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Details of the JFK funeral directed by JacQueline
(including the actions of her children)

Salute No Man *

 Tell No Man *

   An Holy Kiss *

Sour Wine *   Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged *   The Fig Tree – Blessed are the Barren *

The Bohemian Grove, the Vatican and the NWO-Revised *   The Stones of Amen *   Now is the Judgement of This World-Revised *

Mary’s Spikenard and Luke’s Parable – Revised *   The Gospel of Luke – A Parody

The Seventh and the Eighth Pope of Revelation- Benedict XVI

Indulgences and the Parable of Usury *  Prophecies of the Betrayal of the Son of Man

Prophecy of Esaias *  The Temptation of Jesus Christ – revised *  JAMES AND JOHN ZEBEDEE

Simon, Simon – Who is Simon’s Son? *

Simon, Simon – Who is Simon’s Son? Part Two

The Son of Simon Part Three

Pope Delivers Tabernacles- Daniel 11:45 *

ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE *  Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Beasts of Revelation *   Seven Mountains of Revelation

In The Garden of Gethsemane *  The Mount of the Congregation

The Image of the Beast *  Lust For Power *  Folly of the Synoptic Gospels

A Desert Place (a Different View) *

Pope Benedict XVI and 153 Great Fish

I Am That I Am (The Sign) -Revised *

I AM THAT I AM (Part two)

The Mother of Jesus Christ: SHALOM!

I Am the True Vine


The Parable of Faith – Part two

Pope Benedict XVI and the Mustard Tree

Parable of the Mustard Seed Part 4

Josephus and His Footprints

How is it That Ye Do Not Understand?

Pope Benedict XVI and Gianni Alemanno

The Vatican-The Family Business-The Vatican City

Chief Priests and the Legion – Revised

Speaking in Tongues

(The Absurdity of Cloven Tongues, Mighty Winds and Proselytes)

Bible Controversies and Solutions

The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

The Synoptic “Q Source”

Joseph of Arimathea (A JUST MAN)

Abomination of Desolation

 Abomination of Desolation Pt 2

The Covenant with Many


The Fruits of the Vatican

Og and Magog-Part One

Lust for Power-Part two

The Dividing of Times – Part One

The Synoptic Gospels and The Dome of the Rock

Boomerangs and Dogs Without Legs


Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Bertone and Mayor Alemanne revised

(The Seventh and the Eighth Pope of Revelation- Benedict XVI)

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion

The Moral Authority of the Pope

Japan Quakes after Confirmation of the Neocatechumenal Way

Affliction and the Time of Testing

The Grace of Anathema Maranatha

153 Hail Mary’s and 153 Hilda

Pope Prays

Mel Gibson, George Gänswein, and the Pope

George Gänswein, Pope Benedict XVI, and Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson, George Gänswein, Joseph Ratzinger


The Covenant with Many


Mel Gibson and President John F. Kennedy

(Part two Mel Gibson, George Gänswein, Joseph Ratzinger

and The Covenant with Many)

President Kennedy and Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson and President Kennedy’s Assassination

Rev. David Wilkerson and Evangelicalism

JFK and the Secret Service

Nellie Connally and the Assassination of JFK

Nellie Connally and the Assassination of JFK – Part 2 – Nancy Sayers

Nellie Connally: Did Nellie Shoot John Connally?

Courtyard of the Gentiles

Pope invokes the Image of the Beast

Notre Dame of Paris and the Courtyard of the Gentiles

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

Puff The Magic Dragon Lived By the See

Billy Graham and The Synoptic Dilemma: The Beast

Pope Praises Solidarity

JacQueline Kennedy and then Came Lot

ElectroMagnetic and Population Control

Gay Marriage Is a Human Right


JFK Assassination, CBS News and the Second Vatican Council

CBS News and JFK (The first few hours)

 CBS News and JFK

CBS News and JFK Part 2

CBS News and JFK Part 3

CBS News and JFK Part 4

CBS News and JFK Part 5

CBS News and JFK Part 6

News coverage transcribed by me and my take of the hints and the signs given by CBS reporters and CBS employees, President Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy and others. Quite revealing and scary!

Newest post:

Pope Benedict Says “Faith was the True Enlightenment”

Evangelicals, Taxes, Jobs, and the Consumer

The Monarch, Devil’s Breath, and the Eucharist


Other posts by other bloggers that I like:

European Institute of Protestant Studies …………..Very interesting site!

Biblic Contradiction Abound

This is not a recommendation for I have not read the book below, but I like the message and I’m trying to get my favorite blog spot some attention because my favorite posts are comparing the gospels to each other. StillJFK’s assassination and it’s timing with the

Second Vatican Council 

and the involvement of the clergy in the assassination of JFK

is not coincidental in my opinion and seems to tie into bible prophecy .

What to make of the timing, even the time of his death and the controversy surrounding that time (as I have tried to show in the CBS News posts above) seems to have some, if not a great deal of importance, or why the controversy? I can’t help but think of Jesus talking to the woman at the well in the Gospel of John and the time of that meeting. There is a quite a bit of prophetic implication in the controversy of the time zones and possible alteration to coverup the actual time of JFK’s death between the reporters at CBS News at that time

and I think it is worth the time to investigate!

The author of this book is Bill Clinton’s younger brother, I think.:) Just kidding! His name is Donald James Lawn.

Well, he Looks like him anyway, which is kind of funny because of the article post The Praying Mantis. It’s not really a post, but kind of interesting :

Billy Graham and the Praying Mantis

Is he a clone? Getting a bit creepy!

Sure a lot of money being made writing books about JFK!

I hope you will read other posts, as well, to see the progression in the comparisons of the gospels. They are for the most part in the order that I wrote them.  Thanks!

The Memoirs of John F. Kennedy: A Novel

“So let us not be

Did JFK write this?



are we all human?


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