Barack Obama, HUD, and Winston Churchill PT 1

Barack Obama, HUD, and Winston Churchill PT 1

Aleppo Media Centre

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.58.46 PMI watched a very interesting program about the Hudson River and the lack of gravity one of the least gravitational areas on earth on a series called Secrets of the Earth. The mystery has been studied since the 1960’s by scientists once they discovered the odd lack of gravity in that location. The show was aired on the Weather channel at 3:00 on Central Time, Monday August 12th. I think you can watch the video here:

Secrets of the Earth: Gravity

Here is an article about this anomaly:

How can parts of Canada be ‘missing’ gravity?

……”At a basic level, gravity is proportional to mass. So when the mass of an area is somehow made smaller, gravity is made smaller. Gravity can vary on different parts of the Earth. Although we usually think of it as a ball, the Earth actually bulges at the Equator and gets flatter at the poles due to its rotation. The Earth’s mass is not spread out proportionally, and it can shift position over time. So scientists proposed two theories to explain how the mass of the Hudson Bay area had decreased and contributed to the area’s lower gravity.”…..

(I’m thinking it might have something to do with their health-care system in a round about way)

You should watch the show and investigate this problem we have on Earth, much more devastating, in my opinion, than anything we have ever witnessed.

A while back I played a game called Connections which I cannot find online but the internet takes me to The Game of Thrones instead which is quite a series that I have watched. Besides being terribly sexually graphic and terribly brutally graphic I have enjoyed it based on a series of books by whoever wrote it. It is so brutal and so sexually explicit my young teen is not allowed to view it, but it is a very good show entertainment wise. I like epics as a rule. My favorite kind of movies and then of course comedies likeRobin Williams in the movie about a family on vacation in and RV and I could hardly stop laughing. I needed a good few hours of laughter. I felt high even though I wasn’t.

When I first learned about Barack Obama and the presidential race between him and McCain I was willing if the McCain/Palin team failed to be the winner to accept BO’s Presidency and give him the “Benefit of the Doubt”. There were some gestures he made that were seemingly gallant once he became The President of the US.,  like when he visited Rome and met with the G8 and helped some girl in a red dress down the stairs while the French President sneered. I thought it was gentlemanly and the press made a big deal about it as if he was being lecherous. Since then I think it might have been a set up. At that visit Obama brought the mantle of a famous preacher of a Christian religion to Pope Benedict XVl as a gift which was a bit weird for someone who is Islamic (although we did not know his religion at the time) and I wasn’t sure of the meaning but knowing that when you visit the pope there usually is an exchange of gifts or with other heads of state. He rode in a black limo to the G-8 meeting in Italy right after an earthquake and there were all sorts of strange signals such as the color of dress of the G-8 wives except the hindu or indian woman. I guess when you visit the pope you have to wear black with the exception of one person who gets to wear green. There were others signals that seemed rather purposeful and Obama seemed to be on a mission of some kind just by his clandestinish behavior. It was a short time later that:

Obama – Qaddafi Coincidence?

Obama Gives Chrysler To Libya & Muammar Gaddafi

Then :    Obama and Cameron urges Gaddafi to step down

Then a few years later Detroit goes bankrupt.

Then: Benghazi

Have things gone too far? Yes

When thugs murder because of boredom, which I don’t believe. It was premeditated and it seems he planned to “drop some woods” in his own words I think he meantpeckerwoods and donning a rifle on the internet. There is also the gun running business and rifles are made of wood. I don’t see why there can’t be a marking system on arms unreachable and unique inside where it can’t be etched off or sawed off. Something that only a certain designed machine could mark. Then we could figure out illegal arms vs legal arms without infringing on the rights of legal rights of people bearing arms. By the numbers found of illegal have a better idea where they are being produced and transported. Via Golf bags? There are ways without offending the laws and law abiding people to solve a dilemma such as crime.

Now Jerry Brown with his transgender experiment in California and look what is happening: San Francisco on the verge of losing utilities because of wildfires.

I think that is a sign.

It’s one thing to achieve human rights and another to take them away from others in the process IMO that is wrong. The right to privacy for kids. Kids are impressionable and either the transgender kid and/or the other kids might be hurt in ways unimaginable. Is it worth taking a chance to make some weird political point when we can accommodate one without hurting the other?

Ionosphere-cooking Microwaves Ignored as Climate Change Factor

The Ice caps melting and climate change is blamed and Gore is rolling in the millions after his movie years ago and taking the cue from the VATICAN who floated the idea in the first place probably to cover whatever they were up to to begin with yet if you cook the atmosphere with microwaves as HAARP does, wouldn’t that affect the icecaps? Microwaves cook food quickly don’t they? I’m sure it isn’t helping. The man that invented the idea became it’s worst critic because of the potential abuse of it by the military. I can’t find the site at the moment but it is in one of my blogs and he discusses the good and the bad of the project. When I find it I will include it in this post because he explains the power of HAARP, the potentials in the clearest terms that I have ever read or heard.

Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

Lately after a few of my latest posts I have been very depressed. It seems everything is out of control and going nowhere fast in the world. Ridiculous antics like a $35,000. purse being an example of Pride and Prejudice by Oprah the billionairess. I kind of took off with it, but decided to stop today because it is so outlandish and I was about to bring Aunt Jemima into the mix and I’m not so sure of it’s well-meaning more of a mockery, but that is what I believe the Obama’s represent. Mockery. His poses on the golf course, his response to the people of the United States and their desires, hopes, dreams and needs in a multitude of ways noticeably more and especially in his second term like they took a wrong turn for the worse.

Oprah Winfrey says ‘sorry’ over Switzerland racism flap

That was nice, I think.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 11.25.02 AM

Course I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop, hopefully not her shoes. I think the incident hurt her feelings deep inside. Boy, do I understand, now. Still lots of times it is unintended, ignorance, and small but I think wars have been started for less. Not to worry Switzerland never participates in open warfare, however they do protect the Vatican. ( It might simply have been because you are an American! They like our money, but they would rather steal it)

Funny when I go to the internet news sites I notice things going on either directly opposite or congruent to what I usually write about which is narcisistic of me, but I can’t help but notice. A while ago I wrote about Dr. Ben Carson who appeared with Obama at a prayer breakfast making some good points about healthcare but I felt also that he was pandering and because of our different biblical views I thought he was misrepresenting some truths in the bible. The Prayer Breakfast was big news on Hannity and other Fox Shows at that time partially because the Republicans were freaking out at that time and had a right to be freaked out. Still he has Chutzpah!

I also get a lot of flack from the press for some reason like they want to influence me to go their way like Bill Oreilly’s message to follow him because he is looking out for you……….and the spin stops here….. and many other pithy stories or as Alex Jones says they want to control our minds, which is true.

On Noah weather radio a man on an interview mentioned Climate Change as fading in a way and predicted the next big push propaganda wise (although he said it differently) would be acidity of the oceans and seas. I wrote about that on my post about Dr. Ben Carson and my views about the salt levels/ph balances and the rise in the oceans connected beneath the earth on the blog The TurretI thought that was mighty interesting! I’m not a scientist , but I have a knack for connecting dots.

After reading Salt with one of my kids (Interesting book but very hard to read) and it taught me the importance of salt in ways I had never realized. I also had to read a book about the Holocaust required by public school system: Night by Elie Wiesel I connected a theme in the book about bread and with my revelations comparing the gospels specifically the Synoptic Gospels to the Gospel of John an accidental revealing I realized the STUPID spirit behind the experimental social engineering involved in WWll besides eradicating the Jewish population although it did not succeed many many people went along to get along by doing nothing. (like guppies). Some people were forced to do things they would never have done otherwise. After studying the JFK assassination as you can witness by reading the ………… I realized this is HARD STUFF going on in the religions of the world and their disease: PRIDE.

There is a man running for Senate in New Jersey named Cory A. Booker and the African American woman who was on CNN today Tues Aug 13 said that if he won he would be a guppy and would have to “go along to get along” or words to that effect and that is a very poisonous premise/threat and shows that she is a puppet extremO. She must be in government, I surmise. I know nothing about him and don’t live in New Jersey but I was ashamed of her comments to him in a round about underhanded kind of way. It is that kind of advice that a guppy might give and the kind of advice that got us into the mess we are in at this time with OBAMACARE.

Ted Cruz is no guppy. Rand Paul is no guppy (although I’m not so sure anymore about Rand Paul because he gloats too much and seems to be capitulating in regards to ObamaCare), Marco Rubio is no guppy. Darrell Issa is no guppy. Trey Goudy definitely is no guppy. Sarah Palin is no guppy either in fact she is quite remarkable. And neither is Eric Holder a guppy. These and others not mentioned are akin to Lewis and Clark paving the way for others and leading the charge as the USS Starship Enterprise, “Where no man has gone before.” They are trend setters and have an over abundance of courage which is what America needs and has needed for eons:) On the other hand John McCain is downsizing and so is Lindsay Graham into guppies because they are “going along to get along” and seem to be causing trouble especially in regards to Egypt:( They seem to attract trouble because they act like guppies.)  Chris Christie is another guppy, likable but just for show. You can kind of tell who the guppies are by their personalities and their safe zones and who they run with and who promotes them….. and for what I might add? Hugging? I’m sure there is profit to be made by them that do. Like FEMA. THE RED CROSS. (Obama and Mr. Schmuck of Hurricane Sandy always filling their buckets on crises and taking advantage and not even using what was available in a parking lot at the time.) Sure they were helpful, but not like Rudy Guliani was when America was attacked on 9-11 and took control of the situation and should have received and A plus in the historical sense whereas the Hurricane Sandy response would be a mark of a low D. I liked how Rudy Guiliani handled unemployment in NYC. Talk about commendable, tenacious, and good sensible leadership. It is that kind of leadership about jobs that needs to be multiplied across the cities and countryside of the USA instead of adding people to the government blob to make the grade without the substance.

I also read some of the writings of Josephus Flavius and people that studied his writings and their takes of his history and the gospels including the books after. It was helpful to see the deception in our bibles. I heard that Billy Graham believed everything in the bible. Does he believe in everything or everyone in the bible? There were evil kings and it is true there were but you don’t believe in the evil kings. There is a difference.  It makes a difference who you believe in which I wrote about more generously in another post.

The bible talks about signs in the sky and there have been plenty of those when Pope Benedict XVl took his seat in Rome besides the signs given at the Sea of Galilee and others. Some signs in the sky are yearly and some are rare.

Tonight ends (although today I heard it started today so probably old news) the meteor shower of Perseid from the comet Swift-Tuttle seen mostly in the North East. This shower was powerful enough to cause two shuttles to plunge to the earth in 1993 and 2009. It is no small event yet it is a yearly event.

Perseids 2013: Meteor shower peaks again on last night to enjoy show

This article says it continues for a while longer just not as many sightings per hour:

Starwatch: The Perseids meteor shower

to be continued

I hope you actually listen and read about the gravity of the Hudson River because it is extremely important and is a BIG SIGN and should not be ignored. It is, in fact, quite freaky. Now scientists have been known to lie misinterpret readings for the sake of donations so I guess we should beware like the Gore/Vatican Climate Scare. I say Vatican because they proposed it first and Gore ran with it.

HUD Proposes Plan to Racially,

Economically Integrate Neighborhoods

When I was integrated it was an eye opener and it was not a good experience and I could have lived without it because it did not really MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Look at what happened with the kids on the bus beating up another kid. I really believe this is slight of hand and the real difference will be made by getting America on a good economic plan and taking the Guiliani approach and get people jobs. Change our international trade laws to make it more attractive for businesses to produce here. It is a no brainer. We do not need America the new Haiti. Punish with taxes etc those that go overseas and reward those that don’t. Promote the products here and not the overseas produced products. Take a stand for Americans. Even the wages ie make the wages the same earned both here and there. I’m positive there will be a big sucking sound back in our direction including some migrants from those places. Lower taxes for the middle class by changing the tax system which will save money and inspire new business which buy from big businesses etc. Why is that so difficult? It wasn’t before, why is it now?

Figure out why.

Liberal Reaction to the Missouri Rodeo Clown is Akin to the Radical Muslim Response to a Mohammed Cartoon

August 14, 2013

“Yeah, the C. S. Lewis quote is “The devil, that proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.”  That’s C. S. Lewis.  So don’t get mad at me, stupid idiots in the media and on the left.  Take it up with C. S. Lewis. “…….

“…….This clown has been banned for life.  Think about that.  A rodeo clown.  A rodeo clown has been banned for life.  The only people worse than this clown are people that smoke.  Meanwhile, A-Rod continues to play for the New York Yankees.  Well, I just thought I’d throw that in there.  I won’t be surprised if this clown gets thrown in jail like the filmmaker was, Nakoula Nakoula, who made the anti-Mohammed video.  Obama tried to blame that for the Benghazi attack.  Why didn’t he just drone the state fair instead of going through all this?  Obama could just launch a drone and have the drone attack the state fair and show Missouri what’s what.  This is what happens when you dare criticize or laugh at our Dear Leader……..”
“So here’s another job destroyed because of Obama, which we ought to be used to by now.  If I were Obama, you know, I’d be bigger than this.  I would pardon the clown, and I would turn it around, and if you want to make it look like something silly and ridiculous and childish, Obama could do that, put this thing in its place, and humiliate everybody involved and be done with it and make it a positive event, instead of the way this is all happening.  This is just outrageous to me.  I think the president needs to do something for Oprah, too.  It’s all falling apart for Oprah. “

We need a bag summit at the White House.  We need the store clerk brought to Martha’s Vineyard from Switzerland, need Oprah taken up there, and the store clerk and Oprah and Obama have a bag summit in the backyard of this place he’s renting.  Isn’t that how they’ve solved problems like this in the past?  I don’t know, folks.  I mean, this is hysteria.  That’s what this is.  This is hysteria, because of this Missouri state fair thing, and it’s the same kind of hysteria we get when somebody insults Mohammed. “


Figured out why?

When people get jobs and move up in their jobs they will migrate where their success takes them and where their desires lead them.


It is not like the real estate market didn’t learn their lessons in the 70’s in that regard. No one has prevented Oprah or Michael Jackson their dream homes. Poor housing or government housing can be improved by good management and accountability.

I am suspicious of HUD and their intent. I’m sure money is the key and they want more coming their way. Earn it.

Figure out why Chicago is a mess and Detroit is abandoned and don’t do what they do. Elect a Rudy Guiliani for Chicago and watch it blossom. Or just learn from Rudy Guiliani and co-opt his ideas and actions, I’m sure he won’t mind because he is level headed.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Stop and Frisk

Stop and Frisk is another infringement on rights to bear arms. I watched Geraldo Rivera about Stop and Frisk tonight Sat. Aug. 17th. I believe in racial profiling for terrorism which is totally different than racial profiling for crime. Terrorism is war and street crime is bad city management which can lead to war. I bet the crime rate in New York when Rudy Guiliani was mayor was better than it is now and I think it has to do with education, but mostly jobs. Just because someone lacks formal education does not make them a criminal, but lack of jobs makes anyone without money a potential criminal in any race or gender. Some with jobs engage in criminal activity called White Collar crime because they lust for more than their jobs provide and usually those crimes are without loss of life. But if you have no income at all that can only lead to crime. They have no choice.


If so how come it wasn’t on the Hannity show then? Because then it would have been unheard of except at the airports and I sure didn’t hear a peep.

All the articles are written this year or last about Guiliani’s Stop and Frisk and trying to rewrite history in order to blame him and not compare him to the mayor now. Here is what I believe is more to the truth about Mayor Guiliani than the many articles on the web written lately to support Stop and Frisk as it is today.

Take this: July 18, 2007 Press Release – Mayor Guiliani Cleaned up New York City

I would bet that 9-11 in 2001 was a response to his good work.

Terrorists don’t want good work

they want Detroit, Chicago, and Damascus, Cairo, etc

Rudy Giuliani

It is a no brainer to copy ex Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s tactics and run with it in all the cities that have a high crime rate. New York used to have a very high crime rate between the Irish and the Italians and the Cubans and the whatever was establishing itself in the city because they lacked jobs. People have to eat, people need to be entertained, people need a chance to pursue their goals and their desires. Poor people desire the same things that the rest of the people desire and you cannot ignore that natural trait in all people. If you do ignore it, your city will fail eventually just like in Chicago and Detroit. Throwing money at them doesn’t work because others abuse it or steal it. Putting them on welfare only satisfies for a while. The thing about jobs is there are things that fulfill people such as doing a good job, being rewarded for doing a good job, competition, friendships on the job, learning on the job, good self image, productive work time which gives people a way to plan their lives without being on the street all the time are just a few of the things that are good about working. I could have worded it better, maybe later.

I don’t make much money and most of the money I do make I invest in my interest because I have a plan ie a dream and I spend a lot of time planning in my head, on paper, on the computer because it is my chance. I plan on my training and invest in that training with what I can. IF you take that opportunity away from some one you take away their pursuit of happiness which takes away hope. Without that you are asking for rebellion and crime and that crime may affect you one day or someone you care about. It would be wise to go the Guiliani route because it makes sense and protects you in a way that stop and frisk does not. When people work they are busy and busy is a form of happiness. A job fills their time off the street forming relationships and keeps them away from drugs, drinking at least while they are on the job, and uses that excess energy on positive things instead of negative thoughts and they spend their earnings which helps other businesses and starts and upward momentum for a point in an area whereas joblessness starts a downward momentum which could snag others pulling them down in that momentum and that point becomes an area and that area becomes a segment of the city and one day it might be you it pulls into that downward momentum if you ignore the obvious.

What would you do

if you had no job, no money, no hope, and no chance?

Stop and Frisk is a reaction to crime,

(they don’t do it in cities that have little crime

because of good management in those cities)

jobs are a prevention of crime.

Instead of investing in more equipment for the STOP AND FRISK POLICE invest in more jobs and businesses in those areas that are on the brink. If you invest in a police state you will have a police state. If you invest in business you will have a business state. Do you want a free market system in your city or do you want a nazi regime? The police are pretty good at protecting themselves with the guns that they have. It is the people that are at risk, not the police (except on occasion.) If you invest in business and jobs you won’t need more police and police equipment. I think New York is at a crossroads and ought to get some advice from Rudy Guiliani because the mayor that is in charge is doing the same thing as Obama and leading from behind ie forethought with malice doomed for failure.

Investing in a police state naturally leads to one.

Kurt Russell revisits ‘Escape from New York’ at EW CapeTown Film Festival

I watched The Five today (Monday August 19th) on this very subject and have in the past watched their show on the subject of self defense. They are for the right to bear arms especially the women on the show Dana Perino and  Kimberly Guilfoyle yet they want to continue Stop and Frisk.

It does not make sense. Which way do you want it?

It’s okay for you to bear arms, but not for them?

Stop and frisk: Good police work or racial profiling?

I like Eric Bolling’s bit of research. Refreshing. I think the women are reacting from fear.


Dana Perino mentioned the word integral and everyone on the show didn’t know what she was talking about and she managed to make the others feel dumb. I don’t know about you, but I say integral differently so no wonder they were confused. In fact, I have never heard that word pronounced that way. Am I wrong?  Dana Perino said it in a Kunta Kinte kind of way.

Is Dana Perino a spy?


Levar Burton

Watched O’reilly again talk about Levar Burton and, Yes, O’reilly you are condescending and you have no right to be except in your egocentric mind. You think you are better and you think you are smarter, and in that regard you are wrong.

To be fair Levar Burton is a bit hoity toity, but he is definitely correct about targeting and if you can’t understand what Levar Burton was expressing then you are nuts and I don’t believe you about that ticket you experienced that you used as an example a few weeks before condescendingly. I think you made that up!

Levar Burton starred in one of the best science fiction movies as the navigator in the movie called Galaxy Quest

which is one best scenes of the movie and when he goes through the mine field in space. There are lots of those in that movie. I love that movie.

There is a scene in that movie about a guy who’s character doesn’t have a name just a position. He freaks out because he thinks he will die first cause that is what happened to them in Star Wars. Pretty funny which reminds me of my post called:

Tell No Man


HUD just wants to disguise failure and steal MO MONEY. Spread out failure so it won’t be so noticeable. It is a coward’s way. Learn economics, make good deals for America, tax less, control less, get job growth moving in the right direction, quit dying for OBAMACARE, stop the bleeding, quit the pork, CLEAN IT UP.

I guess it takes Forethought Without Malice

Right as I wrote the last line  “Malice” I heard a loud noise and my neighbors tree fell on the garage of the house I live in. Thank goodness we don’t own it. But no harm done:) I guess it was a warning from the birdie man. It was an ash tree and luckily it is just resting on the roof. But our air conditioning went out again because the freon was super low yet a few days ago the freon was fine when the air conditioning man came to fix the air conditioning the first time. The air conditioning man said there are freon thieves that suction off freon either to get off on it, or to cause trouble for others

(which I think is what occurred),

or to use it for their own purposes to cool their own homes I guess. Now we have to get some lock caps for the freon. So I guess I’m on their radar screen and they want to cause trouble for me. This happened after my ridicule of the purse incident in Zurich for good reason not necessarily to put Oprah down although it was difficult not to do in the course of it all. But I do have a weird sense of humor. I can’t help that it’s just my nature, but if I’m gonna have to deal with idiots stealing freon just to try to make me miserable well it worked for a short space, but at least I’m not complaining about a purse. It’s not like she can’t buy thousands of those purses like the President’s wife Imeldo Marcos of the Philippines who had a shoe fetish, however they did get in trouble. I know she just brought up this incident because it happened to her and that was all that came to her mind about racism in her own life which shows racism hasn’t been too much of a problem for her (even though it affected her sensitivities at the time and she did not forget it) but she does have a right to talk about it: it was good fodder and I appreciate it for the sake of my articles. Women tend not to forget. I won’t shop at that store in Zurich! I’m pandering, because I wouldn’t anyway. I would not shop at a store that has a 38 thousand dollar purse because it is out of my league and thousands of miles away and I’m pretty positive they would not show me that same purse because it is too expensive for me.

Will someone steal her freon, please? JK


I think it is healthy to talk about issues such as racism in America and we should not be threatened because of it.  DO THEY TALK ABOUT RACISM IN EUROPE?

Normally, I would not like what Oliver Stone has to say because he always seemed to be radical, now I’m a radical. I am glad he said what he said about Obama because it is true, Obama is a snake. I don’t care where he says it as long as the message gets out. I have something in common with Oliver Stone: he made a movie about the JFK assassination and I transcribed a few times the CBS coverage of the assassination and found a plethora of information about many people I had no idea were involved in the assassination. He went out on a limb at the time and probably paid a price for his findings. I hope he will look at my findings which are found at Merangue’s Blog. I did it twice and the second time around it became much clearer what occurred, but both transcriptions have information the other does not have. Check out the other posts about the Synoptic Gospels vs. the Gospel of John, which are my favorite posts and were developed over time as I studied. I’m sure O’reilly would disagree with my findings about Jesus, he has written a book about Jesus and soon will be selling them called Killing Jesus a take on his other books called Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. Just remember he is a Jesuit and Jesuits take a secret oath to infiltrate, prop a lie, create propaganda, maim, kill and many other activities and actions to protect the Pope, the Vatican, and their own agenda. He is an agent of the kind that killed Kennedy and probably killed Lincoln and more than likely killed Jesus. I have not taken an oath and I don’t make money writing about any of those subjects. It’s free to copy and share.

A new book by Mark Levin to help Americans learn to have power. I think he is honest and has some good advice as seen on the Hannity Show last week:

Cal Thomas Column: Mark Levin’s ‘Liberty Amendments’ Has Constitutional Cure for What Ails the Republic

 My favorite idea that he revealed was in Cal Thomases Column : “Levin admits these amendments are unlikely to win congressional approval because in Washington power is not willingly relinquished. That’s why he proposes the states bypass Congress, as the Framers provided, and pass these amendments themselves. As Levin notes, “Article V (of the Constitution) expressly grants state legislatures significant authority to rebalance the constitutional structure for the purpose of restoring our founding principles should the federal government shed its limitations, abandon its original purpose and grow too powerful, as many delegates in Philadelphia and the state conventions had worried it might.”


“To return America to its constitutional boundaries, Levin proposes a series of “liberty amendments” to the Constitution, beginning with one limiting the terms of congressmen so they might avoid the bipartisan virus that infects even some who believe in limited government, mutating them into power-hungry influence seekers with little regard for the public good.”

The problem I have is if there is a conspiracy

to defraud Americans

of their rights which I believe has occurred:

term limitations might be used the opposite way to blame the previous position holder for bad oversight and in the case of ObamaCare for voting in favor of the bill without paying the piper. We should be able to hold accountable those that previously held the job for doing a bad job against the wishes of the people. If we can’t then this amendment is meaningless.

The next inhabiter of the position can vote that they don’t have to abide by the same rules as they expect the citizens to abide which is UNACCOUNTABILITY.



I think the answer to that is the federal workers that work behind the scenes who are hard to fire and who seem to be in control of Congress

should be held accountable!

I think the men and women that hold the positions

such as Senator and Representatives

are merely front men.

That is what is occurring in our government

that needs to be fixed.

We need to turn federal workers over 

and we need to gain control of them.

Their jobs should be term limited as well and the public should be able to hire them, and fire them anytime they are caught in criminal activity, negligence, and even if there is just a hint of duplicity or malpractice  because this is where the power is. I believe the Vatican has control of them and they control whoever gets elected in various ways. These are the people that need to be under the control of the average citizen. We need to have control of who gets these jobs so that we don’t just play musical chairs with characters that are controlled by some other source like China or the Vatican. Americans need to gain oversight and management of this part of the machine of the government including secretaries, not unions. Their jobs need to be temporary and controlled by those that are interested in each state and voted upon by their performance, education, character, and they should have to report to those that are interested in each state. We, the Americans, can then be watching at close range what is really occurring in Washington. We, the Americans should be in charge of their salaries depending upon their service to us. We should be in charge of their mail. I know that the NSA, CIA, Secret Service and others would like to control what our Congressmen see and hear and say because they control information, mail via computer technology and that needs to change.

We should also control the secretaries and federal workers who are the machinery of the President. That includes butlers, cooks, drivers, cars, mechanics, and housekeepers, and the white house press secretaries, etc.

They should have to report to us what is occurring in that office.

THEY should be our eyes and ears.

We need to be in charge of monitors visual and audio in every room our representatives occupy including the President and monitored in real time at home in each state to know who visits and their business with our Representatives and our federal workers including secretaries, monitoring their agendas for the day filed and stored daily at home (The State) so we may know everything they doing at home (The State) in real time so we can be aware in real time.

Transcriptions also should be made of telephone conversations as well as audio tapes and visual tapes of those conversations. Same goes for their computer accounts and their emails. twitters etc.

We need to send a watchdog to each office and to watch each worker no matter what the job. We should know who eats with who and what they eat and where. When they go to the bathroom and who they talk to etc, who cuts their hair, and the conversations they have word for word. We are paying for it. Every trip they take using government money ie (US TAX DOLLARS) should also be monitored visual and audio by us.

All of the above should be assessable by the public and the press at any time.

We should get to decide whether they get a raise in salary or a lowering of their salary.They should not be able to change their own salaries.

We get to determine their worth.

That is transparency.

We the Americans need to know why they say one thing and do another and when they changed their stance and the reason for it. We need to know who influences them.

We cannot control what the press says or does but we can determine ahead of time at the State Level what is aired on our televisions in each State by the Press to our State. They are a great power but each state should determine how much power they have in each state by the people of the state. If our press were free and fair it would be different. But owners of the press do not have the best interests of the people and are controlling information as demonstrated by Benghazi and their silence about certain people involved hence it is not a free press they do not deserve free access to the public.


O’reilly’s new word of the day is ninnyhammer ie a simple person and I’m sure it is aimed at me being that I have attacked his sensibilities quite often in my posts because of his tactics and simply will continue to do so because he is a ninnyass. Because one has attained wealth does not mean they know what they are talking about. Just means there are many ninny-hammers that they chum with and build up each other financially and egotistically and as a mob work together to silence and abuse their enemy: the truth.

AS FAR AS “BUILDING A LIFE” ASHTON KUTCHER  did it the easy way or the hard way depending on how you look at it…..It isn’t easy when certain types make it near impossible. THANK GOODNESS you weren’t denied access to opportunities or singled out for retribution. EASY FOR YOU TO SAY.

I would not put it past this male to have facilitated addiction for his blunder.

I remember I made a mosaic mirror and tried to sell it at a garage sale at my sister’s home in her neighbor hood garage sale. Her friend was a bit of a snob and whispered to my sister about my mosaic and the location of the mosaic near the front door on the ground leaning on the brick and my sister said to me that my mosaic was distracting the people that came to the sale and she wanted me to move it. It was not meant nicely. It was really an out there kind of thing to say, totally rude and totally bs. That hurt. There was no reason behind what she said except jealousy because she has no talent in the arts or music, nor appreciation of either, just a great saleslady and impressing her friend. So they sat their chairs in front of the sale together and I said they were distracting the people to pass by jokingly in response to her strange insult: I was kind of livid inside but could not contain it without a joking jab.

Another example I painted a pastel portrait of my sisters ex-niece who drowned on her 3rd birthday party for her ex family and ex daughter by marriage, the mother, and she gave it as a gift to them but acted like it was painted by some annonymous artist that she commissioned. I spent at least 2 weeks, at least, and did it twice to get it right and was eventually paid $100. I think I caught her spirit in my painting, but children are hard to catch totally in art their simple beauty but I think I did it pretty well. Believe me I would have done it for free but appreciated slightly the money. They were my ex family too in a way. I had never met her ex-neice who was beautiful and sweet looking, but I knew the rest of the family and the mother, but because of the divorce wasn’t free to communicate. My sister’s ex husband saved our nephew from drowning when he was a young tot (he is a doctor now) and it seemed super unfair for my ex-brother-in-law to lose his granddaughter from drowning in his pool on her 3rd birthday.  Spiritually I think my sister is amiss in her beliefs but they are well off and hence they are better in her estimation because they measure their worth by their income.

Kids don’t make money.

This same sister on a trip with the whole family to see my mother said Let my (sisters name) look after her own daughter’s 3 children, all 3 rambunctious darling kids between the ages of 2-5 or 6 on vacation without their parents for that night that my elder sister was baby sitting near a river at night as if that was the right thing to do just so we could have fun. I said, “hey they are my niece’s kids,” but my sister is a drinker of alcohol. This niece had compared me to the devil in her letter (but wears an ankh tatoo on her arm and doesn’t realize the meaning ie slavery, I don’t think and probably has not read the Old Testament or didn’t take it seriously) to her mom which I was invited to read and that same elder sister invited me to watch a movie with Keirra Knightley called “Atonement,” because of family problems between her and I. I drink too, but not nearly as often or nearly as much. I think her religion is part of the problem such as the OSTEEN religion and the effects of alcohol over the years. Taking it out on someones kid’s, because of sisterly junk isn’t cool and pretty shallow like

the Osteenish O’reilly faussaire!

Look it up Bill O’reilly, and bask in it!

I love my sister and she is a generally good person in many ways and I am glad she is my sister and a blessing to me in the past, but she doesn’t get it because she is deceived in a bubble wrap kind of way.

That spirit also makes it next to impossible to raise kids purposefully because of PRIDE using the NSA, cell phones and their aps, and many other tools such as propaganda which are very pervasive: their means that are at their disposal to destroy relationships, kids, families, friendships, jobs, and many other things. It may be radio waves or some other type blood raising signals to affect others tempers, but if they can, they will, and they do.

Obviously, it is of the DEVIL.

That is my Oprah rant for today. We all have baggage. I have much more but it just doesn’t fit in this post.


Bush daughter hopes Hillary Clinton runs in 2016

Heritage plays a big part in the game of thrones of the world these days. George Bush supports ObamaCare. Both Bush and Obama love to interfere in others lives with home invasion tools for the sake of safety from terrorism a BIG FAT SIGNAL not to be taken lightly. The Bush family has quite a heritage which aligns with some interesting history.

Watched a fantastic Hannity show last night about terrorism.

September 11 attacks

The question I have for Hannity is if there were 19 Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked four different coordinated attacks in NYC, Washington DC (the Pentagon Department of Defense) all Saudi Arabians why did we attack Iraq?

Saudi Arabia is the hub of Islam,

militant Islam,

and the location of their holiest site MECCA. 

That is where the term Al Qaeda originated from.

Did Bush get mixed up by his colleagues or was there a good reason for their missing their target the hub of terrorism: MECCA

Who owned the newspaper business at that time. Who sells America OIL?

“.[1] Al-Qaeda and bin Laden cited U.S. support of Israel, the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, and sanctions against Iraq as motives for the attacks.”

But wait, did we have US troops in Saudi FUCKING Arabia?


To protect the oil business? Does George Bush have a stake in the Oil Business of Saudi Arabia? Is George Bush a puppet of Saudi Arabia?

Or were they there to protect MECCA?

It is hard to believe that the Bushes would be so low

but it is hard to believe

that Obama can be so low,


they are really LOW LIFES!

Yes they probably were involved in 9-11! And watched as people jumped out of buildings etc without a conscience and then had a staged interrupted book reading at an elementary school with a surprised George Bush.


George Bush supports OBAMACARE


There were companies wiped out in those buildings and I pretty positive they were competitive with the BUSH/CLINTON clans.






Peace Be Unto you!

Jeremiah 8:11

For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying,

Peace, peace; when there is no peace.


Here is someone WHO LOVES TO MOCK BUT CANNOT TAKE IT as Rush Limbaugh and C. S. Lewis and the clown in Missouri showed me:

Just keep golfing maybe you will finally sink a ball

Just nudge it in, no one you golf with will hold you to a fair game.

Just don’t play basketball in front of a camera, it’s embarrassing, or was that a private moment caught on camera by the NSA?

Step in time! / Mary Poppins


Step In Time Lyrics

…….Kick your knees up!
Kick your knees up, step in time
Kick your knees up, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Kick your knees up, step in time….

Obama golfs, Kerry lectures, Egyptians die in droves

Benghazi, Syria, Egypt……He lectures because he is a state’s man. He likes to be seen. And the pope basically says the same things, but he said it first a couple of days ago and Kerry is just reiterating what Pope Francis said. It’s is so comforting to have men in the world. They really make a difference.

It is the same military that was there at the first coup, isn’t it? I call it a coup because it is but one caused this time by the people of Egypt rallying against the Muslim Brotherhood Mursi/Morsi without violence so the military had to step in because the Muslim Brotherhood is against the people and wouldn’t take the hint. You can hardly blame the military this time having to defend itself and the people for the deaths of the Muslim Brotherhood. I think our diplomats in the Senate should have stayed away (Lindsay Graham and John McCain) but they are only helping Barack Obama whether he takes credit for it or not. They obviously want Mursi/Morsi back and whispered sweet nothings about the Suez Canal and Israel in the news just lately because they want PEACE and are PRO Israel, just like the Vatican. Something to do with the Camp David Accords. Free passage of things like oil. Because they don’t want it clogged up, I suppose. Anyway right after McCain and Graham left all hell broke loose so there must be a connection, and then Kerry and Obama have come to the rescue. One off the golf course for one brief shining moment and Kerry to rub it in after the Pope rubbed it in a few days ago. I think Kerry could make great in roads if he just sent a bunch of ketchup, that is what she is good for, eh?
You have influence…..USE IT.
Can it be any more transparent?

As far as the church burnings in Egypt:

 I don’t know the relationship of the Coptic Christian Church to Rome but as I recall it has been competitive and not so good sometimes so maybe the burnings have more to do with Vatican trying to subdue the Coptic Christians influence in Egypt. Makes sense that they would use their brothers to do it for them because that is how they do business in many countries. They are jealous and don’t like the competition.

We have heard about the Coptic Christian sites being destroyed but what about the Catholic churches that were so involved in the first coup that seemed to escape? Love to hear how they are faring in CAIRO! Doesn’t seem to be any reporting in that regard…why not? They usually are found next to or adjacent to the mosques.

I take that back one seems to have been affected probably to be inclusive to look like they aren’t involved in the Muslim Brotherhood otherwise it might be too obvious who is inciting and who premeditated the destruction of the Coptic Christian churches because they want full control, IMO. Pulling a Franklin Graham IRS abuse trick including himself so as not to be noticeable.

Egyptian Christians return to worship in church destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood

…….Flap like a birdie!
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Flap like a birdie, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme
Flap like a birdie, step in time……

Barack Obama has talent, but he is not fit for the office of President. He can sell ideas, but he does not lead well and is not a good policy maker.

Except when  it comes to collecting insurance. He is the master of scams. Please read the next article called:

The Strategy to Win War Against Terrorism

and you will see what I mean.

He could be a great actor.

Reagan was a great President in his time but he was not a great actor.

Apes see a tall slab

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.38 PMScreen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.47 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.02.58 PM


Sure have been a lot of sink holes and a lot of abductions lately. The ocean sink holes are close to perfectly round which is weird. Maybe earth is a moon. The land ones are pretty round too.  On CNN they showed the inside of a sink hole and the caverns created by water rising and I guess affecting the limestone beneath.

In the writings of Josephus Flavius he mentions the underground caverns in Israel and supposedly quite a few people lived in those areas at a certain time for some reason.

Sinkholes: As if you don’t have enough to worry about

Gingrich: Republicans have ‘zero’ health care ideas

We had a system and it worked fairly. I don’t understand why the Republicans have to come up with a health plan. That is ridiculous. Just because Clinton came up with one and Obama came up with one does not mean we need any new plan and we don’t need a Republican one either. Clinton didn’t even know what is is and Obama didn’t know there is a there there why should we listen to either of them or NEWT. Its like the bag summit


(My experience with Parkland is they misdiagnosed me the first time I became deathly ill because they took me off my antibiotics I went back 24 hours later and three new amazing doctors saved my life. I did not have insurance. They did not charge me and I did not sue them for their first mistake. I would not have had to suffer near as much, but I was grateful for living and for their great care with a few exceptions of nurses dying for me to get CAT Scanned a couple of times without needing it and without the proper preparation. I lost some hair which took a while to get back and lost many eyelashes which didn’t come back but thank God for makeup. Overall I came out okay and so did they. Doctors make mistakes but they can overcome them and learn from them and when they do should not be sued. Everyone and their mother did not have to be insured to cover it or spread it out. It was a fair deal. This is the continuation or an amendment of my insurance racket monologue from the last post below. The health business is different than property and should be treated that way. We have an amazing health care in this country and we should not sell it out. People come from all over the world for it. It is the best in the world, so far. If we go to ObamaCare it won’t be the best or second best it will be as bad as the rest of the world and I don’t think that is a good plan.)

That is what the free market system does naturally. Newt is not republican he just likes to reprimand them and be seen. He ran as one because there are only two parties taken seriously or admitted into the presidential debates. O’reilly thinks that Hillary has the next election in the bag because O’reilly is a Hillary devotee. O’reilly doesn’t like women, but he does like Hillary. Obviously if Hillary is President it won’t be her presidency. She is just Bill’s wife even though she doesn’t like to make cookies: Does that make her eligible to be President?

How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets

This woman was a chef.

I listened to Charles Krauthammer about Hillary’s successes in the job she had and there are none. I think she should be out of contention for the job of President until she figures out “what difference does it make” and tells the Americans the truth about Benghazi under the tool used by Brennan on his own slaves to control them: the lie detector equipment in front of Congress televised. She said that because she was flabbergasted and lost her cool and was willing to take the flap over her question instead of telling the truth. Let’s just say there is a lot of duplicity in these clowns. They keep throwing Chris Christie out as the only competitor, because that is what they desire to run against Hillary. RIDICULOUS. That way no matter what they can control the president. Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are cookie cutter politicians like most of the politicians in Washington. Is Hillary still a lawyer? If so, she ought to be disbarred which might help to put an end to her anticipation.

She is just Joseph Biden’s armpit anyway! He likes he BO.

Carly Simon – Anticipation

They don’t want someone who has independent thought.

They seem to be afraid of Sarah Palin.

They don’t mention her intentionally.


She told the Americans the truth and they (Republicans and Democrats) don’t like that.


In other words, she went rogue on the Republicans and the Democrats

and the Press,

but that is what we need in the Office of the President of the US.

Sarah Palin: McCain campaign ‘elitists’ banned me from telling the truth

While she may be in Rand Paul’s camp…….He ought to be in her camp as well.
I’m not sure he is a big enough.
Is anyone big enough?

The Temptations Shout

I guess that IOWA display on CBN was too much to overcome! Go drink a beer!



For Obama, denial is a river in Egypt

disney fantasia dance of the hours 3 hippopotamus

You can read about that in the posts below in this blog.

KUHNER: Who betrayed Navy SEAL Team 6?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.10.58 PMScreen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.11.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 8.44.13 PM

“News reporting and media outreach have been among the major tasks that are vital to the civil uprising in Syria. Aleppo Media Centre, a specialized news center serving Aleppo and its suburbs, has been established with a generous contribution from SEO.

Since October 2012, SEO has been responsible for coordinating Aleppo Media center and providing technical and logistical help along with the financial help it provided. The center continues its task in producing and publishing news reports from Aleppo to the world and has been working on a TV series that is aimed at increasing the public awareness about the civil uprising and providing guidance to the activist to avoid counter violence and chaos.”

Nice Designer Schniper clothes!

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.28.29 PM I wonder if these mechanisms could send Sarin gas into a neighborhood with little girls and little boys?

Financed by Saudi Arabia SEO?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.35.15 PM

These guys look professional and they don’t look like they are searching for the military in this neighborhood, does it?

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.33.00 PM

Photo: ANA: #Aleppo #Syria: anti government demonstrations kicked off this afternoon in several areas of central Aleppo calling for freedom and the toppling of regime, as in the following neighborhoods:<br /><br />
- Old city<br /><br />
- Ferdous<br /><br />
- Sekkari<br /><br />
- Shaar<br /><br />
- Bestan Al-Qasr<br /><br />
- Al-Bab Road<br /><br />
- Mashehad<br /><br />
- Salaheddin</p><br />
<p>Photo taken in the Bestan al-Qasr area</p><br />
<p>Original photo source<br /><br />
Don’t the Swiss guard the Vatican?
Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 9.51.51 PM
Of course they will.
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