered things that Shawn Hannity seems to keep forgetting.  He needs to dig deeper. These panel shows are getting redundant! Whether he knows it or not (hopefully he is naive) the shallowness of these kind of shows while a bit entertaining seems to be playing into the diabolical plan of someone higher up to keep the blinders on the people and I wish Hannity would break away from their manipulation.

Cows seem like a harmless animal but put yourself in the middle of a cow pasture and they all start mooing and getting closer to you you might see there is danger in that field. Been there done that when I was a kid visiting a family farm.

He needs to dig deeper into Benghazi and invite the mother and dad of Ambassador Chris Stevens and others but actually spend some time on these interviews like he did Zimmerman. That was revealing. Another avenue would be to dig deeper into the actors at Newtown that are posted all over the internet. Another avenue would be to dig into what it was the district attorney was investigating in Arizona before he was assassinated when Gabrielle Giffords was shot and what Obama might have meant about that thing in space. etc

It would be great to see Elizabeth Smart play her harp for Huckabee, too.

Back to Obama Care

Americans don’t want Obama Care because it is a mess and it isn’t gonna help the Health Care system and has hurt it America already because it is like another sucking sound in our country and it has and will hurt businesses etc.

Obama says Obama Care is here and we have to accept it. Is Obama Care there? If there is no there there then there is no Obama Care there and hence it is not here either.

It is an insurance scam, the largest ever seen by mankind and we know it.

But they call it Obama Care and the Supreme Court called it a tax and I say it is what I just said it was. Now that we know it is a scam we can avoid it and impeach the President for scamming the american people and spending US tax dollars to scam America and imprison him with Sebellius and the IRS agents that try to enforce it.

Impeach him

so that the worms understand that ObamaCare is dead on arrival.

 Impeach the Obama Care Bill.

It has lied, cheated, and disobeyed the laws of the land.

“IF you like your health care plan you can keep it” was hastily said by President Obama either from ignorance or just a lie so now some people are losing their insurance because their health care plan didn’t like them as it turns out. Something about the Obama Care Bill made sure of that. The people that do pay will resent the ones that don’t pay.

Insurance or No Insurance?

I have an idea how about no one pay for health insurance from any insurance company or the government; health care costs will go down for everyone making it much more affordable for everyone. The idea of spreading the cost of healthcare by insuring people is a bad premise to begin with. It inhibits healthcare and is an underlying cause of fraud in the business of health care. Let’s go back to billing a person for the service rendered. Health insurance is a scam and has led people to the state of chaos we are witnessing today in the health care business and with  introduction of Obama Care. Lets get reasonable and wise. Was insurance sold in the 1800’s? Did they have health care costs? How did they pay for their health care? You can not insure someone’s health or the cost of health care: it’s akin to selling and buying a false sense of security such as the Roman Catholic Church selling an indulgence to it’s parishioner. There are no guarantees in either case.

James Carville says that if you don’t have insurance you are burdening the rest of society and should at least have hospitalization. How about the immigrants that come from far and wide especially south America and Mexico to get operated on in the USA, are they not a burden? I think the insurance business is burdening society and overloading the healthcare business and driving up costs of hospitalization. I think the insurance buyers are also driving up the costs by buying insurance against those that cannot afford insurance and the uninsured would benefit a great deal if the costs came down and so would the rest of society. Many have lost their plans since Obama Care came into fruition so how reliable were the insurance carriers to begin with?  NOT VERY RELIABLE and some have been making payments for quite a while. WILL THEY BE REIMBURSED? IF all it takes is for someone to make a new law or rule inside the OBAMA CARE  how long will it be before everyone loses their preferred insurance?


Just recently read what will happen to doctors and their rights will be infringed upon even more to the point that they wont be able to live where they want to live depending upon the status of doctors in certain areas. If a certain type doctor is already in the area it might prevent another same type doctor from having the ability to live in the same area.






Docs resisting ObamaCare

PHOTO:  ted cruz

Ted Cruz: Obama Has ‘Absolutely Been Abusing His Power’

Back to the Federal Shutdown and the intentional pain caused by Obama for the shutdown to punish Americans for standing up against the Obama tyranny and his partners in the crime of tyranny like Christina LaGarde who wants American tax dollars to help the world economy and their collusion with Obama such as France took the liberty to demonstrate at the site of open air WWll memorial in France that was closed even after our soldiers died on their soil freeing them from the same kind of tyranny of Nazism that engulfed them and they were thankful in the past, or were they? They sure didn’t act like it this year!:

Some history – WWII

An overview of the events in and around Sainte Marie du Mont during the famous D-Day

The small town of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, 971 inhabitants at that time, became in June 1944 one of the main sites of the landings in Normandy. Since then, its beach is known under its code name : Utah Beach.

Anyway it was a dirty depressing place. Try to avoid pigeon poop especially in Paris around the Eiffel tower.  I guess they thought their shit didn’t stink, but it did. France is like Miley Cyrus, when you think she won’t get worse, she does.


Miley Cyrus: Raunchy and Topless for Controversial Photog Terry Richardson 

Notice the models and designer from France always trying to shock and be as outrageous as possible because they have this unsatiable need and lack real creativity, need attention. Like the birdcage on Lucille Balls head in the movie with Bob Hope. Silly, but they get attention. Unquenchable. It’s never enough. High maintenance types. Soft and neurotic. They kind of get off on pain. Masochistic with the thrill of sadisism. It’s their national disease. What they need is a collar. They need help by someone who knows how to help them. who knows what they need, who knows why they need it, and knows how much they should have, etc  Over indulging is not what they need but usually that is what they receive because they spend most of their time asking, demanding, taunting, and manipulating instead of  fighting for it themselves. They are dependent like a drug addicts.

Go to Spain. Talk about beautiful, especially the coastline. Plus they can dance. “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.” Press are trying to run the American show, drive a wedge, twist the knife, hit a nerve because they are worried for themselves. Nice though that Greg Palkot could afford this trip to France so I’m sure he isn’t complaining and nor should the tourists who are in Europe and can afford to go. When we toured we camped most of the time and had a lot of fun, the cheap way.  Do you really think Greg Palkot CAIRS about Normandy or Americans? He is the press. If they cared they would have been on the up and up about Benghazi and actually asked the right questions of the President and only a few people in the press even tried to ask the wrong questions. They are on the take….most of them. Very few dared to ask him or Michelle anything even though it is their job.

Travelers who make plans nowadays have cell phones and should be able to call someone to find out the status of memorials or tourist attractions. If that doesn’t work the taxi driver or tour bus driver ought to be able to let you know.

It’s like the American Hostage Situation in Iran except you get to eat what you want, go almost wherever you want, say what you want without a gun to your head. O’reilly is the worst of the press and is relishing the Republicans turning on Senator Ted Cruz when the Republicans should be backing Ted Cruz for standing up for what is right. For taking a stand and for trying to handle a snake like Obama. Obama spends most of his time twisting everything like taffy because how else is he going to get through this event without loading sugar in his furloughed federal workers to make them stick it out with him. Give them sugar and lie lie lie.

Now Harry Reid is starting to take on Pope Francis characteristics. Do you think that’s a coincidence? It’s not a coincidence, because his allegiance is to another government and to his warped religion. He is Obama’s pilot fish. Pilot fish eat sharks left-overs but this one is harmful to humans. He is showy though. I guess he forgot about praying in privacy because he wants everyone to see him in his exhibition like the pope. They like to be seen but they pray to air, aristocracy, that is. He is like a cockroach, pitiful, like Rep. Peter King a mouth with nothing righteous to say. He is vacant. Does that impress you? His apology for being a dweeb and a waste of human skin. He doesn’t come close to Ted Cruz and never will. Reid should dismiss himself from the Senate for being such a louse,


a coward, go home and retire.


Reid apologizes for nasty tone on Senate floor

The zenith of obnoxious-ness! This is that rich guy that Jesus tried to ditch by telling him he had to give up everything he owned and Jesus knew he wouldn’t. He is a pontificator and the Dem’s know it and use him to wear down the other side and the best thing to do is to act like he is not there. Invisible. Even thieves have their limit. That’s why when he is on the Senate floor whining usually no one is there. They don’t even like him. Kind of like the woman that testified before Congress recently about Benghazi who seems to be in a loop of no progression. Same as the Benghazi dad that testified in front of Congress about Benghazi who trusts Obama. They are fronts – unreal. Notice they never get the mother of  Ambassador Chris Stevens to testify! No coincidence on that tipping point.

(OOOHM. Just in case you are slow, Hari Krishna mantra.)

Drudge Sirens! Twitchy Discovers That Executive Branch Runs Parks,

So Shutdown All Obama’s Fault


This whole rigamarole is about avoiding dealing with Benghazi with the help of the exuberant freaked out press and the people in government who can’t really cope such as Lindsay Graham who has gone past the point of no return just a week or so ago freaking out for a few days about his state being nuked and now is absorbed into the ObamaCare. I guess ObamaCare took precedence over that possible nuke attack on his state? I think they are on Molly.


Bikers gone wild on Fox New and Fox News was able to show the film except when the guy gets pummeled in front of a daughter and wife though they did not film them so we have to guess, is it real? From the highway to the side road one of the bikers takes his helmet and bashes in the window and Fox got it all and showed it early morning on air because obviously Fox was involved because they are upset that the government shut down, I suppose. Now they say undercover cops were with the bikers. Undercover for who….Fox?

Varney has sort of taken the middle road. He was against a shut down now he is undecided, kind of playing it both ways. But giving us the affect it has on stocks which looked like most went up. They want to make sure that we see that havoc will occur by golly if they have anything to do with it so Americans will get upset with the government for the shut down. Bikers were well dressed and looked like they might make pretty good money…not the normal type biker you envision when you think of a biker. More like cops. Maybe they were federal workers? The bikers were not like the ones that came to DC to show support against terrorism. These were terrorist home grown assholes probably subsidized by Obama and Fox News. And Fox News is obviously in cahoots with the film maker of this stunt because the filmer was amidst the bikers and a biker himself. (Kind of like the photographer at Benghazi.) We don’t really know if this biker stunt is real or not. It might be like the massacre at the school that didn’t really happen in Connecticut where actors tried out for the parts to play daddies upset that their kids were shot dead. That is how utterly insane these assholes are that cow tow to Obama such as Harry Reid who loves Obama because he is a black/African American Islamic Muslim Brotherhood fuck up. Actually he is afraid of him I think and so he panders. I feel sorry for him but it is up to Harry Reid to go along, git in where you fit in, or fight him and Harry Reid has chosen the least resistance because he is an old man with no courage and lies a lot but he doesn’t take bribes just gives himself raises in the middle of the night and puts pork in bills and who knows what else, etc.

The film I witnessed was shown in the early hours and so far the ones I have seen on the internet are not the same event. Looks like they are pulling a fast one, eh?

Now it comes but Fox had it first aired on their station.

This story is from AP about the incident but is also monkey shit but I won’t reveal why just that it is and they are trying to bait me. They know it and I know it. This photographer just happened to be filming it and fearlessly stuck with them through the whole ordeal and they let him. LOL

SET UP and they are of the OCCULT of ROMAN CATHOLICISM as is OBAMA of ISLAM

Police: Bikers Pull Over, Beat SUV Driver in NYC

Fox must be on the dime of OBAMA. There weather people are on the federal dime, hence the weathermen Mexican prisoner released and Wounded Warrior that was outed recently because of it’s participants using warriors and give them hand outs for their sacrifice for the Jesuits/Vaticans desire to rule the world so they can be given all the tithes, donations, and adoration for absolutely nothing and Wounded Warrior back up again even sooner to pander the veterans but not support them. Typical. What good are they now?

Shutdown doesn’t keep vets from WWII Memorial

When men were men and not Michelle’s vaginal worms!

Don’t give in to the OBAMA CARE FANATICS and their funded tactics STAND STRONG ignore the press worms DEFUND OBAMA CAIR it’s your only chance. Remember they are reediting it as you convene and there is no way in hell you can keep up with their illegal actions in a 20,000 page BILL except to DEFUND THE WHOLE THING

no ifs ands or butts.

Eventually they will be dried up of stashed money and won’t be able to handle the pain and the Republic and the Republicans will have the upper hand. You just have to out wait them. Wear them down and dry them up. It may take a while and good Americans will stand with you. Like locusts they will move on to greener pastures to devour after they can’t devour the purse you hold. This is like the plagues of the Sand Monkey Pharoah in Egypt that lost everything in time.

This is why Obama is ignoring the veterans:


A group of special operations veterans is demanding House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) form a Select Committee to unearth the truth behind the Benghazi attacks, saying his legacy will be tied to Benghazi and they would continue to seek the signatures of 218 House members to circumvent Boehner if he continues to refuse to form that committee.


Obama must have stashed some millions recently for this possible shutdown to pummel the public with his shit, like the sand monkey that he is, and doesn’t like to be messed with, poor thing, the worst president in the history of the world.

His legacy gone up in shit. What do you expect from a dumb ass?

Growth in the economy? High employment rate? Balanced Budget?

Independence from other sand monkeys in Saudi Arabia like him?

No ……. you get Benghazi video but not really, Sandy Hook massacre but not really, Boston marathon massacre but not really, Egypt coup then another but not really, Syria poisoning by Assad but probably a set up, Detroit bankruptcy, Chicago murders, lies and more lies, and a plethora of crises, and kisses and apologies to the Arab world and Michelle’s hummus for school lunches and lots of excuses. Geez talk about giving black African Americans a black eye but typical of Islam. But when you vote for a man for the color of his skin and a telephone and overlook his abuse of others, his lies, his coverups and lies about Benghazi because of his skin color that is called prejudice and it is as low as you can go as far as I’m concerned. I would say it is rather evil. Juan Williams ought to be ashamed, but I doubt he is which is pretty strange. Oprah Winfrey didn’t help Black African cause too much either with her ode to sac à main (a-men) douche-bag prejudice experience in Europe. Obama seems to be very similar to Hitler. I wonder if they suffer from the same delusion?

Are the WH chefs ‘essential’?

No let’s hire new ones just to make him sweat (maybe from Syria?)

The Republicans are thinking of tying ObamaCare to the Debt Ceiling how about tying it to the debt itself.

Implementation of Obama Care when US debt is paid off in full


For every dollar spent or taken for implementation of Obama Care or spent in favor of Obama Care or spent to make Obama Care work including that which has been spent towards Obama Care retroactive deducts a dollar of the US debt (but the ticker will have to stop going up) and lowers the Debt Ceiling by a dollar all at the same time. The value of the dollar should rise as it occurs. I like that idea!

Squeeze the debt out like a tube of toothpaste.

Make the Debt Ceiling the weight on top of the Debt (basically it sits on top like a lead weight) and for every dollar spent on Obama Care 2/3 of that dollar goes to the debt with the weight of the debt ceiling on top going down with the debt raising the value of the dollar by however much it does and will probably be noticeable later on. The Debt Ceiling has to always push heavily on top of the debt.

When the debt ceiling is on top of no debt then the debt will be replaced with surplus and will rise with the debt ceiling and Obama Care will go down.

Get it?

Congress gets money and disperses it

Congress sits on Lew

Debt Ceiling (Lew) gets 1/3 of Obama Dollar

which makes Ceiling heavier and gets lowered by that much

Obama Care 1$—————————————————-value of American dollar rises

Debt (Americans) gets 1/3 of dollar

which lowers the debt

and the value of the payoff goes to the right

When the middle (Debt Ceiling and Debt are on the floor) are gone

(Obama Care $’s goes down as the value of the dollar rises)

Or for every dollar spent on or towards ObamaCare lowers the debt ceiling by that same dollar I think will have the same effect eventually.

Sort of a constant opposition like Newton’s Law.

And we could have four billboards ticking on our highways: one for the value of the dollar, one for the cost of Obama Care, one for the debt of the federal government, and one for the the debt ceiling for the federal government.

That’s in a world you can trust of course and so the theory would work if you could trust one damned person in the theory but you can’t.

So you have to destroy Obama Care! You have to pay off the debt and always keep the debt ceiling with no space between it and the debt at all times until the debt is paid and watch the value of the dollar rise and flood China with counterfeit Chinese money and Flood England with counterfeit english money until their money loses it’s value, etc as they do to us but not allow their currency in our system somehow unless they stop. Detante. Shut our borders and go independent for a while and be complete within American, trade within America only, until they blow each other up on the outside of America etc. There is no way we will succeed unless we are independent in total and oust the blood suckers within who use the system and who live off the tax dollars and oust those that go overseas for cheaper labor using the system and putting America at risk.

Cruz urges GOP to use debt ceiling fight for Obamacare changes

IMF chief: U.S. dance with the debt limit is ‘very, very concerning’

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 11.05.29 PM

“………The chief of the International Monetary Fund says the U.S. government’s stalemate over spending and its debt limit is “very, very concerning” and could roll back economic progress around the world……”  OH NO!

“……When it comes to the U.S. economy, she said, the IMF tends to say, “Hurry up, but slow down.”……. WHO CARES!

Lagarde of course she is that French lady who wants American bucks.

Worry about your own debt!

Just for the fun of it I want to see what happens to the world when we default.

This speech by Bill Clinton was soon after Benghazi when everyone was blurting out things as if they were possessed and acting quite disheveled:


Elections 11/06/2012

Remember this?

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.55.19 PM

“Campaigning for President Barack Obama in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon, former President Bill Clinton struck a note of irony while attempting to criticize Mitt Romney’s campaign.
“You’re laughing, but who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?” Clinton asked, after discounting a claim in a recent Romney ad that the Obama administration’s auto bailout hurt American workers.


The Chrysler bailout? 

“When I was a kid, if I got my hand caught in the cookie jar, where it wasn’t supposed to be, I turned red in my face, and I took my hand out of the cookie jar,” Clinton added.
Clinton was impeached in 1998 on one count of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice, after repeatedly telling Americans and a grand jury that he did not have sexual relations with a White House intern.
“You’ve got to give it to Governor Romney. When he gets his hand caught in the cookie jar, he just digs down for more cookies,” Clinton said Monday, to applause. “I want you to send him a message tomorrow. You don’t have to be from Ohio to want your president to tell you the truth, when it comes to jobs for the American people.”

Transcription of speech at Philly rally for President Obama: So then he repeated the charge. (audience laughs) Oh, but this time he made it juicier. He said because Chrysler is owned by Fiat or (garbled but sounds like Odomer or Odometer  fishing and then mockingly says:) The President is secretly working with the Italians (audience laughs hysterically as if they even know what he’s talking about!)  to move jobs to China. ( I guess China has set up shop in Mexico now? We sold the Panama Canal in the Carter administration. Here is a link about some history :  

   Panama Canal

A decade later, in 1974, negotiations toward a settlement began and resulted in the Torrijos–Carter Treaties. On September 7, 1977, the treaty was signed by President of the United States Jimmy Carter and Omar Torrijos, de facto leader of Panama. This mobilized the process of granting the Panamanians free control of the canal so long as Panama signed a treaty guaranteeing the permanent neutrality of the canal. The treaty led to full Panamanian control effective at noon on December 31, 1999, and the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) assumed command of the waterway. The Panama Canal remains one of the chief revenue sources for Panama. Before this handover, the government of Panama held an international bid to negotiate a 25-year contract for operation of the container shipping ports located at the canal’s Atlantic and Pacific outlets. The contract was not affiliated with the ACP or Panama Canal operations and was won by the firm Hutchison Whampoa, a Hong Kong–based shipping interest owned by Li Ka-shing.”

“I’m telling you folks he is coming for the Irish next week and I am toast. I am in real trouble. (audience laughs) Benghazi perhaps? You’re laughing but WHO wants a President that will knowingly repeatedly (pounding his podium) tell you something that he knows is not true. (laughter) And when all this happened they put it on television. They ran an Ad and the more they were criticized the more they upped the Ad buy. When I was a kid if I got my hand caught in a cookie jar where it wasn’t supposed to be I turned red in the face and I took my hand out of the cookie jar. (sniffs) You got to give it to Governor Romney when he gets his hand caught in the cookie jar he just digs down for more cookies. (laughter) I want you to send him a message tomorrow you don’t have to be from Ohio to want your President to tell you the truth when it comes to jobs for the American people……”

And man have we had a lot of that since the election. His sell goes on…..



As Ben Carson repeatedly says, “If God is for you, who can be against you.”

Saudi health authorities ready to assist Hajj pilgrims

WHO/T. Jasarevic

14 October 2013 — Between 2 and 3 million pilgrims are expected to tour the holy places of Mecca and Medina during the next 3 days to perform the Hajj. This represents an enormous organizational challenge including the provision of health care.

So are we supposed to pay for their pilgrimage while the Chinese Mexicans are on the border?

Sistine Chapel Pollution Levels Threaten Michelangelo Frescoes,

Vatican May Limit Visitors

The Vatican already did that last year. They just don’t remember anything because they are looping. It had more to do with the amount of people that were crowding in to see it. Been there done that. So who is toast now?

I think Obama has personality disorder where you think you are someone you are not.

I think he thinks he is either Mohammad or Allah. What do you want to bet?

In any case we should not enable his disease or his enablers for his own well being and theirs:)

He needs to be held accountable just like an alcoholic

or he will never get better. 

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Things are getting weirder by the day: Queen Elizabeth hired a hit man to kill her daughter in law and now is taking the train (more like a combination of Queen Elizabeth and Senator Barbara Mikulski) and Obama honoring a young Hitler (U.S. Army Capt. William Swenson) with a medal of honor and girl assists her drunk girl friend by driving her home and her school is punishing her so she hires a lawyer.

What I’d like to know is how did the school know?

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.35.36 AM

Florida grandma hired ‘hitman’ to kill daughter-in-law: sheriff Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.37.23 AM

Obama Awards Medal Of Honor To Afghan War Vet

Obama says: “And then amidst the whipping wind and the deafening roar of the helicopter blades (whirring sounds would have been more interesting since blades don’t roar!) he does something unexpected. What did he do? He leans in and kisses the wounded soldier on the head; a simple act of compassion and (loyala I mean) loyalty (O’reilly’s favorite word) to a brother in arms.”

Wow those are powerful words! Who thought of them, Geraldo?

Now everyone in the armed forces are gonna start kissing each others foreheads to show their loyalty? That should be interesting.

And low and behold it was also caught on camera so it must be true, right?

A lot a good it did. The guy (Westbrook) died a month later.

I guess that kiss was an O-man.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 1.55.42 PM

No mention that there was another guy escorting his friend backwards to the helicopter, so I guess only one medal per rescue? Maybe because he didn’t kiss him?

Afghan war vet awarded Medal of Honor, seeks to return to active duty

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 2.03.58 PM

“Could he have done anything different?” he asked?

Well you should have kept the same hair style as the man in the picture behind you instead you have the hair style of Gen. David Petraeus. That would have helped to make this seem more legit.

“GREAT STORY” coddled BRET BAIER. Yea, it was juicy!

There’s that tongue sticking out. Remind you of anyone? Didn’t Jackie Kennedy also stick out her tongue? Why is he sticking out his tongue? That is the question! Tasting the sand? The background is like a back drop.  This is obviously a set up!Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.01.26 PM

“It was a powerful moment,” said the hero.

What was a powerful moment?

When the audience who attended stood up and applauded him for his heroic deed. Kind of like when one gets applause while watching a play. Same kind of feeling? It wasn’t the kiss or the heroic deed or the tongue it was when he was given a medal by OBAMA and the audience bought it.  Obama is proud of that tongue. Obama likes grossness because he is gross. Wow you know there are some in Congress that do the same thing! I think it has to do with the Pentacost because it costs a lot and speaking in tongues! Pentagon, hmmmmm. Oh that’s right it is in the Book of Acts because it is false. Pretenders. Actors. Scams. Cheating. Bribery. Usury. Sury is located in France. That’s looks like 3 combs and a boar. HAM.

America chose to pander to a fake. Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 5.46.08 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.13.54 PM

THIS IS SICKENING! (especially Obama.)

He looks like PUTIN and HITLER rolled into one. 

Someone deleted his name from the data base of Medal of Honor recipient probability’s said Duncan Hunter the Representative from California who was bewitched by Megyn Kelly in the interview because she is so virtuous even when stuck between to cars. “If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” kind of collaboration.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 2.12.02 PM


Wounded Warriors must be hurting financially ie O’reilly. We probably will see Westbrook soon in a Wounded Warrior Ad.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.46.08 AM

Zero tolerance makes zero sense: Teen punished for helping drunk friend

“…..In the case of a teen recently punished by her school for trying to drive a drunk friend home, I find myself firmly siding with the girl and her parents — and wondering what on Earth the school administrators were thinking…..”

“……Her punishment? She was demoted from her position as captain of her volleyball team and told she would be suspended for five games……”

Ed Beckel thinks the school should be a bit more lax about the interpretation of their rules yet when the lousy stinkin’ Tea Party part of Congress sent a resolution to the President, he puts up road blocks, guards and everything else he could think of to be a prick to the public at open air monuments to make the public upset (including sending the metro police of Washington DC to a peaceful veteran rally and before that closing the White House tours and allowing a woman to be murdered by the Secret Service next to the White House) the public that he works for and Ed Beckel blames the Republicans for being unreasonable. Fox News guest on the last show of Megyn Kelly as far as I’m concerned anyway enables a Paul Ryan double to criticize Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz for showing support for the veterans. And Dana Perino of the Five was impressed by the honor bestowed upon the Afghan War Vet yet it is possible he didn’t deserve it. So far nothing is what it seems so why should I believe he did something heroic but more than likely was probably rewarded for a war crime if Obama was honoring him just to mock veterans if possible and at the same time pander to them.

It is the epitome of deception.

Obama needed to do something for a vet to make himself look good amid all the bad press he has received lately regarding veterans. DON’T YOU THINK?

 Huckabee says that the Republicans that fought the good fight (the new Republicans) should have taken Jesus’s advice to “Counteth the cost” of the fight before they did all the things he said that they did. So what does Huckabee say about the girl above who drove her friend home who was drunk and later was bullied to suicide by some lousy friends. Did she also not take Jesuses’ advice or was she made an example of by bullies because she knows right from wrong and cared about her friend and people like Huckabee who never really stand for anything they just talk the talk and send their good advice after the loss by mocking them as if he knew how the end of this fight might end, or does he? 

It isn’t easy and usually a hassle to do the right things. It’s easy to do wrong that’s why there is so much wrong in the world.

By the way Luke’s Jesus is a mockery of the real Jesus

but since Huckabee can’t tell the difference, where will he end up

“when the fat lady sings.”

Very close to OBAMA and his spies among other things. 

Hannity also was attacked lately for his information because one of the people he included in his facts didn’t include everything in their package. Hannity tries very hard to get the truth out and find the truth and anyone with brains and a heart and can tell he is a genuine article. Of course there will be setbacks because so much of the world is deceived they can’t help but to deceive and it is people like Hannity who make a big difference to those that are deceived because he is trying to help them as well. All of us suffer from lack of some truths because the deceivers are very active in their desire to keep their slaves and the others just don’t know any better.  It’s tough to do the right thing when you are punished for it, but Huckabee is a fake. Like Sarah Palin’s cost for wearing makeup vs I’m not really sure what or why except the press attacked Sarah Palin because there wasn’t much else they could attack her for so they attacked her about the cost of her makeup on the campaign trail and her being at a peaceful rally for veterans. They attacked Ted Cruz for his presence at the rally. Obviously they will attack anything even as dumb as that. O’reilly has a way of sending his agents of lies whenever possible even to Hannity. He did it before with the motorcyclists vs. the muslims in Washington DC and then tried it with the motorcyclists vs the SUV in New York. ETC,. it just goes on. He’ll try anything to undermine his competitors even when they are supposed to be his friends just to build his own image. Probably like Luke or whoever added to the gospels to deceive which is obvious it has been altered in many instances if you compare the gospels. 

The new Republicans were trying to do the right thing and may not have won the war but in my mind I think they won a battle over other peoples minds about what is wrong with our government. Worthwhile causes usually take a long time to win or why in the world would anyone come up with the motto, “Never give up, never surrender.” Huckabee gave up a long time ago. It’s easy to give up. I give up sometimes but try to get back on my high horse after I take a breath. It’s hard sometimes. Huckabee is pretty soft, I’m not. I do think it was a learning experience about our president and the lengths he and his men will go to to cause pain as they did. It is good to know the enemy and they showed their sleazy ways and people are noticing. It helps for the next battle for the people to know who to pin the blame on and to notice the tricks being played. The new Republicans are on the front line and it is up to the people to stand their ground too. If we don’t support them and their efforts and I don’t mean with money but with the will to oppose and not support the other side in anyway possible and one way is to not sign up for Obama Care. That is why attacking Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz for showing up to a rally outside the White House was insane. We need to do the same for them. There are other ways but we have to unite behind common sense which the Obama Administration lacks. Another is to make sure our voting booths and voting counts are correct this time because computer hackers and computer companies can alter votes and tallies and I believe Obama was elected via fraud.

I believe our kids are being affected by their I-phones and computers. I think there is a connection to their behaviors and the timing of their bad flare ups. I think the public schools are involved as well with occultism. I think this girl was not just a victim of bullying but of signal type control maybe via the retina. I think it is purposeful to destroy lives not just the one that committed suicide but the others as well. Never has it been this bad with kids and never have kids been more hooked up to technology. Either through their eyes or ears maybe sounds bandwidth/ radio signals etc. Don’t discount the testimony of many you know personally and via the news. Something is definitely affecting the population for evil and turning kids against other kids and against their parents and it is far worse than ever before and the obvious culprit is computer technology and the occult which Obama leads with the help of quite a few other cults working together and against each other for top billing.

When writing my blogs I’ve noticed a correlation between what I write and post and family flare ups even though they don’t read my posts. Many family flareups get blamed on my posts even though they don’t read them. So it is obvious to me they are affected by them: by someone else or something else and that something or someone is evil because I don’t even discuss my posts with my kids and if I have discussed them it is only a very little to the nth degree and very rarely to the nth degree because they don’t understand what the difference is in todays society with yesterdays, but I DO.

If our country would take away their I-phones I think it would solve a lot of problems in America with kids and adults. Problem is our country is entrenched in occult. If they wanted to win the war on Islamic fanaticism they know what to do but they are unwilling to because they are entrenched in the fanaticism as well and it will destroy them as well because they are unwilling to do what is necessary to win.

The Pentagon and the military are entrenched also or they wouldn’t have gone along with this silly medal of honor ceremony for this BS hero above to help Obama with his stature which was shrinking but they are going along for the money at the cost of their own kids and the future of our country. They are guilty of sedition.

Amazing cowards.

I know that since caving to the atheists about the Ten Commandments we began our journey to chaos. We ought to rethink and react to that obvious blunder because it might make a big difference to our country, where it is heading, and who heads it. We might start with the First Commandment:

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me.

Read the part of the bible that this occurs in and try to get an understanding of who that is and who represented him in the Gospels.

Huckabee and his Song Writers

Huckabee had an artist of the country style singing a religious song with a few select lyrics such as: “Be careful what you teach, God’s light shines on everybody.” It was not a very good song but Huckabee was able to play along with his own instrument. LOL  

I say in response: Be careful what you don’t teach. Just because there are contradictions doesn’t mean you gloss over those contradictions or say that the gospels harmonize because you don’t want to admit that there are contradictions in the gospels. Huckabee is trying to send a message via the artist and the artist probably was willing for the exposure to appear on the Huckabee show to a wider audience than what he may be used to performing.

Why is the first commandment what it is?

Yes God’s light may shine on everybody, but do they understand that light?

It is not easy and there are many conflicts and contradictions in the gospels which I try to show in my blog posts on

Merangue’s Blog

and if you don’t care to know the contradictions that is up to you however I did and wrote about them and I think they are quite illuminating and help me to have a better understanding of the gospels, IMO. I still have questions because of the state of the world today and the state of the religious sects within Christianity and their differences and the competition between them and the collusions between them

with lots of intrigue

like  Benghazi.


Notice the timing of the debut of the new movie about Pope Francis seems to have occurred with the funding of our government, the raising of the debt ceiling, etc.

It is not a coincidence!

If you think that is good you are wrong and the ones that think it is good will be the most affected negatively. Like thinking Obama was good because he was so called “black” and yet who seems to have been hurt the most are the “blacks” such as in Detroit and Chicago, job loss, federal dependency, murders etc. Same goes for those that are supposed to “come out of her my children so that you may not be partakers of her sins.”

Forgiveness was not invented when Jesus came otherwise why did God free the Hebrews from the Egyptians using Moses? The ones that lacked grace/forgiveness were the people, the government, and the religious institutions at the time Jesus came that is why he threw the money changers out of the temple partially. They were selling grace.

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 11.45.08 PM

Pope Francis Offers Indulgences To Twitter, Social Media Followers Of World Youth Day

Thus keeping control of the kids via the priests, twitter, WYD World Youth Day and those that make a living at it. They use kids like Obama is trying to use the young to pay for his Manifesto: Obama Care and pay for what ever his jerkoffs decide to cipher from the funds for terrorism, make up disasters, make up crises, and other nice things. The kids are suffering for it too if you have noticed.

How much does World Youth Day cost? Who pays for it? What do they sell at World Youth Day? Pictures? Dead skin? Icons, idols, fingernails, jewelry, prayer beads, all sorts of items and most of all propaganda and lies.

The History Place - Hitler Youth

Prelude to War 1933 – 1938

“On the night of January 30, 1933, Nazis in Berlin celebrated the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany by conducting massive torchlight parades. Hitler Youth units were among those in the columns passing under the watchful gaze of Hitler and Paul von Hindenburg, the elderly president of Germany.
Within two months, Hitler acquired dictatorial powers resulting from the Enabling Act passed by the Nazi-controlled Reichstag. Hitler’s acquisition of power meant the Hitler Youth and all other Nazi organizations now had the official power of the State on their side. The period of Nazi Gleichschaltung (forced coordination) immediately began in which all German institutions and organizations were either Nazified or disbanded. Hitler Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach now sought to eliminate all 400 of the other competing youth organizations, large and small, throughout Germany.
On April 3, 1933, Schirach sent fifty Hitler Youths storming into the Berlin offices of the Reichs Committee of German Youth Associations, an organization representing nearly six million German children involved a huge array of youth programs. Staff members inside the building were told to continue working and were simply informed they were now under the authority of the Hitler Youth. Thus the majority of Germany’s youth organizations had instantly been placed under Schirach’s control.
The only major holdout was the Catholic Youth Organization due in part to the international clout of the Church and an agreement (Concordat) that had been signed between the Vatican and Hitler’s government protecting Catholic institutions in Germany. In Catholic sections of Germany, high ranking Nazis could still be found at Sunday mass along with groups of Hitler Youths in uniform and Hitler Youths serving at the altar wearing their uniforms beneath altar boy robes.Many leaders among the conservative and nationalist youth groups willingly joined ranks with the Hitler Youth. Others, such as the Communist and Jewish youth organizations were quickly disbanded. Various Protestant groups were pressured by the Nazis to join and soon yielded. Offices of the Socialist Workers’ Youth were also raided. Other groups were prevented from holding any gatherings by order of the police and Nazi storm troopers under the pretext of being a “public nuisance.” Within months, most of the competing political and religious youth organizations in Germany vanished.
On June 17, 1933, Hitler promoted Schirach to Jugendführer des Deutschen Reiches (Youth Leader of Germany). Schirach was now answerable only to Hitler, with all youth activities in Germany placed under Schirach’s sole command. In July, Schirach dissolved the old Reich’s Committee of German Youth Associations since it no longer served any purpose.”………

Last night on the O’reilly show Bill O’reilly said that he would have a clue at the end of the show about the assassination of JFK and

WHY he was assassinated.

He never did give  a clue, but he did say that parents and or teachers should teach about JFK’s assassination and if they don’t teach their children,

their kids will be “weakened/weekend” citizens.

Strange clue! More like a threat. Of course doing the right thing in his estimation is like “spitting in the wind.” That is the point doing the right thing is hard but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try whenever possible to do the right thing. Sounded like he might have read about my assertions of his Jesuit-ness and that they think they run things but it seems like they are losing control 


Now on Fox with Sean Hannity there is a story about Bill Cosby and his opinions about Islam/Muslim-ness and Allen West’s response. We went through this already about 6 months or so ago and I wrote about it in some other post around the time the school children at their school in Liberia were murdered by Islamic/Muslim extremists. Bill Cosby was trying to say how good the Black Muslim’s way of life and their morals were. OF course if you compare them to Obama with all of his many lies and then lying about the lies, then you might think that way. I guess it depends on who you compare or what you are comparing a subject to, but nevertheless I think Bill Cosby as been de-masculated by his wife and her religion and Obama and his religion. I also wrote about his donation of a building to the Roman Catholic nuns and the urging of his wife in an earlier article that made the news before the slaughter in Liberia by the Muslims extremists or whatever they were. Not sure why they are reposting it on their site but seems there is a 6 month delay.

Why is Team Obama so afraid of Benghazi survivors’ stories? 

My opinion: Because there is a future for those that insult Islam and Mohammad like me and my kids! 

What say you, Oreilly?

The man who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens convinced me of that and he convinced me that Obama was not to be followed if you want a future that is decent. I guess it depends on what kind of future we are hoping to have. A future where your right to resist and tell the truth are inhibited seems like a lousy future. For the Hillary/Obama types I guess they profit by their lies and everyone they hang out with seem to cower and kiss ass just to stay off their kill list. That is slavery.

Benghazi was VERY IMPORTANT otherwise why are they sow afraid of the ramifications of Benghazi?

The President tweaked “you can keep it” just flashed on the screen of Fox News with Ed Henry. Of course he probably means your insurance which people can’t seem to keep, lately. Obama doesn’t have much choice in the matter. You just can’t trust the guy no matter what he says because he usually means something else. It’s a language game for Obama and he uses it (words) to lie and eventually people will see his game and understand his mentality and until they do they will remain his slaves. That is what his comedic comments at his first and second Correspondent’s Dinner were all about: “Sleeves cost money” and “Only Michelle has the right to bare arms.” And there she stands in a picture at Benghazi with a weapon. It is related to Obama’s fears.

Ignore those clues at your own risk and the strange reactions by: Putin, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, Joseph Biden, John Kerry, The State Department (“It begins”), the CIA, the FBI, NSA, members of both houses of Congress, the Cabinet, the press, and even the families involved.

I believe his nick name was/IS Rocky and I think that is why Obama said, it would be a “rocky road.,” soon after Benghazi.

He also said their would be “bumps in the road” and soon after a man was dragged behind a gang of motorcyclists in Israel by Palestinians during the uprising around the time of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt before the second coup against Morsi.

Sort of a macabre enjoyment of human torture and twisting of words such as “There is no there there.” etc., in regards to Benghazi when obviously something occurred and parts of our government (Obama’s followers) are holding back the truth and covering up and even threatening others to keep it from being exposed.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 5.10.17 PM

When Obama says he didn’t say what he said in regards to keeping your insurance 29 times he may be using the trick of the personal pronoun of I being replaced by another word that has the same sound such as  EYE because obviously he did say it and denied it by saying (not writing) the sound of aye or I or eye. 

(Eye of Horus is where the term amen comes from referring to a false god of Egypt that is why it is capitalized in the bible many times which is linked . )

I guess I’m trying to figure out how he can lie that he didn’t say something everyone knows that he did say many times. It’s like really weird to hear all the apologists for the lies of Obama such as Diane Feinstein, Jay Carney and Juan Williams, etc, and their coverup for those lies. I sound like I’m apologizing for his lies but I really am trying to get a grip on the motivation such as possible insanity of some kind because we all witnessed him say what he said and then deny saying it. The book of Daniel talks about the “set up of an abomination” and 3’1/2 years from that point and I think the “set up” has something to do with Obama Care because it is based on so many lies and being forced on Americans if it ever works which I suspect that it won’t. I suspect that because it has been an UTTER failure, but still it is threatening or we wouldn’t be hearing about day and night. Obama Care is a SET UP intended to hurt America and the world because the money that will be usurped from it will be used for Islamic terrorism through out the world IMO and death panels. I think the money that is being drained from our governent and not sufficiently managed in various fraudulent ways is being taken by those that are using it for these bad purposes. That needs to be changed so that it isn’t drained from the funds for evil. If Obama Care were a good bill it would not be this controversial from the start such as when the Congress didn’t even read it before signing on to it which I think they were conned and possibly under the influence of something out of their control (just a plausible conclusion by the way they have acted and cowered to Obama which is a sign he is evil and has some kind of hold on them). We already had Medicare and Medicaid and it was working fine ..not perfect nor have any others such as Food Stamps etc but it still worked and was welcomed as far as I can tell and remember. Obama Care has been based on lies from the start that’s why it is so dangerous to our economy, businesses, the health business, insurance business, and personally such as to patients and to doctors, etc and most of all to freedom. The government shut down seemed harmless except for the purposeful shenanigans perpetrated by infil-traitors of our government to make it painful/HARMFUL by the urging of Obama just like the austerity urging to the German Chancellor Merkel to the people of Germany and in Greece as I recall early on in his reign.. These are the same people that want Obama Care and they should not be allowed any more leniency or access to our human rights or our human relationships with our doctors and visa-versa. Anyway the clock will start ticking down when it is SET UP so it would be wise to avoid it. THAT IS MY OPINION. However the moment it became touted as THE LAW may have started that clock ticking but the delay may have stopped that clock so far. Let’s keep it that way! It certainly is a way to implement control over people in a deceitful way. The clock may have started ticking with the SET UP of the Courtyard of the Gentiles at Notre Dame in France in response to the abuses of the Roman Catholic Entity and Obama Care is a way to retaliate by the Roman Catholic enigma and their partners in crime that they use and abuse for their own purposes: ISLAM. Both in my opinion are using each other hoping to be on top like a husband and wife vying for control in a sexual relationship. The Courtyard of the Gentiles was set up when Pope Benedict was the Pope of the RC in 2011.

Revelation 11

11 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.

But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

The thems and the theys are, of course, a mystery.

600 million dollars is a lot of money for a web site that doesn’t work, isn’t it?

(Not to mention all the other missing millions/billions in government fraud and waste that can’t seem to be traced.)

Ancient city discovered beneath Biblical-era ruins in Israel

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

I don’t think Obama Care is THE LAW no matter how many times it is said and repeated kind of like saying the Holocaust didn’t happen when we know that it did happen but some still try to lie about it and no matter how many times they say it didn’t happen doesn’t make their statements true)

nor do I think you can’t REPEAL A LAW


If you can’t repeal a law then how come I know the term. I sure didn’t make it up.

If Obama Care was legitimate, legal, forthright, intended for good, above board there would be no reason to lie about it from start to finish and that is all we have met since Obama set forth to implement it. Since Obama Care is none of the above it is not The Law because it is illegal, a lie, illegitimate, intended for harm, under the table etc.

Rahm Emanuel Gets Heated Over Questions About President on Gitmo, Immigration

Apologizing for Obama about many issues and his apology rambles quite a bit and is nonsense which is a way of not answering truthfully: Is the lick a sign?

Asked by Jorge Ramos if Obama knew that heads of State were being spied upon and whether it is possible that he didn’t know and Rahm Emanuel says:

I don’t think it’s a ques….I don’t think…. (True. He sounds like a mobster and they usually aren’t very smart and never really say anything comprehendable as demonstrated in this interview and Obama followed his advice to rule by crisis kind of like a dog chasing it’s tail) The question you’re asking in (mumbles) the sense of the ‘incredible’...I don’t think it attacks or the veracity or the credibility of the President. They’re totally different issues and I think he is addressing both of them honestly because he’s not trying like on health care; serious problems and we gotta fix it and he said that up front and he’s direct about it. (LICK)

And now he going to hold people accountable to do it.

O’reilly? I don’t think he can Rahm. I think it is out of his control to hold people accountable !

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 3.07.24 PM

Rahm Emanuel suffers from conjunctivitis, too!

Rahm Emanuel’s (Mr. Crisis) brother Ezekial helped to formulate or write the bill. Notice that the name RAHM if you twist it around a bit spells HARM.

The bible says to do DO NO HARM. Perhaps this is what is partially meant by that?

White House website at odds with latest Obama statement


Exclusive: Obama personally apologizes for Americans

losing health coverage

Obama: ‘I am sorry’

Still deflecting?

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 6.12.38 PM

Whos Sorry Now? Connie Francis

Now Obama uses John Kerry to threaten Israel with another (third) intifada accusing Israel of various things and I guess it’s probably because Obama had to apologize and I don’t think it sits well with him because I’m pretty positive he doesn’t think he should have to be held accountable. He has a very sensitive ego. It’s his right to lie about anything and everything and getting burned is tough cookies for him. LOL. He doesn’t like getting screwed (“burned”) as he screws everyone. I think he will be in for more surprises that just might astonish his sensitivities, but I doubt it will convince him that he really is powerless.

What he is over confident about is his future. I don’t think he has much time left but he is so blind he doesn’t believe it. Just as in the days of Noah.…….Not really sure what it means but I assure you it isn’t good except for the end of the deceptions and the deceivers and the thing Obama resents apologizing for. I don’t, won’t, or ever will accept his apology which really wasn’t an apology in fact it was a De-Nile of his lies. He seems to be in deep water lately. Will insurance or Obama Care prevent it? I don’t think it will from what I have read. What do you think? Will it help Obama in the end? I doubt there is anything that will help him or anyone or to put it another way none shall help him!

Ronald Reagan Predicted The Obamacare Disaster Back In 1961

Kerry Scolds Israel For West Bank Occupation

“If we don’t end the presence of Israeli soldiers perpetually within the West Bank, then there will be an increasing feeling that if we cannot get peace with a leadership that is committed to non-violence, you may wind up with leadership that is committed to violence,” Kerry said in a joint Israeli-Palestinian television interview.

Give me a break. Did Kerry forget about the Palestinian men dragging a man around behind their motorcycles in their last escapades? These people are not committed to non-violence. How about the Olympics way back when? Kerry is a joke.

“I have no illusions,” Kerry said, adding, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. I mean, does Israel want a third Intifada?”

Does Kerry want a third intifada, that is the question? 

Weird…… so we have a possible third intifada as prophesied by John Kerry who is RC and a possible third temple somewhere that is considered to be holy and they are underfoot as if beneath the holy city or underground like the tunnels that lead to that city via the tunnel built from Egypt and there is a church (the one with the holy sepulcher) that sits in Jerusalem which would also be a great place to begin underground excavation and then there is the Islamic Mosque (The Dome of the Rock) that is in Jerusalem. (The very first pope to ever visit The Dome of the Rock happens to be the same pope that promoted the Court of the Gentiles namely Pope Benedict who is supposed to be lurking about even though he is not acting as the Pope. The one prophesied in the book of John which I wrote a bit about in another post found somewhere on Merangue’s Blog. Talks about how he was born at an INN but not in a stable of course there was no room at the Inn for Jesus so he was born in a manger anagram for german in the Book of Matthew, etc etc etc. Wasn’t Pope Benedict german? I put this in orange to represent the mustard seed also propagated by the Gospel of Matthew and the other two Synoptic Gospels, but not in the Gospel of John for some reason!

I imagine it was a good reason.

Lots of coincidinkies.

I wonder what he is up to?

I think some of the Revelation is mocking the RC.

Bayit Yehudi MK to Kerry: You are not an ‘honest broker’ to Israeli-Palestinian talks

In addition, Struck pointed out that the area Kerry refers to as a future Palestinian state is “Israel’s historic homeland,” which includes Hebron, her residence and “the city of Abraham and King David and the Cave of the Patriarchs [that] was purchased by the father of our nation for his descendants after him. Beit El, Shiloh and Efrat are all noted in the Bible as Jewish towns, and when we returned to them after 2,000 years of exile, we were returning home.”

It was not sold later! They still own it and if you read the Old Testament and believe it there is a reference to the buying of the land!

Obviously, the Roman Catholics and the Palestinians who are either Islamic or Roman Catholic don’t believe: therein lies the problem.

 Obama and Kerry have some learning to do in this department! I wonder who will teach them this concept……..? Kind of like learning that deceiving to inflict Obama Care on the public just won’t stand as they are being taught that lesson and soon they will be taught more lessons but will they learn from the teaching? I doubt it because they are stupid, adamantly stubborn idiots.

John Kerry Warns Of A Third Intifada If Israel Doesn’t Back Down

Kerry: US considers Israeli settlements to be ‘illegitimate’

(He is only spit in the wind.)

Obama says he was burned. I suppose he should have counted the cost!


They use the internet and I-phones to get pics of your kids and names of your friends and family to harass a person by using them in false news stories and there are many false news stories. Mostly Fox news is guilty of these tactics and they are run by Roman Catholicism and other religions who are in concert with them. They use the NSA located in UTAH where the Mormons reside and just recently were accepted into the fold with Roman Catholics and Billy Graham when Billy Graham attested that they were no longer a cult. The NSA is huge and is an enemy to the people. That is why the shut down hurt them and Jay Carney was adamant and all the Presidents men and women because they couldn’t perform as well without their federal workers that can’t be fired and they couldn’t harass as well with out those tools. Now the federal workers are going to get double pay for being off for the shutdown as if the government couldn’t change that but they won’t because it is a double standard and a double payback and MOCKING America and Americans that they abuse. I have said all along the federal workers that cannot be fired are the enemy. For the most part our elected officials are actually their puppets like the Pope is the puppet of the Vatican. The federal workers insulate the elected officials like the Vatican insulates the Pope and like the Secret Service insulate the President and he is their puppet and they are his puppets. The military is also being used and willingly for those purposes. How did Fox News find out that the Federal workers were getting double pay? I don’t know but they must have their sources and those sources wanted the Americans to know the price tag of the shutdown and the rewards for the shut down. It is their shitty little game. Those are the sins that you are not supposed to partake of described as the woman ie the world churches united with RC at the top with her cup overfilling and those are the churches you are supposed to depart from that abuse their own people and people like me. It’s evil and obviously the tactics of cults and their behavior proves they are a cult. So when you look at the picture above know that while he may look harmless he is actually a menace to humanity as is Obama.

While they mock they might consider that Benghazi was a marker. I believe is was a sign!  Time may be shorter than realized and there may only be a couple years to go for America and the world before THE GREAT DIVIDE.


My faux pas: Fox News Wed morning a few days after U.S. Army Capt. William Swenson’s White House visit to receive a medal of honor by Obama his-self has live film footage in total of the honored Afghan vet’s good deed. Thank Goodness there was someone filming his rescue. They do that now-a-days so that they can prove their heroism like the motorcyclists in New York filming a SUV gone viral caused by the motorcyclists themselves. Wink-wink.

Shouldn’t everyone in the military get a medal of honor?

We wouldn’t want to show favoritism and it might hurt their morale if they don’t all receive something like a medal of honor’s friend medal, medal of honor’s assistant, medal of honor’s editor, medal of honor’s videographer, medal of honor’s helicopter pilot,  etc. How about a medal of Honor’s Guest at the White House For the Medal of Honor Recipient just for having to get in their full uniform and sit there for however long it took and listen to the BS to enable the President’s personality disorder and help him build his reputation with the vets outside the White House that are being treated like crap  and the American public because he is stupid and surrounds himself with even stupiders who actually put up with him voluntarily. I think BO has Palestinian DNA or something similar and I think it has to do with inbreeding and severe insecurity because of his mental disorder that’s why he gets 20 people around a table to listen to him talk about nonsense. It’s pitiful. I can imagine it is tough to hang out with Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Jay Carney, Dr. Zchivago, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Mikulsky, and worst and least of all SNLers AL FRANKEN and I surmise that’s where Obama gets his frankincense, his myrrh from the Rocky Road of Mir Space Station, and his gold from Congress and Obama Care if they let him, that is.

Banjo Duel

“Talk about genetic deficiencies.”

Salyut programme

Here is a post about saluting:

Salute No Man

Tell No Man


Obama Tells Ohio State Grads to Reject the “Voices” Warning of Government Tyranny — 

Obama Plea: Don’t listen to anyone but Obama

It is now an Obama sin to listen to talk radio, read blogs on the internet and I forget what the other media he advised against but I don’t want to listen to his occult plea to his followers to find out the other because he is really going off the deep end and trying to take many with him. Lobbyists is the other sin.  IF that isn’t the definition of an occult or cult I don’t know what is. He is getting to sound like a Jim Jones of Guyana more and more, isn’t he. He must be very insecure and paranoid. Watch out: next he will try to use his Obama Care for things Jim Jones gave his followers when they ceased to live. And make no mistake Congress, the Supreme Court, and all the other branches of government such as the Press will bear the responsibility for aiding and abetting Obama for whatever reasons they did.

Waters Believes Boehner Wants to Reach Funding Deal

Wasn’t she wearing that funky hat on Martin Luther’s King’s 50th Anniversary. They have lousy tactics now in Washington DC they just kill ya or hit you on the head and Maxine Waters doesn’t seem to be concerned about that. How about Benghazi? Does she ever inquire into it?

“Now, Well I do I’m extremely encouraged. Encouraged more by what happened with Republicans today when they finally faced up to the fact uh that they had been misled by Senator Cruz. (AS SHE IS SAYING THIS NEXT SENTENCE SHE DOES THIS RUMOR/LIE THING I HAVE SEEN WOMEN DO BEFORE. NOT VERY ATTRACTIVE)

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.26.54 PM

…….”I understand that they refer to him as a snakes oil salesman that had led him down this primrose path with no end insight. No strategy. And I think UH THEY’RE that they are falling apart and I think that’s a good sign that they’re recognizing that it’s time to give in and to deal with a clean CR (her lip mouth does something funny then as if hard to part them, but she does ) and stop trying to undo (does it again) the ACA uh by using the budget process to do that. So I’m very encouraged. (She does some funny thing with her mouth again. I think it is called surgery or injections)“…….

Very affected lady in her manners like she ate a bird. Talks a bit about Boehner and him giving up his speakership to do what’s right for the American people like as if she would give up anything for anyone else ever, unless they are black and it was returned in some form or other.

LOL. What a smug little shit she is.

I hope Boehner continues to hold the line for the American people and do what is right and that is DESTROY OBAMA CARE!

Hey baby, the snake oil is in your pseudo youthful lips that are beginning to look like a sow’s ear.

(from the movie ROB ROY, do you understand the meaning?)

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 9.23.04 PM


Boehner says U.S. on path to default if Obama won’t negotiate

Tonight O’reilly says we ought to give Obama Care some legs so we can find out how bad it is. Isn’t that what Obama wanted in his first term. Legs. In fact he said open up the box and give her legs. He was referring to something that was in space. He also said give them a lesson they will never forget. Not sure who he was referring to but I think it was the USA. That is what he said and I wrote about it in another post and will add a link to that post if I can find it. The thing we do NOT want to do is give it legs. This was near the time that the astronauts wife Gabrielle Giffords was shot at Safeway in Arizona Sen McCains territory with a few other people and a district attorney who I think was the target and he died. However the woman became a star and they were staunch anti gun lobbyists after she recovered from her injuries and received a lot of attention with her astronaut husband. The District attorney was involved in something in Arizona having to do with immigration or Fast and Furious. It was definitely an assassination of him disguised as a mass mall like murder rampage. I think Obama Care is like a Pandora’s Box, and just the threat of it and all the crap that went along with it’s intended incepcion has been unfrogettable.

Nat King Cole-Unforgettable (On TV)

Just heard that there is going to be a park open in Washington DC accommodating an amnesty rally and not open to the public for anything else or anyone else and on the same weekend a bunch of truckers are coming to Washington DC to have a citizens arrest of Congress, supposedly Democrats. But since amnesty is for illegals and the Free Trade agreement between Mexico and America I think they are not coming for the Dems, but the Reps. An Obama trick of some sort. Sounds like it anyway it is so nutty. Kind of like the Muslim March on Sept 11 (Park Police/Fox event) and the bikers came to show support against fear of terrorism yet the Park Police would not give them permissions just permission for the muslims, but the muslims didn’t show up to Bill O’reilly’s surprise and the bikers did and then a few weeks later we have undercover cop bikers attacking an SUV first shown on Fox and some of the idiots trying to say that the SUV was in the wrong as they surrounded the SUV like a pack of wild dogs. Undercover cops do nothing but were involved. Give me a break they were in on it. Very DEMONIC but those SUV’s are gas guzzlers and the DEMS don’t like that. Remember that insane democrat fanatic bully pulpit? It is probably that simply insane reason for this ridiculous stunt. Maybe they wanted to make the SUV run over the biker they were trying to kill for insurance purposes or to have a court fiasco and make some bucks abusing the American system to create havoc and a diversion for Obama and his real intent. We are dealing with people that are as smart as the living dead which isn’t that smart.

Netanyahu: Don’t be naive about Iran

Netanyahu; Please don’t be naive about Obama, okay. You were naive about the pope being a moral authority and you should not even talk to Obama, he is a freak from hell and he is melting and so is his administration.

Calling All Patriots: Million Veteran March On The D.C. Memorials October 13th 

Generals forced out in wake of deadly Afghanistan base attack

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 3.24.56 PM September 2012 Attack on Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan where the perimeter were not protected (to protect the Marines inside) and two marines died with sand monkeys using wire cutters to enter the camp. Destroy over 100 million dollars worth of marine jets and other equipment. Right on the tail of a California university ablaze because of copper theft. Twin Towers Saudi Arabian Islamic sand monkey attackers used box cutters. Od, though it may be drunk on oil and mohammad kissing a stone vagina in Mecca and raping and whipping muslim women if possible and drugging and screwing american ones and pretending to be peace loving wearing table clothes on their heads. Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 3.33.37 PM British forces were in charge of security at Camp Bastion who were supposed to be guarding were absesntia/unmanned in the guard tower. Similar to the British leaving Benghazi ahead of the attack on Benghazi with the Red Cross at their sides in September 11th 2012. Reporter interviews Retired Major General Mark Gurganis and Maj. Gen. Gregg Sturdevant, who was forced to retire because of trusting the English to do their job. But heck if you can’t even trust the Red Cross, who can you trust? Gurganis looks like a cross between Charles Woods (Ty Wood’s dad) but just as dumb and dumber Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Obama’s new slow man by his side. Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.09.21 AM Charles Woods, Father Of Navy SEAL Slain In Benghazi, Challenges Obama (VIDEO)

Check out the similarities!
 Same mouth, same nose, similar hair, same chin, same ears different eyebrows seem to be dyed wearing a satin shirt hanging out with Geraldo Rivera and they are loving each other and Obama. Says he is not angry at all twice) and his voice sounds very shaky as if he is literally scared to death) and says if Obama is responsible for the death of his son he totally forgives him. Says this is about honor courage and love for America and compares dead heroes to living cowards and again says if Obama is responsible for the death of his son he forgives you (Obama) and says he loves you (Obama) and he also loves America and Geraldo says “I love you all” and then they kiss and react as if they got a shock like you would when you walk on a rug and touch someone. I guess that was a sign of being a doormat. That or the kiss was extremely enjoyable like an orgasm. Radio City in the background so they are in New York City. Is that where Charles Woods lives or is he there to make appearances and money and have a free vacation? Nice clothes and nice fit for your part. Acts like a puppet as if Geraldo the slime ball is controlling him.
Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 7.22.56 AM


Amazing grace how little faith those that proclaim their faith actually have.

Must be quite a kiss.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 5.26.42 PM

Pentagon freezes death benefits for fallen soldiers’ families

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California was on The Kelly File Tues Oct. 8th on Fox about how the Department of Defense (DOD) is treating our fallen soldiers pretty badly and their families too with very little respect. They don’t even pay for their funerals. How absurd. What is wrong with these guys in power?

 Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 8:21-22 and the Gospel of Luke 9:60 had about the same level of compassion as the DOD, Obama, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. I guess people didn’t matter much or their emotions and their mourning. What mattered was if you followed him at that very moment for appearance sake, I guess, to make him look important.

You can read about it in the post called:

 Sour Wine

Jim Warren Jones of the People’s Temple had people commit suicide, some were forced to commit suicide and some were murdered in the Jonestown Guyana in 1978. Even killed a Senator that investigated his cult. He liked attention even when it was bad attention because he was so full of himself. It is that kind of cultic personality that is capable of the kind of things we are seeing happening now in our country since Obama became the President. I watched him talking to his federal workers/staff (I guess it was, anyway) saying to them Stick with me. That is bizarre in itself. Not very presidential and more like a dried up fruit cake that’s falling apart. Then this woman with a baby is murdered in front of the White House and it seemed a bit surreal as if she were escaping. Was she trying to alert the public that he was holding them hostage? Or is the Secret Service holding them hostage?

Fisher House Foundation agrees to pay out military death benefits during shutdown

“Hagel said Fisher House, which works with veterans and their families, had approached the Pentagon about making the payments. The Defense Department typically pays families about $100,000 within three days of a service member’s death, but officials say the shutdown was preventing those benefits from being paid.” 

And sounds like Hagel was pissed off at the Department of Defense or I think he was strong arming the Pentagon trying to make them look bad as if he isn’t as in charge as he is supposed to be because of his non elected position. He is on Obama’s team of course. The Joints Chief of Staff are the senior uniformed leaders in the US Department of Defense that advice the Secretary of Defense (Chuck Hagel), Homeland Security, the NSA and the President on military matters. So I see a break from normal relations of the military against Obama and this is what this rigamarole is about I think. He is trying to strong arm our military using Hagel his henchman. Politics is trying to strong arm the real men who earned their position for the most part using different means via Congress, the President, the Senate (controlled by Reid and the Dems) and Fox and the press. INTERESTING.

This has to be paid back of course by the Pentagon ie our taxes

yet a rich philanthropist a different one offered to do it for free and no paybacks which was on Fox news just now

and they turned him down.

And now they are reporting that no truckers are showing up to Washington DC or very few yet who reported that they were in the first place…..Fox News? Is this a repeat of the Muslim Million Man March that never occurred? Fox/O’reilly drove that news via the Park Police in Washington DC even while denying the license to the bikers who did show up a few weeks ago. So is this an O’reilly ploy to confuse?

I hope the military keeps in mind that they owe the men that have died or were murdered and ambushed so that Obama could look presidential and the suicide rate that has risen in the military since Obama took office. For instance his trip to Hawaii and Sen. Inouyes coincidental death right after the hurricane in New Jersey so that Obama could pander to the military in Hawaii and the obvious weakness in our defenses overseas due to Obama’s army within the military. The death of McCains POW friend as things began to unravel in Egypt and Syria to shut him up about McCains treason and probably many things I don’t have any idea about. Don’t forget about those recognizable men of Wounded Warriors Fox News charity that were outed a while back and they stopped airing their charity and then started again as if a new loop, I mean, Ground Hog year began. I think those men are trying to be recognized inclandestinedly like they aren’t satisfied with where they are or how they are being used for money and used by the Jesuits who seem to be causing all sorts of disfunction via the Secretary of State for someone else’s good ie the Vatican and their desire to eliminate other Christians and rule the world etc. The Chosen People syndrome affecting and causing their treason in all the countries they try to screw with and knowing their days are numbered. Their relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood which didn’t fare that well in Egypt and their relationship to the Arab Spring. It would be wise of our military to notice a big problem in the White House and his intentions. Remember the lessons of history and socialized medicine and disarming the public and what that means to that country. Remembering all the while there is an end in sight for all the shenanigans and whose side you should be on. Recall what is in Revelation and the woman they talk about whose cup is full of martyrdoms and that woman does get destroyed because of her lust and disregard for humanity for her own power and who weakens the nations via her intervention into the affairs of men and making them drunk on her sins and her power and on the blood of saints a vicious cycle. It does end and she goes down hard and so do those that go along with her. The cycles are quickening and shortening if you have noticed since Obama took office as if we are in the real end times. Deception is rampant and getting worse.

That woman  resides in Rome where the 7 hills/mountains are located and coincidentally  Brazil physically and Pope Francis is from Brazil physically and that is symbolic. (I don’t believe in coincidences.) The 7 mountains are also symbolic of the 7 Deadly sins, Sinbad and the 7 seas etc. Things made up in her honor to harass, to control, and to deceive.

Notice the relationship of the RC and Islam?

The reason deception is so rampant is because there are a lot of them.

She does not survive in the end. Best to try to avoid her fate, too and not act like Tyrone Woods daddy kissing Geraldo ie Obama’s butthead one of many kind of like hemorrhoids of a person who shits a lot of big turds

like Obama Care.

I hope the military will get behind the few men left in Congress and Defund and shut down Obama Care shut down their greed wanting more money to infect and hurt more people increasing her plagues and your own guilt in accordance with her wishes and desires and hence shut down the tool of the devil in the Vatican and in the WH for your children’s sake if not for your own. 

Arrest Obama ASAP and act like men and not Michelle’s “you know whats.”

Here is a riddle about the “you know whats”

It starts with and m and ends with a ts because it is plural. It is a 7 letter word including the plural letter. Two of the letters are the same and they sit in the middle of the word and happen to be the 7th letter of the alphabet. They wiggle! They munch out on her victims and their assets such as insurance claims and they stink especially when they are doing that and they turn into flying pests that make more of those “you know whats.” and it becomes an endemic epidemic like a plague. GET IT? Quit acting like shit lovers.

And Ed Beckel of The Five says that Hagel is a highly decorated vet which does not mean anything. There are many that get highly decorated that don’t deserve their decorum. I know it because I grew up in the military. Politics is a problem in the military which causes death most of the time to others in their ranks. My dad worked for one of them who reached one of the highest levels in the military and he got where he got because of his appearance, not because he was worthy or had any sense.

And to The Five and Andrea Tantaros remember your brother? OR have you forgotten him and what happened not too long ago. I swear it seems like everyone has a memory like a sieve. It was very sad and then there was that near shooting at the school that seemed coincidence, but it probably wasn’t. I think another form of deception. Was your brother a deception too?

The days grow shorter and fewer in each loop too (not just because of winter coming) and it doesn’t have anything to do with the debt limit only Obama wants everyone to think it does but you can’t buy redemption which is a Catholic notion. What it is called is USERY with the help of the great deception.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 12.41.36 AM

 Witchcraft and the IRS


  “Have you been consorting with the devil?” Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.) asked Sarah Hall Ingram during a hearing Wednesday,” asked if she was a witch and whether she flies and she said it was greatly exaggerated but if it looks like a witch and walks like a witch and serves a lousy organization such as the IRS which is crafty she probably is a witch, a fly witch. She may not fly but I bet she wiggles. In fact she did wiggle when answering another congressman’s question which she didn’t even answer but she had a lot to say and he let her wiggle out of it. I guess no one noticed but me because I haven’t heard anything in the news about it. She will learn to fly pretty soon as soon as Obama Care is funded. She is in the larvae stage still. Give her more time and space and allow Obama Care to coalesce and she will be flying high on her broom and it will be over for Republicans and yes I think the Dems too. They think they will win and in actuality they probably will be the first to go. Who needs them they are worthless after that. They will have served their purpose and there will be no more need for them except as a nuisance that they are. Animals tend to hunt for the weaker of the herd and since Dems are of little resistance to the Obama Administration and it’s allies.

The Rep. Gerald Connolly is a dick from hell and I hope he loses his position. WARPED THere just isn’t anything good to say about his contribution to the House of Representatives. His questions were ridiculous and obviously a slime ball and a bad guy.

I hope the IRS goes down in flames.


That’s how the cookie crumbles.

When Obama Care takes off….it it is allowed to this will be what the doctors of the IRS will use to clean blood ailments and rub into wounds to clean them.

WH and Secret Service murder of woman with baby

The woman who was shot in front of the WH I still think there is way more to that story than meets the eye. I think she was being harassed somehow by his cult (Obama). She said she was and I take that seriously. I also have a hard time accepting and blaming that her postpartum depression a year and more later was affecting her unless no one was helping her which is an epidemic with women with babies because many men just don’t do their part. She was from Connecticut and isn’t that where Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder just about a year ago too place and near by and the priest just a few miles away who was caught in some methcrystal drug ring soon after the massacre not to mention the actors trying out for the parts of grieving dads. Her family could not figure out why she was in Washington DC. Maybe they kidnapped her baby. All I know is they could have shot out the tires very easily and not murdered her. They did not seem concerned about their own lives just standing there pointing guns at her.


Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 4.07.01 PM

Peter Sellers – Bob Hope & Bing Crosby in “Road to Hong Kong”

Hope Arkansas home bred murderer and terrorist Bill Clinton isn’t too happy. Kind of got that cold murderous look! Not because of the news about Camp Bastion or Benghazi but because he wants mo money your tax dollars via Obama Care to terrorize the Middle East and Americans, ruin past treaties if possible such as in Egypt through the coup by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Vatican (with the help of Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator John MeCain and then Senator John Kerry) that were overthrown by a coup of the army and the people of Egypt that were fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood and their ridiculous but cruel nonsense (and fed up with the US Senators) against the citizens of Egypt and Coptic Christians and their churches for the Vatican, of course. They don’t like competition. Bill Clinton wants to direct Obama in his affairs with Iran’s nuke building so he can terrorize Israel eventually and most of all Jerusalem because they are charlatans and want to be the chosen people. And so he can get Hillary in office or Chelsea. Dumping Hillary for Chelsea in essence. She is getting kind of old. Incest is best. Or is she Obama’s sac-duh-à main?

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 5.01.02 PM

Father knows best. I sure am glad for the dad I had. I FEEL HER PAIN. Must be hard to have a rapist, murderer, cigar inserting woman-hating defecating asshole for a dad. BUT she probably got a Camaro or something similar for her birthday and lots of pretty clothes when ever she asked on American taxpayer’s dime. Oh the life of a pretty princess. No wonder she has dates! Would they swarm her otherwise? I dare say, no. Same goes for Michelle until she had surgery about the Benghazi real time. She was down right Haverty.  How does it feel Chelsea to have a worm for a dad? Are you proud of him? You cannot more than likely know the difference and so you are a victim of your dna, an elite with degeneracy and supreme weak character maybe one of the most supreme. DO YOU CAIR?

Ah when you assist in murder and are a thief and suck off others you deserve a face lift and all kinds of help and now a very proud BLACK WIDOW. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and by now Obama only has one good eye left.images-3

Why take a chance on outsiders when you have your very own especially after all the terrible press about various women and having actually raped one and she lived to tell about it. They are Jesuit after all and Jesuits think they are special, but in actuality they are deceived bullies like Bill O’reilly who don’t know how to smoke a cigar. Do you put it here or do you stick it there? No it may look like your privates but it is not the same thing, Bill. Didn’t Hillary teach you the difference?

A cigar in someone else’s is better than his privates in Hillary.

And he replied, “Depends on what is is.”

About Benghazi Obama added, “There is no there, there.”


Elton John – Madman Across The Water

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 9.44.14 AM

Bill Clinton taking on the appearance/morphing into a very famous Russian.

I bet ya can’t guess who. He is in one of my posts on one of my blogs.

Bill Clinton: GOP being “spiteful”

O’reilly? A man who rapes a person and bites their lip and tells them to put ice on it telling the GOP they are being spiteful. My did someone transplant his itty bitty balls in between his ears?

Fox and the other news presses helping Obama sell Obama Care and the American public up a creek. It’s their job and sleeves cost money after all. How else can they earn a living without handouts and lying to the public. I remember when Ed (can’t remember his full name) a press man from the assassination of JFK days talking about the founding fathers in the CBS News and JFK Transcriptions (linked) and what I came to eventually realize was that the press and the founding fathers are priests of a different source. JESUITS. The Really FRIEND-LY Kind!

Hillary and Cristina

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 8.47.11 PM

Hillary Clinton had a head concussion from falling last year which slowed her down from testifying and this year President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez has blood on the brain and is resting for about a month. She declined a function a dinner at the White House (snubbed) recently before she fell ill to this sickness or head trauma whichever it is, it is hard to tell something to do with the NSA snooping and I think possible conclusions of the investigations of the sarin gas poisoning in Syria and after declining the President’s invitation. Somewhere in betwixt these revelations she has fallen ill.

Argentine President Told to Rest a Month After Head Trauma (1)

Argentina to Reopen Debt Swap After Adverse U.S. Court Ruling

Recently Venezuela ousted a few people and we ousted a few Venezuelans:

Venezuela expels three US diplomats over ‘sabotage’

“Venezuela has announced it is expelling three US diplomats, whom it accuses of plotting to sabotage the economy.”

U.S. Expels Venezuelan Diplomats


First thing we should forgive our debtors, then work on our debts and deficit so eventually they will be our trade partners after we solve our problems at home.

Varney said that the debt default isn’t gonna happen and we have enough easily to pay what we need to pay so why is Lew (Treasury Dept) Obama’s appointee trying to make meaningless threats? Hard to know what their game is except to be asses and to confuse. Is that what the Americans want as leaders? LIARS? Obviously Obama Care is a PHARISEE / A FARCE/ intended to hurt America and is a scam to FLEECE from the public.

Lew sticks with ‘catastrophic’ warnings about debt ceiling,

but is short on specifics

Boehner says the President risks default if Obama doesn’t come to the table.

Obama is unwilling to give up his scam.

Are Boehner and Lew talking about two different kinds of defaults?

All I know is there is this little prophecy that seems to fit OBAMA in the book of Zechariah so me thinks OBAMA is the problem and is in a whole heap of trouble and using his position and everything in his power to protect himself from what he deserves.


and a whole bunch of people in his administration are aiding and abetting Obama such as LEW who could also face the same and who better decide on which side of this battle to be on before he ruins the rest of his life.

National Park rangers ordered to keep visitors out of privately run businesses

“House Republicans have passed a bill that would open the national parks, but President Obama has vowed to veto it. In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said either all of the government must be funded or none of it will be funded.”

The next post is about deception in the bible:

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 1.46.29 PM


Loughner who allegedly wounded Gabrielle Giffords and killed a bunch of people in Arizona


Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi


Mark Kelly Gabrielle Giffords Husband

who ended up pimping his wife around to disarm Americans.


Don’t you think they (Loughner and Sean Smith) resemble each other. Both bald. Both have a look of insanity in their eyes. Both have non distinct noses. Just kind of unartistic type noses. Both extremely happy. And just resemble each other overall. Both could be related to Uncle Fester evolving. It is like the lame brained madness of the idea itself evolved into a middle finger dick head Astronaut Mark Kelly who ended up in a shop testing out rifles last I heard. I guess the guy needed some attention and went to elaborate ways to get it. Probably in space too long without any oxygen. All of them wanted to please Obama going to extreme lengths to do it. As I was writing about Giffords they had the other Giffords lady on Fox News right after O’reilly talking about ObamaCare distancing himself from the people in Washington, and then another contributor Judge Napolitano talking about the undercover cop in the motorcyclists gone wild and the rules of engagement of an undercover cop all to cover up FOX in my opinion and their collusion with the Obama Administration and their agenda.

Obama just said he cut the deficit in half as he replaces Bernanke with Janet Yellen. Whose deficit. His daughters?


Or did he cut his turd in half? He is deficient

– a true story by the way of a person I know vacationing in Germany_

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 2.13.10 AM

Fox News’ Ed Henry Walks Out Of White House Briefing (VIDEO)

Strange mannerisms. If you watch him speak he can’t help but stretch his mouth in between words. Enters the room as if he is John Wayne and rambles as if he is the Anglo Saxon Obama. He lies as much and gets off on it too. It’s his entertainment. Never before did a schizophrenic have such a great job until Obama utilized his sickness. Big sickos think alike. Can he speak without a podium in front of him? I doubt it. Is he afraid of Ed Henry? Looks like it, acts like it, so he must be: What a weenie.

‘Cut the Crap!’: Hannity Takes on Democrat Bill Pascrell Over ObamaCare ‘Perks’ for Congress

I guess Bernanke didn’t do right by Obama?

Obama needed a woman to cover for him again.

Is that okay with everyone for him to just out an out lie or is everyone appeasing him like  a bunch of Uncle Festuses/worms. I guess now if we think it is there it could be there kind of logic even though there was no there there before?

It is the first woman to take the Federal Reserve post and that makes it all okay. Jay Carney says they are extremely confident that she is qualified.

Has Jay Carney ever been on the level?

She will be easy cheesy to schmooze is what he means. She’ll steal most of the bills like Janet Naplitano stole a bunch of ammunition.

Printing money will create jobs.

Will printing jobs create money?

Money jobs create printing will?

Jobs printing money create will?


Did Obama get a directive from space, like O’reilly was told to write a book called Killing Jesus.

The President is INSANE, can it be any clearer?

I’m sure he thinks he has won over the Republicans somehow and this is his little move. Funny how things change overnight though.

One thing I know is we cannot fight evil with peace.

While the veterans, the truckers, and the bikers display was cool

it isn’t enough.

What we have in the White House is evil.

Just want you to know (whoever reads this) that while I was called Rosanne Rosannadana by a few people I know I really wasn’t this crass as a rule but the shenanigans going on in the world and the abuse of our country and since Obama took office it seems my vocabulary has taken a turn for the worse. I feel like we are in the twilight zone of some kind and are having a communication problem with immense lack of understanding. I think it has to do with the mountain of deception to the extremes like Mount Everest and somehow we have to look past it.

Wounded Warrior Project

It is hard to look past the stars in the Wounded Warrior Project aired often on Fox News stations. I’m thinking this is a pentagon project. Is Fox involved? They seem to love airing ads for Miley Cyrus costumes so all their  belly aching about her new transformation are actually selling it. She recently said they murdered Hannah Montana on some interview. Theres a young Maj. General Schwarzkopf and all sorts of recognizable faces if you take the time to notice. Then Deals Dot com ad has the mother’s voice of one of the Benghazi victims with the Jane Fonda haircut. Even one of the ladies voices is an operators voice. Obviously they are controlling who gets a hold of whomever whenever they want to. Interfering in our personal lives using the communications systems. Butt head nazis dem’s who are not liberal just fascists who want to make our lives miserable if possible because they are a miserable lot.

Somethin’ pretty shabby happening for sure but most people just don’t care or are deaf and blind. Village mentality. I think this has to do with China. If only the chinese would read the bible and find out what happens to their population they might back off and try to avoid it but like Obama some people just got way too much pride. To put it softly I wouldn’t want to live there in this day because they don’t get to repeat it.

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 1.20.48 AM

“The world now knows Stevens as a fearless ambassador, a man determined to support the Arab Spring.”

Of course, he was!

Fearless, that is. LOL Like Senator McCain.

She says: “I don’t think it’s productive to lay blame on people.”

Now that’s the perfect mom. His best friend and brother says,

“I’ll see you next time.”

That is just so so so deep and touchy feel-y. The woman next to him can hardly contain herself from her emotions as if she is gonna go belly up as you can see in the link: ‘He was a friend and a hero’: Hundreds turn out for memorial service honoring ambassador Chris Stevens killed in U.S. consulate attack

Solemn service in San Francisco attended by former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, Rep Barbara Lee and Sen Dianne Feinstein; Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack last month; Ali Aujali, the Libya’s ambassador to the U.S., tells mourners that he is ‘very sorry on behalf of the Libyan government’

Not a very solemn brother!

Screen shot 2013-10-11 at 1.32.57 AM

The interviewer asks if Ambassador Chris Steven’s mother if she is getting any updates or any information from the White House and she unwavering says: No.

He asks her if she feels her questions have been answered and she answers:

“I mean, you have to know something about something

in order to have questions about it”

“And I don’t know enough really to ask questions.”

Q: And how much does it matter to you to know?

(And with great depth of heart felt mourning for her son she answers:)

“Well, you know, it doesn’t bring him back, does it.”

Is there a requirement for the Benghazi participants

and their families to be remarkably stupid?




Chris Stevens’ mother speaks out on death in Libya

I can tell she is lyin’ through and through from the very beginning.

And how would Romney know so quickly that Benghazi wasn’t a demonstration but an attack. He obviously had some inside information. All along I thought he was just a businessman and former governor of Massachusetts, a mormon which makes me think he got information from the NSA which is located in UTAH the hub of Mormonism possibly?

It is still hard for me to understand why if Ambassador Chris Stevens is the first US Ambassador to be killed since 1979 why his mom and dad haven’t appeared before Congress. It’s been over a year. Never even seen his face yet and I suppose it resembles a football. Seems to me they would be dying to add their impressions to help America learn what they need to learn especially by the ambassador’s parents even though it won’t bring him back. That’s a pretty high ranking position and I would hate to see Congress ignore their insight. We heard from two parents of two victims, how about the other parents. Isn’t their testimony just as important? Wouldn’t the Ambassador’s mom and dad’s testimony before Congress be even more interesting to hear since she was willing to give her dry ambiguous faction-esque resolve.  The others also had parents so lets hear what they have to say and what they were told before, during, and after Benghazi.


I think it is time for a tax revolt. Why pay for shit! I can make my own.

Artistically  speaking:

The right eye of the same girl supposedly but as an artist I would say either surgery or it isn’t the same girl. Both supposed to be Megyn Kelly. HMMMMM I guess they decided to lower her left forehead to give her the bewitched look then lowered the lower lid to show more of the iris. (Put the old Megyn Kelly with the Nicole Kidman to make a full O’reilly/Romney package that sells whatever they can. Kind of like they did for Romeny’s wife added a bit of Nicole Simpson to her.) I wonder which one survived? Or did both lose their lives for the product above? Is that what happened to Hannah Montana?

Do they murder them first to git them to fit in?

I guess the lie is that important to them?

If Congress doesn’t have the guts to arrest and confine Obama for Benghazi and the coverup can they possibly do anything at all? IF they can’t defund ObamaCare a supremely deficient and illegal tax on the public are they worth anything at all……I dare say they are Obama’s shit.

 I hope the truckers tie up Washington DC for months until you arrest and confine the OBAMAS and charge him and her with the appropriate charges and impeach him and imprison him for treason.and the same for REID and Pelosi etc.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 11.21.49 PM Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 11.21.35 PMLinks to many more posts:

Merangue’s Blog

you have to admit she has changed from a sweet friendly looking lady to a seducer on the right and above. Big difference between the two.

This lady

 is not a seducer for sure.


The chaplain for the Senate

No wonder they have troubles in the Senate

Barry C. Black: God’s Purpose in Troubling Times

The 700 Club

I don’t think he gits it!

Need I say more?

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If you would like to see my art work please visit:



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Barack Obama, HUD, and Winston Churchill PT 1

Aleppo Media Centre

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.58.46 PMI watched a very interesting program about the Hudson River and the lack of gravity one of the least gravitational areas on earth on a series called Secrets of the Earth. The mystery has been studied since the 1960’s by scientists once they discovered the odd lack of gravity in that location. The show was aired on the Weather channel at 3:00 on Central Time, Monday August 12th. I think you can watch the video here:

Secrets of the Earth: Gravity

Here is an article about this anomaly:

How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?

……”At a basic level, gravity is proportional to mass. So when the mass of an area is somehow made smaller, gravity is made smaller. Gravity can vary on different parts of the Earth. Although we usually think of it as a ball, the Earth actually bulges at the Equator and gets flatter at the poles due to its rotation. The Earth’s mass is not spread out proportionally, and it can shift position over time. So scientists proposed two theories to explain how the mass of the Hudson Bay area had decreased and contributed to the area’s lower gravity.”…..

(I’m thinking it might have something to do with their health-care system in a round about way)

You should watch the show and investigate this problem we have on Earth, much more devastating, in my opinion, than anything we have ever witnessed.

A while back I played a game called Connections which I cannot find online but the internet takes me to The Game of Thrones instead which is quite a series that I have watched. Besides being terribly sexually graphic and terribly brutally graphic I have enjoyed it based on a series of books by whoever wrote it. It is so brutal and so sexually explicit my young teen is not allowed to view it, but it is a very good show entertainment wise. I like epics as a rule. My favorite kind of movies and then of course comedies like Robin Williams in the movie about a family on vacation in and RV and I could hardly stop laughing. I needed a good few hours of laughter. I felt high even though I wasn’t.

When I first learned about Barack Obama and the presidential race between him and McCain I was willing if the McCain/Palin team failed to be the winner to accept BO’s Presidency and give him the “Benefit of the Doubt”. There were some gestures he made that were seemingly gallant once he became The President of the US.,  like when he visited Rome and met with the G8 and helped some girl in a red dress down the stairs while the French President sneered. I thought it was gentlemanly and the press made a big deal about it as if he was being lecherous. Since then I think it might have been a set up. At that visit Obama brought the mantle of a famous preacher of a Christian religion to Pope Benedict XVl as a gift which was a bit weird for someone who is Islamic (although we did not know his religion at the time) and I wasn’t sure of the meaning but knowing that when you visit the pope there usually is an exchange of gifts or with other heads of state. He rode in a black limo to the G-8 meeting in Italy right after an earthquake and there were all sorts of strange signals such as the color of dress of the G-8 wives except the hindu or indian woman. I guess when you visit the pope you have to wear black with the exception of one person who gets to wear green. There were others signals that seemed rather purposeful and Obama seemed to be on a mission of some kind just by his clandestinish behavior. It was a short time later that:

Obama – Qaddafi Coincidence?

Obama Gives Chrysler To Libya & Muammar Gaddafi

Then :    Obama and Cameron urges Gaddafi to step down

Then a few years later Detroit goes bankrupt.

Then: Benghazi

Have things gone too far? Yes

When thugs murder because of boredom, which I don’t believe. It was premeditated and it seems he planned to “drop some woods” in his own words I think he meant peckerwoods and donning a rifle on the internet. There is also the gun running business and rifles are made of wood. I don’t see why there can’t be a marking system on arms unreachable and unique inside where it can’t be etched off or sawed off. Something that only a certain designed machine could mark. Then we could figure out illegal arms vs legal arms without infringing on the rights of legal rights of people bearing arms. By the numbers found of illegal have a better idea where they are being produced and transported. Via Golf bags? There are ways without offending the laws and law abiding people to solve a dilemma such as crime.

Now Jerry Brown with his transgender experiment in California and look what is happening: San Francisco on the verge of losing utilities because of wildfires.

I think that is a sign.

It’s one thing to achieve human rights and another to take them away from others in the process IMO that is wrong. The right to privacy for kids. Kids are impressionable and either the transgender kid and/or the other kids might be hurt in ways unimaginable. Is it worth taking a chance to make some weird political point when we can accommodate one without hurting the other?

Ionosphere-cooking Microwaves Ignored as Climate Change Factor

The Ice caps melting and climate change is blamed and Gore is rolling in the millions after his movie years ago and taking the cue from the VATICAN who floated the idea in the first place probably to cover whatever they were up to to begin with yet if you cook the atmosphere with microwaves as HAARP does, wouldn’t that affect the icecaps? Microwaves cook food quickly don’t they? I’m sure it isn’t helping. The man that invented the idea became it’s worst critic because of the potential abuse of it by the military. I can’t find the site at the moment but it is in one of my blogs and he discusses the good and the bad of the project. When I find it I will include it in this post because he explains the power of HAARP, the potentials in the clearest terms that I have ever read or heard.

Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

Lately after a few of my latest posts I have been very depressed. It seems everything is out of control and going nowhere fast in the world. Ridiculous antics like a $35,000. purse being an example of Pride and Prejudice by Oprah the billionairess. I kind of took off with it, but decided to stop today because it is so outlandish and I was about to bring Aunt Jemima into the mix and I’m not so sure of it’s well-meaning more of a mockery, but that is what I believe the Obama’s represent. Mockery. His poses on the golf course, his response to the people of the United States and their desires, hopes, dreams and needs in a multitude of ways noticeably more and especially in his second term like they took a wrong turn for the worse.

Oprah Winfrey says ‘sorry’ over Switzerland racism flap

That was nice, I think.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 11.25.02 AM

Course I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, hopefully not her shoes. I think the incident hurt her feelings deep inside. Boy, do I understand, now. Still lots of times it is unintended, ignorance, and small but I think wars have been started for less. Not to worry Switzerland never participates in open warfare, however they do protect the Vatican. ( It might simply have been because you are an American! They like our money, but they would rather steal it)

Funny when I go to the internet news sites I notice things going on either directly opposite or congruent to what I usually write about which is narcisistic of me, but I can’t help but notice. A while ago I wrote about Dr. Ben Carson who appeared with Obama at a prayer breakfast making some good points about healthcare but I felt also that he was pandering and because of our different biblical views I thought he was misrepresenting some truths in the bible. The Prayer Breakfast was big news on Hannity and other Fox Shows at that time partially because the Republicans were freaking out at that time and had a right to be freaked out. Still he has Chutzpah!

I also get a lot of flack from the press for some reason like they want to influence me to go their way like Bill Oreilly’s message to follow him because he is looking out for you……….and the spin stops here….. and many other pithy stories or as Alex Jones says they want to control our minds, which is true.

On Noah weather radio a man on an interview mentioned Climate Change as fading in a way and predicted the next big push propaganda wise (although he said it differently) would be acidity of the oceans and seas. I wrote about that on my post about Dr. Ben Carson and my views about the salt levels/ph balances and the rise in the oceans connected beneath the earth on the blog The Turret. I thought that was mighty interesting! I’m not a scientist , but I have a knack for connecting dots.

After reading Salt with one of my kids (Interesting book but very hard to read) and it taught me the importance of salt in ways I had never realized. I also had to read a book about the Holocaust required by public school system: Night by Elie Wiesel I connected a theme in the book about bread and with my revelations comparing the gospels specifically the Synoptic Gospels to the Gospel of John an accidental revealing I realized the STUPID spirit behind the experimental social engineering involved in WWll besides eradicating the Jewish population although it did not succeed many many people went along to get along by doing nothing. (like guppies). Some people were forced to do things they would never have done otherwise. After studying the JFK assassination as you can witness by reading the ………… I realized this is HARD STUFF going on in the religions of the world and their disease: PRIDE.

There is a man running for Senate in New Jersey named Cory A. Booker and the African American woman who was on CNN today Tues Aug 13 said that if he won he would be a guppy and would have to “go along to get along” or words to that effect and that is a very poisonous premise/threat and shows that she is a puppet extremO. She must be in government, I surmise. I know nothing about him and don’t live in New Jersey but I was ashamed of her comments to him in a round about underhanded kind of way. It is that kind of advice that a guppy might give and the kind of advice that got us into the mess we are in at this time with OBAMACARE.

Ted Cruz is no guppy. Rand Paul is no guppy (although I’m not so sure anymore about Rand Paul because he gloats too much and seems to be capitulating in regards to ObamaCare), Marco Rubio is no guppy. Darrell Issa is no guppy. Trey Goudy definitely is no guppy. Sarah Palin is no guppy either in fact she is quite remarkable. And neither is Eric Holder a guppy. These and others not mentioned are akin to Lewis and Clark paving the way for others and leading the charge as the USS Starship Enterprise, “Where no man has gone before.” They are trend setters and have an over abundance of courage which is what America needs and has needed for eons:) On the other hand John McCain is downsizing and so is Lindsay Graham into guppies because they are “going along to get along” and seem to be causing trouble especially in regards to Egypt:( They seem to attract trouble because they act like guppies.)  Chris Christie is another guppy, likable but just for show. You can kind of tell who the guppies are by their personalities and their safe zones and who they run with and who promotes them….. and for what I might add? Hugging? I’m sure there is profit to be made by them that do. Like FEMA. THE RED CROSS. (Obama and Mr. Schmuck of Hurricane Sandy always filling their buckets on crises and taking advantage and not even using what was available in a parking lot at the time.) Sure they were helpful, but not like Rudy Guliani was when America was attacked on 9-11 and took control of the situation and should have received and A plus in the historical sense whereas the Hurricane Sandy response would be a mark of a low D. I liked how Rudy Guiliani handled unemployment in NYC. Talk about commendable, tenacious, and good sensible leadership. It is that kind of leadership about jobs that needs to be multiplied across the cities and countryside of the USA instead of adding people to the government blob to make the grade without the substance.

I also read some of the writings of Josephus Flavius and people that studied his writings and their takes of his history and the gospels including the books after. It was helpful to see the deception in our bibles. I heard that Billy Graham believed everything in the bible. Does he believe in everything or everyone in the bible? There were evil kings and it is true there were but you don’t believe in the evil kings. There is a difference.  It makes a difference who you believe in which I wrote about more generously in another post.

The bible talks about signs in the sky and there have been plenty of those when Pope Benedict XVl took his seat in Rome besides the signs given at the Sea of Galilee and others. Some signs in the sky are yearly and some are rare.

Tonight ends (although today I heard it started today so probably old news) the meteor shower of Perseid from the comet Swift-Tuttle seen mostly in the North East. This shower was powerful enough to cause two shuttles to plunge to the earth in 1993 and 2009. It is no small event yet it is a yearly event.

Perseids 2013: Meteor shower peaks again on last night to enjoy show

This article says it continues for a while longer just not as many sightings per hour:

Starwatch: The Perseids meteor shower

to be continued

I hope you actually listen and read about the gravity of the Hudson River because it is extremely important and is a BIG SIGN and should not be ignored. It is, in fact, quite freaky. Now scientists have been known to lie misinterpret readings for the sake of donations so I guess we should beware like the Gore/Vatican Climate Scare. I say Vatican because they proposed it first and Gore ran with it.

HUD Proposes Plan to Racially,

Economically Integrate Neighborhoods

When I was integrated it was an eye opener and it was not a good experience and I could have lived without it because it did not really MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Look at what happened with the kids on the bus beating up another kid. I really believe this is slight of hand and the real difference will be made by getting America on a good economic plan and taking the Guiliani approach and get people jobs. Change our international trade laws to make it more attractive for businesses to produce here. It is a no brainer. We do not need America the new Haiti. Punish with taxes etc those that go overseas and reward those that don’t. Promote the products here and not the overseas produced products. Take a stand for Americans. Even the wages ie make the wages the same earned both here and there. I’m positive there will be a big sucking sound back in our direction including some migrants from those places. Lower taxes for the middle class by changing the tax system which will save money and inspire new business which buy from big businesses etc. Why is that so difficult? It wasn’t before, why is it now?

Figure out why.

Liberal Reaction to the Missouri Rodeo Clown is Akin to the Radical Muslim Response to a Mohammed Cartoon

August 14, 2013

“Yeah, the C. S. Lewis quote is “The devil, that proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.”  That’s C. S. Lewis.  So don’t get mad at me, stupid idiots in the media and on the left.  Take it up with C. S. Lewis. “…….

“…….This clown has been banned for life.  Think about that.  A rodeo clown.  A rodeo clown has been banned for life.  The only people worse than this clown are people that smoke.  Meanwhile, A-Rod continues to play for the New York Yankees.  Well, I just thought I’d throw that in there.  I won’t be surprised if this clown gets thrown in jail like the filmmaker was, Nakoula Nakoula, who made the anti-Mohammed video.  Obama tried to blame that for the Benghazi attack.  Why didn’t he just drone the state fair instead of going through all this?  Obama could just launch a drone and have the drone attack the state fair and show Missouri what’s what.  This is what happens when you dare criticize or laugh at our Dear Leader……..”
“So here’s another job destroyed because of Obama, which we ought to be used to by now.  If I were Obama, you know, I’d be bigger than this.  I would pardon the clown, and I would turn it around, and if you want to make it look like something silly and ridiculous and childish, Obama could do that, put this thing in its place, and humiliate everybody involved and be done with it and make it a positive event, instead of the way this is all happening.  This is just outrageous to me.  I think the president needs to do something for Oprah, too.  It’s all falling apart for Oprah. “

We need a bag summit at the White House.  We need the store clerk brought to Martha’s Vineyard from Switzerland, need Oprah taken up there, and the store clerk and Oprah and Obama have a bag summit in the backyard of this place he’s renting.  Isn’t that how they’ve solved problems like this in the past?  I don’t know, folks.  I mean, this is hysteria.  That’s what this is.  This is hysteria, because of this Missouri state fair thing, and it’s the same kind of hysteria we get when somebody insults Mohammed. “


Figured out why?

When people get jobs and move up in their jobs they will migrate where their success takes them and where their desires lead them.


It is not like the real estate market didn’t learn their lessons in the 70’s in that regard. No one has prevented Oprah or Michael Jackson their dream homes. Poor housing or government housing can be improved by good management and accountability.

I am suspicious of HUD and their intent. I’m sure money is the key and they want more coming their way. Earn it.

Figure out why Chicago is a mess and Detroit is abandoned and don’t do what they do. Elect a Rudy Guiliani for Chicago and watch it blossom. Or just learn from Rudy Guiliani and co-opt his ideas and actions, I’m sure he won’t mind because he is level headed.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Stop and Frisk

Stop and Frisk is another infringement on rights to bear arms. I watched Geraldo Rivera about Stop and Frisk tonight Sat. Aug. 17th. I believe in racial profiling for terrorism which is totally different than racial profiling for crime. Terrorism is war and street crime is bad city management which can lead to war. I bet the crime rate in New York when Rudy Guiliani was mayor was better than it is now and I think it has to do with education, but mostly jobs. Just because someone lacks formal education does not make them a criminal, but lack of jobs makes anyone without money a potential criminal in any race or gender. Some with jobs engage in criminal activity called White Collar crime because they lust for more than their jobs provide and usually those crimes are without loss of life. But if you have no income at all that can only lead to crime. They have no choice.


If so how come it wasn’t on the Hannity show then? Because then it would have been unheard of except at the airports and I sure didn’t hear a peep.

All the articles are written this year or last about Guiliani’s Stop and Frisk and trying to rewrite history in order to blame him and not compare him to the mayor now. Here is what I believe is more to the truth about Mayor Guiliani than the many articles on the web written lately to support Stop and Frisk as it is today.

Take this: July 18, 2007 Press Release – Mayor Guiliani Cleaned up New York City

I would bet that 9-11 in 2001 was a response to his good work.

Terrorists don’t want good work

they want Detroit, Chicago, and Damascus, Cairo, etc

Rudy Giuliani

It is a no brainer to copy ex Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s tactics and run with it in all the cities that have a high crime rate. New York used to have a very high crime rate between the Irish and the Italians and the Cubans and the whatever was establishing itself in the city because they lacked jobs. People have to eat, people need to be entertained, people need a chance to pursue their goals and their desires. Poor people desire the same things that the rest of the people desire and you cannot ignore that natural trait in all people. If you do ignore it, your city will fail eventually just like in Chicago and Detroit. Throwing money at them doesn’t work because others abuse it or steal it. Putting them on welfare only satisfies for a while. The thing about jobs is there are things that fulfill people such as doing a good job, being rewarded for doing a good job, competition, friendships on the job, learning on the job, good self image, productive work time which gives people a way to plan their lives without being on the street all the time are just a few of the things that are good about working. I could have worded it better, maybe later.

I don’t make much money and most of the money I do make I invest in my interest because I have a plan ie a dream and I spend a lot of time planning in my head, on paper, on the computer because it is my chance. I plan on my training and invest in that training with what I can. IF you take that opportunity away from some one you take away their pursuit of happiness which takes away hope. Without that you are asking for rebellion and crime and that crime may affect you one day or someone you care about. It would be wise to go the Guiliani route because it makes sense and protects you in a way that stop and frisk does not. When people work they are busy and busy is a form of happiness. A job fills their time off the street forming relationships and keeps them away from drugs, drinking at least while they are on the job, and uses that excess energy on positive things instead of negative thoughts and they spend their earnings which helps other businesses and starts and upward momentum for a point in an area whereas joblessness starts a downward momentum which could snag others pulling them down in that momentum and that point becomes an area and that area becomes a segment of the city and one day it might be you it pulls into that downward momentum if you ignore the obvious.

What would you do

if you had no job, no money, no hope, and no chance?

Stop and Frisk is a reaction to crime,

(they don’t do it in cities that have little crime

because of good management in those cities)

jobs are a prevention of crime.

Instead of investing in more equipment for the STOP AND FRISK POLICE invest in more jobs and businesses in those areas that are on the brink. If you invest in a police state you will have a police state. If you invest in business you will have a business state. Do you want a free market system in your city or do you want a nazi regime? The police are pretty good at protecting themselves with the guns that they have. It is the people that are at risk, not the police (except on occasion.) If you invest in business and jobs you won’t need more police and police equipment. I think New York is at a crossroads and ought to get some advice from Rudy Guiliani because the mayor that is in charge is doing the same thing as Obama and leading from behind ie forethought with malice doomed for failure.

Investing in a police state naturally leads to one.

Kurt Russell revisits ‘Escape from New York’ at EW CapeTown Film Festival

I watched The Five today (Monday August 19th) on this very subject and have in the past watched their show on the subject of self defense. They are for the right to bear arms especially the women on the show Dana Perino and  Kimberly Guilfoyle yet they want to continue Stop and Frisk.

It does not make sense. Which way do you want it?

It’s okay for you to bear arms, but not for them?

Stop and frisk: Good police work or racial profiling?

I like Eric Bolling’s bit of research. Refreshing. I think the women are reacting from fear.


Dana Perino mentioned the word integral and everyone on the show didn’t know what she was talking about and she managed to make the others feel dumb. I don’t know about you, but I say integral differently so no wonder they were confused. In fact, I have never heard that word pronounced that way. Am I wrong?  Dana Perino said it in a Kunta Kinte kind of way.

Is Dana Perino a spy?


Levar Burton

Watched O’reilly again talk about Levar Burton and, Yes, O’reilly you are condescending and you have no right to be except in your egocentric mind. You think you are better and you think you are smarter, and in that regard you are wrong.

To be fair Levar Burton is a bit hoity toity, but he is definitely correct about targeting and if you can’t understand what Levar Burton was expressing then you are nuts and I don’t believe you about that ticket you experienced that you used as an example a few weeks before condescendingly. I think you made that up!

Levar Burton starred in one of the best science fiction movies as the navigator in the movie called Galaxy Quest

which is one best scenes of the movie and when he goes through the mine field in space. There are lots of those in that movie. I love that movie.

There is a scene in that movie about a guy who’s character doesn’t have a name just a position. He freaks out because he thinks he will die first cause that is what happened to them in Star Wars. Pretty funny which reminds me of my post called:

Tell No Man


HUD just wants to disguise failure and steal MO MONEY. Spread out failure so it won’t be so noticeable. It is a coward’s way. Learn economics, make good deals for America, tax less, control less, get job growth moving in the right direction, quit dying for OBAMACARE, stop the bleeding, quit the pork, CLEAN IT UP.

I guess it takes Forethought Without Malice

Right as I wrote the last line  “Malice” I heard a loud noise and my neighbors tree fell on the garage of the house I live in. Thank goodness we don’t own it. But no harm done:) I guess it was a warning from the birdie man. It was an ash tree and luckily it is just resting on the roof. But our air conditioning went out again because the freon was super low yet a few days ago the freon was fine when the air conditioning man came to fix the air conditioning the first time. The air conditioning man said there are freon thieves that suction off freon either to get off on it, or to cause trouble for others

(which I think is what occurred),

or to use it for their own purposes to cool their own homes I guess. Now we have to get some lock caps for the freon. So I guess I’m on their radar screen and they want to cause trouble for me. This happened after my ridicule of the purse incident in Zurich for good reason not necessarily to put Oprah down although it was difficult not to do in the course of it all. But I do have a weird sense of humor. I can’t help that it’s just my nature, but if I’m gonna have to deal with idiots stealing freon just to try to make me miserable well it worked for a short space, but at least I’m not complaining about a purse. It’s not like she can’t buy thousands of those purses like the President’s wife Imeldo Marcos of the Philippines who had a shoe fetish, however they did get in trouble. I know she just brought up this incident because it happened to her and that was all that came to her mind about racism in her own life which shows racism hasn’t been too much of a problem for her (even though it affected her sensitivities at the time and she did not forget it) but she does have a right to talk about it: it was good fodder and I appreciate it for the sake of my articles. Women tend not to forget. I won’t shop at that store in Zurich! I’m pandering, because I wouldn’t anyway. I would not shop at a store that has a 38 thousand dollar purse because it is out of my league and thousands of miles away and I’m pretty positive they would not show me that same purse because it is too expensive for me.

Will someone steal her freon, please? JK


I think it is healthy to talk about issues such as racism in America and we should not be threatened because of it.  DO THEY TALK ABOUT RACISM IN EUROPE?

Normally, I would not like what Oliver Stone has to say because he always seemed to be radical, now I’m a radical. I am glad he said what he said about Obama because it is true, Obama is a snake. I don’t care where he says it as long as the message gets out. I have something in common with Oliver Stone: he made a movie about the JFK assassination and I transcribed a few times the CBS coverage of the assassination and found a plethora of information about many people I had no idea were involved in the assassination. He went out on a limb at the time and probably paid a price for his findings. I hope he will look at my findings which are found at Merangue’s Blog. I did it twice and the second time around it became much clearer what occurred, but both transcriptions have information the other does not have. Check out the other posts about the Synoptic Gospels vs. the Gospel of John, which are my favorite posts and were developed over time as I studied. I’m sure O’reilly would disagree with my findings about Jesus, he has written a book about Jesus and soon will be selling them called Killing Jesus a take on his other books called Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. Just remember he is a Jesuit and Jesuits take a secret oath to infiltrate, prop a lie, create propaganda, maim, kill and many other activities and actions to protect the Pope, the Vatican, and their own agenda. He is an agent of the kind that killed Kennedy and probably killed Lincoln and more than likely killed Jesus. I have not taken an oath and I don’t make money writing about any of those subjects. It’s free to copy and share.

A new book by Mark Levin to help Americans learn to have power. I think he is honest and has some good advice as seen on the Hannity Show last week:

Cal Thomas Column: Mark Levin’s ‘Liberty Amendments’ Has Constitutional Cure for What Ails the Republic

 My favorite idea that he revealed was in Cal Thomases Column : “Levin admits these amendments are unlikely to win congressional approval because in Washington power is not willingly relinquished. That’s why he proposes the states bypass Congress, as the Framers provided, and pass these amendments themselves. As Levin notes, “Article V (of the Constitution) expressly grants state legislatures significant authority to rebalance the constitutional structure for the purpose of restoring our founding principles should the federal government shed its limitations, abandon its original purpose and grow too powerful, as many delegates in Philadelphia and the state conventions had worried it might.”


“To return America to its constitutional boundaries, Levin proposes a series of “liberty amendments” to the Constitution, beginning with one limiting the terms of congressmen so they might avoid the bipartisan virus that infects even some who believe in limited government, mutating them into power-hungry influence seekers with little regard for the public good.”

The problem I have is if there is a conspiracy

to defraud Americans

of their rights which I believe has occurred:

term limitations might be used the opposite way to blame the previous position holder for bad oversight and in the case of ObamaCare for voting in favor of the bill without paying the piper. We should be able to hold accountable those that previously held the job for doing a bad job against the wishes of the people. If we can’t then this amendment is meaningless.

The next inhabiter of the position can vote that they don’t have to abide by the same rules as they expect the citizens to abide which is UNACCOUNTABILITY.



I think the answer to that is the federal workers that work behind the scenes who are hard to fire and who seem to be in control of Congress

should be held accountable!

I think the men and women that hold the positions

such as Senator and Representatives

are merely front men.

That is what is occurring in our government

that needs to be fixed.

We need to turn federal workers over 

and we need to gain control of them.

Their jobs should be term limited as well and the public should be able to hire them, and fire them anytime they are caught in criminal activity, negligence, and even if there is just a hint of duplicity or malpractice  because this is where the power is. I believe the Vatican has control of them and they control whoever gets elected in various ways. These are the people that need to be under the control of the average citizen. We need to have control of who gets these jobs so that we don’t just play musical chairs with characters that are controlled by some other source like China or the Vatican. Americans need to gain oversight and management of this part of the machine of the government including secretaries, not unions. Their jobs need to be temporary and controlled by those that are interested in each state and voted upon by their performance, education, character, and they should have to report to those that are interested in each state. We, the Americans, can then be watching at close range what is really occurring in Washington. We, the Americans should be in charge of their salaries depending upon their service to us. We should be in charge of their mail. I know that the NSA, CIA, Secret Service and others would like to control what our Congressmen see and hear and say because they control information, mail via computer technology and that needs to change.

We should also control the secretaries and federal workers who are the machinery of the President. That includes butlers, cooks, drivers, cars, mechanics, and housekeepers, and the white house press secretaries, etc.

They should have to report to us what is occurring in that office.

THEY should be our eyes and ears.

We need to be in charge of monitors visual and audio in every room our representatives occupy including the President and monitored in real time at home in each state to know who visits and their business with our Representatives and our federal workers including secretaries, monitoring their agendas for the day filed and stored daily at home (The State) so we may know everything they doing at home (The State) in real time so we can be aware in real time.

Transcriptions also should be made of telephone conversations as well as audio tapes and visual tapes of those conversations. Same goes for their computer accounts and their emails. twitters etc.

We need to send a watchdog to each office and to watch each worker no matter what the job. We should know who eats with who and what they eat and where. When they go to the bathroom and who they talk to etc, who cuts their hair, and the conversations they have word for word. We are paying for it. Every trip they take using government money ie (US TAX DOLLARS) should also be monitored visual and audio by us.

All of the above should be assessable by the public and the press at any time.

We should get to decide whether they get a raise in salary or a lowering of their salary. They should not be able to change their own salaries.

We get to determine their worth.

That is transparency.

We the Americans need to know why they say one thing and do another and when they changed their stance and the reason for it. We need to know who influences them.

We cannot control what the press says or does but we can determine ahead of time at the State Level what is aired on our televisions in each State by the Press to our State. They are a great power but each state should determine how much power they have in each state by the people of the state. If our press were free and fair it would be different. But owners of the press do not have the best interests of the people and are controlling information as demonstrated by Benghazi and their silence about certain people involved hence it is not a free press they do not deserve free access to the public.


O’reilly’s new word of the day is ninnyhammer ie a simple person and I’m sure it is aimed at me being that I have attacked his sensibilities quite often in my posts because of his tactics and simply will continue to do so because he is a ninnyass. Because one has attained wealth does not mean they know what they are talking about. Just means there are many ninny-hammers that they chum with and build up each other financially and egotistically and as a mob work together to silence and abuse their enemy: the truth.

AS FAR AS “BUILDING A LIFE” ASHTON KUTCHER  did it the easy way or the hard way depending on how you look at it…..It isn’t easy when certain types make it near impossible. THANK GOODNESS you weren’t denied access to opportunities or singled out for retribution. EASY FOR YOU TO SAY.

I would not put it past this male to have facilitated addiction for his blunder.

I remember I made a mosaic mirror and tried to sell it at a garage sale at my sister’s home in her neighbor hood garage sale. Her friend was a bit of a snob and whispered to my sister about my mosaic and the location of the mosaic near the front door on the ground leaning on the brick and my sister said to me that my mosaic was distracting the people that came to the sale and she wanted me to move it. It was not meant nicely. It was really an out there kind of thing to say, totally rude and totally bs. That hurt. There was no reason behind what she said except jealousy because she has no talent in the arts or music, nor appreciation of either, just a great saleslady and impressing her friend. So they sat their chairs in front of the sale together and I said they were distracting the people to pass by jokingly in response to her strange insult: I was kind of livid inside but could not contain it without a joking jab.

Another example I painted a pastel portrait of my sisters ex-niece who drowned on her 3rd birthday party for her ex family and ex daughter by marriage, the mother, and she gave it as a gift to them but acted like it was painted by some annonymous artist that she commissioned. I spent at least 2 weeks, at least, and did it twice to get it right and was eventually paid $100. I think I caught her spirit in my painting, but children are hard to catch totally in art their simple beauty but I think I did it pretty well. Believe me I would have done it for free but appreciated slightly the money. They were my ex family too in a way. I had never met her ex-neice who was beautiful and sweet looking, but I knew the rest of the family and the mother, but because of the divorce wasn’t free to communicate. My sister’s ex husband saved our nephew from drowning when he was a young tot (he is a doctor now) and it seemed super unfair for my ex-brother-in-law to lose his granddaughter from drowning in his pool on her 3rd birthday.  Spiritually I think my sister is amiss in her beliefs but they are well off and hence they are better in her estimation because they measure their worth by their income.

Kids don’t make money.

This same sister on a trip with the whole family to see my mother said Let my (sisters name) look after her own daughter’s 3 children, all 3 rambunctious darling kids between the ages of 2-5 or 6 on vacation without their parents for that night that my elder sister was baby sitting near a river at night as if that was the right thing to do just so we could have fun. I said, “hey they are my niece’s kids,” but my sister is a drinker of alcohol. This niece had compared me to the devil in her letter (but wears an ankh tatoo on her arm and doesn’t realize the meaning ie slavery, I don’t think and probably has not read the Old Testament or didn’t take it seriously) to her mom which I was invited to read and that same elder sister invited me to watch a movie with Keirra Knightley called “Atonement,” because of family problems between her and I. I drink too, but not nearly as often or nearly as much. I think her religion is part of the problem such as the OSTEEN religion and the effects of alcohol over the years. Taking it out on someones kid’s, because of sisterly junk isn’t cool and pretty shallow like

the Osteenish O’reilly faussaire!

Look it up Bill O’reilly, and bask in it!

I love my sister and she is a generally good person in many ways and I am glad she is my sister and a blessing to me in the past, but she doesn’t get it because she is deceived in a bubble wrap kind of way.

That spirit also makes it next to impossible to raise kids purposefully because of PRIDE using the NSA, cell phones and their aps, and many other tools such as propaganda which are very pervasive: their means that are at their disposal to destroy relationships, kids, families, friendships, jobs, and many other things. It may be radio waves or some other type blood raising signals to affect others tempers, but if they can, they will, and they do.

Obviously, it is of the DEVIL.

That is my Oprah rant for today. We all have baggage. I have much more but it just doesn’t fit in this post.


Bush daughter hopes Hillary Clinton runs in 2016

Heritage plays a big part in the game of thrones of the world these days. George Bush supports ObamaCare. Both Bush and Obama love to interfere in others lives with home invasion tools for the sake of safety from terrorism a BIG FAT SIGNAL not to be taken lightly. The Bush family has quite a heritage which aligns with some interesting history.

Watched a fantastic Hannity show last night about terrorism.

September 11 attacks

The question I have for Hannity is if there were 19 Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked four different coordinated attacks in NYC, Washington DC (the Pentagon Department of Defense) all Saudi Arabians why did we attack Iraq?

Saudi Arabia is the hub of Islam,

militant Islam,

and the location of their holiest site MECCA. 

That is where the term Al Qaeda originated from.

Did Bush get mixed up by his colleagues or was there a good reason for their missing their target the hub of terrorism: MECCA

Who owned the newspaper business at that time. Who sells America OIL?

“.[1] Al-Qaeda and bin Laden cited U.S. support of Israel, the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, and sanctions against Iraq as motives for the attacks.”

But wait, did we have US troops in Saudi FUCKING Arabia?


To protect the oil business? Does George Bush have a stake in the Oil Business of Saudi Arabia? Is George Bush a puppet of Saudi Arabia?

Or were they there to protect MECCA?

It is hard to believe that the Bushes would be so low

but it is hard to believe

that Obama can be so low,


they are really LOW LIFES!

Yes they probably were involved in 9-11! And watched as people jumped out of buildings etc without a conscience and then had a staged interrupted book reading at an elementary school with a surprised George Bush.


George Bush supports OBAMACARE


There were companies wiped out in those buildings and I pretty positive they were competitive with the BUSH/CLINTON clans.






Peace Be Unto you!

Jeremiah 8:11

For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying,

Peace, peace; when there is no peace.


Here is someone WHO LOVES TO MOCK BUT CANNOT TAKE IT as Rush Limbaugh and C. S. Lewis and the clown in Missouri showed me:

Just keep golfing maybe you will finally sink a ball

Just nudge it in, no one you golf with will hold you to a fair game.

Just don’t play basketball in front of a camera, it’s embarrassing, or was that a private moment caught on camera by the NSA?

Step in time! / Mary Poppins


Step In Time Lyrics

…….Kick your knees up!
Kick your knees up, step in time
Kick your knees up, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Kick your knees up, step in time….

Obama golfs, Kerry lectures, Egyptians die in droves

Benghazi, Syria, Egypt……He lectures because he is a state’s man. He likes to be seen. And the pope basically says the same things, but he said it first a couple of days ago and Kerry is just reiterating what Pope Francis said. It’s is so comforting to have men in the world. They really make a difference.

It is the same military that was there at the first coup, isn’t it? I call it a coup because it is but one caused this time by the people of Egypt rallying against the Muslim Brotherhood Mursi/Morsi without violence so the military had to step in because the Muslim Brotherhood is against the people and wouldn’t take the hint. You can hardly blame the military this time having to defend itself and the people for the deaths of the Muslim Brotherhood. I think our diplomats in the Senate should have stayed away (Lindsay Graham and John McCain) but they are only helping Barack Obama whether he takes credit for it or not. They obviously want Mursi/Morsi back and whispered sweet nothings about the Suez Canal and Israel in the news just lately because they want PEACE and are PRO Israel, just like the Vatican. Something to do with the Camp David Accords. Free passage of things like oil. Because they don’t want it clogged up, I suppose. Anyway right after McCain and Graham left all hell broke loose so there must be a connection, and then Kerry and Obama have come to the rescue. One off the golf course for one brief shining moment and Kerry to rub it in after the Pope rubbed it in a few days ago. I think Kerry could make great in roads if he just sent a bunch of ketchup, that is what she is good for, eh?
You have influence…..USE IT.
Can it be any more transparent?

As far as the church burnings in Egypt:

 I don’t know the relationship of the Coptic Christian Church to Rome but as I recall it has been competitive and not so good sometimes so maybe the burnings have more to do with Vatican trying to subdue the Coptic Christians influence in Egypt. Makes sense that they would use their brothers to do it for them because that is how they do business in many countries. They are jealous and don’t like the competition.

We have heard about the Coptic Christian sites being destroyed but what about the Catholic churches that were so involved in the first coup that seemed to escape? Love to hear how they are faring in CAIRO! Doesn’t seem to be any reporting in that regard…why not? They usually are found next to or adjacent to the mosques.

I take that back one seems to have been affected probably to be inclusive to look like they aren’t involved in the Muslim Brotherhood otherwise it might be too obvious who is inciting and who premeditated the destruction of the Coptic Christian churches because they want full control, IMO. Pulling a Franklin Graham IRS abuse trick including himself so as not to be noticeable.

Egyptian Christians return to worship in church destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood

…….Flap like a birdie!
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Flap like a birdie, step in time……

Barack Obama has talent, but he is not fit for the office of President. He can sell ideas, but he does not lead well and is not a good policy maker.

Except when  it comes to collecting insurance. He is the master of scams. Please read the next article called:

The Strategy to Win War Against Terrorism

and you will see what I mean.

He could be a great actor.

Reagan was a great President in his time but he was not a great actor.

Apes see a tall slab

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.38 PMScreen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.58 PM


Sure have been a lot of sink holes and a lot of abductions lately. The ocean sink holes are close to perfectly round which is weird. Maybe earth is a moon. The land ones are pretty round too.  On CNN they showed the inside of a sink hole and the caverns created by water rising and I guess affecting the limestone beneath.

In the writings of Josephus Flavius he mentions the underground caverns in Israel and supposedly quite a few people lived in those areas at a certain time for some reason.

Sinkholes: As if you don’t have enough to worry about

Gingrich: Republicans have ‘zero’ health care ideas

We had a system and it worked fairly. I don’t understand why the Republicans have to come up with a health plan. That is ridiculous. Just because Clinton came up with one and Obama came up with one does not mean we need any new plan and we don’t need a Republican one either. Clinton didn’t even know what is is and Obama didn’t know there is a there there why should we listen to either of them or NEWT. Its like the bag summit


(My experience with Parkland is they misdiagnosed me the first time I became deathly ill because they took me off my antibiotics I went back 24 hours later and three new amazing doctors saved my life. I did not have insurance. They did not charge me and I did not sue them for their first mistake. I would not have had to suffer near as much, but I was grateful for living and for their great care with a few exceptions of nurses dying for me to get CAT Scanned a couple of times without needing it and without the proper preparation. I lost some hair which took a while to get back and lost many eyelashes which didn’t come back but thank God for makeup. Overall I came out okay and so did they. Doctors make mistakes but they can overcome them and learn from them and when they do should not be sued. Everyone and their mother did not have to be insured to cover it or spread it out. It was a fair deal. This is the continuation or an amendment of my insurance racket monologue from the last post below. The health business is different than property and should be treated that way. We have an amazing health care in this country and we should not sell it out. People come from all over the world for it. It is the best in the world, so far. If we go to ObamaCare it won’t be the best or second best it will be as bad as the rest of the world and I don’t think that is a good plan.)

That is what the free market system does naturally. Newt is not republican he just likes to reprimand them and be seen. He ran as one because there are only two parties taken seriously or admitted into the presidential debates. O’reilly thinks that Hillary has the next election in the bag because O’reilly is a Hillary devotee. O’reilly doesn’t like women, but he does like Hillary. Obviously if Hillary is President it won’t be her presidency. She is just Bill’s wife even though she doesn’t like to make cookies: Does that make her eligible to be President?

How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

This woman was a chef.

I listened to Charles Krauthammer about Hillary’s successes in the job she had and there are none. I think she should be out of contention for the job of President until she figures out “what difference does it make” and tells the Americans the truth about Benghazi under the tool used by Brennan on his own slaves to control them: the lie detector equipment in front of Congress televised. She said that because she was flabbergasted and lost her cool and was willing to take the flap over her question instead of telling the truth. Let’s just say there is a lot of duplicity in these clowns. They keep throwing Chris Christie out as the only competitor, because that is what they desire to run against Hillary. RIDICULOUS. That way no matter what they can control the president. Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are cookie cutter politicians like most of the politicians in Washington. Is Hillary still a lawyer? If so, she ought to be disbarred which might help to put an end to her anticipation.

She is just Joseph Biden’s armpit anyway! He likes he BO.

Carly Simon – Anticipation

They don’t want someone who has independent thought.

They seem to be afraid of Sarah Palin.

They don’t mention her intentionally.


She told the Americans the truth and they (Republicans and Democrats) don’t like that.


In other words, she went rogue on the Republicans and the Democrats

and the Press,

but that is what we need in the Office of the President of the US.

Sarah Palin: McCain campaign ‘elitists’ banned me from telling the truth

While she may be in Rand Paul’s camp…….He ought to be in her camp as well.
I’m not sure he is a big enough.
Is anyone big enough?

The Temptations Shout

I guess that IOWA display on CBN was too much to overcome! Go drink a beer!



For Obama, denial is a river in Egypt

disney fantasia dance of the hours 3 hippopotamus

You can read about that in the posts below in this blog.

KUHNER: Who betrayed Navy SEAL Team 6?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.10.58 PMScreen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.11.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.44.13 PM

“News reporting and media outreach have been among the major tasks that are vital to the civil uprising in Syria. Aleppo Media Centre, a specialized news center serving Aleppo and its suburbs, has been established with a generous contribution from SEO.

Since October 2012, SEO has been responsible for coordinating Aleppo Media center and providing technical and logistical help along with the financial help it provided. The center continues its task in producing and publishing news reports from Aleppo to the world and has been working on a TV series that is aimed at increasing the public awareness about the civil uprising and providing guidance to the activist to avoid counter violence and chaos.”

Nice Designer Schniper clothes!

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.28.29 PM I wonder if these mechanisms could send Sarin gas into a neighborhood with little girls and little boys?

Financed by Saudi Arabia SEO?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.35.15 PM

These guys look professional and they don’t look like they are searching for the military in this neighborhood, does it?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.33.00 PM

Photo: ANA: #Aleppo #Syria: anti government demonstrations kicked off this afternoon in several areas of central Aleppo calling for freedom and the toppling of regime, as in the following neighborhoods:<br /><br />
- Old city http://youtu.be/TJ5o-AYNKzY<br /><br />
- Ferdous http://youtu.be/-DJfND8hFTI<br /><br />
- Sekkari http://youtu.be/Aar9CfdU7cs<br /><br />
- Shaar http://youtu.be/BiKGRlSWDyg<br /><br />
- Bestan Al-Qasr http://youtu.be/oFnQHCa0k0c<br /><br />
- Al-Bab Road http://youtu.be/bb_nsyhPi30<br /><br />
- Mashehad http://youtu.be/VIx0zO_YwMM<br /><br />
- Salaheddin http://youtu.be/yD01IWMljAg</p><br />
<p>Photo taken in the Bestan al-Qasr area</p><br />
<p>Original photo source<br /><br />
Don’t the Swiss guard the Vatican?
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.51.51 PM
Of course they will.
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The Strategy to Win War Against Terrorism

Very Simple and without bloodshed:

Destroy their holy sites

in all of the countries that their holy sites reside.

Destroy their temples.


It would have a great affect on their beliefs


Takes fortitude, common sense, true grit

and is humane.

It would undermine Al qaeda.

Might even make them normal.



They attacked the twin towers on 9/11 because they were a symbol of capitalism.

What religion has a site usually adjacent or next to an islamic temple or shrine?

Roman Catholic


Because they are in cahoots together. They are united:

A Nun and Mohammad created Islam

The attackers of 9/11 were Saudi Arabian. Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, is it not?

What did they possess? box cutters 

What does mecca have that thousands of people flock to

to walk around:

a box

What possesses them to walk around a box?

The opportunity to kiss what is inside the box!

You destroy the box and more than likely they won’t be flocking to walk around it. And it would be symbolic to the vulnerability of Mohammad and their god, etc

I think it possesses them. Why else would they walk around it?


The embassies are symbolic and their closings are symbolic.

By closing them they succeeded in a symbolic victory over diplomacy.

Who gave them that victory?  OBAMA and the Vatican and probably the UN

Why? Al Qaeda activity (chatter) who are on the run

The destruction of the Vatican of course would be symbolic and the destruction of Notre Dame in Paris with the Courtyard of the Gentiles would be symbolic and meaningful because the ones that pull the strings and the cause of most of the crap going on in the world are the Vatican and their press.









What government has representatives in every country on earth? The Vatican

What location represents all the countries in the world? The UN

I would imagine that the UN is under threat if the embassies are threatened.

Who is the Pope? Pope Francis

Where is he from? Brazil

Where are the 7 hills located physically in Revelation?

Rome and Brazil

The 7 Hills Symbolically?

Rome and Brazil

The 7 hills Spiritually?

The 7 Deadly sins=Rome

The 7 Sacraments are the 7 mountains ie false remedies for sin



Who is Sinbad?

Sinbad the Sailor Sinbad the Sailor (also spelled SindbadArabic: السندباد البحري as-Sindibād al-BaḥriPersian: سندباد Sandbād) is a fictional sailor and the hero of astory-cycle of Middle Eastern origin who hails from Basrah, living during the Abbasid Caliphate.

“The Abbasid caliphate was founded by the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad‘s youngest uncle, Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (566–653), inKufa in 750 CE and shifted its capital in 762 to Baghdad. Within 150 years of gaining control of Persia, the caliphs were forced to cede power to local dynastic emirs who only nominally acknowledged their authority. The caliphate also lost the Western provinces of al-Andalus,Maghreb and Ifriqiya to an Umayyad prince, the Aghlabids and the Fatimid Caliphate, respectively.

The Abbasids’ rule was briefly ended for three years in 1258, when Hulagu Khan, the Mongol khan, sacked Baghdad, resuming in Mamluk Egypt in 1261, from where they continued to claim authority in religious matters until 1519, when power was formally transferred to theOttoman Empire and the capital relocated to Constantinople.[clarification needed]

You laugh?

What do you expect from two very large CULTS?


Why else would they walk around a box with a meteor in it?

hajar aswad

How do they control their flocks? The eucharist

Who makes them and what are the ingredients?

I imagine there are drugs being added to the eucharist to make people act like crazy nuts.

Notice how on the weekends nothing much happens. Not much news usually. Because the effects wear off through the week. THAT IS MY OPINION. Drugs cost money and so do slaves hence all the comments by Obama about sleeves\/slaves. Partially why peoples memories seem to be affected. I’m sure there are other avenues and plenty of them to keep them under control. What drug lasts about a week? Devil’s Breath

Where is the drug found: I think Columbia

Did JFK and Jackie visit Columbia? Yes

Diamond mines are located in Columbia: Diamonds are a symbol of marriage

What plant was on the table at the last meal of JFK? Devil’s Breath deep inside the flowers.

Who licked at them? Jackie Kennedy

Devils breath is a drug that sea sickness drug is made from.

Who did Jackie Kennedy marry afterwards? A Ship Tycoon Onassis who knew about Devil’s Breath

The Jealousy of Mary

Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 6.54.30 PM

Taking turns kissing the stone which reminds me of what happens at carnivals and county fairs and kissing the girl in the booth.

What does this monument look like? A vagina

Whose vagina does it represent? Probably Mary

Islamic males are obviously sexually conflicted. They rape a female and stone her yet they kiss a stone vagina. SICKKKKKK


What you have to ask is what is on the other side of the box?

Pope Francis Making It A Priority To Visit ‘Black Mary’ Shrine, Brazil’s Patron Saint


another form of IDOLATRY

What was on the walls of Benghazi?


Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.11.02 PM

Urdu: Secrets of the Holy Black Stone (Hajar-e-Aswad)

 I have no idea what these guys are saying LOL but the date is significant on the side of the picture: October 12th 2011 especially if you cracker/switch the numbers around.

October 11th, 2012

Year of Faith: Oct. 11, 2012-Nov. 24, 2013

With his Apostolic Letter of October 11, 2011,Porta Fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared that a “Year of Faith” will begin on October 11, 2012

What are you doing on 10-11-12?

“In fact, the kind of sequence happening Thursday is one that’s been occurring every year since 2003, when we had 01-02-03. It will end for a while in 2014, with 12-13-14. Then we’ll need to wait until 2103. “It basically happens in the early years of a new century,” says Geoff Chester, public affairs officer at the U.S. Naval Observatory, which, if you didn’t know, is the official timekeeper for the Department of Defense.”

Is it “real time”?

Sec. Hillary Clinton: I did not watch the attacks ‘in real time’

“In a heated exchange with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denied allegations that she had watched the Benghazi attacks on a monitor in real time.”

Secretary Lamb saw the attack in real time but Hillary didn’t, so she says.

Mr Rohrabacher: At any time did you see the initial attack on a monitor, or the President?

Hillary Clinton: Congressman there was no monitor, there was no real time. We got the surveillance videos some weeks later that was the first time we saw any video of the attack.

So what made them say the attack was caused by a video? The Vatican

When did it occur? GOOD QUESTION


Would be helpful to speak about time specifically. In real time vs  in unreal time and a few weeks later from those times gets to be confusing!

Isn’t time space? Or is space untime?

Hence the references by Kerry (about Hillary),

Obama (to Russian Pres and his side kick),

and Pope Benedict (Notre Dame and the Court of the Gentiles)

about space

and references to time by NSA LEAKER Eric Snowden residing in Russia:

“They’re gonna get you in time.”


What did President Kennedy warn us about time?

( But Dr. Billy Graham couldn’t warn Pres. Kennedy?)

Who puffed Billy Graham?

They are the masters of baffle and their baffalions of buffalos.


If Hillary Clinton makes a run for President the Republicans ought to consider Sarah Palin and not New Jersey Chris Christie to run against her. He won’t win against Hillary. It is hard to compare a female to a male without backfiring and the press will make hay of it for sure with one slip of the tongue although it worked for Obama with more than one slip of the tongue about Sarah Palin. As it turns out it wasn’t a slip but a multitude of slips about a lipstick on a pig in regards to Sarah and Hillary by a few good men that think alike especially when it comes to Egypt and women.

Sarah Palin very easily could beat Hillary Clinton hands down. I have always liked her but in addition she has earned my respect especially after her interview with Greta Van Susterne on Fox News which I transcribed in the post:

The Gates of the Boston Marathon and the Bag

Sarah’s honesty eclipses Hillary’s neglect.

 (A like comparison would be the Mayorship of Rudy Guiliani of New York


the Mayorship of Rahm Emanuel of Chicago.)

Hollywood and Hillary

I don’t think a man can win against Hillary, but a tried and true woman could. There are plenty of men that are more qualified and definitely more talented than Hillary like the men named in the previous post such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Darrell Issa, Trey Goudy, but because America is immature in matters of gender, race, and the consequences of unaccountability

which matters to Democrats and Republicans alike

 Hillary would have an advantage just because of her gender

whereas if she ran against a woman she would lose that advantage .



Yea baby, she’s got it! She’s got metal.

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire

Venus by Bananarama and lyrics

She is the Anti-Christie


 Potassium vs Pot– It’s elementary and America needs her metal!

(Hillary Clinton’s got the wrong schtuff)

Americans do not need tricks any more in government, one side upping the ante and holding one thing over another. You do not build trust that way. We need straight talk and quick action. Shutting down the government is no big deal in my opinion but won’t solve anything in regards to OBAMACARE. Since the bill was not read by those that signed it their signatures should be null and void,


If it can be proved that those that signed the bill had not read it either because of lack of time or duress and the bill was overly cumbersome, and I think it can, then their signatures should be discarded.

Just because the President made it law it doesn’t matter, the President is illegally in the position he is in and since he has broken the laws of the land his enacted laws are null and void.



If he ignores the above and implements it and spends tax dollars promoting an illegal bill he is responsible for paying back those tax dollars out of his pension and assets and Kathleen Sebellius ought to have to payback the American Public also and I am sure she knows the way in which this bill was enacted into law and knows the legality of a ill-gotten law through subterfuge and will be held responsible for it’s implementation and the crimes against humanity if she continues on the path she seems determined to pursue meaning she will be classified as a war criminal eventually.

I hope she thinks long and hard about her own course and actions.

Republicans revive ‘Penny Plan’ as sequester alternative to balance budget

I think it is great that the Congress takes time off from Washington to get off the Washington Drug and dry out from that drowning failure called the Federal Government. It is good that they get around their peers and their constituents and their families and their homes and live like the rest of us, besides they are not getting any cooperation from the other arms of government intentionally. They need to hear the voices they represent because I know that they aren’t really getting the REAL SCOOP in their offices or from their supportive staffs because most of them are shills and like a real good editor or bad editor depending on how you see things are being insulated like the Pope from what is really occurring and what is in their mail boxes. That is how the Vatican works: Out of sight out of mind. Deceptive practices because of the UNACCOUNTABILITY problem in Washington. It’s how they control their Politicians and the Press! That is why they are not easily fired because of who they really work for (the Vatican in various forms) and it is not the people or the elected representatives. Like having many Gastroenterolgists to make sure you can always sit when you don’t really need butt one every so often and they look like this:


And FULL of GOOD IDEAS LIKE Wait and See

Nancy Pelosi on Health Care:

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”


Pop Goes the Weasel

To put it another way like having many Christine Lagardes examining your bank accounts and books by the hour.

Congress to Receive ObamaCare Exemption

UPDATE 1-U.S. Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies

However, exempting yourselves from the laws you enact is BS and won’t go unnoticed and you will lose your seats and any respect you have earned. The apologists for this trickery are counting on the honesty of Obama and who in the world is that dumb? It is just bribery and the ones that go along are tainted but that is what the Obamas are known for: CORRUPTING. This is the time of testing one’s metal ie the “time of affliction” and it isn’t gonna go on forever it is “only a short space” and then judgement.


You are being TESTED and might be a good time to try to pass the test THIS TIME.

Congress Doesn’t Deserve Summer Vacation, Says New Poll

The ones that don’t deserve a vacation are the Obama’s and their leeches but those are the ones I’d like to see take a vacation from the USA forever and climb back into their worm holes and find another place to coagulate.

Who cares about the government shutting down if OBAMACARE is shut down. It is worth it. They will blame the Republicans and they will be the victors. Kill two birds with one stone.

New signs of trouble for ObamaCare implementation

The guest on Neil Cavuto is suggesting to let ObamaCare peter itself out but you do that and Kathleen Sebellius meanwhile is able to defraud the citizens and other programs of millions and millions of dollars to promote a meaningless law which could gain a foothold and then it will take billions and billions of dollars to undo the damage she is able to produce and it is not beneath her to do so. I think this guest ought to rethink unless it is just and okay to waste money or is that money really going to be funneled somewhere else anyway.

And of course so is Donald Trump:

Trump: ObamaCare ‘may just die of its own weight’

What does he gain if they “trump it up” and it fails? Just letting it die of it’s own weight is not very bright and I think Donald Trump knows that. Is that how Donald Trump made his fortune? I don’t think so. Would he feel that way about his TRUMP TOWER? That is why I think he must be getting something out of the promotion of the OBAMACARE. I think those that are for OBAMACARE will be receiving some of those millions in SEBELLIUS”S DISPOSAL so no wonder they are in favor of trying it, even if it fails. It’s a ploy to spend money for themselves and their businesses.


Why the fight to defeat ObamaCare is good politics, not bad politics

If a government shut down defunds OBAMACARE, THEN DO IT.

IF it doesn’t, then do what I proposed up above. I really don’t see how you can make a shut down affect Funding of OBAMACARE. To me the way to defund it is to nullify it and while you are at it put Sebellius under the microscope in Congress in regards to the IRS Scandal. I’m pretty positive she can add some information to the pile of lies and do some accounting on her accounts, emails, etc. Test her metal:) She is Obama’s choice for good reasons, she knows some things. Be sure to bring a bottle of FLEET just in case you get the opportunity or just stick it on her chair before she sits down and we just might get some answers.

(Good idea for a new invention: The Fleet Seat chair that turns upside down. Helps with blood flow to the brain and circulation and with a disposable hemorrhoids and constipation pad that injects the fleet enema. Hire some IRS agents to clean it up.)

ON the News conference by Obama today he suggested that Republicans should provide a better idea if they have one in regards to OBAMACARE. How about it was a better idea to leave it in the state it was in then overhaul it with BS. The problem with Republicans is the sales job, communication a problem with most men. But most Americans have thumbed down OBAMACARE and OBAMA doesn’t LISTEN and he can’t seem to HEAR, hence he doesn’t CARE what Americans want because it isn’t about HEALTHCARE and everyone knows it. Notice how the Muslim Brotherhood uses the organization called Cair (Counsel on American Islamic Relations) to communicate with Obama.

You think that is coincidental?

CAIR calls on Obama to condemn attacks against

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt


He may have big ears, but he uses them the wrong way. IT is about punishing the middle class and destroying businesses and people who are against him. It is about destroying America by breaking the back bone of America –

the middle class.

Polls lie as we know so any polls suggesting Americans are for ObamaCare are exaggerated to the max. It won’t go well for the upper class when there is no middle class because they will be the new middle class and there will be no one to buy their crap. There will be an exponential increase in dissatisfaction exponentially time-wise and great revolt like the times in France when they wore pretty wigs on their heads and painted moles on their faces when the upper class became death row.

Don’t take anything for granted, especially the middle class of America.

[Just a fair warning of the probability of history repeating itself.]

Funny thing, though, (it’s not really funny it is scary for them) it seems the ones that seem to lose life and limb are the ones that follow him.

Obama is deeply disturbed, they call it insanity, and he relishes it.

I know that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and I get the uncomfortable feeling the next few months are crucial as far as the direction of the country and frankly tired of the inaction and ineptitude of our government when it comes to OBAMACARE and I think the temperature is rising quickly. Overtaxation, Benghazi, and the administration of the Obamas has me royally pissed off. I’m sick of his games and would like them to cease to exist, the Obamas that is and the rest of their crew. The election a few years off is just not soon enough! I feel like we have been dragged through his mud which is pretty deep and getting nowhere fast, like quicksand. I’d be happy to see someone get the job done. LOL

Politics, I hate but

Why not get in election mode now. Elect a new President and oust the old. Do it right in front of them. Get the voting polls out and be sure they are written votes so that computer hackers in the NSA aren’t involved trying to fix an election and start the process as if they are not there. Then,

Burning Down the House

just kick them out. They are like a bad visit from a bad friend and maybe it is time to burn down their house! It would be worth it.

We will build another.

Words given about the Coptic churches in Egypt that were burned, down but not before I wrote it about the White House.


Houseguest (1995) – IMDb

Do you really want to go through another year of that? It is revolting.

It is not the golfing that bugs me. I don’t like the lies and just yesterday heard a speech of his given at a recent time saying that he was going to tell the truth. I don’t think it is possible for him to tell the truth he has lied so much.

Muslim group blasted for planning mass demonstration on Sept. 11

“……”We Muslims have become villainized and victimized” following the attacks, Alam said. He added that 12 years after 9/11, he feels that he “is looked at” as one of the 19 Al Qaeda hijackers who committed the attacks. ….”

Is it possible that ALAM is lying as well? Is lying about the reason for a march

a Muslim Brotherhood Bluff?

Why in the world would he and his brothers march on the very day his brothers declared war on America?

2 Million Bikers’ roar into D.C. to honor 9/11, protest Muslim rally

The same Park Service that covered up the murder of Vincent Foster who was close to Hillary Clinton (obviously parted ways because he wanted her to tell the truth and she wouldn’t because she has lied so much which is par for the course like OBAMA and his administration and some on the right too who have betrayed themselves) trying to keep bikers out of Washington DC by denying permits yet rolling out the red carpet for Muslims to march on the same day who feel sensitive about September 11th attack by their Muslim brothers. Boy have they got it backwards. But murdering thugs love murdering thugs and honor each other and that includes the Park Service.

As it turns out hardly in Muslims showed up in Washington but a bunch of bikers came which was cool. O’reilly got a good laugh about the muslim turnout tonight and yet wasn’t it Fox News who advertised the march on their news program a few times. Yes it was. I guess it didn’t work for them. The Park Service gave the okay and license to march and not to the bikers and I’m sure O’reilly knew eventually anyway that they wouldn’t have a big show up since he probably is in line with the Park Service or how else would he have known about the possibility of the march in the first place. A set up?

It’s the game they play because he is not looking out for you.

On Fox news Sat Sept 14th on the Journal one of the talking heads said that Obama had 40 months left in his administration. More like 20 something. I think they are in a Ground Hogs Day.

Another interesting Ground Hog Day phenomena Kerry was supposedly in Israel while at the same time he was in with the Russians. Quite a feat. I would think the Obama Administration might figure out no matter how hard they try it ain’t gonna come to the conclusion they desire.


Doesn’t mean the Clintons are responsible but someone is responsible for these murders in order to protect the Clintons reputation as the murders that have been occurring in the Obama administration to protect reputations etc as well as some in the Senate and Congress and around the countryside and in the world. Whoever is responsible is evil because these people did not deserve to die. I think it has to do with religions and secret societies trying to control our government in various ways such as blackmail, murder, drugs, assassinations, using propaganda and the press (Bill O’reilly being one- a Jesuit because he is deceived and of course deceives) and weakening the ones that should have more control such as the members of the House of Representatives but are being handled to push social experiments upon our population and control world leaders and control other populations and world events. I think I have a handle on who some of them are as I have written about in many of my posts. One thing they all seem to have in common is Billy Graham a shill for the Vatican and a anti shill for the IRS abuse. He included himself for cover.

Talk about a SET UP and another diversion today at the Naval yard in Washington DC and the Park Police got involved dropping down whoever they needed inside the building and they probably are involved.

That was way too easy.


People don’t really get it that the enemy is INSIDE our government already.

Just because they APPEAR TO BE ASSISTING

doesn’t mean they are helping the right people. 

Even Gene Hackman (The French Connection) decided to add comment on film about the situation at hand.



and one in Manhattan.



Benghazi Libya is part of it also.



That is what the precious things of Egypt is all about in the OT of the bible. Egypt was much bigger than it is now. I’m not even sure Libya was a country then. In order to win a war you have to know who it is you are fighting, that’s a good starter. You have to know what side you are on because this war is like no other war because the enemy can look just like us. You are hopefully fighting false ideology, false religions, false beliefs, and they reside in all of the countries on earth and all the populations on earth and all of their governments on earth and all of the parts of governments. You should be fighting their lies and that includes the UN and the VATICAN and their INTEL and their PROPAGANDA and their PRESSes! They use people like ants.

Obama rejects Putin claim rebels responsible for chemical weapons attack

Does Obama ever tell the truth? I can’t remember that he ever has. Can you?

If you think they will tell the truth about this diversion you are wrong and are idiotic.

The alleged shooter in this affair in Washington can’t possibly have done it by himself.

He had a lot of help!

ON Greta’s show a man gave the reason…..funding.

Also the General on Greta’s show who has been outspoken against going to war in Syria which I appreciate and usually straight forward said that most military posts/bases require identification but I believe you have to be on a list from someone inside with credentials and then you have show that you are that person on the list. But honestly these days there ought to be more diligence because that is the biggest problem in our safety. Often times they call the person on the inside to alert them but not always. I think there are other things that could be used such as license plate identification and use a contraption to check for arms which is cheap. I cannot believe this guy got in without an alarm going off because if he had a back pack you would think someone would check it out like they do at courthouses. Some laxity occurred to gain funds and I think at the same time punishment of some people inside the complex in Washington DC to strong arm them using the Park Police to come in from the top of the building to finish the shooter off and kill others and of course a diversion for Obama. He could have had as much success in the parking lot killing as was accomplished in the building. They say he went to Thailand and add that he was a buddhist. Maybe that is an excuse and he may be trying to call attention to that rice shipment in that part of the world recently written about somewhere in this post that could have been how many people were poisoned. (I watched one of the victims holding his stomach as if it was an internal poisoning in videos about the Syrian sarin gas attack.) Maybe he knew something about it and was trying to tell someone at that Navy Yard and maybe the Park Police assassinated him and whoever he was informing but waited for him to meet that person because they the Park Police are spying on them in their offices and probably wanted to know who he met first maybe in the lounge where they were eating. He did have secret clearance. There may be lots more to this than meets the eye. For not knowing about his past and his ability to gain secret clearance and now that he is the shooter they know all about him where he traveled his religion his neighbors experience, his arrest record that went unnoticed till today on an on and it just happened today and most of the day we are hearing all about him. Not like they can’t make arrest records to seal the deal and it’s not like the police necessarily are all good. Take Mark Fuhrman for instance and his stories. I think by now anyone can tell he isn’t good.


Is Ban Ki-moon a Buddhist, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations who desires greatly an attack by the USA in Syria? The one that met with NSC and those guys at the NSC wearing the same garb that they wear at the Vatican.

Possibly the Park Police were gaining access to information to blackmail or to replace some people or punish some using the lone shooter probably as a decoy. (This was a platform to show off for the Park Police to look real smooth) While picking up someone and arms dropping down someone and arms. Get lauded for doing a great job at the same time. This is not just a mere mass shooting this one seems to be a bit deeper. Honestly he could have just killed a bunch of people anywhere in the area or even the bikers that came to Washington if he was intent on merely killing people or because he had PTSD or was frustrated or because he might have been a Buddhist. Usually they kill themselves when they are upset by lighting themselves so I don’t buy him killing a bunch of people and being Buddhist. It just doesn’t FIT. In fact seems a bit retarded that he was both.

Have they ever heard of trained dogs to sniff for arms. They are very reliable? They don’t cost much. You don’t need more funding in fact you deserve less for sheer stupidity.

One of the victims at the Navy Yard was Vishnu Pandit a Hindu god!

 OH and the congresswoman’s moment of silence tomorrow is BS as well as her little speech about freedom (more like a mock about freedom) and her trivia about arms. She is trivial. Oh I can’t tell you how much she stinks to high heaven. She is a playing along like Pelosi and a leech like Pelosi and reaping her rewards monthly like Pelosi but she will regret it soon enough, no doubt about it. It is possible she is in very deep but she ought to start shoveling out of her mess. I sure hope those pretty clothes, lipstick and plain stupidity is a good trade for her soul. I don’t think she will be silent then when she has to deliver. Her name is Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton!  I hope you lose that cushy salary soon!!!!!!!!!

The press lady who wrote a book about the family from Chechnya with the two sons allegedly involved in the Boston Marathon blasts within days of the shooting and published it as if she had studied them and probably was involved in their destruction sure has been actively involved in the news about this mass shooting as well. I think she is Turkish. I think she is doing her propaganda for her real homeland and it ain’t the USA.

This was a set up make no mistake about it.

You Can’t Touch This



but those that were talking to him didn’t want the people at the Navy Yard to know.

And Obama wants to implement some Executive actions. Didn’t he already do that?


Obama’s “I Am Not a Crook” Moment

He is so cool he doesn’t even pronounce the last syllable of Missouri. What a fake.

Gunman and 12 Victims Killed in Shooting at D.C. Navy Yard

Navy Yard Shooting: SWAT Team Ordered to ‘Stand Down’

Sounds like Benghazi.



What Congress and the Senate ought to do is stay home at least the ones that


so as not to confuse their constituents so that they may know that is what you stand for and to separate the funders of ObamaCare. That way nothing gets done, no funding, no new anything until the departments of government under investigation and the executive branch cooperate with Congress and the Senate and defund ObamaCare. In Washington you are just spinning your wheels otherwise. 

Let the Muslim March in Washington DC proceed without you on 9-11

An odd time for a march. A date that can only be construed as a threat. A date they seem to have a passion to profane, dishonor, and desecrate.

How much ammunition Janet Napalitano purchase?

We never really did get a good answer as to why.

Let the Press seek you in your state where you belong. 

That way if anything should/could go wrong on 9-11

we will still have functioning State Governments!

Just in case

the march is a set up

I’d start getting the National Guards on alert in each state for good measure.)

 It will help to decentralize our government (if you are not there) and bring commerce to each state instead of enriching Washington DC. and all those that reside in Washington DC to influence the affairs of the US.

Outrage over new health care law resurfaces

Pretty interesting about insurance policy cancellations of payers for many years are up a creek plus the added increases. It is really bad.


Get Oprah Winfrey to fund our government and White House entertainment.

What you do is send it to the Supreme Court on the premises listed above about duress, incompetence, malpractice, lack of time, being overly cumbersome and impossible to read and digest the ramifications of the potential law in the time that was allotted or to discern the effects on the budget and businesses both big businesses and small businesses, or to foresee the abuse of Christians and right wingers by the IRS in this administration and the potential expanded powers of that same abusive IRS being used to govern OBAMACARE, but some Senators and Congressmen will have to admit their lack of diligence in regards to this law, which is forgivable.

No one knew what was about to unfold about the IRS.

OBAMACARE has before it’s delivery found to be more costly than was promised.

Like buying swampland instead of prime property. DITCH it now before it costs more.

What is not forgivable is to do nothing or hope for it’s weight to make it fail.

Also accept the possibility and probability that you were tricked by the use of drugs without your knowledge. It has happened to me it can certainly happen to men and women in power.

Maybe the ice cubes?

It happens and is not above the tactics of President Obama, nor is fixing the election via computer technology, nor false excuses and coverups about Benghazi.

It is all part of his bag of tricks.

It is that simple! 



Now after the Syrian debacle they and Brennan want to throw those Benghazi witnesses they have hidden (some in Germany and some in the US) and threatened obviously or why would they be afraid at Congress to protect Obama from testifying before Congress which is what needs to happen. I would think it wise to start with Obama then the witnesses then Obama again. Be sure sometime to grill the single mother Michelle.

They Obama and Michelle are afraid of being grilled personally.

Leader of Syrian Rebel Group Calls For Attacks Inside US

Who looks like a cross between Islamic and Hindu GURU Probably because of the odd shaped mole on his forehead and his turbine which makes for a really weird combination like going to a blind dentist. I think he deserves a lobotomy. Maybe he already had one!

Al Qaeda issues message about September 11th

I think it is time to oust Islam from America. Send them back to Saudi Arabia. In WWll we  jailed the Japanese and some were innocent and didn’t deserve it but sending them back to their homelands would be kind and more than some deserve and safe for Americans and not allow them back unless they give up their devotion to their insanity and prove it by their actions. It is time to take their threats seriously and put them back into the shitpit they crawled out of and dismantle their meeting places and the mosques in America where they are protected from surveillance because of Obama and where they plan and implement their murderous attacks.  That would be a healthy start to protecting Americans. Then destroy their oil production which is their life line in Saudi Arabia. Send them back to the stone age they love. It’s time to take the bullshitters by the horn and give them


House Republican leaders seek to prevent split on ‘Obamacare’

If you manage to defund ObamaCair in this fashion you might get blamed and for once be heros. The Americans want it stopped. John Boehner and Eric Cantor are afraid if you succeed it will make them look bad. (They must be under Obama’s power, somehow or another) They would rather you look bad with them. Do it anyway and fracture the party if that is what it takes and they will regret their stupidity.


I think punting to the Senate and then to the President who will veto is a weak move and does not provide me with any hope that Senator Cruz is going to be a great man as his dad predicted. We have major problems in our government and parts of our government need to be shut down and fixed and parts that are necessary to keep up need to be cleaned up. You are JUST PLAYIN GAMES. While that may be the nature of politics it will destroy the USA. This was a shining opportunity to change the direction of our no longer great country and fix it but NO GUTS NO GLORY! And we will still have Obamacare. Thanks but I don’t think that plan is worthy of A GREAT MAN.

You lost my confidence.

My suggestion would be to defund certain parts of government that are not needed to run this country and who are not cooperating with Congress and who need fixing:

Defund the IRS (get Sarah Palin to fix it or someone like her), defund the federal workers who cannot be fired they need to be defunded for good and those that are sucking off the system, CIA, Secret Service (Have the military protect who needs protection such as the President and his family). Defund the Department of Justice Department, defund the FBI, defund Department of Education (if there are people who cannot be fired then defund them), defund NSA, defund the Supreme Court, defund the White House since it is no longer the people’s house. The President and his family can live on a military base. Washington lived in a fort so can our President. Give him wooden teeth: I think it would be a big improvement. Do you see the potential?


He is speaking at the Navy Yard memorial and after a while I turned it off because he just can’t help bringing up his agenda about guns and yet he won’t tell the truth about Benghazi and they hide their witnesses, threaten them, make them take lie detector tests, sign non disclosure statements etc., he doesn’t bring up Chicago, of course. Forcing his Obamacare on America that doesn’t want it except for his deceived workers who are exempt. Screw yourself Obama.

A national health care is a disaster waiting to happen because if it is gonna be run by the IRS and federal workers which are not firable then there is no accountability as our federal government has blatantly demonstrated with Benghazi and the IRS scandal and their shuffling of people to keep them in their camp for obvious reasons to protect themselves at the top. SO if someone makes a big mistake or purposefully is negligent there are no safeguards and answerable to no one. That is what makes a free market system better because you can choose to buy or not buy, support or not support. Doctors and nurses in the national healthcare would have no incentive to be great vs mediocre. Hospitals would have no incentive to be great vs mediocre. They would not be able to fire who isn’t up to par or doesn’t work well in their particular system. It’s ridiculous and unAmerican just as federal workers are unAmerican and the State Department is obviously unAmerican because they are never responsible for their actions or negligence such as Hillary Clinton. That is why that needs to change in our federal government with federal workers and other departments that use that excuse to bind their underlings to their lies which is destructive to a good government and not the kind of government we should harbor. Hillary Clinton struts when she is in public even though she can’t figure out “What does it matter?” Like watching Putin before and after he took control of the Syria situation. Before he looked eager and friendly willing to go the extra mile and afterwards he strutted about as if he was god’s gift to mankind. I liked him better before and it’s been a long time since I have liked Hillary Clinton and usually this personality disorder occurs before they have even accomplished anything worthwhile which is asinine. We are all guilty of self grandiosity but it is not attractive, a huge personality flaw and makes others lose their trust in the one’s doing it

whatever the motivation.

Here is a good example of a superiority complex usually associated with fascism:

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.28.07 AM

She resigned recently. She should not get her pension till she answers to the American people and Congress.

Leon Panetta is a scum bag.

Watching him at the Benghazi hearings showed what creep he is and purposefully unhelpful so who needs him…….not the US, but the Vatican sure does:

Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,
cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more
Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little,
talk a little, cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more

All the ladies:

Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little,
talk a little, cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more

I have shown through writing my bad opinion of the Obama’s but they have earned it with their lies and obstruction of anything decent playing games with peoples lives because they don’t matter to the Obamas no matter how much he opines at all the funerals and memorials. He can’t even remember Joe Biden’s wife’s name he certainly doesn’t remember any of the victims because he lacks a conscience and just wants access to everyone else’s money because he mistakenly thinks we owe him because he is black which demonstrates his ignorance.

Those that really underwrote ObamaCare pulled a fast one on the Obamas and he relied on their lies to make his presidency grandiose and turns out he got rooked and will go down in history as a joke.

From the Great Society to the Great Joke.

Obama Care is Anarchy!

It is not extortion against the President to be against his anarchy. It is the responsibility of the House to shut down government when a President has abused his privilege and abused his office and abused the laws to play “now you see it now you don’t” in his Obama Care because he didn’t read it to begin with and “you don’t have to abide by it, but you do” pandering politics.

Boehner and his elite buddies clapping saying the Americans want to defund Obama Care but keep big government is not true. They did that to get us behind them funding all of government, themselves and their buddies, and pay for their bribes and their mansions and their side businesses, their exemptions and their investments and their waste and their frauds ie PORK. Sallie Charie….Americans don’t want big government because it is debilitating, redundant, and expensive and it is ruining our nation. Americans don’t want the waste and fraud in government and they don’t want to pay for it either. They don’t wan’t to pay outrageous taxes or be harassed by the politically correct or non correct or watched by their government. They don’t want to have to go to a tax person every year to try to figure out how to keep their money that they earned and watch a bunch of idiots waste their dollars on nonsense studies etc. We don’t want to pay for public education being forced upon the public that uses an ex-cop to bully a citizen for asking a legitimate question. That is fascism. We want to see it shut down. They don’t want to find out they are paying for the Defense Department who buys a hammer for a thousand dollars or pay for a toilet that doesn’t flush or doing the Vatican’s dirty work. They don’t want to pay for dead men’s salaries or social security or buying beer and pornography for the poor who obviously aren’t that poor. They want fair trade laws that bring the jobs to America, not overseas. They don’t want to pay for outlandish entertainment for the rich in the White House or entertaining terrorists or trips overseas that are totally useless just so they can say they are not isolationists. We would like to be independent from Saudi Arabian oil who send terrorists around the world to terrorize. I would like to see the religion of Islam extinguished. It is the strong arm of the Vatican. The mall in Kenya was a Jewish mall so of course they picked it and probably found out via the Vatican’s sources and attacked it. I don’t know what fracking is but I think the ones that seem to be belly aching about it are the ones that probably profit by dependence on Saudis oil. We don’t like the price we are paying for oil. I’m sure there is plenty of oil in America and we should invest in independence so we can really celebrate independence but the elitists are protecting their own investments in Saudi Arabia and just don’t want to admit it like Susan Rice’s hubby and Shell Oil, etc. I don’t want to protect her business with our government. I would rather shut it down. We would rather you be isolationists then what you waste abroad. We would rather not go through these ridiculous budget fiascos every few months and we would rather see government do it’s job that it was intended to do in the first place (without infringing on our rights) and not waste on federal workers milling around yackin and strutting. We would like to see government cut across the board diligently and responsibly and pay off the debt so we aren’t in arrears with China or whoever we owe and have to watch it on billboards. We would rather not pay for the Vatican’s agenda to conquer the world or pay for Europe’s LaGarde’s big ideas to puff up the EU and the UN’s and the Vatican’s grandiose and rather ridiculous ideas to live in a one world government with teeth without borders. It ain’t gonna happen and we don’t want to pay for it. The Elitists wish for these things because they get rich taking from everyone else with lame brain ideas causing mayhem but most of us would like the government to back off and get real. We like a free market system that is fair to America. If you invest in overseas jobs then go live there and stay out of our government.

We could have an oil business that caters to Americans only and use that supply of 75 years to be independent and regain our success as a country and in that time invest in a better source of fuel although I doubt oil will disappear because there seems to be this thing about the earth that just keeps making more oil kind of like coal and diamonds.

We need a free market education instead of the public education that has obviously run wild with bullying, forcing a type of education that is unneeded to prop propaganda, trying to dumb down kids even more, trying to turn kids against parents, and a place to feed drugs to kids, and allow the kids that say no to be beaten up. We should not have to pay taxes anymore for public education when it isn’t public anymore but run by tyrants and to appease Islam. Screw that. We don’t need vouchers we need a free market education for us to choose what we want and don’t want our kids to learn. I don’t want tax dollars being wasted in the wastelands of the public education where teachers con’t even know where Saudi Arabia or Syria is on a globe as Waters World aired on Fox News about a month ago. We want schools where teachers are fired if they are dumb as many are these days. We do not need a bunch of Tamera Holders while very cute and dresses pretty and stylish are absolutely out to lunch and make no sense and blatantly cares more for her appearance and what she looks like to the males on the panel then what is in her head. Case in point:

A Tale of Two Presidents: Debt Edition

That is just one of many other examples of her ideology or whatever you might want to label it. She should get into designing clothes or cosmetology. Everything is a joke to her. I have not heard a coherent point or answer from her yet.

Does she have kids?

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.40.34 PM

We want to be able to fire a principal if he can’t stop bullying in the school he runs because of some ridiculous protocols or where Michelle Obama decides to prop up the chickpea business (probably because she has invested in the product or appeasing some jerkoff) of hummus for school lunches. Talk about FASCISM.

A Tale of Two Presidents: Debt Edition

And since when do text books cost 150 damned dollars. That is utterly ridiculous but that is what is occurring at the state colleges. If a book can cost 10 bucks or 25 bucks in a store then how come a text book is sold for the high prices we are having to pay. That is highway robbery because they know it is required for a particular course. That has to stop.

I don’t care what Ban Ki Moon thinks and I don’t want what he wants, I guarantee it.

By the way SODOM also sounds like Saudi. ANd I would not be surprised if the oil business of Saudi Arabia is destroyed by an unknown source for their crimes against the world and al quaeda and of course the woman with the golden cup in Revelation who colludes with the Saudomites to terrorize and we know who that is who is drunk on the blood of saints that they love to martyr even their own.

Islam and Roman Catholicism are martyrdom religions. 

I have a sneaky feeling Washington DC isn’t gonna fare well either for capitulating, appeasing and prolonging the abuse by these two religions.

If the Obama’s came to party let him move to Hollywood and let

is actors protect him. Defund the Department of State to a skeleton crew, and fix it. Those are just a few places and I know there are plenty more places that need to be defunded. All those that are not fireable defund them. There is a reason for that inability and it needs to be eliminated.

Fund a skeleton crew in some areas. Fund the military. Fund Social Security. Fund Welfare. Defund Food Stamps and fix it. Keep our promises. Hire Rudy Guiliani to head the “Fix Welfare and Food Stamps” across the country. etc. After that get him (or someone like him or Sarah Palin) to head a “Fix Social Security.” Fund Medicare but hire someone like Ben Carson (or someone like him) to head a “Fix Medicare” Fund transportation and postal. Keep only what is necessary. Get those that are defunded to work on fixing the funded parts of government and find the cheaters, find the fraud and eliminate it and mistakes etc draining them. When one gets fixed add one more that was defunded and fix it. Then add another. Fund only what is necessary. When refunded, cut the frills and the leeches. It is time to do what is good for the country and get out of debt and hunker down and get rid of the debt and of course DEFUND OBAMA CARE not next year, but defund Obama Care IMMEDIATELY. Defund Sebellius. Hire someone to make trade deals such as someone who is successful and can change the trade laws to help Americans. Have them report to Congress publicly to detail the fixes monthly.

If we fix the system in all of the departments we will be able to handle legal immigration for illegal immigrants which can be a great asset to our manufacturing deficit and the farming industry. I do know that Mexicans when they work they work hard and we could change the course of American business and trade. There is enough for everyone if we cut fraud and cut what needs to be cut even in the military and at the Pentagon and be more efficient. We won’t need higher wages because our money will buy more if we get it together and stop the bleeding at the top down and bottom up and cut the influence of other countries eating our profits in all the ways that they do.

Stop the nonsense in our country.



Who is in charge of the purse? Obama? It is supposed to be Congress.

What was Ted Cruz thinking?

Shut the government down and bring it back up little by little when Obama capitulates to what the country wants starting with the White House funding and the Secret Service. Let the Obamas live at Mount Vernon. Give him a canoe when he wants to come to Washington DC.

Fraud and Computer Knowledge

The machines and computers did not stop terrorism at the Navy Yard. More people and some dogs might have and would have been much more reliable than a computer. Computers don’t care about people, people and dogs do. The more we rely on computers to protect us the more we will be outwitted by computer technologists in other countries etc. The more we use computer technology for votes the more likely we will be cheated by that technology because there are those that know how to cheat using computer technology. I believe that people are being tricked by chatting online. Anyone with knowledge in computers can cause great havoc interfering in conversations of others which I believe is occurring to the young to cause trouble among the young. I think we should rely less on that kind of technology and I think there probably would be lots less confusion and less fraud.

Assad: USA should pay $1B to destroy weapons…

I think whoever is proved beyond a reasonable doubt to the beyond any doubt range to have caused the poisoning should pay for the cleanup of the sarin and the weapons that lobbed them. That could include whoever made the equipment, the suppliers of the ingredients, the containers and the men that lobbed it. The pictures I have seen are not good proof since there are some strange idiosyncrasies which make me think of Obama because he is idiosyncratic in his insanity. I would imagine he would equate Pat Sajak’s debacle about CURIO CABINET as a good example of surety but it is like comparing oranges to apples. Obviously the man who guessed the word first and mispronounced should have won the million dollars. That was beyond a reasonable doubt that he knew what he was talking about whereas SOS Kerry’s leaps of faith about who is responsible for the sarin attack in Syria as Eric Bolling mentioned today on The Five of Fox News. The consequences are much more dire and serious if we misjudge who is responsible. For one thing there are people in some of the pictures that seem to contradict the evidence by changing their pants even though they appear to be dead or Mary in her habit/burka using a dust mask *that video disappeared once openly criticized) and then changing to a humongous painters rag around her mouth and nose without protecting the live kids she dragged into the contaminated area. The psychology in both instances shows a naive understanding of sarin poisoning not to mention one of the subjects writhing in pain was holding his stomach as if he was poisoned internally. So bombing Syria would be a mistake even though they have a recording of someone they say is in the military saying stuff that could as well be staged. After Newtown, Boston Marathon and all the other things we have been through with Obama having to do with gun control I don’t believe his administration on anything they say whatsoever including the Navy Yard. I think they are either drugged or insane if they think Americans are that naive. But for some reason they want war desperately and I think it is important to figure out why? I reiterate I think it is about money and diverting from Benghazi. Just by the looks of Obama and his fragile mind which mimics Caligula and the fear that Kerry seemed to display in front of Congress about Benghazi and about Syria I think we ought to weigh everything Obama proposes as if it is poison. Hopefully before the end of his term he will pay reparations to the people for the crap he has put everyone through and flap back into the cave he escaped from and go hang upside down in that cave only to wake to eat bat dung with his buddies like Pelosi, Feinstein, Rahm Emanuel and others that like his shit for the rest of his days.


Hostage situation continues in Nairobi mall attack, at least 39 dead

When someone or a group of terrorists say “if you are muslim get out” then “get out” regardless if you are muslim or not. You owe nothing to those kind of freaks because of your beliefs whatever they may be. I don’t believe God expects people to martyr themselves when dealing with insane terrorists.

God knows what you believe and you do not have to prove it TO THEM.

 They are just like fire ants crazy freaks driven by evil and probably a friend of the OBAMA’s freaking out to appease OBAMA’s loss of face in the world.

It certainly makes Muslims look really stupid.

Gunmen Kill Dozens in Terror Attack at Kenyan Mall


Those responsible for the Syrian sarin attack should pay for the cleanup and the investigation of the criminal act and for our ships in the Mediterranean Sea and for the men on those ships and for the diplomacy occurring and all the dinners and meetings involved and the families that were hurt by the attack. So I think it would be a good idea to figure out who is responsible to the NTH degree to hold them accountable. I have a feeling there are plenty of culprits and countries involved. It matters who did it so they can pay for it instead of making Americans pay for something they did not do. That is ridiculous and it is extortion. I don’t think Assad did it personally or ordered it personally but I think some would like us to think that he did. And I would like to know why. There could be some in our government/religion that bear some responsibility but it is important to find out who they are. I’m tired of the shenanigans of terrorism causing strife, death and wars. If we don’t figure it out it will continue and I’m in favor of that not happening so instead of kicking it to the least likely but opportune scapegoat lets really investigate all aspects of it leave politics aside and the competition for exemplary nation status and actually act like it.

Spitting on Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

That’s a bit strange isn’t it?

So what do they know that we don’t?

They don’t want to do their job and listen and inquire? Aren’t they paid to do their jobs? If they are going to walk out then they don’t deserve to be paid.

When is Congress going to interview Ambassador Chris Stevens mother and dad?

I think that will be very interesting testimony

and look forward to hearing all about their son,

his service, his relationships, and his martyrdom for her religion!

OFA Uses Naval Yard Massacre As Fundraising Ploy, Attacks Republicans For Not Passing Anti-Gun Legislation…



I think the Congress ought to haul this man in and find out how first of all he could do this on the heels of this tragedy and if he may be responsible in a round about kind of way.

A Biography of Jon Carson, Executive Director of Organizing for Action

Hillary Clinton Meets With Diet Guru As 2016 Speculation Ramps Up

Speaking of vaginas, Dr. Mark Hyman is being sought out by Hillary Clinton for she needs to shed those unsightly bulges before she can compete with Sarah Palin. I think there ought to be a pageant and a one piece bathing suit performance would suffice and Sarah would win the office. Compare them any other way and there just isn’t a measure big enough or wide enough or good enough.

I think Sarah Palin is In-VINCE-able! 

I wonder if Jodie FOSTER would agree?

Anti-Hillary PAC Gets Backlash on ‘Slap Hillary’

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 3.23.03 PM

Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan

Hyman runs the Ultra Wellness Center in Lenox, Mass.”

Obama Meets With Hillary Clinton

“In this handout provided by the White House, President Barack Obama has lunch with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on the patio outside the Oval Office, on July 29, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (credit: Chuck Kennedy/White House via Getty Images)”

RNC hits NBC, CNN for Hillary films; threatens to pull debate rights


As it turns out Yahoo news says that intelligence officials are responsible for the closings of the embassies. So by intelligence officials, do they mean Lindsay Graham?

Do newly intercepted al Qaeda threats justify NSA snooping?

“Intelligence officials overheard terrorist “chatter,” then closed 22 embassies.”…..

“As criticism of the NSA, fueled by the classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden, builds in the United States and overseas, the agency’s supporters are pointing to intercepted intel on these possible attacks as Exhibit A in why the NSA’s programs are vital to American security.
“Al Qaeda is on the rise in this part of the world and the NSA program is proving its worth yet again,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told CNN’s State of the Union.
Chambliss agreed, telling NBC’s Meet the Press:
 This is a good indication of why they’re so important. To the members of Congress who want to reform the NSA program — great. But if you want to gut it, you make us much less safe, and you’re putting our nation at risk. We need to have policies in place that can deal with the threats that exist, and they are real, and they are growing. [NBC News]”……

Lindsay Graham is pandering the NSA now.

Can he be trusted?

(Didn’t Lindsay Graham support MURSI/Morsi of EGYPT ?????Wasn’t Morsi of Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood? Didn’t the Muslim Brotherhood institute Sharia Law in Egypt against the human rights of the people of Egypt?)


  • TO SPY ON THEIR PERCEIVED ENEMIES THAT THEY SUPPORTED (bribed with hard earned US tax dollars), SHAPED (and manipulated with sheer stupidity), AND ARMED (illegally and legally)


Is Egypt a state of the US? 

Lindsay Graham YOU WERE SWORN IN TO SERVE THE US CITIZENS…….Specifically South Carolina. 



Egypt claims jihadists fired US Hellfire missile at government office

How are the citizens of South Carolina faring these days? Are they employed?

When did Egypt become your state? When you bought them?

The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy 

The White House message to Egypt is mocking the troubles they have in that country. Sounded very similar to the Pope’s message a few days ago. Their policies are obviously BS. The Muslim Brotherhood is out for blood. Thanks to stupid policy makers like Lindsay Graham, John McCain and the White House. Their visit sure had a good effect.

White House condemns violent crackdown in Egypt (1:05) 

They are so Vaticanish.

They say “the world is watching” …..sounds like what Obama said to Syria’s President Assad about the Sarin Gas.

Listened to Lindsay Graham on Fox News and he kept bringing up the Suez Canal and Israel. He basically is a Vatican spokesman trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the Suez Canal and Israel probably in response to my Vatican directions. But I did not go over to Egypt to cause trouble, but Lindsay Graham did. The Vatican wants OIL to be disrupted for the world and wants everyone to destroy Israel and using Lindsay Graham, Kerry, Obama, John McCain to send that message to divert from Benghazi for one and to divert from the culprits themselves THE VATICAN.

Because the VATICAN are weeny’s and troublemakers.


Could weed be the reason?

CNN Documentary “Weed” Explores Medical Marijuana

I watched the documentary and it was quite impressive. I agree it does help with PTSD because I suffered from PTSD and was so depressed and upset that one or two hits changed my outlook for a few hours and I was thankful. I don’t smoke weed now or much of it at that time because it makes me paranoid sometimes. But a small amount was helpful at that time. I don’t buy it either. The show called Weed had a segment on what Israel has done in respects to the scientific experimentation of weed and the possible cure for cancer and many other wonderful possibilities. It sure would be interesting if some were trying to thwart a cure or cures just because of jealousy and pride!


Taking Lindsay Grahams advise about the Suez and Israel would be stupid because you hopefully have not forgotten what happened in the 6 Day War. Not a good idea. You could only fail in that prospect. However putting down the old dog in Rome in other words Destroy THE VATICAN (without loss of life) would be the most productive action anyone could accomplish for everyone! It would be a great start and easily accomplished. Not to mention, but I will: destroy the boxed vagina at Mecca. (Without loss of life I might add if done correctly and with precision.)

How are the Muslim Brotherhood? They enjoying the US Tax dollars you sent kissing their ass? How’s McCain’s POW friend? Timing is odd, isn’t it, I mean his death? Certainly John SchmcCain’s alliance had nothing to do with it, did it? Insurance of some kind?

Exclusive: John McCain on His Meeting With the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

Next you ought to go together to Mecca and kiss stone.


Egypt rages against likely US ambassador on Twitter

They don’t like Robert Stephen Ford. If I were Egypt I’d have no contact with US diplomats. They just want to use you for their own plots. This is for Egyptians: Just in case you don’t realize it they are controlled by the Vatican so if you have a beef about their intent and their treatment you might take it up in Rome at the Vatican and with the Pope and let them know how you feel and cut out the middle men: The US diplomats.

They are so much more closer to your country than the US,

why you could almost walk there.

The Vatican is running the show and they have the bag.

Our guys are just their puppets. They use the US to confound you.

HINT HINT Lots of hints and clues on this post and the post before this one:)

Word play:



Straight up


The Pink Panther




plus many_men


Just goes to show when there is a will there is a way!

 John 21:22

And if it’s the money all you need to do is go to France and speak with Christine LaGarde. She has the goods, in fact she is rolling in it, and stop by and visit Notre Dame of Paris while you are there. (The one with the Courtyard of the Gentiles that probably has some goods on you.) Don’t forget about the bag though because he takes it with him where ever he goes, that guy in white robes.

So the NSA and The State Department are partners. One snoops and the other makes deals which is akin to ENTRAPMENT and BLACKMAIL.

The State Department takes it’s cues from The Vatican as proven by Benghazi.

Obviously the NSA works for the Vatican.

John O. Brennan makes CIA agents and personnel sign non-disclosures and take polygraph tests. (What does the O stand for Obama or Osama?)

Pat Caddell: John Boehner Aiding Obama Cover-Up of Benghazi

He obviously works for the Vatican.



The guy on the left was director of CIA replaced by John Brennan on the right and now the guy on the left is deputy director of the CIA.

Basically a switcheroo.

John Brennan’s Spooky Swearing-In


He gave up his beliefs

AT Benghazi.

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 5.33.13 PM

Kiss that stone vagina you idiot bully and grovel before any stone statues, Mr. Clueless.

He didn’t have the balls the size of cue balls. He only waddles, because he is overweight and is a duck. Believe me it is not because of the size of his balls: Quack Quack

He earned his CIA post with 7 deadly sins

John Brennan is a war criminal or he wouldn’t be doing the things he is doing. He should be arrested and charged with hiding evidence, evidence tampering and witness tampering and anyone else helping him. He should be treated as an enemy combatant and arrested ASAP

Sealed Indictment Filed in Benghazi Attack, Officials Say

Now they have Filed a Sealed Indictment against the attackers at Benghazi. How many seals? SIX? or THIRTY? That is really helpful but WHY NOT just put MICHELLE OBAMA on the HOT SEAT and ask her what the hell was she doing there with arms?


Obama said “Only Michelle has the right to bear arms at his Correspondents Dinner.”

House panel probing chopper crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members

“A House panel is investigating the 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan in which 30 Americans were killed, after victims’ family members voiced concern that the government may have been partly to blame for the tragedy……”

“…..The helicopter was shot down by insurgents in August 2011; many of those killed were part of the same Navy SEAL Team 6 unit that carried out the raid on Usama bin Laden’s compound three months earlier…… “


Because as you recall Obama leads from behind and he really means behind

as in space.

“……Multiple sources inside the Special Operations community have told Fox News that the crash was a tragedy, but not anything more. An official report was released in October 2011…….”

They said basically the same thing about Benghazi and still are trying to belittle what occurred while hiding evidence, hiding witnesses, silencing witnesses, lying about a video and all the other things they have been caught doing.


The Seven Seals of Revelation

The Seven Seals is a phrase in the Book of Revelation that refers to seven symbolic seals that secure the book or scroll, that John of Patmos saw in hisRevelation of Jesus Christ. The opening of the seals of the Apocalyptic document occurs in Revelation Chapters 5-8. In John’s vision, the only one worthy to open the book is referred to as both the “Lion of Judah” and the “Lamb having seven horns and seven eyes”.[5:5-6]

Upon the Lamb opening a seal from the book, a judgment is released or an apocalyptic event occurs. The opening of the first four seals release The Four Horsemen, each with their own specific mission.[6:1-8] The opening of the fifth seal releases the cries of martyrs for the “word of God”.[6:9-11] The sixth seal prompts cataclysmic events.[6:12-17] The seventh seal cues seven angelic trumpeters who in turn

cue the seven bowl judgments.[8:1-13]

There a many sites about this subject online. I have no idea about their interpretations so beware.

Pope Francis greets Muslims and urges both Christians and Muslims

to promote mutual respect.

I bet he does!

I smell fear.

Asshole Awarded For Asshole Behavior

By Business Community Leaders

Only thing between him and certain destruction is respect that never seems to materialize. I bet he changes his garb and his name and drops the itsy bitsy black bag soon. Wonder if he collects buttons? Hmmmmm

So if things get really bad you always have an option. The Vatican might ought to think about that!

E – I – E – I – O

Feed The Birds – Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews)

I think Putin protestethhhhh too much in regards to homosexuals in his country. It tells me he has tendencies and is over compensating by abusing homosexuals in his own country to prove his manhood and of course all of his bare chest horse pictures, trying to prove his manhood, but for who? The NO NO PRO? Why else would he promote that kind of brutality? The Hitler syndrome being ashamed of his own Jewishness did the same kind of stuff but he was nuts. Knowing his philanthropy I’m surprised he hasn’t paraded Edward Snowden on a Shetland pony behind him without his shirt on just to tick off Obama, if Snowden really is in Russia or if Putin and Obama weren’t on the same page all along.

Russian Gays Look to U.S. for Asylum

Suspect identified in Miss Teen USA ‘sextortion’ case

Cute girl. I’m not gay but being feminine I notice cuteness. I’m sorry she has had her privacy encroached upon.


Bullies usually are cowards to begin with just like the kids on the bus in Florida 3 kids beating on one kid. They rarely do their business/torture/without a lot of help. MOB RULE kind of BS. I suppose Brennan would reward the three bullies and punish the one kid for holding them accountable about drugs. Every mother  or most tell their kids to talk to the principal, the teacher in charge, or the guidance counselor if there is a problem and it seems they turned on the kid and gave the okay to have him beaten. The three teens weren’t even supposed to be on that bus and as the bus driver said he was not given a heads up on the situation and he can hardly be blamed and I wonder if he wasn’t the target also to shame him for not knowing how to handle the situation. I thought he did pretty well for his age and for the policies and the lack of warning but he lost his job whether he quit or not and should be given some compensation for the misunderstanding and pain and suffering bad dreams (usually a sign of Post trauma stress syndrome) etc and a new job. The school should have to be investigated for the whole affair and possibly for dealing drugs using kids.

That is the problem with every aspect of American life


Now, O’reilly is in an uproar about non-violent drug swappers and there is a difference between drug cartels and the misguided kids who do drugs. If we can separate them from cartels and their activities it would be great so in a respect I respect Eric Holder’s compromise which might save a lot of money and help some kids have chances that some youth type activities shouldn’t bar them from because they did what just about 80% of kids have done at least once or twice in their life. (not 35% lies) That does not include beating on the kid on the bus. Typically colleges kids tend to experiment with drugs but high school in my day was infested with drugs. I also respect what Eric Holder did for Tsarnaev because it was right. He is a citizen of the US. O’reilly on the other hand was against that.

O’reilly says they are selling poison. It depends on what is being sold, and to whom, how much, and the ages involved.

Heroin is poison. Cocaine is poison. Meth is poison. O’reilly lumps all drugs into those that are poisonous.

Does a doctor prescribe drugs? Is it poison? Diet pills? Anti depressants?Poison?

What is alcohol?

I think it depends on what is sold and the effect of the drug on the drug user and the age of the user. Getting specific would help to alleviate the over abundance of harmless, almost harmless activities versus medium and hard drugs and the crimes involved.


Is alcohol supposed to be ingested? If so, why do you have to distill it? It was against the law back some decades. People were shooting each other over it at one time. Remember the Valentine’s Day Massacre? If it were natural it would be growing in little glasses to be drunk. How about wine. Wine and beer both give me headaches so I tend not to drink them plus they dehydrate and age their users it seems. They have come out with a new beer that does not dehydrate just recently in the news. That is why alcoholics tend to age quicker so it must not be healthy. Alcohol addicts or alcoholics. That is a drug, isn’t it? How many people have been killed by drunk drivers? How about Joseph Biden’s family? Will Bill O’reilly take the crusade to the sellers of alcohol? Every club, restaurants, bars, gaming institutions, hotels, etc. parties in Washington and New York, Correspondent’s dinners sell alcohol. Alcohol is also a cleaner. I use a form of it to clean porcelain and metal. There are gray areas. Everything is not black and white. If so, then outlaw alcohol beverages and imprison all those that sell it.

More rapes occur because of alcohol than any other drug.

Does rape not count with O’reilly? Or is it his pleasure?

Is alcohol your preferred high? Does that make it right?

These flaming cocktails illustrate that adistilled beverage may be ignited. The word “ethanol” is derived from “ether” which in turn is derived from aithein, “to burn or shine”.[1]

I would rather be around someone high on marijuana than around a drunk!


An alcoholic beverage is a drink and psychoactive drug[2] containing ethyl alcohol, which is commonly referred to as ethanol. Alcoholic beverages are divided into three general classes for taxation and regulation of productionbeerswines, and spirits (or distilled beverage). They are legally consumed in most areas around the world with over 100 countries having laws regulating their production, sale, and consumption.[3] Alcoholic beverages have been consumed by humans since the Neolithic; the earliest evidence of alcohol was discovered in Jiahu dating from 7000–6600 BCE.[4] The production and consumption of alcohol occurs in most cultures of the world, from hunter-gatherer peoples to nation-states.[5] Alcohol is widely available, with beer being the third most popular drink overall in the world, after water and tea.[6]



Is a bullet in the heart of a minor deadly? Yet, you defended it even though it poisoned his heart and killed him. Of course you rehabilitated your reasons for your bias for a few weeks.

What makes bullets? What propels bullets?

Smokeless powder

Trayvon Martin ingested a bullet by the hands of Zimmerman and it killed him. He didn’t willingly ingest a bullet, it was forced upon him. Like forcing someone to drink a gallon of booze which will kill the one drinking it, but just slower with the same effect. DEATH.

Swimming used to be considered witchcraft by the Roman Catholic religion. People caught swimming were punished severely and killed. Who is the bully? If you drink too much you can drown, but you can learn to swim and not drink too much. But there is the danger of ocean tides and undertows, sharks, poisonous fish and getting speared by a sting ray, tsunamis, but I bet you enjoy vacations at the beach? Should we outlaw the poisonous salt water, Pina coladas, swimming, and so forth?

What Eric Holder suggests could lead to a way to get control of drug traffic in the US as we have over alcohol traffic now. Might stop some brutality in the streets and save some lives but it takes reasonable thought such as I think seat belts on buses is reasonable. Men have brains, let’s use them.

When my family invested in a house one of the reasons was the neighborhood pool. It was in danger of being closed, but I was not informed of before the purchase of the house. I loved the neighborhood pool I was lucky enough to enjoy when living in Virginia. I really enjoyed this pool and wanted the same for me and my kids. But the old neighborhood had had a lot of problems between neighbors and the pool eventually closed because the excuse was insurance against drownings even though no one had drowned in that pool. But the rates were outrageous because of other neighborhood pools and the old people were afraid. It was where many mothers took their kids and met other mothers. It was a fun place and an asset to the neighborhood. Now the neighborhood isn’t friendly and they keep to themselves, rat on each other and other things like put glass in between the fence line for your pet to paw. The old people when they were younger and had kids enjoyed it but it was good enough for them just not good enough for our generation which really is stinky. Obviously insurance business is fraught with major problems and it shows by what has occurred in the field of medicine. It nearly has destroyed it.

I think guarantees sold by insurances companies are expensive and basically a lie.

Often people are cheated by insurance companies and that is why medicine and treatment have skyrocketed. When someone dies in the ocean who gets sued?

Can insurance insure that someone won’t drown in the ocean or a pool? No.

There is risk involved in both.

We can solve the problems in the USA with accountability and reason

and have a reasonably happy society


let’s make everything that has a smidgeon of danger illegal get rid of all pools and coastlines in the USA with or without boardwalks,

and to heck with the average person and their rights. Ocean swimmers should have to pay for insurance before they are allowed to swim in the ocean, a river, a lake, a creek, a brook, a pool in someone’s backyard and boating should be illegal too without insurance even the passengers.

 Let’s make everyone miserable, what the hay!

This is for O’reilly;

In fact I will if Obamacare goes through I will try my best to make your life HELL.

To put it another way, “I’ll be your huckleberry,”

and anyone else who pulls that line of BS!


Why not, you did it in regards to women who have had abortions and then ragged about women who have kids they shouldn’t have.


The reason you like people to keep their messages pithy is because you are PITHY.

Between you and the Obamas America will be a PITHY IDIOCRACY.


You are on Barack Obama’s team and I have exposed you:)


Should you have a news program?

Now he uses Laura InGraham to do his dirty work for him and she will be his tool against women…..for the chance to appear as chief interviewer on his show with a cross. She makes money for it at the same time, quite a bit of money. I wonder if their crusade would  continue by them: O’reilly and InGraham, if they didn’t make quite a bit of money doing it. I wonder how much money they donate to women who make the decision to keep their fetuses and for how long they would continue to support those women and their babies such as the mothers in Chicago and the African American women/teens. Instead of getting donations for the wounded warriors who do their dirty work for them and for their Vatican, why not for donate for the women who are their life’s work to humiliate and hammer in their crusade? Talk about a miserable maniacal coward using a woman. Of course it would be great if females didn’t get into an unwanted pregnancy situation if possible and stay away from the Ashton Kutchers and the John Kerry’s.


  1. The expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently, esp. spontaneously or as the result of accident.
  2. An unsuccessful outcome of something planned: “the miscarriage of the project”.

What Is A Miscarriage? What Causes A Miscarriage?

Jul 7, 2013 – Miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion (SAB), occurs when a pregnant women loses her child before the 23rd week of pregnancy.

So instead call an abortion a miscarriage if an abortion occurs before the 23rd week of pregnancy. Seems fair to me.

“Miscarriage is one of the most common complications associated with early pregnancy. Sadly, around a quarter – or even more – of all pregnancies result in miscarriage.”

“Most miscarriages occur during the first few months of pregnancy. An estimated 75 percent of miscarriages happen during the woman’s first trimester.”

So Laura InGraham’s stats on the number abortions might be amiss depending upon the language used.

Spontaneous Miscarriage vs Abortion

Has Laura InGraham had a miscarriage or does she know if she has had one and was it her fault?

How about O’reilly’s wife? Do they know if she had a miscarriage caused by some unknown factor that could have been avoided?

Perhaps it was an abortion depending on what words apply.

If that cause/crusade is that important to O’reilly and Laura InGraham donate all your assets and all your income to those mothers. Put your money where your mouth is and prove it!

I’ll tell you a story about the Aunt I never met, my mother’s best friend and older sister, whose husband drove her over a bumpy dirt road hoping to abort her pregnancy. I don’t know when it happened just that it happened. She died at the age of 26 falling off the second story building hanging laundry. Broke her neck. It was called a suicide. There was bleach in her body. She had two children at the time.

My mother came from a divorced family of  seven kids. Her dad fell in love with a woman who had a lot of money and no kids. My grandmother had all her teeth removed to avoid dental costs later because she had bad teeth and probably in response to her divorce. But Greg Gutfield of Fox News and The Five probably wouldn’t respect her because she had no teeth although she had false ones and they were not wooden teeth either. The family was very close, but a bit unmanaged because he abandoned them.

 Marriage is not necessarily protective of women or children and sometimes it is quite the opposite. Women need to have options for their protection and the protection of their family and when they make the choice they do NOT need others to judge the choices they made and they do not need to be forever punished by those lucky enough not to have those kind of problems such as men and very grounded women. Not everyone starts off on the right foot. Not everyone is targeted. Often times men just skip regardless of marriage. It is not a guarantee and never has been a guarantee. They had their picture taken in front of the courthouse because divorce was somewhat rare. So my mother had a few things to get over in her life which spilled over into our lives growing up.

Princess Diana Death: Police Assess ‘Relevance And Credibility’ Of New Information Received

As I recall there were rumors she was pregnant. The same could have been true about Marilyn Monroe. We probably will never know the truth about either being so famous and so loved by the public, but they both died before their natural time.

There is a post I wrote about sanctioned abortion IMO in the bible:

The Stones of Amen

I have another more in depth and I will include if I can get myself organized soon.

Obviously pregnancy has been a problem for eons and women usually paid a big price. There are many stories of women dying for unknown reasons and known reasons by disappearing, having accidents with swings, falls causing miscarriages, overdoses, drownings, abductions sometimes causing deaths to both mother and child.

Abortion at the hands of others is not new.

Mel Gibson had a lot of kids and he loves kids and he is Catholic, but marriage was not a guarantee however he did continue to help his former family and didn’t leave them without resources, but not everyone is rich! I think he is against abortion because of his Catholicism, but he is not a woman, not that I know of anyway. What is a Gibson? A dry martini cocktail garnished with a pickled onion. Sorry, I could not resist!

 I stubbed my toes splitting the little one off from the rest on a chair. Could insurance have helped me to avoid that unfortunate accident? No. I did not need a doctor because there is not much you can do for a broken toe except tape it to the next toe and wait for it to heal.

Hillary Clinton was in the insurance business wasn’t she early on in her career besides being a lawyer?

Should we outlaw sex? You can die from the effects of sex. Should we sell insurance to those who have sex just in case they get caught? Should we make drinkers of alcohol buy insurance? Those that travel. Those that eat sushi? Sushi can poison you but people still eat it without insurance. Should we outlaw sushi?

Lobster can have little parasites and gut wrenching koodies on them if not prepared correctly as shrimp, and oysters. Should people that eat fish have to be insured? Should we outlaw fish?

Pork can make people really sick. Shall we outlaw pork. Beans can cause great harm if eaten in big portions as well as hot dogs. Kids can choke on hot dogs and grapes. Shall we outlaw them as well? Should we buy a policy to insure kids against choking? Maybe we should outlaw kids, especially tots? They are the most accidental human on earth!

We cannot insure everything and insurance is not a guarantee.

Insurance is a sucker’s bet in the game of 21.


That is how outrageous lawsuits thrive (filling the pockets of lawyers) and lousy doctors that persist in the field of medicine at everyone else’s expense. I’m pretty sure some lawsuits were manufactured to drain insurance companies etc. It is a bad deal. When a doctor makes a major mistake they should have to pay the consequences and/or lose their position. Which makes more room for the good doctors who take their jobs seriously and new doctors. Same goes with nurses and all the other positions in medicine. I bet there would be a lot less mistakes made and of course a lot less lawsuits.


This is how we can help the field of medicine and business by discarding insurance.

If a doctor cuts off your testicles by mistake the doctor has to give you his testicles.

(Or whatever he values his testicles to be worth!)

P.I.Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker

That is how it works.

Costs would go down, production costs would go down. We have safety nets in our system and they have been working for decades. We just need to stop stealing from them and manage them better.

Charity Fraud: Disabled Veterans National Foundation Squanders Millions On Marketing Services

And on the other end of the spectrum:

In Obama climate plan, states seek flexibility

If climate change really is your fear and your crusade lets see the Gore’s and the Obama’s donate all of their incomes and all of their own assets to their cause with proof of their own devotion for the rest of their life and whatever you have earned in the past as profit. Put your money where your mouth is! Quit taking from others before taking from yourself. If you can do that then your crusade has some merit. Let’s see your accounts: be transparent so that we may see with our own eyes. Give up those steaks, lobsters, nice suits and ties,vacations and travel, and all those parties. Donate your book profits for those mothers if you really care about mothers and children.

If ObamaCare is your beef then Senators, and the President and his wife, the Clintons, Sebellius, the Supreme Court and whoever else is devoted donate all of your own incomes, your own assets, past and present and future with proof so that we the Americans may see that you really mean business.

Otherwise shut it down.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey did the Obama’s donate their salaries and profits and assets to help? No, they went to Hawaii on vacation.

Where are they now?

Martha’s vineyard on vacation.

They don’t give a hoot about anything but themselves.

However, some misrepresentations have merit and I think worth the visit to this zoo just for a good laugh and a photo since it is out in the open. Very creative and harmless unless you came to see the cat:

Lyin’ den? China zoo replaces big cat with big dog


Ashton Kutcher

Stay Sexy just don’t waste your bodies on worthless meat. A good rule of thumb: was Demi Moore better off for her relationship with Ashton Kutcher or worse off? I think the latter so don’t waste your time on him, he’s a louse (a blood sucker) and Demi Moore can do much better the next time. If you do waste your time, do unto him what he did to her cause that is all he deserves. Sounds mean but girls need to wake up! I guess that is forethought with malice so better yet just stay away from him and if every girl did he would get what he deserves. Anyway it’s a good idea to look at the past with guys and see how they treated the last one and if they still like or respect each other. I don’t know him personally so I could be off the mark of who he is as a person and I did appreciate his talent even before he married Demi Moore. He is the new idol of right wingers because he made a speech, how ridiculous. Rather pithy!

Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

Should we deprive this child’s needs because O’reilly prefers alcohol.

I prefer tomatos you prefer potatos.

 I am against OBAMACARE because it is not the right answer.

Accountability and Reason we can solve the problems in America with the healthcare

problems that are real with out forcing OBAMACARE on all Americans.

I don’t like anything forced upon me.

I don’t want to get raped.

I like choice because I was raised on choices and I like a free market system because it offers choices. We are not all cookie cutter designed. You are a prick, I’m not. You have a job that pays you well, I don’t. You are a Jesuit catholic, I’m not. You think you are smart, I don’t (you are dumb) and way overpaid. You think you are unbiased, I know you are not.



Shutting down the government is okay with me, if it succeeds in shutting down OBAMACARE, but I think since we have a CONGRESS who are in charge of funding the government (allocation) they could shut down certain areas of government by defunding specifically the parts of government that are not cooperating with CONGRESS and that are obstructing Congress in their investigations such as the CIA, the State Department, and the IRS, etc. and who are playing games with Congress making the job of the Congressman difficult therefore those that make it difficult should have to incur inconvenience and no pay in return. I don’t like waste in government and these obstructors are causing a big waste of time, effort and money. It’s is not like Congress doesn’t have other important things to do.

The three boys that attacked the kid on the bus ought to never be allowed on public transportation (that may be going too far), not be allowed to finish school or be allowed in any school for a few years, should be sent to a chain gang to work in Detroit to clean up the streets or some other punishment and areas that are in need of physical labor for a few years and the parents of the three kids should have to pay off the injured kids pain and suffering, medical bills, and education for a few years in college.

The Pretenders – Back On The Chain Gang

By the way public school buses ought to be upgraded with mandatory seat belts. Parents should be heavily fined if kids don’t wear them and kids punished if they don’t stay in their seats with after school detention (so that parents have to pick them up) which might have helped in this situation.

It is illegal to not wear a seat belt in a car yet with kids on a bus that law is ignored and that is ridiculous! Should we insure against school bus incidents?

Driver says he did all he could during Florida school bus beating


Karen Black, Oscar-Nominated Star of ’70s Classics, Dies at 74

Speaking of Carin’ , the Pharoah, I mean O’s Harp, excuse me, O’Sharp, I reiterate OPRAH WINFREY weighed in on the Trayvon Martin case and has made quite a few appearances in regards to the shooting death of a minor, but her silence has been deafening in other respects. (Not to mention Benghazi.) She had a very rough time in her own life competing with Phil Donahue and knows the pitfalls of being African American such as riding on the back of the bus, although not sure she ever had to use public transportation or pick cotton because she wears satin, but she starred in movies about their struggles so she must have some connection. She has experienced what it is like to hardly get to eat, but then that was only a diet. There is so much more to do and she has the bucks to do it and the job that earns those bucks. Oprah: Trayvon Martin Killing Is ‘A Tragedy’ And ‘A Shame’ (VIDEO) , Conservatives slam Oprah for Trayvon Martin-Emmett Till comparison. Thanks for those DEEP THOUGHTS Harpo! I think America will be better for them if we can discern reality from fiction. Why not just stick to expounding on YOUR SUNSETS and Sikh Sense with your adoring sicophants.

The Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong

Don’t get me wrong, if I come and go like fashion…….

OOOOPS I take that back OPRAH has endured great hardship in Switzerland and was denied a handbag even though she is like one of the richest women in the world. I just bet the woman in Zurich was trying to save Oprah from making a fashion faux pas knowing that because of her being in the “class of new money” she probably didn’t didn’t know any better without offending Oprah, but because of Oprah’s ongoing weight problem through the years that Oprah might be offended anyway.


Oprah Winfrey says racism kept pricey bag out of her hands at Zurich, Switzerland shop

Talk to the hand ie Chris Matthews!

Oprah Winfrey’s only misdemeanour was to travel and be black

“While £25k handbags are not normally on my shopping list, being made acutely aware of my race when I leave the safety of home is all too familiar.”

That is a crime! By now you ought to know better. Being rich does not make you white, try as you may. Let that be a lesson to all African Americans!

In teen beating, don’t blame bus driver

Who in the Public School System that this boy gave the information about the drugs was stupid enough to let this kid on the same bus as the three bullies?

Or was it a warning?

Seems like the Public School this boy attended was in cahoots with the three bullies and their dope sales!

Who told the three dope dealer kids that this kid

had informed the Public School?

The three boys got 9 months probation which is ridiculous. They should have to work off their punishment. I agree they are not adults but in order to make them not want to beat someone up you give them something unpleasant to do to make them remember that they don’t want to beat someone up. It is a disservice to them if you don’t punish them. It builds a conscience for those that lack it. You have to teach kids and help them to develop a sense of right and wrong and punishment usually is how it is done or spankings., but that is far left politically taboo.

The worst thing about politics, the legal system, and our government is they ignore good advice and don’t seem to care about improving themselves or the system which can be greatly improved.

Did ObamaCare get passed solely because Obama is African-American? Reverse racism? Harry Reid kind of racism?

If people voted for Obama because they received a free telephone, I guess it would not surprise me if that is the main reason for our democracy turning into an idiocracy. That is not a good reflection of the African-American race and basically is putting them back in their place. Sounds mean but unemployment is up, Detroit has gone bankrupt, Chicago going berserko doesn’t bode well for their race. You can call me a racist I don’t care it’s self evident when handouts, bullying, cheating others at work such as IRS, voting twice and more,

and complaining about a $35,000 purse 

in switzerland

is lauded by such.

You might as well be Palestinian dragging people on the backs of motorcycles, cheering when a murderer goes free, cheering when Americans die, and not speaking up when you should.

One exception is Alan West who I believe was CHEATED in the election,

and another exception is Dr. Benjamin about ObamaCare even though I have disparaged him in the past in my article called:

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s Skin and Games

 but he has guts about Freedom of Medicine. More doctors should do the same or at least do it a lot louder. Instead they are dropping out of their service because of ObamaCare is obviously an impediment to their private health businesses, which is fainthearted and gutless. It may be somewhat self serving of Dr. Benjamin Carter since he is a doctor, but on the other hand healthcare is serving and I sure don’t want to see the IRS, or Mdm. Sebellius, or any big government arm getting between a doctor and their patient or a patient and their doctor.  Can you imagine what she might do according to what race you may be, or what religion you practice, or age, or weight, etc. Or perhaps the IRS? Lois Lerner sure would be a travesty if she were in charge of another person’s healthcare when she can’t even testify truthfully in front of Congress about her job, instead pleading her truthfulness and pleading the Fifth. Not a good sign. Many doctors through their careers treat uninsured or illegal aliens (like at Parkland) who cannot pay or work with them financially because that is who they are and what they do and the IRS and Mdm. Sebellius will make that as impossible as they can. I would rather rely on a doctor’s character than a banker when it comes to life and death decisions or an illness. I would rather rely on a banker when it comes to money decisions and investments and not a doctor.

Dr. Carson’s prescription for ObamaCare: Pull plug

ObamaCare doesn’t make sense, but then neither does Obama.

I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press etc but in my post I suggested a few remedies for a few religions and ideologies because they infringe on the rights of others and against each other FOR EACH OTHER.  I resent it and everyone ought to speak out about ISLAM and Roman Catholicism/Vatican instead of pandering because pandering does not work.

Was horror acid attack on British girls working at Christian nursery school in Zanzibar inspired by radical preacher on Muslim island?

Of course, Bill Cosby might be of great assistance in this attack of young girls. He likes little girls, right Bill Cosby, the family guy and comedian. What does this teach you? Is there a lessen in this Muslim ideology that you defend? Will you stand up now?

Bob Beckel of Fox spoke out (a shred of sanity), but he sounded eerily like Lindsay Graham after arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who probably overthrew Hosni Mubarak (I don’t remember his intense human rights violations but have heard that he had even though I never heard of them. History rewriting? When he was in power things were peaceful and the people were pretty happy but they say he ordered the killing of 900 men which I doubt. I have a pretty good memory and I think I would have remembered that piece of news. I have a feeling he was dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and their tactics) and watching idly by as they intensely bully and mistreat their own people with insane injustice then threaten to pull financial support and then make recent political news in support of Obama and idiocracy goes and supports them again after the people and the military stand up for themselves and the people.

Who was in charge in the USA when Mubarak was overthrown by a coup? But we sent money and arms. He may have been dealing with the same thing Egypt is dealing with now. I recall a vibrant economy comparatively and the hustle and bustle of busy members of their society working and a lot of tourism. That is my memory of Hosni Mubarak. I admit I wasn’t as involved in the news or politics back then but it seemed like I didn’t need to be because everything seemed hunky dory. I think we may have caused a lot of unneeded trouble over there because of the influence that our government is under: the Vatican. I think the Vatican had a lot to do with what occurred then and the support of the Muslim Brotherhood. I would not be surprised if their elections were also fixed in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rand Paul wants to stop financial aid to Egypt because Mubarak spent the money on castles else where. Geez what the heck has Congress been doing for a long time? I guess there should have been a stipulation in the financial aid as to what Hosni Mubarak should do with the aid like as Rand Paul said buy his people bread. At the time they seemed to have bread and food and tourism etc. I know Rand Paul is against sending arms and obviously it has been confusing but how the heck is Mubarak or Egypt supposed to keep the transportation of oil etc open with out arms. Anyway the Saudis seem to be overflowing in aid.

I think what is occurring in Egypt is the attempted undoing of the treaties made with Egypt in all different angles and I wonder why. Seems they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, like Japan, like Syria. And who was involved?

THE VATICAN including the Jesuits and OBAMA

The Neocats of the Neocatechumenal Way, the Grahams, and the Muslim Brotherhood, Al qaeda, and the others. Strange bedfellows.

So maybe Rand Paul could figure out why they (the Vatican and Obama) both are causing so many problems for the world! The reason I keep drumming it in is because it seems there is this problem in the Press and in Washington called forgetfulness as if they are snorting something.

Many Christian religions and mostly the Vatican and the secret societies within these religions and their offshoot religions are actually inciting Islamic rage and yet Roman Catholicism has managed to manipulate their actions (Islamic) for their own purposes (such as what happened at Benghazi) and I think it stinks. The Vatican of the Roman Catholic Religion are their designers and the creators (of Islam) or at the least a nefarious partnership and communion between the two and playing a very dangerous game everywhere and in the USA for power and for money without a conscience towards the people they serve. So my remedy is for both religions-The RC/Vatican and Islam. They are like illegal aliens and the poor being groomed for the mob by the very religions they attend and support. Cannibalism of the poor by the rich in both religions, and attempting the same for the middle classes because obviously there is something very wrong with both religions.

I believe that Roman Catholicism

is the false face or the façade

of Islam.

(The Synoptic Dilemma)

And that is why they pander to them.

Walter Veith proved that most Islamic temples and shrines are always adjacent or near a Roman Catholic shrine or temple or church.


Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 12.40.37 AM

Assad “euphoric” about Obama’s decision on Syria strike, McCain says:

…………………..”And that plan in our view (not sure who our is) the best way to eliminate the threat of Bashar Assad’s continued use of of uh chemical weapons. And by the way we (not sure who we is) know he’s used them a number of times before (I wonder how many times and “a number of times” is a vague amount: 2 times, 50 times, 100 times? Funny then what was the red line about and why didn’t McCain tell the American people about those times and produce some evidence.) would be the threat of his removal from power and that I believe has to be part of of what we (not sure who we is) tell the American people.

Now McCain is wiggling about arming THE FREE SYRIAN ARMY (because he wants to put a crimp in the works because he can’t help being a worm) as if that is going to help the situation in Syria. Just because you have the word FREE in your name does not make you FREE nor a supporter of freedom. McCAIN IS A MAJOR CRIMP IN OUR GOVERNMENT. He doesn’t support freedom or he would not have supported Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. I have no idea how he voted in the first vote for ObamaCare. His Vietnam wartime buddy recently died and it is no coincidence as far as the timing of his death. Obviously knew too much. Did the hippies that practiced FREE LOVE really love and were they free? NO they were loose like Miley Cyrus is acting today.

But finally I, the consequences of Congress of the United States of overriding the decision of the President of the United States of this magnitude (now the President of the US is above all and bigger than all the other Presidents of the US) are really very, very serious and already we’re sending a bad signal to Iran, to North Korea, to Bashar Assad. (we send signals to other countries when we decide about Syria so this isn’t about Syria but those other countries.) But if we overrode the President’s decision and did nothing (like playing poker at a Senate hearing about intervention in Syria because it mattered immensely at that time) it’s…. you’re really…..(interruption by interviewer) I want to see the plan and a strategy that this will achieve some goals that we (not sure who we is) need to achieve. (Yes it would be a good idea to know what the heck we are doing) I also am aware of Congress to endorse this plan (but there isn’t a plan as just suggested by McCain at least not one that he has seen) that the signal that it sends to the world in a very dangerous world where we’ve (not sure who we is) also lost enormous credibility…………….. (The US has lost credibility alright because of people like McCain, but that occurred when ObamaCare was legitimized by the SENATE and CONGRESS following NANCY PELOSI’s ADVICE: to not read ObamaCare and pass it through both houses and find out later what’s in it and the negligence and disregard and flippant attitude and obstruction-ism by McCain and his buds about BENGHAZI. Obviously Syria is about regaining credibility because of their blundering in Egypt’s affairs and the rest of the scandals and they got caught. He should be impeached from the Senate!)

I could transcribe further but McCain is babbling and doesn’t know what he is doing or why he is doing it and I think that portion transcribed is evidence enough of his ineptitude in US and world affairs.

Graham: Doing nothing against Syria will embolden Iran

“……..Uh if the vote goes down that is a signal, that is a choice that has consequences and I think it emboldens Iran and it almost insures that the King of Jordan will be deposed over time and I think it will have a disastrous affect to the region. But if you have a weak response just to check the block again that’s just as bad………”

Sen Graham Warns of Nuke Strike After Missing Warheads Report


LINDSAY GRAHAM SHOULD BE EXPELLED/IMPEACHED without a hearing FROM THE SENATE. HE REALLY WANTS TO GO TO SYRIA. SO SEND HIM THERE or maybe we could tie him to the nuke when we find it and send it to IRAN. Then they could have direct communication.

I think by the sounds of it we ought to send smoke signals to Syria by way of Iran.



I think the most productive gesture America could do for the Islamic countries instead of sending money and arms send them a bunch of guitars.

They could evolve their music. They have been stunted by their religious music. Instead of armed battles they could have guitar wars. Evolve their brains. Maybe we should try that on the African American youth that seem hellbent on rap and that seem to have taken quite a few steps backward in the evolution of African American/Black music. I don’t even think they know what a melody is anymore;)

Maybe it’s way over their heads, probably, but it might rewire their brains to think differently. Okay, they’re really good at destroying, let’s see what else they can do.

Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin – Mediterranian Sun Dance Live


Islam is their Frankenstein

and Roman Catholicism and it’s daughters are their bride


and they should bear the responsibility for both and have to either deal with it or take my suggestions because I do believe it will help both religions and the people they have hurt by their deceptions and can make this world a better place if they get over their


because exponentially it is getting out of control,

because the people are dissatisfied and confused (their hybrids)

and likely to eat you.


Matt Damon pushes public school, kids go private

Gangs of New York: Where street crews rule, boys have few options

Critics blast Jackson, Sharpton over silence on Florida school bus beating

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 7.57.01 PM

Isabella Hanky was hospitalized for pulmonary embolism which was stress related. My daughter was also hospitalized from the stress of bullying. I think some people are being targeted on purpose under the Obama’s regime. I wonder if Michelle has something to do with it since she made school lunches a priority: Her Brainy Hummus food. I just bet she has invested in that kind of food or payback. I hate the stuff. Made from chickpeas because she thinks she is mother hen, but if you are pretty watch out. My daughter was also very pretty and popular. Bullying is a form of terrorism. This is why OBAMACARE is very suspect, because of the effect the Obama’s have had on the public schools in their jeolotry. Michelle does not like to compete. Course she had a lot of work done to get there around the time of the 2nd inauguration. Anyway check out the Benghazi picture of the woman/man armed in front of a blazing fire in girl sandals with heels and girl jeans rolled up and puffy eyes and puffy face signs of recovery from surgery without her wig on for disguise purposes in the post below:

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

There are home schools that are free and online. It is worth it to continue education and remove yourself or your child/teen from harm at least while they recover from it. They even provide computers. Something is in the food and the public school system for the most part has been “dumbed down” on how to respond to bullying and education. It is a very powerful sign of the times. I think it has to do with unions and the power they abuse and will eventually destroy the free market of education and eventually their own source of earnings. Stupidity. When a government defies the wishes of it’s people for vouchers and inhibits self education or home schooling it is a sure bet it is about money and the kids are just numbers and not worth their protection.

I don’t like seeing what happened to the man at a public school assembly trying to ask a question about the new kind of education being pushed around by a black ex-policeman bullying him. That’s a sign we don’t want that kind of education for our kids.

California law allows transgender students to pick bathrooms, sports teams they identify with

This is a set up. They are hoping for problems.

Can you see their deception? Democrats are not representing the people they serve, but are using them and they don’t care who they hurt…..even kids. That stinks.

Jerry Brown playing games with kids and bullies. Pretty sick! He ought to be voted out next chance you get for not thinking it through or

for the intentional pain to kids.


Jerry Brown signs transgender-student bill

California grants transgender students restroom, sports choices

Calif. governor signs transgender-student bill

Transgender students bathroom rights without infringing on other children can be solved by allowing transgender students to use the teacher’s bathrooms and the coaches locker room. No one gets bullied or embarrassed and it won’t affect any one who is young and impressionable.


That was easy:)

I know I would be uncomfortable with a transgender in my bathroom or shower. I would be uncomfortable for my kids to be in that position. I am against mixing boys and girls dorms at college, too. I don’t think it is healthy or safe. Most people with sex confusion such as transgenderism can have tendencies to be dangerous. Not always just sometimes because of the public, past bullying, and others who would like to make them lose their minds for a political tool in the ways that are possible and they obviously are confused about their bodies. I believe in protecting them and protecting the public school kids also and it is possible to do both.

I was ferociously approached by a transgender when in front of the place I worked  at, a restaurant. She/He wanted a job preparing crepes which is sort of a presentation kind of job you do in front of the diners. She was not normal and a quite manic but I sent her on to the woman that owned the restaurant (snicker-snicker) and she was not hired. She/he had very hairy legs and it just was not the right place for him/her to work. I would not have him/her work at a perfume counter or a makeup counter in Macy’s. Maybe working in the kitchen would have been a good job etc. however at the time I don’t think there were any job openings. She was very pushy like a crazy maniacal man/woman. I’m sure there are more normal examples of trans-genders that reside in the USA. There was a model that was a transgender and she had a job. They are human beings. We do not have to mistreat them but we do not have to turn our lives over because they have problems sexually or they have problems about their own image but we can accommodate them as we do other people who have problems or people that are different. There are things they can do to make a living and change their bodies to match their self image, but you would not hire a blind person to prepare crepes otherwise no one would ever get to eat.

Blind Priest Scene

here is another example and the blind priest looks like Pope Francis:

Frankenstein’s Monster Meets the Blind Old Man

Someday maybe those kind of things won’t be a hindrance but until then we can do more without making everyone else suffer with reason.

Yosemite Fire Called One Of Largest In Recent California History

“A wildfire that has spread into Yosemite National Park is now threatening the power grid that supplies San Francisco, prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare an emergency for the city.”

Perhaps Jerry Brown might rethink his new malicious law!

Huckabee had a woman guest who is against the law in California and has a website you can visit: Ill get it when I can remember the site’s name


Mystery ‘Angel’ Priest Appears At Missouri Car Crash, Performs ‘Miracle,’

Then Disappears

Too bad the drunk driver didn’t miss the young girl in the first place, but then how in world would he get attention? Did he look like Georg Ganswein?

2 Corinthians 11:14

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Where was that priest angel then? Why is an angel a priest? UH Let me guess.

Was he wearing a collar, too? Did he have a tennis racket? Did he have long ears?

Did you happen to notice if he have a gun and a fire extinguisher? Maybe Zimmerman figured out his destination and just didn’t make it in time.

Call him the “Late Angel Priest”,”Timing off Priest Angel? “Watch Stopped Priest Angel” “Leading from Behind Angel Priest with collar”

Glad everything worked out!

The priest/angel appeared again on CNN Tues. 13th of August defending his actions and the actions of others and then said it was “like clockwork” the activities. He said he has the power to forgive sins. We all have the power to forgive each other. It doesn’t take a confession to a priest to attain forgiveness. But the good samaritan did what was right by helping the people in the accident and God probably intervened on their behalf and I’m sure he noticed the good samaritan and his honesty. He was just wrong about the “semantics of forgiveness,” because that was what he was taught. But I think being a good samaritan is far more important than semantics at a time like that. As far as sins are concerned I leave that in God’s time between God and the sinner.

 I just wonder about premeditation of the roll=over such as Zimmermans rescue and the fire extinguisher to rehabilitate Zimmerman himself and in this case to elevate the fallacy of this priest’s mission which is the false teaching about the forgiveness of sins. Let’s hope he is really honest and not intentionally involved in that mission at the expense of wreckage and human suffering and the inconvenience of others caused by the accident. etc. You see the churches make money on the forgiveness of sins such as “indulgences” or selling rosary beads to chant with, or switches to beat with etc and these are false teachings and are meaningless not to mention the false teachings of these churches as to what is sin most having altered the truth for a lie such as the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Holy virtues and all the other things they have developed over the years in defense of all the sins of the church over the years because they thrive off humans and their suffering. Books, pictures of Jesus, pictures of the eucharist, pictures of popes, music dvd’s, visits by popes, like a political party.

As far as the laws of the land that is a whole different ball game: If the law is intended to hurt businesses, the middle class, old people, enemies of political parties, target people, pull down America to destroy it and change it from a democracy to socialism, hence a COUP D’ETAT such as ObamaCare is intended to do to the field of medicine “our shining star” being the best care in the world to destroy it and did it in order to rip off Americans of that “shining star” using the IRS who target and punish those it disagrees with religiously and politically because that is his religious intent without a conscience. Regardless of who did what at the time, if they were duped, and obviously they were and we now know that they were duped then we as Americans have the duty to halt the deception and obliterate that law in any which way we can. If it takes shutting down Sebellius and exposing her deceptions and putting up road blocks etc we shall because we are not a nation of ISLAM or the INCONTINENCE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.

Sebelius: ‘This Is Not A Bait-And-Switch’

Comments for this article:

Obviously it’s not “The Law” in a traditional sense when Obama can choose which parts he wants to enforce when. And, it’s only “The Law” in any sense for those of us who are not well connected enough to get waivers.

Equal protection under the law is also a concept that Dems don’t get.

And some Rep’s!


I had a similar experience and a miracle, with my daughter and both of us lived and in fact the truck barreled into us and yet we were not touched. NO damage to the car, his truck, or us, or them.

It was a complete miracle:)

but a priest did not appear because a priest was not involved in the miracle.

In other words, it was not a half-hearted miracle.

We were untouched by an angel/priest.

Although a priest did appear the day my sister flew to my aid on a plane right before I had an abortion when I was a teen. He sat next to her. They talked about it:) ODD, huh. They always seem to be appearing at the wrong time or perhaps they have a stake in the incidents, somehow, like a banker.

Mark Knopfler – Postcards from Paraguay [Berlin 2007]

I think many times we have no idea the miracles that occur in our lives without our knowledge because someone doesn’t pop in “a collar” to prove it.

Kind of pretentious, if you ask me. Like all priests are good and are angelic. You should read about priests in:

The Fruits of the Vatican

will make you realize they have some real serious issues.

Another miracle: I was driving on the highway to see my parents in another city and two huge big mac trucks were in front of me. One pulled into the others lane and he jack-knifed and so did the other truck. All the cars behind tried their best to avoid hitting the trucks. I had to take my van down a deep ravine with my two children and did not turn over although my legs were shaking for a while. No one collided and everyone and their vehicles started up again and it went well the rest of the way.

I’m not special, super talented, kind of unlucky, made mistakes, but I believe.

I have moments, days and hours where I vacillate, have doubts, feel sorry for myself a lot, but I come back to believing.

I have more, but I’ll save them for another post.

NSA loophole allows warrantless search for US citizens’ emails and phone calls

Exclusive: Spy agency has secret backdoor permission to search databases for individual Americans’ communications

Billy Graham and the Secret Service

I think there is a lot of reconstruction going on in the world of churches and government agencies such as the NSA in Idaho near Salt Lake City that are taking our liberties and given the funds to spy on their own citizens but they need to save people in order that they may qualify for investment by the public through trickery.

This was before the election of Barack Obama the second time around about the time of Benghazi and the Clintons and the Bidens were saying some of the most ridiculous stuff campaigning for Obama. It was like they were crazy. There are other examples but it seems to coincide with the confusion and the madness we have been out through for quite a while but especially accelerated since Benghazi. This got a lot of attention because it was reminiscent of Obama’s lies. Was he trying to say something without saying it? I remember thinking everyone had gone berserko and then when we heard about the video excuse there was no denying that

Benghazi was HUGE

and ever since Benghazi the USA has been in upheaval with lots of scapegoating.

Clinton asks Philadelphia crowd: ‘Who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows isn’t true?’ [VIDEO] Perhaps it would be a good idea to investigate what was said about that time before Obama was elected. He leads from behind maybe we should probe his lead from behind to understand what it is he meant and others at that time and before that time since not knowing his intent at that time it might give us insight into his intent. Clinton said something about cookies and a cookie jar and cookies are what people erase on their computers (information) to clear their computers of evidence or to clean up their computers. So was Clinton talking about the NSA and their invasion of our computers? Or about erasing memory? Was Benghazi about those cookies? I have to wonder about the head of the having a senior moment in congress (i’m having one too because I don’t remember his name or the organization because so much has been occurring and a person can only do so much which is not accidental as being part of the coverup to inundate the public and Congress with so much crap kind of distraction) who didn’t know anything about their investigation or who was the man in charge of the investigation before Congress even though he was the top man of the organization and had to have given the orders. Are we dealing with drones in our government in top posts who look like people but are actually computer controlled. Like they have a chip in them or something?

Maybe since we are dealing with agencies like the FBI and the CIA and so forth that Congress when it examines their witnesses ought to be able to hook them up to Lie Detector equipment to assist the Congress since this was a top security type crime at Benghazi and as John Brennan does his employees and future witnesses. If he has the right to hook up his employees Congress should have the right to do the same to Brennan and others that they question.

Who pays who anyway?

Doesn’t Congress pay Brennan?

Shouldn’t Congress take the pay from the CIA?

Congress is at a disadvantage and needs to get on an even keel with those that want to obstruct justice. Congress represents the people: they deserve the advantage, not disadvantage. John Brennan was picked by Obama and not the people yet has been given an advantage. Might tip the scales to get to the bottom of the Vat-full of lies. Definitely need to call Bill Clinton and John Brennan to the stand! I would think he would be willing to take wear a lie detector while testifying before Congress as to why he is giving lie detector tests to his subordinates and where he was at the time of the Benghazi massacre.

IN the light of Rahm Emanuel’s remarks about crises conceivably those that gave up their lives weren’t getting along or were just “bumps in the road,” cause “you got to git in to fit in.” It is very apocryphal and obviously soon it will backfire since it is apocryphal. Closing 19 embassies shows how unspecific their intel is when Yemen was their source, or Al Qaeda being on the run is very inconsistent with their fear but they need your dollars and want you to think they are really working hard while silencing and threatening witnesses in the Benghazi debacle etc. It’s like the nurse who intentionally causes harm to a patient so she may save the patient and be awarded attention and donations. It is a sickness that the public because of naivety/ignorance, disbelief, or disinterest generates by supporting at the cost of some peoples lives and their liberties even in their own families and friends and I would call that unbelievably sad, swinish, abominable and cowardly. Social climbers tend to be shallow. But when it happens to your kid or someone you love you will start to wake up and wish you had done something about it when you had the chance. If you read the post in this article that is linked called “The Fruits of the Vatican” above and below you will see what I mean. Nothing is beyond their capability because of the support they receive and nothing is beneath them and those that


Grief to euphoria: California teen rescued after suspect DiMaggio killed in Idaho

Happy ending to a sad story losing both brother and mom in the process. I’m sure the dad was pretty proud getting his daughter back.

This wilderness experience was solved by the Press and the recognition by 4 witnesses who happened coincidentally to run into the pair. It doesn’t sound like the NSA had much to do with it.

Strange comment by victim: Looks like we’re all in trouble now.

Did things go as planned? Everyone assumes she was the victim just like Jackie Onassis. Well, I have a suspicious mind, but it would be stupid not to after all I have learned about human nature and evil. Could be the mother, the brother and the dead man in the woods didn’t “git in to fit in” and might actually be the victims if this was premeditated murder. She didn’t know about the deaths of her brother and mother even though she was there wasn’t she? Maybe he put her to sleep first then burned them up and took off with her. His buddy, a mind doctor psychiatrist or psychologist was interviewed on Fox News by, I think, Judge Jeanine. The man in the woods that was shot was preoccupied with the young girl then why in the world did the dad and the “psycho-analyst buddy” warn and allow them to be near each other? How about the police? Did he warn them? He probably will write a book and make some money off the incidences and the appearances on news programs. Hopefully there was insurance involved to help out the survivors. I would not take things for granted, even the dad who loves his daughter. Hopefully things aren’t so complicated. But it would not surprise me.

Nevertheless, it seems also to have been a half-hearted miracle.

I saw the picture of Hannah Anderson making a signal with her hands and thought hmmmm. Reminded me of the photo of Zimmerman’s lawyer’s daughter in the car with the ice cream cones. MOCKING?

Matthew 10:35

For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and thedaughter in law against her mother in law.

Of course, Matthew’s rendition of Jesus: charged them to tell no man that I am the Christ after “coming down” his “mountain experience with thousands of followers” and “healing a crazy lunatic” (probably a guy in white slobbering on someone’s baby ie pulling a francis”

Matthew 8:4

And Jesus saith unto him, See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.

Matthew was a tax man ie an IRS man, wasn’t he?

Matthew 16:20

Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ.

Luke 12:53

The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Please read: Tell No Man


Sarah Palin Slams Chris Christie: “I’m On Team Rand”

“Chris Christie’s for more government and his record proves that, whereas Rand Paul with that healthy libertarian streak that we need more of, in our politicians, team Rand Paul.”



John Brennan capitulated to ISLAM and now is a follower of ISLAM, because he lacked courage! PERIOD

Pat Cadell on Neil Cavuto Mon. Aug 5th was right-on about the NSA! ==========================================

What Closing American Diplomatic Facilities Means


Who was behind the attacks on both 9/11’s because of their beliefs?

One for their greed, and another for their lust.

Roman Catholicism and Islam

Meaningless concessions


U.S. issues global travel alert,

cites al Qaeda threat

State Department issues travel alert for Americans abroad


What’s behind timing of terror threat

Bullies and cowards. Quack Quack

Al Qaeda Leader: Egypt Is Proof That Democracy Is Corrupt



The problem is does our government really want to win the war on terrorism,

or do they want an excuse to snoop and kill at will for whatever reason?


Iowa State Fair Guards Told To Shoot Non–Iowa Residents On Sight

Drone strikes kill militants in Yemen;

Americans urged to leave

The Grahams Sell ‘The Washington Post,’ and Woodward Is Sad

This is disgusting

(and I don’t mean just physically) Collecting social security and other ways that tax money is gained for nefarious reasons to be funneled to nefarious causes, nefarious businesses, nefarious groups, and nefarious governments has got to stop:

He knew all about the personal information of Ashley Judd, he certainly knew where his donations came from and how.mitch-mcconnell-recently-received-a-100000-donation-from-a-texan-who-died-in-april-in-that-case-a

Obviously it was the NSA that bugged both McConnell and Romney and used it for the status quo which sucks because it benefits the NSA which sucks.

Sen. Mitch McConnell Was Recorded Plotting Against Ashley Judd

Mitch McConnell recently received a $100,000 donation from a Texan who died in April. In that case, a computer glitch was blamed.

Dead people have donated $600,000 to politicians since 2009

It should be paid back out of his personal funds to relatives of the dead person!

Exposing these guys whenever possible is the one of the things the average person can do because we do not have the tools they have at their disposal to interfere in our personal lives. The other is not to support them in all the ways possible.

The Brag Is Back: Obama Touts Record as Budget Battle Looms

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 3.09.25 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 3.07.53 PM

Not much difference between these two people, is there? Way overconfident, prideful, evil. One wears a white Tee shirt and the other wears a tie.

This is a close up picture of Obama (Mr. Healthcare and Mr. Cair, Mr. Islam) at lunch with Hillary Clinton (former Insurance lawyer)

They are a scam and they need to go!

Chilling 911 call details final moments of Melbourne baseballer Chris Lane’s life

The news says that this murder was premeditated because of why the boys killed this man but I suggest the pictures of the man posing with the rifle had premeditated to kill way before this day. He is mocking about his pose and has whatever it is that Obama possesses in him. This is Obama’s way. One of the kids said “I knocked out 5 woods” or something to that effect or threatening to knock out 5 woods which could also mean peckerwoods, hollywoods, or rifles. I think he is talking Obama’s technique in the game of golf. Pulling a nelson? Unknown-3 Remember Obama’s first year in his first term and the shock people were expressing about his army of youths? This kid is one of them. Chris Lane shooting a gang initiation, says father who called police 52laOti4qxgHvDdhkdtRZQee-0-180x101.jpg&did=eNSRc

911 call reveals staffer’s bravery in Georgia school shooting

The driver looks similar to the boy who was coaxed out of shooting up an elementary school by the heroine Antoinette Tuff in Georgia.



Kidnapper leaves money to Hannah Anderson’s grandmother

In the abduction of Hannah Anderson by Dimaggio and the insurance he left for the grandmother is a pretty good sign that possibly Chris Lane might have also been on a policy somewhere….. maybe in Australia. His family reacted by saying people should not tour the US which is a strange reaction to say the least because of our laws in regards to gun ownership. This is a scam too. Insurance is a scam and is being abused causing the cost of healthcare to rise and other products. I think this is at the instigation of the Obama administration and that is what all the hoaxes are about. They are trying to force ObamaCare, ObamaCAIR, ISLAM, Sharia Law, The Muslim Brotherhood, DISARM Americans and OVERTAKE AMERICA by fraud which is their means: Gun laws and Hoaxes and Donations and Insurance.…..>This is OBAMACAIR.


WHICH IS A WAR CRIME and those that are involved.



Highly unlikely he will do the right thing because his bread and butter is OBAMA. U.S. says it will sue Texas over voter ID law Shouldn’t the citizens of the US sue Obama and his administration over their rights against OBAMACAIR? U.S. government sues to block vouchers in some Louisiana school systems They make money on each student that attends, but they allow students to be beaten up and even set them up to be beaten up without giving a head’s up to bus drivers. So who gave the three bullies the dope to begin with, the public school, a teacher, the guidance counselor, the principal, the unions, the police?  Mark Fuhrman would call the kid a snitch. Talk about mixed signals. Someone told those kids about the other kid and made a demonstration of it for the rest of the kids in the USA.  Shouldn’t that be investigated? Shouldn’t the Justice Department sue the Public School System or is the Justice Department force feeding the kids dope? Are you going to do something about it?  They are more worried about getting a vote than they are anything else. ERIC HOLDER IS A DISAPPOINTMENT AND HAS LOST HIS TESTICLES AND DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM. Did Obama EAT them?

David Cameron to give Syria ultimatum


Did Cameron eat them? They call it teabagging:) I learned this term a few years ago and I suppose he is learning it now. Hopefully, he will begin to understand WHAT IT IS and fight to get them back where they belong….between his legs before it’s too late and he gets rolled under the

Steamroller Blues – James Taylor

Screen shot 2013-08-24 at 8.10.00 PM

You ain’t no starfish.

House Republican leaders seek to prevent split on ‘Obamacare’

Whose side are Eric Cantor and John Boehner on?  The Muslim Brotherhood? OBAMA’S BROTHER LINKED TO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

Syria opposition group claims 1,300 killed in chemical attack in Damascus suburbs

ON the news shows men bringing victims in with masks on their faces and that would not prevent sarin gas so this seems a bit contrived since sarin is a nerve gas. So it isn’t necessarily a government released agent. I don’t see why the government would release it knowing that the UN agents are there. This seems to be done in my opinion by the rebels because the UN agents are there so that the rebels may gain their allegiance more than likely and since the military and the government has had great success in killing the rebels with regular weapons. It doesn’t make sense that the government would release chemical weapons for so few compared to their so many killed the other way knowing that the world would be horrified by the use of chemical weapons. It really gets old hearing the news the great desire for the UN and France to involve the US in a war that they should avoid. I AIN’T BUYIN’ IT! France specifically wants action taken so France go ahead take action. We’ll be rootin’ for ya! Be sure and take Christine LaGarde with you and we’ll send Kathleen Sebelius! Kill two birds with one stone

Gee I wonder did France cause this chemical attack?

They are so predictable.

OR did France get some turks to assist them?

It is their neck of the woods.

U.N. presses Syria to allow gas attack inspection

“BEIRUT/PARIS – The United Nations demanded Syria give its chemical weapons experts immediate access to rebel-held Damascus suburbs where poison gas appears to have killed hundreds
just miles from the U.N. team’s hotel.”

That is a coincidence, isn’t it?

Isaiah 17 : The burden of Damascus. 

IN Isaiah it talks about the Lord of Hosts and hosts have a few meanings one of which is the white cracker ie the eucharist. German being an anagram of manger. Traditional bread used in rites vs the true bread the Gospel of John which does not mention the mustard seed which is an ingredient of Sarin gas Also known as sulfur mustard and many other noxious gases. The only gospels to mention the mustard seed are the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke which are diametrically opposed to the Gospel of John. The use of these kind of weapons were used in WWl and WWll by the Germans and those that went along.

Syria: What Is Poisonous Gas?

7-Up Discovery

(Sunni’s and Shi’ites interact with soft drink)

Horrific video we must show you

I watched this and the one on Fox News and it looks like some kids are laughing in the Fox News clips airing lately and then the kids are crying as if their mom straightened them out real quick. If this was sarin gas the clothing of the dead victims would be poisoning everyone else and they don’t seem to be too concerned about it, do they? IF they were wouldn’t the kids be wearing masks? No, only moms/nuns get masks, because there aren’t enough to go around because they value their children so so much. Are some kids immune to sarin gas while, others aren’t? This is so PALESTININAN! Now they changed the you tube site so that the mask now is a humongous hanker-chief she just happened to have around in a war zone and not a mask dragging kids into the area that looks like it is contaminated.  New you tube:

Horrific video we must show you

…….”Both the Syrian government and the opposition are accusing each other of STAGING the attacks.”…… ……”The people here spoke to us they didn’t feel any affects of possible nerve agents.” (Nearby) …….”Even the UN weapons inspectors who are in Damascus can’t get close to the alleged site . Still waiting for permission from the Syrian government..”…… 

Immediately after that in this you tube there are film shots of the victims so they must have been able to get into the area they just said that they were not allowed to enter and the UN  is saying time is of the essence, etc. So who took the film? Does that make any sense? Seems contrived. If you don’t know who used the gas,

(if there was gas used)

how do you respond?  Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 5.02.55 AM This picture has some kind of distortion and it looks like a cover up or photoshopped big ice cubes. Like they are hiding marks on these kids. But the kids have a lot of color in their skin which is unusual for deadness, I would think anyway. Beautiful kids, though. Definitely suspicious picture from this you tube:

Gowdy, Duncan oppose military action in Syria

Another thing the man who is having involuntary movements in the film could be autistic. His movements look like autism or epilepsy, not poison. He is having a seizure of some kind, but the other people are not having the same reaction they are just sitting and leaning on a pole and these maniacs keep tossing 7 up in their faces probably to look like foam coming out of their mouths all the while not wearing real gas masks as they pour. Is that supposed to convince Americans that Bashar Assad used sarin gas on his own people for the UN inspectors visit? Assad drink too much 7 up or something? We had the Pepsi Challenge now we are  in the 7 Up Discovery? Wait till they try a root beer float!


But first “It’s gone, baby”, Juan. IN regards to his remark about Benghazi on the Chris Wallace show on Sunday, Sept 9th Poor Juan, he doesn’t get it. Benghazi is not going away and the more I think about it the more I think maybe you have a very big interest in that hope. Don’t hold your breath. It is gonna overcome you and you aren’t gonna know what hit you YOU ASS! I can’t wait to see you lose your voice for a long time because you do not deserve to have a voice! You make your living denying for the administration and you are so wrong. And my hope is you can no longer make your living that way anymore. That is what I prayed for tonight.

Syria: Pope warns Barack Obama that military strike would be ‘futile’

Syria crisis: Pope tells Vladimir Putin world leaders have allowed ‘senseless massacre’

……..”Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied claims made on Thursday by Argentinian newspaper Clarin that Francis had contacted President Assad of Syria urging him to halt attacks in Syria. He also denied reports made by the paper that Francis had personally contacted the US White House to urge the calling off of any planned attack on Syria.”……

White House: Irrefutable Assad link to gas attack lacking, but passes ‘common-sense test (I don’t think the young man below would be in agreement with that determination!) …..”Pope Francis, who is a Jesuit, has been backed in his criticism of a military strike on Syria by the head of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas.”….. JESUITS ARE SO TRUTHFUL, ARE THEY NOT? I’ll answer that: No, they are not truthful. Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 2.14.36 PM

Check out the Tee Shirt

Perhaps this person is trying to say something. Looks like BRAZIL 8. I think they were fed poison hence the 8 on the shirt. Who visited Brazil lately? HMMMM I guess it is FUTILE to SPECULATE This snap shot picture is in the montage with you tubes below: Assad denies ordering chemical attack Well the tee shirt is MEZUT OZIL Tee shirt. Mesut Özil (German pronunciation: [ˈmeːzut ˈøːzil]Turkish pronunciation: [me̞ˈsut ˈø̞zil]) (born 15 October 1988) is a German footballer who plays for English Premier League club Arsenal and the German national team.

Indian headmistress tied to poisoned lunches arrested

“Devi told police that the headmistress did not heed her warning that the mustard oil used to prepare lunch looked and smelled bad. Instead, the headmistress insisted she continue preparing the meal, officials said.”
G8 Summit in 2009 Wives Meet Pope Benedict
They wear black except one!


Could the victims of this ” chemical attack” have been poisoned by the food they ate?

Jackie Kennedy visited the Taj Mahal and things went south. JFK did not go and she had some interesting things to say about his absence and about that he should have been there to receive whatever it was she received. “THEIR LOVE.”, ” It’s LOVE”, “Their appreciation.” And a while later she murdered JFK in Dallas. I guess that love or whatever it was she received perhaps a heart had a great impact on her feelings for him and others.



Probably wise! Students in a rural Kentucky county — and their parents — are the latest to join a growing national chorus of scorn for the healthy school lunches touted by first lady Michelle Obama. Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’

Michelle Obama, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

Swollen from surgery at Benghazi holding arms and something else.untitled4

nm_michelle_obama2-1 Before surgery, obviously. XxBcmdjjTLClJRd9muksk_juu2fQo_oI_ent_michellevideo0815_640x360

The “single mother of children,” who sent her heart to the victims of Hurricane Sandy before taking a vacation in Hawaii after Sen Inouye died so she could attend his funeral just in time for her trip.  After surgery, and lots and lots of other things.

Now they are saying there may be no evidence:

Yet on Fox News:
Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 7.19.01 PM

So they did have evidence and now they don’t. Where did the evidence go?

Israeli Gas Mask Distribution Ramps Up Amid Syria Escalation, Suspected Chemical Weapons Use

800px-Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Home_Front_Command_Soldiers_Assist_Civilians-678x326 The shirtless and shoe less man in the video on Fox News who definitely is sick with something looks as if he is dressed for breakfast. Who took off his shoes and shirt? How did they get him on a stretcher? If he had sarin gas on him the poison from his clothes and body would poison the stretcher people. The stretchers would be contaminated and would be poisonous also. No painter’s mask would protect a person from sarin gas. This is a painter’s mask for small spray jobs, more like a coffee filter. It does not fit snugly on the face and held on by a rubber band or a stretchy band around the head. It does not the protect eyes, etcn95masks Lots of holes in this.

Listened to Kerry and he says it doesn’t matter who used the gas?



It doesn’t?

There were delays to the UN investigators in SYRIA and therefore that implied THAT

Assad’s regime is guilty

by SOS John Kerry

OH, REALLY? HOW ABOUT BENGHAZI? WHO VISITED THE WITNESSES OF BENGHAZI? SENATOR JOHN KERRY (then Lindsay Graham who said they the Benghazi witnesses were afraid and Obama met  a few witnesses at Walter Reed Hospital) Brennan won’t allow anyone to talk to Congress about Benghazi. No one has seen the witnesses other than these three that we know of. They won’t tell the truth in any investigation so far so why would anyone believe anything these guys say. Not once has Obama been honest about anything. You would have to be nuts to believe him now in regards to Syria. Hillary wasn’t forthcoming about Benghazi and John Kerry wasn’t about to widen the space between her and him, whatever that means, probably because he’s afraid. They are up to no good as usual. Every time that guy talks today at the Senate he repeats his tedious self serving monologue without telling anyone anything and licking a lot probably because he is lying. Obviously, the people at the hospital where these victims arrived knew it was not Sarin gas or they would not have been touching the victims clothing etc. and bringing in live kids into the same area.  Now Kerry knows it was Assad in such a short time. Amazing. I guess in that time they produced more films to back his later statement about knowing because it didn’t matter who was responsible in his earlier statements. They are scrambling. The California Senator recalled her votes in regards to chemical weapons in the past and the Senates involvement in those bills and obviously it had no effect. It doesn’t have an effect what the Senate or Congress states in regards to their loathe of the use of chemical weapons in that part of the world. No one in their right mind would sanction the use of chemical weapons except those that make it or help to produce it, or those that make deals with them for oil to overlook the use of it or the killing of Christians at the same time while not wanting to become independent of that oil. If Kerry was so offended by the heinz-ousness of Assad’s crimes that the press say has happened numerous times then why have dinner with Assad and his wife? That’s a pretty cozy relationship. Just because you are a Senator or Secretary of State doesn’t mean you have to hook up with a character that is on a par with Adolf Hitler (so he says) yet this same person protects the Christians in his country. Doesn’t make sense. If I thought he was guilty and capable of poisoning his own people with chemical weapons I sure wouldn’t dine with him under any circumstances, but Senator Kerry and his wife did. I sure wouldn’t bring my loved one with me to dinner with a crazy gas freak Hitlerish Assad as he has been labeled and allow her to be a possible victim.

Something else is afoot!

A trap of some kind. 

A Delusion of some kind is occurring and Senator Kerry and his wife are involved! Did Kerry protect the men at Benghazi, yet we know he was involved. Did Kerry and Lindsay Graham and John McCain protect the Coptic Christians in Egypt? No, they stood with the Muslim Brotherhood who attacked the Christians. Why would any Christian in our Congress or Senate trust these men and women just mentioned? I have not heard much dialogue from Assad in the news but what I did see was truthful and that was his interview with Barbara Walters. I don’t know if he is the killer that many have said that he is of his own countrymen and women but seems contradictory if he is protecting Christians in his country. What he did say was that the situation in his country was complex (a few years back I think) and that is blatantly true. I think Kerry is a liar so far that I have seen so makes me wonder who really caused the problems in Syria today. The Middle East is complex and so far as I have seen these same men in the Senate and Presidency and the administration have made a mess of it by interfering and their track record is dismal at best. Yes we won in Iraq but who armed Saddam Hussein to begin with? Why? To deal with Iran I think. Who armed Osama Bin Laden to begin with? CIA? Our diplomacy sucks because it is ruined and overrun by the Vatican and the Jesuits and so is our INTEL.  I think Lindsay Graham, Kerry, McCain, Obama are enemies of freedom in our own country and using Syria (and Egypt) for that end and would not put it past these men to facilitate the event they abhor to involve us in a bad situation and to build up their own reputations that they have squandered.


Stuart Varney who normally shoots straight says it is immoral to do nothing in regards to Syria because of the gassing of kids. First the video I saw is not proof. Second it is not proof of who gassed the kids if indeed they were gassed because there are no visible marks on them. There are many kinds of poison such as is ingested by food or injected by a syringe. I watched the UN guys getting samples of dirt hoping to find traces of sarin gas and they were totally covered with protective wear a few days later. War itself is immoral but sometimes necessary. The English are not exactly helpful in regards to war or of very little help and the French even less. Yet both want American tax dollars but do they pay for our military to keep them safe with taxes on their countrymen? Will they pay off our national debt? Do they keep their companies and businesses from doing business with Syria or Saudi Arabia? Europe is a perpetual supply of ingredients for Syria so sarin gas is a perpetual threat. Other than doing what Kennedy did with Cuba (a military blockade) and starving the country or nuking the whole country and it’s store houses of sarin gas (which would kill many kids) what else would work? The Queen of England has received the Assad’s as a guest at least I saw a picture of it recently. She didn’t look afraid either. I suppose they need that oil from Saudi Arabia too. We still have to worry about Iran because in my opinion Syria is a diversion for Iran. And whatever happens in Syria isn’t gonna stop Iran. I think the horse is behind the cart. I think Iran should be dealt with and the threat of nuking Syria if they interfere would be much more effective. But all of it is immoral, because that is the nature of war. I do think Saudi Arabia is guilty of assisting both countries in the slaughter of innocent people and their own citizens, and our citizens on Sept 11 at the twin towers, but everyone AVERTS that option because their businesses depend on Saudi Arabia and oil. When the Muslim Brotherhood lost their control in Egypt it scared Saudi Arabia and they blinked. They play both sides you see to protect themselves. The businesses in the EU profit from Saudi Arabia and they give them a license to rape American citizens and kill them because they have diplomatic immunity. That is immoral! The EU and the UN have been given a license to do the same to American citizens for their own economies destroying the world economy eventually and their own freedom eventually because when America goes down so will the world. That is immoral! I don’t see British ships and subs and aircraft in the area of Syria giving ultimatums. I don’t see German ones either. Or French. Or Saudi Arabian ships. I don’t see any of the above giving ultimatums and backing it up to Iran either. As far as blinking goes, BIG DEAL. It doesn’t bother me that we blinked, in fact I’m proud of it. When we were attacked at Pearl Harbor it took a while to prepare for war  and many kids died in the meanwhile and when all was said and done and it was immoral, but we won the war and we can do it again if we are forced. It is stupidity to go into a possible Middle East war because some Middle Easteners killed their kids and their neighbor’s kids without being totally prepared for all out war in the Middle East and Europe and Russia. The deaths in WWll occurred partially because of the cowardice of many parts of Europe and the collusion of the Vatican and many others in the world barring a few.  We can win again when we are fully prepared and on our own time table and not on their timetable, or Britain’s time table, or France’s timetable, or the Vatican’s time table (KERRY and HEINZ) or Russia’s timetable or Germany’s time table etc, even if we are now being antagonized and provoked by events in Syria and bad and misleading INTEL hoping to manipulate us into making a huge blunder which could be very costly to the freedom of all mankind. Blinking instead of celebrating as many of the Syrians did is far better IMO. I don’t care what the world thinks of America nor should anyone else. That is a weakness. I think the next war will cost a lot of lives in Europe and the Middle East and probably Russia than WWll and you should be thankful for the time you have in between now and then because when it happens it won’t be pretty. EU should cough up the funds for this war of morality and equip our men and women and armed forces and our navy’s with ships and planes, etc if you want war so badly. Commit your men and women to our military to help blockade the Syrians from Russia and Turkey and Iran and European trade. Don’t buy oil from any oil businesses doing business in Saudi Arabia and I might be convinced of the sincerity of the British. I’m not a fan of Obama or his administration and I’m very unhappy with what has occurred in our country but I don’t think he created the problems of the Middle East and Europe and Russia etc. When Kennedy was President he said that a person who becomes President doesn’t automatically have the training until on the job as the President. The military usually is more knowledgeable as to what they can handle than politicians and I don’t think they are quite equipped at the moment but they do have nukes so I would not provoke the military into responding until they are ready otherwise they might have to use them. It happened before, and it was immoral, so I sure wouldn’t push your luck one way or the other. Stuart Varney makes his living on their pocket change. That is my opinion. When the President lies to the world I have to call him on it whether he knowingly lied or not. He said the rebels do not have the capability to lob a Sarin gas container

and that is BS.

(Otherwise why would anyone be afraid of a Sarin Gas attack from a terrorist in our country) It depends on how the Sarin gas is contained and if he knows how it was contained this time prove it.

It can be lobbed from the back of a truck. 

It can be handed to someone depending on how it is contained. If he has proof that it came from territory of the Assad Regime

prove it.

I saw the map on Fox News of who controls what part of the country and Aleppo was where the kids were gassed (if it is true?) which is controlled by the rebels for the most part. So it very well could be a UN or Vatican or Rebel manipulation to entice America to get involved and we should not trust their word or their evidence. I think it is mighty suspicious of the timing of this attack, the UN intervention in Syria, and the trip to Sweden and the G20 meeting by our President and other leaders.

I know we have the technology as we did in the Iraq war to have photographed it coming from Assad’s military. I know that our technology has improved since then and our technology can watch a man light a cigarette and be able to recognize him on earth from space.

Show the American people. 

But to lie to us straight faced about that fact is offensive to me and should be offensive to the Senate and to Congress!

THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE OF THE WORMS SO the propaganda machine is ramping up and it is ridiculous and even to the point of out and out lies. FOLLOWING ARE BUT A FEW EXAMPLES and they are very tricky at it as they slide in lies into their conversation. Bob Beckel of  The Five said that Putin provided Assad with WMD’s which are the chemical weapons and I don’t think Putin is that stupid. However, I think OBAMA is. RUSSIA is closer to SYRIA than the USA and believe me regardless whether he is a communist or a dictator he does not want those kind of weapons entering his country via terrorists which they have already used on his people a few times. He is not a fool. Having fear of the Russians is so outdated. They may be different than the US citizens but not that different. They don’t want chemical weapons threatening them and it is pure BS propaganda to think he would build up chemical weapons for Assad. You would have to be crazy to even think that. Bob Beckel is a worm.  Tues Sept 10 Neil Cavuto said that Putin said that Syria didn’t have chemical weapons a few days ago and I sure don’t recall that Putin said that. Why would Neil Cavuto say that? Not just once either. I recall Putin saying that the Syrian leader Bashar Assad didn’t use the chemical weapons on his civilian population not that they didn’t have them. Obama taken him over, too? Talk about propaganda I am ashamed Neil would stoop that low. Maybe his studio was invaded by the Grahams like Gretas. You shouldn’t have to lie to go to war. But I got the message loud and clear about money via Varney so maybe they just don’t give a damn either way it’s just their job even to lie because it is immoral. Neil Cavuto is a worm. It doesn’t have to be like this but only because there are many like you who don’t give a damn and sell out yourself and others which is like a WWlll body count in a spiritual sense probably to be followed by a similar physical body count if you don’t resist the BORG that pays your salaries and start trying to be honest.  Ill be adding as I hear them but there are so many examples it is scarier than chemical weaponry in my opinion.


Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway On Monday March 20, 1995, five members of Aum Shinrikyo launched a chemical attack on the Tokyo subway, one of the world’s busiest commuter transport systems, at the peak of the morning rush hour. The chemical agent used, liquid sarin, was contained in plastic bags which each team then wrapped in newspaper. Each perpetrator carried two packets totaling approximately 900 millilitres of sarin, except Yasuo Hayashi, who carried three bags. Aum originally planned to spread the sarin as an aerosol but did not follow through with it. A single drop of sarin the size of a pinhead can kill an adult.

It matters who poisoned the citizens just as much as it matters how. It matters if it was an accident or intentional. As far as moving of chemical weapons that may have had to be done to keep them out of the wrong hands. The weapons of Iraq may have been moved to Syria in the Iraq war and it may be a burden for Assad handed to him by his allies in the past that now are not his allies such as Saudi Arabia and possibly Iran playing both sides of the Islamic conundrum. Everyone talks about emboldening Iran, how about emboldening those that use chemical weapons to blackmail and displace leaders by implication and the use of terrorism and those that back them. IMO it is ludicrous that Assad would intentionally use the chemicals to make a point for the UN inspectors. It makes sense that those that want to attack Syria or want Syria to be attacked by us might be guilty of intentional chemical warfare to insert themselves or us in a war in order to profit and to confound and from sheer madness.

Saudi Arabia is guilty in my opinion of inspiring their citizens (the al qaeda) in the 9-11 attack in New York. Guess what, they were Saudi Arabian! I think they are involved in this attack as well. I think Iran is dangerous and sending their citizens the Hezbollah to cause havoc in Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Egypt etc and may be involved. I think the Vatican are involved as well. The UN has been actively pursuing the intervention into this civil war for as long as the civil was has been in play just because of the amount of deaths and the influx of refugees which is not reasonable thinking. Like I said earlier Abraham Lincoln did not kill 625,000 people but the confrontations they participated in on both sides and probably many mercenaries caused most of the deaths. He was assassinated because he was hated by some people and more than likely the people in the south considered him to be a butcher and may have called him a butcher. By the way, I was born in the south.

Bashar Assad responds to “butcher” allegations

What would you do if you had terrorists invading your country? Eat dinner with them?

McCain Says It’s Not True That 40% Of Syrian Rebels Are Extremists Because He’s Met Them All

“The latest figures estimate that there are approximately 100,000 rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad in Syria. Is McCain suggesting that he’s met every single one?

“….Lister’s study places the number of “genuine moderates”, that is rebels completely loyal to the Supreme Military Council, at between 20,000 and 32,000. This means that there is an army of non moderate rebels somewhere in the region of 70,000 strong, ranging from Islamic hardliners to full on liver-eating cannibals…..”

The article above has a break down of the percentages of who the Syrian opposition are but who can say. Are they wearing uniforms with banners id’ing themselves?


Here is Senator McCain with Ambassador Chris Stevens. I don’t think McCain has a very good track record NOT TO MENTION WHAT HE AND LINDSAY GRAHAM DID IN EGYPT and McCains POW buddy who recently died. If I were one the guys in the picture above I ‘d be a bit worried.

To support Obama just because he is a democrat is wrong. To support Obama just because he is the President is wrong. To support Obama just because he is African American is wrong. Sorry I don’t buy Bob Beckels ridiculous rant today on Fox The Five. I’m an army brat but I don’t support Gen. Patreaus just because he is or was a military man and wants war with Syria. I don’t buy his (Bob Beckel) false outrage about the children. It is phony and you don’t go blasting a country killing more children and parents etc to prove your astonishment. It is obvious by the actions and the war of words before and after the attack who had something to gain from a chemical attack in Syria and even in America such as SOS John Kerry and his wife. Even the Pope has said some interesting things to say and I’m not impressed with his mealy mouth pleas. I think Assad and his wife had everything to lose by a chemical attack and for some reason Kerry wants Assad to be dead after dining with Assad and his wife 5 times. That is unreasonable and I think Kerry is involved (in my opinion) as he was at Benghazi. Someone ought to ask Kerry about those dinner parties and Benghazi. I am glad Obama blinked at the cost of his second term aspirations and provocation by political hacks, press, and assholes in many countries and shows restraint which is wise. If he does not accomplish anything in his second term and fails at ObamaCare it sure is a lot better than causing WWlll and meaningless intervention in another countries affairs and their hardship just to gain respect. I think it is meaningful to learn about  your enemy and how they work, etc. and who are the traitors in our own country. It is a lesson we should try to learn in order to avoid war and meaningless gestures. Restraint is better than going half-cocked. Is Kerry being black mailed? He is so intense about his position yet unyielding in regards to Benghazi. I think Assad or Putin or Graham or O’reilly or the Vatican may know about Kerry’s involvement in Benghazi and other things and that is why he wants war. He has everything to lose IMO. And his nodding wife attending the hearings is another good sign of his desperation. After this she seems to have taken a hiatus.

John Kerry Scolds Rand Paul on Syria: ‘We Don’t Want to Go to War’

On the possibility thatBashar al-Assad could use chemical weapons again, Kerry asked, “If the United States of America doesn’t do this, Senator, is it more or less likely that Assad does it again? You want to answer that question?” When Paul said the answer was “unknown,” Kerry shot back “Senator, it is not unknown. If the United States of America doesn’t hold him accountable on this, with our allies and friends, it is a guarantee Assad will do it again–a guarantee–and I urge you to go to the classified briefing and learn that.”

John Kerry ought to know. He is guaranteeing the use of sarin again because more than likely John Kerry and his backers will make sure it does happen again.  Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 8.25.18 PM “There’s no question what’s coming is overwhelmingly negative, there’s no question about that. But you see then they don’t know what I know, they haven’t heard what I heard. and I like to believe now that after 20 years that I, I have somewhat some skill in separating the wheat from the chaff in this thing.” This is the same lady that wanted to disarm Americans. She sounds just like George Bush. Pretty weird. The press think it is because we are a war weary nation. Sure that is possible, but most of all we have lost any trust in our leaders who on the one hand want us to give up our constitutional rights which are written to protect us from our leaders if they become FASCIST or out of control and on the other hand they want to send our men and women to fight for other peoples rights which happen to reside near TURKEY and the EU. As if they don’t have their own navies and air force. It has been a hard fight to keep our rights because of the same people who wanted to deny our rights. Basically they want to judge us and kill us if we don’t do and think as they do and think etc, IMO.

Effects of gun control
1911: Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1929: The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1935: China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1938: Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 6 to 7 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and 12 million Christians who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1956: Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1964: Guatemala established gun control. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
1970: Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting

Obviously preplanned! I bet the radios worked for those that were involved just not the responders.

Confirmed: Navy Yard Shooter Was On Anti-Depressant Trazodone

Can you trust people that resemble Lurch, or Feinstein who talks like a syrupy feminine version of George Bush, or Michelle Obama who looks just like the young person at Benghazi with a syringe in her right hand and a AR rifle in the other hand (some kind of weapon, anyway) and who want to arm rebels that eat raw liver and shoot people without a trial chanting to their prophet who makes them walk around and kiss a stone vagina and practice incest with their daughters and then stone them and incessantly want to disarm Americans and start a Health care system that keeps changing and run by the IRS with the sensitivity of Sebellius. How do we know they aren’t taking Trazodone or some form of it prescribed by the Secret Service or Park Police? Obviously the Health Care system they are prescribing is another form of extermination they plan to employ at their discretion. When Germany exterminated many people I think they had a national health care system similar to what Obama is trying to enforce upon us and they also employed gas at their extermination camps. I think Obama is planning the same for Americans in reverse. I would rather shut down the government than allow any more crap from these crazy assholes.

I feel assured that nothing will go as they want because it hasn’t so far. Everything they try seems to fly off course and I’m sure they will miss their mark as usual which is good.

They could care less about the Constitution or the TRUTH. The White House Chief of Staff refused to answer questions honestly about the alleged man they have accused in the Benghazi event. He just refused, when Chris Wallace asked some questions that he should have been willing to answer. Why should we believe their version of what is going now. I think these guys are in over their heads and have dug themselves into a bad position because of their lies and now they are under someone else’s control and want to endanger everyone else to save their butts from some major lies that they have caused themselves. IT has to do with Sarin gas, the Iraq war, possibly they had someone hide for them in the Iraq war and are getting caught as we speak. Not sure and I am speculating but it seems likely especially because of the red line statements goading Assad earlier as if they were in search for them. Real interesting discussion thanks to Chris Wallace penetrating questions. I think they are being blackmailed possibly by Saudi Arabia and the Vatican even though the Vatican is denying pretty voraciously and it sounds like they are blackmailing Congress in his statement: Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 8.42.17 PM

White House chief of staff makes case for US strike on Syria

“Chris Wallace: It sure sounds like the President is going to abide by what Congress decides. Why not just say that and make this make it clear what the stakes are here. Congress it’s in your hands whether we act (sounds like reap)….or not. Why not put it on Congress? Denis McDonough: Well as the President said this is not an empty ex (chokes on his saliva) exercise. We are expending a great amount of energy and ah investment in trying to make sure that Congress understands and what we Chris Wallace:Why not say, “If you say no I’ll live with it.” Denis McDonough: and what the President said throughout the course of this is that ah If Congress wants to make sure there’s consequence for a dictator using this dastardly weapon against his own people including children then they’re gonna have to vote yes to this resolution.” DENIS MCDONOUGH IS A LURCH WORM THAT IS TALK LIKE IF YOU DON’T YOU WILL SUFFER and it is BULLSHIT. He is doing a switcheroo on the people saying his credibility is not on the line but everyone else is being judged by him and I think he plans to punish everyone else as he has been doing this whole term.  It took me a while to figure him out but just now I did because he is a complex piece of shit. He is not in his right mind. He is the loony toon and needs to be put out of our government and tossed into outer space. Here is another switcheroo when Kerry made his gaffe about gas weapons in Syria being given up by Assad and Putin seized the challenge they are now saying on Fox News that Obama seized the challenge. Is the US pandering the President to give him a honor he doesn’t deserve. Didn’t he already get one for peace for ABSOLUTELY nothing. Obama is a mess and many are just dying to laud praise upon him for absolute shit. THAT IS ULTIMATE PROPAGANDA. IS OBAMA THAT INSECURE?

Slaves are made that way!

Now they keep saying Putin has armed Syria for 50 years and that may be so but not with chemical weapons which is what everyone is in a conniption about. Who armed and backed OSAMA BIN LADEN?…….. WE DID against Russia Who armed Saddam Hussein against IRAN?………I think WE DID because of what happened I think with their terrorism against us. DID we arm Saddam with Chemicals Weapons? That is a good question? We know he used them on the Iranians in their war and we thought he had them (at least Colin Powell thought he had them because Saddam had used them) during the Iraq war and I recall we thought they were moved to Syria during the Iraq war. Who made the chemical weapons or supplied them to Iraq? Was it the USA or Saudi Arabia or was it Saddam’s own idea and used the money he received to make them?


NAPALM is pretty bad stuff too and was used in WWll (I think) and accidentally by the South Vietnamese and obviously they had it and used it purposefully some time or other and we used Agent Orange in the Vietnam War as Mustard gas was used by the Germans in WWll and WWl.

Agent Orange or Herbicide Orange (HO) is one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its chemical warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.[1][2]

Who got us into this war? I think France was instrumental in getting us involved. And Diem a leader devoted his country to Mary. NOTRE DAME? Obviously Sarin is horrible stuff but so is Napalm and Mustard gas not to mention, but I will anyway, nukes. Just thought I would add this just for the sake of getting a grip on war tactics that have been employed by many countries in recent years when at war and kids were affected during and afterwards by these tactics. WHO CARES WHO GETS THE KUDOS FOR CONTAINING SARIN GAS STOCKPILES. IF PUTIN CAN DO IT, LET HIM. He still has a relationship with Assad while Kerry doesn’t even after having quite a few dinners with him and his wife. It’s Putin’s neighborhood and benefits him a great deal to get control of the situation for his countrymen, for Syria, for Europe, for the Middle East and benefits all of us as well and he seems to be able to handle it. Maybe if Obama hadn’t applied some pressure using American war ships none of this would have happened which could have also been a gaffe, and maybe not and he may not even know why he paused, but he did. We will never know or be convinced of his mindset but and so if Obama hadn’t paused maybe we would be at war and the pause may have caused the following gaffe. A series of unfortunate events and a few fortunate mistakes without realizing it with a strange twist: Sometimes mistakes are blessings such as Kerry’s gaffe. There are forces we cannot see that can be causing a lot of confusion hoping to destroy all of us. (not to mention secret societies and the spirit that controls those in various religions and governments and presses who for their own reasons and desires usually because of profiteering, money, and resources they want to control.) ———————————————— Consider that God may have his hand in some of the things we cannot understand, nor ever will for reasons we aren’t aware of. Let’s make the best of it. ========================================= OBAMA IS A PSYCHOPATH KILLER AND PLAYING GAMES WITH AMERICANS AND THEIR GOVERNMENT. HE WILL NEVER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING WITHOUT DESTROYING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. THAT IS MY OPINION SUNDAY SEPT  8 I WOULD WATCH OUT IN WASHINGTON ON SEPTEMBER 11th because I  THINK HE HAS PLANS THAT ARE NEFARIOUS AND EVIL. I don’t know who or what created him but I’ll tell you this much his father is not my Father. His god is not my GOD. He is religion is not my Religion. He is a train wreck and so are his MARY men and women. I agree with Palin: Let his allah sort out their own troubles. Let his mohammad bail him out of his own DAMNED mess OF HIS MAKING. On the Charlie Rose Interview Assad said to “expect everything” if we attack Syria. Everyone one seems to want to make it a threat from Syria while a threat is what America is proposing to his country. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? The White House spokeswoman won’t commit to try to understand what Assad meant or did not mean because it is not in their interest to do so, but I will: I think he meant he doesn’t know what will occur and expect anything and everything because he doesn’t know. I think that is pretty honest IMO. I think it is a fair warning and not to be taken flippantly. Now Obama and his minions are out and covering all their bases with Susan Rice saying the opposite of what Hillary Clinton says. Talk about ambiguous. Covering there asses so if it goes one way they can say: SEE? And if it goes another way they can say: SEE? It’s a CLINTON TRICK DEPENDING ON WHAT IS IS. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? I sure won’t try to commit to understanding what the Obama administration means (that’s for sure) because it would be like trying to discern and decipher a liar and his minion of willing liars. For instance Juan Williams. That is all they have done since taking office and lording over the government, the press, business, and the people of the United States disregarding our Constitution and our laws and the truth at any opportunity while they were trying to disarm us so that we cannot protect ourselves, IRS abuses, and all the other things using crisis after crisis that I believe they have instigated and produced nefariously. So far Obama and his administration have tricked the public, Congress, and the Senate and proved himself to be a liar over and over again. I don’t put any stock in their interpretations of others or lack of interpretation or their own words about any subject what so ever. Greg Gutfield said on The Five on Fox, in essence: Assad ought to blame the video tape like Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice and the VATICAN blamed a video tape for BENGHAZI. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? NOW COMES THE FLEXING OF WORDS AND PROPAGANDA FOR  A FEW DAYS AND IT LOOKS LIKE A FEW WEEKS TO MAYBE A MONTH BUT JUST NOTICED IT “RAMPED UP” IN THE LAST FEW MINUTES ON FOX NEWS. SO BE AWARE. Propaganda is a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. THESE ARTICLES SAYS IT IS ON THE NY DAILY NEWS:

President Obama to make public address on a Syrian attack, citing ‘threat to global peace and security’

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Obama administration releases horrifying footage of nerve gas attacks in Syria that killed 1,400The Obama administration is distributing videos Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 10.52.20 PM Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 10.52.27 PM Whats the difference between these two men? syria-1-2 syria-1-1 Their clothes and their location, ODD since they are the same man. I guess someone needed to fill a space and change his pants in between photo shoots. IS THIS  Decepción? I would love to hear what Bill O’reilly and JUAN, JUAN, JUAN think about this comparison? I TOSSED in your blurb for good measure! KEEP IT PITHY! Here is a new word for Bill:


The consequences of Syria


Obama administration presenting mixed message on Syria

Hillary is flexing her heart muscle FOR HER GLOBAL ORDER and wants very desperately to lead and Jay Carney chimes in about accountability LOL and John Kerry says the evidence is powerful. What about the pictures above? IS THAT POWERFUL? He wants all of us to figure out what we are gonna do about it. Well, we could send Zimmerman to Syria and make sure he brings a fire extinguisher. Then he quizzickly suggests that we could turn our backs and have a moment of silence (which by the way is meaningless) and allow a dictator with impunity to threaten the world and that he is going to retaliate. Obviously retaliate is a reaction to a threat so which is it threaten or retaliate? IT IS SO HARD TO TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! JOHN BRAVEHEART KERRY IS WAY OFF THE MARK. HILLARY NEVER WAS ON THE MARK AND JAY CARNEY’S NAME SAYS IT ALL. THEY ARE SILLY AND SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO ANY GOVERNMENT POSITION AGAIN. THUMBS DOWN TO ALL THREE. Truthfulness is required in times like these and this administration lacks it. Now Tues Sept 10th there’s a 8 man team 4 Dems including Shumer and 4 Reps including Senator Stud Poker McCain who want to have their military strike against Assad unless he admits that he used the sarin gas against his own people. Is that the public hanging that Senator Kerry spoke of? These guys want war no doubt about it. Can we send John McCain on the nuke with Lindsay Graham, when we find it? Watched McCain talking to his constituents and he really didn’t give them much of a chance. More like he was telling them how it is. He could care less about who he’s supposed to represent, but about his own salary that he moonlights while gambling at a Senate hearing. Honestly I don’t care if he was a war hero, which I highly doubt, more like a willing asshole, ready to go at it again. It must not have been that bad for him in Viet Nam! He was quite familiar with Ambassador Chris Stevens who also I doubt his whereabouts the night of Benghazi since the man at the bottom of the page is not Ambassador Chris Stevens. John Kerry was with the witnesses in Europe soon afterwards and Lindsay Graham visited them also yet Congress wasn’t allowed to see or hear from them. ODD: A little coalition coalescing around a few Middle Eastern coups. Benghazi, Libya, Egypt and Syria. Wonder who is next and what they get in return? They didn’t mind lobbing OBAMACARE on the unwary exempting themselves of course.

These guys are capable of


(Noticed the renovation of Zimmerman’s neighborhood? Quite a remarkable change as seen in the news while he is abusing his other half and her family. They are saying it is worth $240,000 I would estimate it’s value at about $600,000 or much more maybe near a million if you include the property. Give me a break) Now his lawyer is dumping him geez he lied for you to free him why stop now? Gettin’ awful dirty, huh? os-zimmerman-house-20130909 George Zimmerman released after incident involving estranged wife I guess they were paid well for their diversion for OBAMA and his administration. What is the salary of a hit man or puffing On The Record with Greta Van Susterne? Now Billy Graham’s daughter can puff her book about forgiveness on Greta’s show:

Anne Graham Lotz

egads Look forward to the day to see someone wipe that stupid smile off her face:) There was a rice shipment story in the news recently about an abundance of rice in this shipment when whoever received it didn’t need it because they had plenty (that’s why it was weird) from China or Vietnam through Thailand and I think there may be a connection to the poisoning in Syria and the guarantee made by Secretary of State John Kerry that the chemicals will be used again! The story about the rice shipment itself was weird and suspicious and whoever wrote it seemed suspicious of the shipment. I thought it was strange like a cover for something like drugs or arms but might have been poison. It was approximately 3 weeks to a month ago before the heinzous poisoning in Syria.

NSA Affair: Germans Conduct Helicopter Flyover of US Consulate

It’s getting HOT these days. Wasn’t it Germany that overheard Syrian military talk about Sarin Gas and recorded it and sent it and now have backtracked on their conclusions. IT was a bit coincidental that they happened to pick up on that wasn’t it at the right time and the right place quite a few countries away?  HMMMMMM. Now Obama SPEAKS and his first words were WHY IT MATTERS AND HE IS LYING IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE THAT ASSAD WOULD USE GAS WEAPONS  in the many places in his own country to his own country men THE DAY THE UN WERE TO ARRIVE IN HIS COUNTRY TO TEST FOR SARIN GAS. IT MAKES SENSE THAT OBAMA MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO GAIN IF WEAPONS WERE USED or THE PEOPLE FED POISON.  BUT HEY IT IS A COALITION HE HAS MANAGED TO FORM TO AID AND ABET IN HIS CRIMES AS HE HAS WITH THE AGENCIES IN OUR GOVERNMENT AGAINT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITES STATES. CRISIS AFTER CRISIS TO COVERUP BENGHAZI. THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION HE HAS TALENT AND IT IS EVIL


about his brothers: the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

as sickening as it is he could not say or tell where he was the night of BENGHAZI as Gloria Tinsling and her husband *sorry will add the right spelling of names and her husbands name when I get it)testified to on Huckabee recently. I’m pretty positive he orchestrated the deaths of kids some real some not to shock so he can get his hands on more gas for his Muslim brothers and the VATICAN because they are partners in crimes against humanity. Honestly I have hoped many times that there would be a tinge of something decent or a shred of something good in him BUT THERE IS NOTHING GOOD IN OBAMA and I think he would use any kid for his purpose acting like he really cares about them to fool anyone because I think there is that thing in all of us that hopes for that, but he has never told the truth and he seems to enjoy those hopes that we have and destroying them. I THINK HE IS THE DEVIL. If you go along with him you may buy some time but not much. In order to defeat him you have to go against him. What has happened since Benghazi is unprecedented as far as murders and all the other weird crap we have watched on the news, suicides in the military, Obama vacations, cheating, irresponsible actions by our government such as Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, the video because he loves ALLAH and says he will choose it over any other religion or non religion. He is affecting the government and Americans leading from behind literally. We do not want him to lead us in to a war because he is mad.

Obama: Military will be ready if diplomacy fails

He will make sure that it does fail if he can and if it helps him depending on his frail insanity on any given day. THAT’S HOW SICK HE IS. You know when someone needs attention even if it is bad attention just to get attention. THIS IS PART OF HIS SICKNESS He is like a lonely blob from outer space who needs humans and globs on them to feed off of their emotions and all the other things that are human. WE NEED TO SEND HIM BACK THERE with a few additives a few people whose last names start with the letter K, M, G. MAKE HIM COME BEFORE CONGRESS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT BENGHAZI BEFORE YOU FOLLOW HIM THERE OR ANYWHERE AND WATCH HIM SQUIRM HAVE SOME COURAGE AND MAKE HIM TESTIFY! BEFORE CONGRESS MAKES ANY DECISIONS (DONT USE THIS FOR POLITICAL GAIN) INVOLVING LITTLE PIN PRICKS OR WAR WITH SYRIA GRILL OBAMA Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.01.25 PM LOOK AT HIM HE IS A NARCISSISTIC BLOB OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN =============================== The world did draw a line on chemical weapons in legal terms, Obama just spoke it although I don’t know for sure his intent each time for speaking it. But at the time it did seem like goading and daring like Kerry did in front of Congress about using chemical weapons again and shunning any response to questions about Benghazi. But this case is complicated since the voices on tape could have been taped to coverup either a mistake, or a set up or it is legitimate that Bob Beckel is adamant is good intel as if he knows which he doesn’t but like Juan, Juan, Juan is blind. I have personally not heard the tapes. and just recently Germany who taped it are backing off about it. I think it is either a coverup or a set up. I don’t think INTEL got lucky this time, too far-fetched and it is not probable. They can’t even seem to get it right in our country except to intimidate good and harmless citizens. I wonder if Georg Ganswein is aware? It Hearsts rather Hursts to say but me thinks something fishy goin’ on.

Syrian forces may have used gas without Assad’s permission: paper

…..”This could mean Assad may not have personally approved the attack close to Damascus on August 21 in which more than 1,400 are estimated to have been killed, intelligence officers suggested.
Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND) could not be reached for comment.
Bild said the radio traffic was intercepted by a German naval reconnaissance vessel, the Oker, sailing close to the Syrian coast.”…..

I don’t trust this INTEL. Just as I don’t trust the INTEL of the Vatican. (Benghazi) I think it could just as well be propaganda! It is unreasonable to conclude that they just happened to pick up these voices out of the many voices in Syria. IT’S CALLED BACK TRACKING in other words COVERING ONE’S ASS

……”German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeated in an interview with Bild am Sonntag that Germany would not take part in any military intervention but that the use of chemical weapons should not go without response. Merkel is fighting to win a third term in a federal election in two weeks. Germans are overwhelmingly opposed to military action in Syria.”……

Looks like someone might have something to gain.  MERKEL says there should be a response, but not by Germany! WHY NOT? IT WAS AFTER ALL YOUR INTEL! SHE NEEDS SOME FLEET SEAT TREATMENT! She should be impeached. LOL She is one of those “MENTAL” GIANTS IN WORLD GOVERNMENT that used “austerity” as a tool against her constituents in concert with the counsel of Obama in her country a while back. Remember? There were quite a few others such as the POPE bending on their knees to such helpful ideas for the sake of the people and the economy. I think the press is also part of the problem and are driving this war and other problems in lots of ways. Not once did the press anywhere report that the man at Benghazi was not Ambassador Chris Stevens that was dragged around and it has been a year and that is mind boggling. Ever since Benghazi the government and the world have been in a frenzy as never before and that should not be ignored or over looked. It was important, it was a warning, a marker, a red flag, and definitely should not have been swept under the rug. Notice how the footage of the cellar/hospital offered to the public keeps growing? IF it was from the same film maker did they get sick? Why not? Most of what I saw tonight on Fox wasn’t shown to the public a few days ago that is why I distrust the news. It looks like a mental hospital and the destruction by whoever made the film of people they did not mind killing to get us involved in war in Syria. It looks staged. The first time the woman with 2 kids had a painter’s mask over her nose and mouth and after I wrote about it they put a huge painters rag on her mouth to cover the mask because the mask and her acting didn’t CUT THE MUSTARD. That video disappeared. None of them wearing gloves? Watch that will come soon and everyone and that woman will be wearing gloves etc. This is manipulation of public opinion to engage us in war using kids and probably prisoners. The new total is 110,000 deaths in Syria. If we get involved it will be like the national debt going up by the seconds kind of like this post because of the man-made mess in the White House. They are relentless in their pursuit to make everyone miserable because I surmise they are miserable and misery loves company. There is a woman guest Brigitte Gabriel on Justice With Judge Jeanine tonight September 7th who seems very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the Syrian civil war and the Middle East and I think she could be helpful to whomever wants to get a grasp of the situation. She talks fast because she doesn’t have much time allotted to her to clarify her information. News shows tend to be so pithy. The problems in the Middle East are complicated and mind boggling to be honest. I plan to watch it again just to hear what she had to say because I walked in on the middle of the program. she was way more informative and smarter than former Senator Jon Kyle who wants to save Americas reputation by using our might. That is silly. America doesn’t need to impress anyone, but we do need to be smart: Smarter than our adversaries who are a very rancid bunch.

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 12.51.37 AM

Brigitte Gabriel

Leading Expert on Global Islamic Terrorism

Here’s Why John Kerry’s Vow Against ‘War’ In Syria Means Nothing (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Number 11 about World War ll of this montage ought to instill some dread! Until witnesses of Benghazi can be questioned I don’t think Obama and the administration can be trusted one iota. They don’t care about who is responsible but want us to believe that they do know and don’t mind committing American men and women to a war that is based on the lies of Islam. Why doesn’t Kerry go in and talk to the different factions and figure out how to divide the country into parts for each faction and start a peace process like they have tried for years to do in Israel.

Call it Another Roadmap for Peace. Seriously it might actually be more effective then lobbing more missiles at them. It looks like they have had enough of that. And the refugees could get back to rebuilding their lives and move back to their villages etc. Get the Christians out of Syria and bring them to America. And call the new Syria The Shyrian Union. Call the countries within The Shyrian Union: Shrance, Shortugal, Shritain, Shermany, Shurkey, Shralrus, Shrussia, Shritaly and each would have it’s own flavor and style and leaders that could meet once in a while and and call it the Shri-8 Shrummit and find things they agree to shagree about. They could wine and dine each other etc. A New SHTART. Unseriously get Nancy Pelosi and Clinton to talk them into ObamaCare and get Dianne Feinstein to talk each faction into disarming themselves of their munitions and guns. I hope for the lifting of the burdens in Syria for the people, the leaders, the government, and it’s military! Just as I hope for the same for us in the USA.  Obama wants to hold Bashar Assad accountable for something he might not have caused yet we can’t hold anyone in the administration accountable because of lack of memory, stupidity, and denial, and all the other excuses for all their scandals. Monday Sept 2nd Lindsay Graham said he wants to send a message to Iran about their nuke production by attacking Syria, does that make sense? How does attacking Syria send a message to Iran? I guess like sending a message to the Saudi terrorists of the Twin Towers in NYC of 9-11 by attacking Iraq. If you want to send a message to Iran then send a message to Iran and quit beating around the Bush. It is kind of like going to a priest to confess your sins and receive redemption via priests who can’t give it and want your donations when you can go straight to God himself via Jesus of the Gospel of John for free who was well aware of who God was and his name etc. unlike the Synoptic Gospels who required the intervention of priests and nuns since more than likely they will remember what you told them and collect on it later. Like the NSA and all the other government/religious organizations and the press (O’reilly) using their power to spy and condemn. Kind of like what has happened to Sarah Palin lately about her makeup. She spilled the beans about the GOP and the Press and the Democrats about what they told her she could and could not say. Her Freedom of Speech was tethered because of their fears and the ties that bind them. Sarah Palin: McCain campaign ‘elitists’ banned me from telling the truth Sarah Palin: ‘We’re bombing Syria … and I’m the idiot?’ Wonder why Jesus in the Gospel of John said after he fed 5000 to gather the remnants of the bread and the fishes so that none (NUN) be lost. Was Jesus worried he couldn’t make more bread and fishes? JFK also said something at his last breakfast in Fort Worth about none (NUN) right before Jacky Kennedy killed him. ================== DOES HEINZ MAKE MUSTARD BY ANY CHANCE? DID HEINZ (KERRY’S WIFE) POISON THE CHILDREN IN INDIA? Is this like a spaghetti western in the middle-east? Who does the SOS work for? The President appoints him. IS JOHN KERRY A JESUIT? The reason I think he may be a Jesuit is because it seems likely.

The same people who toppled Egypt in the first coup

and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi

are involved in Syria.

Makes ya wonder, don’t it?

Today (Monday Sept 2nd) Mr. Sustainable McCain says the attacks on Syria have to be sustainable. Sustainable is the NWO crap word dished out to the world since we first started hearing about the NWO. By the way I hope Morsi is not condemned because he did what everyone expected him to do that supported him. I hope for his mercy. He was obviously manipulated and defended his castle. He should never have been there in the first place but a coup happened when Mubarak was President and I believe it was orchestrated by some in the US such as Senator Lindsay Graham, Sen. John McCain and Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan (and Obama) with no resistance from John Boehner (just a few licks) probably to send a message to Netanyahu. Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 10.31.53 PM

Arm tattoos of an anchor and a Y on Miley Cyrus. Not sure but I think she is making some sort of a statement! Reverse Psychology?
Too bad about Miley Cyrus. I thought she was more talented but now relying on shaking her booty and she didn’t have to resort to this kind of exposure. She was already famous, pretty, and she has made a lot of money, and throwing it away on a trash performance. Are you paying off a debt? What in the world did you get for that performance?
Too bad she didn’t sing one of her dad’s songs in a dress, it would have been so much more sexy.
Demonic is the word that seems to fit. I hate rap music! Can anything be less enjoyable? Take a vacation, move away from Hollywood and MTV because they are not helping your image. Read a good book, expand your mind, learn an instrument, learn to cook or get a hobby.
If your daddy loves you, he’ll intervene! I don’t know the legal age limit in California but this looks like it could be a case for defamation of women/girls, defamation of Miley Cyrus and the females they (MTV and RAPPERS) are trying to influence.

Teammates, family remember slain Australian baseball player

Looks just like Sherlock Holmes actor Robert Downey, Jr.


Watched a show a special a few times on Fox News this weekend (a sort of documentary but not really) about some murdering group of murderers in black and white and Kurt Russell, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio and a few others were the boys/men and Obama even had a bit part yet it happened many years ago. Very strange show. Did Obama “drop some woods” in another time zone like the boy that killed the Australian Baseball player Christopher Lane in Oklahoma mentioned on a tweet. I won’t waste any more time on it, because it’s trash and I don’t know what to think about it except it is very demonic. HOLLY-WOODS?

Challengers to South Carolina Senator Are Lining Up on the Right

Pretty bad. I think he needs to leave Washington and resign from the Senate IN SHAME if he has any left.
Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.17 PM

Every step Obama takes,

every breath Obama breathes

is closer to his last step and his last breath

and that makes me happy.

Matthew 24:14-16 14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet,  stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)


Seems to fit the verse in Matthew.

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

Obama calls on America to show its resilience

……”I won’t pretend that meeting any one of these challenges will be easy. It will take more than a month or a year,
and it will likely take many,” Obama said.”……
……”Obama said what gave him the greatest hope was “not the stone and marble that surrounds us today, but what fills the spaces in between”…… 

Obama March On Washington Speech Delivered At Lincoln Memorial

The little I watched of this gathering of the honored guest speakers in honor of Martin Luther King appears to be the

epitomy of cronyism.

I think Martin Luther King would be ashamed of the pretenders in his name.


Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 10.01.21 PM UNFLIPPINGBELIEVABLE: Sarah Palin Slams Goverment “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) took to Facebook to slam the federal government for employing Ayo Kimathi, who operates a racist website predicting and advocating a race war, according to a DHS official.”

————————————– Beirut, Lebanon has a high population of Jews, and of course Israel and New Jersey and New York also.  New Jersey I think was cooked into having a hurricane that bulls-eyed a certain area now they have a bunch of dead dolphins washing ashore. Marine Biologist: Dolphins Could Be Dying From Measles-Like Virus… Maybe it is a virus. Maybe the dolphins were damaged/cooked a while back and finally succumbed. It is possible to steer a storm and heighten it’s strength using HAARP. The timing was right because of Benghazi. One of many deadly distractions since Benghazi. I believe Japan also suffered a severe storm I think caused by HAARP because of the insistence of the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVl and the Neocats of the Neocatechumenal Way to force upon the Roman Catholics who were resisting because of the rise in suicides since they introduced themselves to the Japanese Roman Catholics and I recall that Obama tweeted that “another was on it’s way.” What he meant was assistance of Billy Graham (BGEA) and his abettors who were on their way and/or another hit by HAARP, ie an earthquake. Neocatechumenal Way got it’s start in 1963 as the JFK assassination and the desire by some to give the Gospel of Matthew preeminence at the Second Vatican Council who had lots and lots of desires and plans to force upon mankind, as weird as that may sound, it meant a LOT to them. Then there is Egypt and the burnings of the Coptic Christian Churches with the help of the MUSLIM Brotherhood, Obama’s bros. Now we have Syria. The First Coup in Egypt the Roman Catholics churches fared pretty well and I have a feeling through their deception very few of their sites underwent what the Coptics Christians had to deal with in the Second Coup and if they did have one or two problems it was probably worth the sacrifice. Now Syria and the Christians in Syria were protected by Bashar Assad but the Muslim Brotherhood wants to topple him and ethnic cleanse Syria using stupid dronish gangs of ISLAM who have nothing better to do than shoot their neighbor, their own children, because they love the Sharia law and like to kiss a stone vagina in MECCA and stone their women and girls for their own false pride. PRETTY SICK STUFF PRETTY SICK RELIGIONS PRETTY SICK LEADERS PRETTY SICK  ALL AROUND PRETENTIOUS PRICKS AND A FEW WHITE CHICKS like CHRISTINE LAGARDE, HILLARY CLINTON, KATHLEEN SEBELLIUS, JANET NAPOLITANO, ANGELA MERKEL who love to rape the lands of others because of their hidden HOSTILITIES and their devotion to the OBAMAS because they are not racists. THEY LIKE TO DISPLACE PEOPLE, IT’S THEIR WAY AND FORCE THEIR INANE EXPERIMENTS ON LARGE POPULATIONS BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO FORCE UPON PEOPLE THEIR INANE UNSOCIAL EXPERIMENTS. BESIDES THEY MAKE MONEY DOING IT. HOW ELSE CAN THEY MAKE MONEY AND STAY IN POWER, BUT TO DECEIVE, ROB AND STEAL FROM OTHERS. IT’S THEIR HUMAN RIGHT! Turkey and France have been on the Front lines, sort of. They like to get others involved first incite and who knows what else and follow later, it’s their way. That way they don’t pay with their lives, others pay with their lives (usually americans) being the master manipulators that they are because it is their tradition and they survive and take the fortune and then after that we owe them our taxes for the world to survive that is why Christine LaGarde is always whining about our fiscal affairs. The French, the English are very talented and the Turks must have learned from them. Everyone is getting involved because they like Christians, next Lebanon, and then the prize: ISRAEL They love prophecy and self fulfilling it to make a point and to be pre-eminent. What a mess. They want TRIBULATION.

War drives smuggling on Turkish-Syrian border

IT’S THEIR HUMAN RIGHT! Syria must have a humongous underground stable of horses!



HMMMMMMM. I THINK OBAMA CROSSED THE RED LINE HIMSELF A LONG TIME AGO. He can’t seem to win against those Tea Partiers, but maybe he can make his mark in SYRIA. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN IRAQ TO COMPARE TO WHAT HAPPENED IN SYRIA: Halabja 1988: Largest poison gas massacre of civilians since the Second World War German and European firms were involved And we want to follow European advice?




300px-Chemical_weapons_Halabja_Iraq_March_1988 1988: Thousands die in Halabja gas attack I cannot believe this UN team who can’t find real evidence since sarin and the other nerve agents would be in the soil and on clothing and in the body systems. No pets around to test? Don’t they have a multitude of bodies? Certainly the soil wasn’t vacuumed away. Exclusive: Intercepted Calls Prove Syrian Army Used Nerve Gas, U.S. Spies Say

“However, U.S. spy services still have not acquired the evidence traditionally considered to be the gold standard in chemical weapons cases: soil, blood, and other environmental samples that test positive for reactions with nerve agent. That’s the kind of proof that America and its allies processed from earlier, small-scale attacks that the White House described in equivocal tones, and declined to muster a military response to in retaliation.” “There is an ongoing debate within the Obama administration about whether to strike Assad immediately — or whether to allow United Nations inspectors to try and collect that proof before the bombing begins. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called the work of that team “redundant … because it is clearly established already that chemical weapons have been used on a significant scale.”  I guess they don’t really want REAL PROOF? Speaking of companies:

A Desert Place (a Different View)


The woman behind al-Assad’s regime

Assad’s dictator

ASMA al-ASSAD (*interesting name:) 

Assad’s wife is a Sunni Islam. A very pretty woman with good intentions (I think because what one does in front of a camera and in the public eye isn’t necessarily a true measure), but very mixed up spiritually. I take umb-rage with her “Palestinian defense ” because when you see their kind of justice there are many reasons for their unhappiness and their insecurity mostly because they are deceived and spend a lot of time deceiving. Is it any wonder?  I hope she will read this and other posts so she might learn the truth which might help her children and other children including Palestinian children. Might be a big step for mankind and the evolution for Islam if she bothers to learn and teach the truth instead of basque-ing in her fortune (though not lately) and their misfortune use those tools and gifts (it’s free) to lift the weight off her children and their children’s children

in times like these if the truth really matters to her?!

By the way I don’t agree that someone who draws a red line should be held to task to prove a point. That was then, this is now. I think proof is really the crux of the matter and double-proof and triple-proof. This is a turning point that ought to be weighed with the utmost care. I think Barack Obama doesn’t know whether he is a Sunni or a Shi’ite hence his confusion. The people in Syria celebrated in the streets and seem to enjoy their predicament and toying with the US Military. Now they are all in a righteous fit of some kind about Obama blinking. It is better to blink than not to blink, IMO otherwise they might toss 7-up in your eyes. These people are backwards in lots of ways and it is hard to understand their mindset. I think we ought let them work out their own angsts between each other, we have our own problems. If the Saudis want to deal with Assad then they should try. They certainly have plenty of able bodied men with tablecloths on their heads.

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 10.15.04 PM

Notice the table cloth of Lady and the Tramp in Rome or an Italian Restaurant a staple of most Pizzarias or Italian restaurants. Notice the scarf on this Saudi al-Faisal with SOS John Kerry. For some reason they wear these tablecloths/napkins on their heads. Are they all bald or something?Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 10.19.47 PM

Saudi Arabia: Syrian rebels must be armed

This is a war

between the religious sects

of Islam.

This is not our fight!

Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack

Now the Rebels are saying that the Saudi’s gave them the Sarin Gas and they mishandled the stuff. Most people just don’t handle it, but they said they didn’t know what it was. Not once so far has Fox News reported the possibility that some Saudis facilitated the gassing of kids in Syria.

Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

“…..More than a dozen rebels interviewed reported that their salaries came from the Saudi government.

Saudi involvement

In a recent article for Business Insider, reporter Geoffrey Ingersoll highlighted Saudi Prince Bandar’s role in the two-and-a-half year Syrian civil war. Many observers believe Bandar, with his close ties to Washington, has been at the very heart of the push for war by the U.S. against Assad.

Ingersoll referred to an article in the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph about secret Russian-Saudi talks alleging that Bandar offered Russian President Vladimir Putin cheap oil in exchange for dumping Assad.

 “Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord,” Ingersoll wrote……”

THAT IS BLACKMAIL and should not be tolerated if it is true.

Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.

If you want to fight terrorism you don’t get in betwixt it. I gave my input to fight ISLAM which promotes terrorism but because of our dependence on their oil we are getting pulled like taffy and it is getting very thin. I could care less if they are a democracy or a monarch. Obviously Assad doesn’t get along with some of his people, but they and Assad are celebrating Obama’s blink. Neither side is a good side. The ones that left Syria probably are the good guys. Let Turkey, the EU, and Russia handle Syria. They have the armed forces and it is a threat to them of their own making.  If I were wanting to punish Bashar Assad (if he is guilty of poisoning his own people or any people) I would take away his palaces – ie level them, so he could live with his people instead of over his people. Things look mighty different then. I don’t think anything else would suffice for punishment except take away his CUSHY living arrangement. Then the ones that hang around him for his lifestyle no longer will. If I were wanting to get rid of Sarin Gas stockpiles and production of Sarin gas and wanting to make an example of what happens to a country that produces Sarin gas obviously with the intent to use it to terrorize I would figure out a way that destroys the gas such as imploding might and implode it. I have no idea if implosion would work but it is worth looking into. If so, then get the people to leave the area with a warning making sure they don’t take some Sarin gas with them and implode those areas regardless of who used the gas. Figure out the companies in Europe that are colluding and put them out of business. The problem is they can remake it if they want to. If you want to fight ISLAM you take the symbols of their ideology and implode them such as mentioned in this post. Since we can’t trust either side in this Islamic conundrum because both sides are celebrating when America blinks then the problem is ISLAM itself and those manipulating them such as the Vatican and Mecca and both are manipulating America. Or allow them to implode themselves as it appears is happening, They want to live as kings over their people without doing what is right for their people and hoping to destroy America. I think we would be wise to stay away, produce our own oil, let them figure out themselves who they want as their leaders and quit arming them. In a thousand years they may start to evolve and get tired of the religion they made up that talks about peace, peace when there is no peace because of their religion.

To Degrade Sarin Gas Using HAARP

Degrading Sarin Gas as it is contained would be helpful to understand. If heated to 150 degrees Celcius (302 degrees Farenheit) for 2 and 1/2 hours makes Sarin gas fully degraded within 2 and 1/2 hours. Since we know the movement of the Sarin Gas is occurring and are watching the movement of these weapons in Syria as stated by Pres. Obama and SOS Kerry and others: we must be watching by satellite! So why don’t we figure out a way to affect the apparatus and the sarin gas from the sky to degrade the whole apparatus and the gas and whatever it is contained in while it is being mobilized or while in a stationary position using microwaves capabilities of HAARP technology? Then we don’t have to send in troops or get in betwixt the war of Islam on itself. Sounds rather simple to keep the USA out of a Middle East Morass and protect the people from invisible dangers. Take the burden off of the Syrian government forces to protect the Sarin Gas from terrorists who want to use them to kill anyone that gets in their way. I think Syria was tricked by it’s neighbors, allies, and others into storing and hiding the Sarin Gas because of the Iraq war and the Iraq/Iran war and some in Saudi Arabia and some in the Vatican, the Jesuits and some in our government (Colin Powell debacle at the UN back a few years back which I think is related and the red line statements by Obama early on alerting others of the gas and daring Bashar Assad). It is plausible, but regardless this seems to be a good answer and the solution to the Sarin Gas Threat. That way we aren’t forced into a war by those that would like to push us into war using a Sarin Gas attack on kids (if it is true) for political and religious gain such I think is occurring by the Obama administration, some in the Press including Bill O’reilly, some diplomats including SOS John Kerry who are affiliated with the Jesuits, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinians, some Saudis, some in the Vatican who have invaded our country our government, shilling other Christian religions and churches, and the press, and business leaders and bankers surreptitiously and are hard to recognize but do expose themselves by their desires (Syria) and their words and their silence (Benghazi) and their false morality because of their allegiance to a losing murderous suicidal cause because they like their power, their positions and jobs, the money they make and their lifestyle (eating lobster and filet mignons) and to LORD OVER PEOPLE and LYING TO PEOPLE USING THEIR SPIN TOOLS and traveling and rubbing it in to those who are less fortunate. He also said that the evidence was overwhelming against Assad that Assad used the chemical weapons and that Putin is a liar and I have to ask: How would O’reilly know?  (Putin has had some experience with extremism in his country that caused mass mayhem and many deaths in a theater as I recall. He’s had some experience with extreme terrorism so I would not discount his input even if he is a communist.) Did O’reilly get to see evidence that no one else has been privy to? The evidence is a voice acting like a person in the military which I haven’t heard personally, a film of people in a room looking sickish, and a film of dead people and live people acting very stupid all of which can be manipulated. Supposedly happened in Syria at Aleppo which is controlled by rebel forces. Sorry I’m not convinced at all who did it. Who did it is important. IT MATTERS WHO DID IT if indeed it occurred. The integrity of the evidence is just as important and so far I’m not impressed. The timing is very suspicious and seems to be a manipulation to the NTH degree to cause the pandemonium and the uproar that is occurring now in the Press and to manipulate Congress IMO and manipulate the people of America and to manipulate our military. A False Patriotism is bubbling to the surface by some politicians and by the leeches in our government and by some of the press.

It is disgusting.

Like watching Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, and Jan Crouch rolled up into one big goo ball speaking in tongues. Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 3.54.23 AM Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 3.54.05 AM Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 3.53.44 AM If Nancy Pelosi is on the ship it is a ship you should disembark! Talk about a phony blustering poof ball. Of course today Fox is glorifying her because she wrote a letter to parents of a baby who needs a kidney transplant. This is getting ridiculous. Not the baby, but Fox news. Oprah being another example who loves to lord over others with her false pride and false beliefs. Enjoy it now because it may not last;) I have to add she is a powerful actress and can be attractive even when heavy which is  a feat, but spiritually lacks substance, imo. Obviously O’reilly is an Obama recipient in another form. He is a ….head and a dunce. He wants Hillary Clinton for President (if you haven’t noticed) and even said that she would stand by her man and then corrected himself and said Obama in regards to the Syrian war because it prolongs his crap. Benghazi is a waste of time to him or he would have been a lot more proactiv in getting to the truth of the MATTER, but the problem is he is a Jesuit as Hillary is and so is Kerry etc. They have an agenda and goals that are not good for America or any other country on the globe. And they LIE LIE LIE! That is a good indication of their intent.

There is always a solution to a matter such as Sarin gas,

ya just have to want one.

(I’m not saying this is the solution, but just an idea for a solution. Another is using the drones to use Laser heat to do the same. Sarin gas is a liquid that turns to gas and it can be dealt with one way or another either by heat, freezing, solidifying etc.)

We do not need to choose sides in this civil war and we should not since we are not Syrians. Our civil war was very costly in our American history but the cost was worth it for later generations, I think. (625,000 American deaths compare to a little over 100,000 deaths in Syria). Now there is a an article saying that Assad’s military is responsible for those 100,000 deaths but obviously it is a civil war and some of those deaths are caused by the other side of that war. Lincoln was not responsible for 625,ooo deaths in our civil war. People on both sides died caused by the confrontations in the civil war. I’d love to know how many civil wars are occurring at this very moment. The World At War Global Security.org List of civil wars Thank God we didn’t have to intervene in all of these wars; theres an awful lot of them through history. Check out the link it is a huge list. The following civil wars are ongoing as of 2011. Only ongoing conflicts meeting the definition of a civil war are listed. See list of ongoing military conflicts and lists of active separatist movements for lists with a wider scope.

List of ongoing military conflicts

Here are a few recent and the number on the right are deaths buy they seem to be uncertain with about a 300,000 death difference between known and unknown deaths which makes them to be estimated which I imagine the UN and other information gatherers might agree that the deaths in Syria might be an estimation and not a true number since many have left the country and since there is a propaganda machine at work they could be exaggerating.

1987 Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency Africa  Uganda  Democratic Republic of the Congo  Central African Republic  South Sudan 200,000 – 500,000[77
2003 War in Darfur Africa  Sudan 178,258-461,520[84

Slavery is not a good thing (although I am regretting the freedom of some who abuse their positions based on their false beliefs and false pride as mentioned in this post and have the depth of a Queen of Spades!) If we get involved with troops we will probably prolong the civil war and possibly anything can happen and we could regret our intervention. If we bomb sites more than likely we will kill innocent people (O’reilly calls it ..I can’t remember it at the moment but collateral damage of civilians is close to what he called it….I’m having a senior moment ) and cause more hatred and misery.

When is an accidental civilian death not an accident?

However Sarin gas is a threat to the world and is a very creepy weapon and I think we can use our technology to eliminate the threat to those fighting and to the rest of the world if we set our minds to do what is right. Think about the Aids epidemic: some in the Vatican thought it was an appropriate response for homosexuality but rather cruel and unusual and hurt others as well so if it was God’s response why would babies and hemophiliacs and those poisoned by the contaminated blood provided by the Red Cross have had to suffer also.

13 patients possibly exposed to fatal brain disease

Just lately a Catholic Hospital is responsible for a brain contamination and they say it is by accident. You have to wonder about that probability. But the Vatican and Islam religions are of retrograde quality in my estimation as has been exposed by their own actions and words for as long as they have been allowed to practice their BS. Of course both religions have good men and women who are just deceived and manipulated by their religion. Being deceived is not harmless to the victim and others that they infect. They just need the truth. Cult deception is very hard to overcome, but it is possible if they have the desire for the truth or can be taught the truth or are given an opportunity to find the truth. The truth shall set you free.


Senator Ayotte says Putin is a hypocrit. Guess what every human being is a hypocrite including you. I have never met one person that wasn’t. I have not read the oped piece by Putin and frankly don’t want to. I call you a hypocrite because you are wined and dined by the President and have failed miserably the American people. #1You exempted yourself from Obama Care – That is the zenith of hypocrisy. It is like a bribe! #2 You make a ridiculous amount of money for what you have not accomplished. #3 You accept pay raises in the middle of the night. $173,000 a year and free hair cuts. Probably many free breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and drinks, probably free airline tickets or discounted and the same for vacations. Probably a lot of things we don’t know about. I sent you an email about the man in the picture at the bottom of the page who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens and not once was anything done about it and that my dear is REALLY SHITTY. Of course Putin is a hypocrite and so are you. Of course, we should be part of the verification of Sarin gas destruction in Syria somehow or another and of course it is gonna take some time to get this done right including the agreements but by golly you had better get your act together and get rid of Obama Care or you will pay the price down the road one way or the other personally, professionally, financially, physically, mentally, and all the ways that you can be affected but most of all in your heart, spirit and your soul! Words can’t express how I feel and many others feel about you and your comrades in the Senate,

but let me assure you it is really bad!

More than likely the reason Putin is able to take the leadership on SYRIA IS BECAUSE THE SENATE ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE CORRUPTED! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN AND WHINE ABOUT IT. It is self evident you are ineffective and useless. Don’t feel too bad about it, you’re not alone. O’reilly just said Thursday Sept5th  that we have to do business with EVIL countries and that is not true. We don’t have to do business with countries that abuse their citizens, but we would have to include ourselves in that category especially lately because of the inaction of the Senate.

Let me assure you of something else those that go along with the cheating and taking bribes and cowering will regret it. In the short run it may seem okay for you but in the long run it won’t be for you and your chump change. By now Obama should have been  made to testify about Benghazi and impeached. By now Obama Care should have been tossed out if you and your comrades were doing your jobs. So are you with him?

It is the long run you should be shooting for.

Exceptional is not what our government has been for a long time. Don’t you shagree?

Nerve Agents


Video: Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons

Paul Joseph Watson | “We’ll kill their women and children like Osama Bin Laden said”.

99% of Calls to Congress Are AGAINST War in Syria

Infowars.com | On the heels of Reuters poll showing only 9% support military action. We can affect the Middle East when we become independent of them. Then the rich what ever they are called in Saudi Arabia won’t use their riches we give them to insult their citizenry and others in their reach.

IF a country has good leadership it usually means all or most of the people have jobs and are relatively happy if you are a lousy leader, they don’t. Obviously we have lousy leadership because the companies in our country hire people in other countries because of the lousy trade deals and trade laws and because of taxation. Jobs are scarce and you can’t fire people in our government because they are the part of government that are causing the trouble IMO. Our computers voting systems are hacked so they can fix elections and our press is constrained by whoever controls them and pays them and the same goes for those that are paid to offer false information as the woman defending her position just now on Fox News Thursday around 5;30 September 5th who SOS Kerry recited her intel.

Syria researcher cited by John Kerry fired from think tank for lying about Ph.D.

Elizabeth O’Bagy — who had penned and op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, made several television appearances, and had been cited by Sen. John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry — was let go from her position at the Institute for the Study of War after they learned she didn’t have a Ph.D.

fired12n-2-web If Kerry is using her intel it is because it is false because that is what liars do. That is scary if it’s true. If the NSA can spy on us via our computers and TV’s they can fix elections. If our Intel comes from the Vatican as they themselves have proved we are being manipulated by the Vatican and the people that cannot be fired in our government obviously are Vatican controlled and are manipulating our Congress and the President. And it appears they have pulled a fast one on the US and on Obama in their staging a gas attack. Why waste our men and women, our weapons, our tax dollars, on their confusion. If they wanted to deal with Assad, the Vatican, Sarin gas, they would deal with it and instead they just celebrate. So let them. Let’s change our laws so we can fire federal workers when they deserve to be fired, change our tax system so we can make money and keep it and/or spend it. Let’s change who we get INTEL from because they do not have our interests in mind, but their own interests which are INSANE. Let’s become oil independent. Defund ObamaCare. Let’s change our trade laws in favor of the US and it’s people and forget about the NWO which is insane and undoable, unrewarding and destructive. Let’s secure our borders and not allow Islam to take over. Let’s regulate Islamic shrines and temples who are the only ones that have privacy which is INSANE. Let’s go to regular voting and forget using computers because they are being controlled and fixed. When we get it together then we can assist others. Lets get rid of the waste in government which is INSANE. It may be too late! PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL and we saw a lot of false pride in Washington a few days ago. HARPO and OBAMA are not a good sign full of dung. ================= Some interesting thoughts: SODOM sounds like Saddam GOMORRAH sounds like GOMER which is part of Turkey, Syria and Russia That sounds ominous, doesn’t it? By the way there were  three other sites with the same kind of damage in the OLD TESTAMENT Does history repeat itself or were those 5 places in the OLD TESTAMENT signs for the future? ================== Roseanne Barr on Fox News Fridays said “Quit your controversial blog and lose weight.” Not sure what in the world she was talking about but she is controversial in her own right. THIS IS AMERICA, isn’t it? I’m not giving up on my blog whether or not she gives up on her own blog is her own business. I’m not a communist.

On Fox news of “The Five, “yesterday Dan Perino was on a Mercy Ship in the Congo, I guess. Hard to know because she looked like she was matted in and the rest of her crew were laughing about it.

I heard on Fox News that in order to stop war we can defund it. We can’t, but Congress could, whether or not they will. Also heard another man who spent time in Syria as a prisoner didn’t think Assad’s regime caused the poison attack since he was winning in Damasc