Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of Faith Part 3

Earlier, I was reading about Pope Benedict XVI in an article discussing his merit to be Pope because of the his past in WWII and a thought occurred to me whether any of us could earn the right to be a Pope. Honestly, I really cannot think of one person I would elect to such a high position as the POPE. But what makes that position so high is not the person that settles into the seat, but the seat’s perceived worth by the masses.

The Papacy says that the office of the Pope is infallible.

If I said I was infallible, would you believe me?

It is the same with supply and demand.

If you buy that the Pope is who THE MANY think he is,

then you are the one giving him what THE MANY think he is worth!

Of course, I don’t buy it!

I don’t think he even does!

Was Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) A Nazi? Why Join the Hitler Youth?

I don’t want to judge this man on what he did or did not do when he was 14 years old in a war torn country where I assume most of the people had no idea what Nazi’s were up to. The Nazi’s were very scary people, and I presume that most people were tested to trials most of us have never experienced and hope never to have to experience again. Besides, I don’t think we will ever really know what he did or did not do, but God does know!

I would hate to be judged on what I did a few years ago:) and things were pretty peaceful then, but I’m not the head of a huge religious entity that seems hold sway the masses and seems to sway the leaders of countries.

Wheres the Beef?

It is the Roman Catholic Entity!

The Roman Catholic Entity seems to be everywhere in the world and into every imaginable facet of life such as: education (religious and non religious), government, banking, commerce, and worship. Wasn’t it the Roman Catholic Entity that lead the way in the climate phobias, then they handed the reins over to let the misled (Gores and the like) to make mountains out of molehills.

They start religions like the Islamic religions and manipulate them as well and sub-religions such as Ecumenicalism, and the new Universal Religion, and who knows what else etc., and now they intend to make peace in Israel!

Their hand is in all things.

They start wars to make peace, with the intent to be the one on top.

SHE is the master maniacal manipulator!

There are stories that crop up once in a while about nurses/doctors that suffocate a patient or pull a plug, so they can save the patient,

basically that is the same thing as the Beast called Roman Catholicism!

IT is a sickness!

Basically, they do the cooking!

The Roman Catholic Entity is the Devil’s Kitchen on earth!

What matters is what is IT doing now?



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