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Last year in the spring of 2009 I renewed my fascination with bible prophecy because of the events that did occur in a flurry that seemed to be fulfillments of prophecy. We are living in very interesting times. Since then, I have come to question what I thought I knew and have been trying to see through the mist of time what may have actually transpired in the days Jesus Christ walked on this earth and afterwards.

For as long as I can remember I always had heard that the bible was holy and I expected the truth on every page! Unlike what the most bible scholars contend, I have come to realize that the gospels do not harmonize! The Synoptic Gospels are diametrical opposites to the Gospel of John! I believe the Synoptic Gospels purposefully buffet Jesus Christ and the truth. I think “the many” have corrupted the truth about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and his disciples to deceive the world.

I certainly don’t have the answers and, so far it seems, very few do.  I hope this blog will be a place for like-minded people and “other weirdos”(LOL) to communicate their thoughts without fear and possibly learn from each other.

If you have read any of my articles I have a basic theme throughout most of my posts on my blogs and it is that the Synoptic (Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke), Acts and many other epistles are false! I believe they represent a false Messiah and a False Prophet! I believe I have proven beyond a reasonable doubt quite often that they contradict each other and are antithetical to the gospel of John. They promote a political agenda to control the people and quell the truth about Jesus and his message.I think the synoptic gospels were written by thieves of the true Word of God and his true apostles.

I believe these guys killed the true apostles, stole what they could from them, altered their messages, rewrote history to cover up their crime, in collusion with the the powers that be at the time to create their own version of Jesus and God.

The contradictions are pretty apparent if you compare the gospels to each other and read the bible critically. For many years, I didn’t study, but just read what other people thought and still kept running into a cement wall. I don’t think I have all the answers, yet nor do I think I will attain that ever in my lifetime. I write in my blogs as I am learning and hope it will help others that have also questioned the same things I question that is written about God and Jesus.

I don’t think it is healthy to accept what we have been fed for years as “the truth” I think it is healthier to question, study and discuss. I don’t think the ecclesiastic entity appreciates our freedom to question it’s authority on their interpretation of what is written in the bible but who said they have the right to quell our search for the truth? To them it is Apostacy,,,the falling away…. I say it is Apostacy from them, and falling away from them. They think they have the answers…..

I dont think they have the answers, so thats why I write my blogs. Enuf said on that!


My articles are linked in the blog roll twice!


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