The Fruits of the Vatican

Abomination of Desolation: Part one

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The Fruits

Matthew 21:43-44

43Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

44And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken:

but on whomsoever it shall fall,

it will grind him to powder.


Matthew 12:20

20A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench,

till he send forth judgment unto victory.


Sounds like two different people

or one that was pissed off and one that was relatively mild mannered.

This is a very big contradiction!

This rendition of Jesus (Synoptic Jesus) is against himself in what he says in the book of Matthew and is obviously either telling a lie or one of these quotes ie verses was added to make a contradiction. (gee, I wonder who)

Both cannot be right!

What stone is Matthew referring to?

The one that gets kissed at MECCA?


It hasn’t had a very good effect and seems to be spiraling out of control


Luke 20:18

18 Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall,

it will grind him to powder

Matthew 24:41

41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

Luke 17:35

35 Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and the other left.


Why, one wasn’t attractive enough?

By powder does Matthew mean COCAINE or DEVIL’S BREATH or MAKEUP?

Grapes and Olives don’t make powder, however flour is a product of milling.

Flour is produced from: wheat, rye, rice, barley, millet, seeds, and other grasses and grains.

Flour makes bread.

The mustard seed makes all sorts of things from mustard to relish to poison to bombs.

The mustard seed makes a mistake too such as proclaiming to be the smallest of seeds without scrutiny basing a whole lot of testimony on a false premise probably because they the authors of the Synoptic Gospels hadn’t traveled far enough because in those days the world was flat. But Jesus would have known that the mustard seed wasn’t the smallest of seeds if he really was the Son of God. God would have told him even if he had not enough dough to travel to the ends of the earth. The Gospel of John does not however make false claims about the mustard seed and does not even bring it up. But the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Mark, and the Gospel of Luke (The Synoptic Gospels) expound on the faith of a mustard seed.

Mustard seeds do not have faith because they are a plant





with a bit of rain and sunshine and if they are lucky they won’t be cut down and eaten.


Bread grows in the oven when you add mustard or leaven.

Governments grow and grow until they can’t afford themselves not because of faith,

but because of the lack of faith.

Basically faith means you are at the whim and mercy of those that know better and they do not have much mercy.

“Grind him to powder” isn’t merciful!

Chickens grow too and their brain while small is bigger than a mustard seed and as far as I know mustard seeds don’t have brains. Chickens are cute when they are little though.

Do chickens have faith? Do they look happy? images-7

The Gates of the Boston Marathon and the Bag

The Strategy to Win War Against Terrorism

St. Peters Basilica

Pope Residence

Talk about POMP!

The Bloody History of Papal Rome – A Timeline
In 1940, French statesman Baron DePonnat stated “Roman Catholicism was born in blood, has wallowed in blood, and has quenched its thirst in blood, and it is in letters of blood that its true history is written.” Indeed, the history of papal Rome has been one of brutal torture, slaughter, and mass murder. The below list provides a sampling of papal Rome’s bloody history.
1096 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter half the Jews in Worms, Germany.
1098 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter almost all of the inhabitants of the city of Antioch.
1099 Roman Catholic crusaders massacre 70,000 Muslims and Jews when they capture Jerusalem.
1208 – 1226 The Albigensian Crusades in southern France. Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter   approximately 20,000 citizens of Beziers, France on July 22, 1209. Both Albigensian Christians and Catholics were slain. By the time the Roman Catholic armies finished their “crusade,” almost the entire population of southern France (mostly Albigensian Christians) has been exterminated. During the six centuries of papal Inquisition that began in the 13th century, up to 50 million people were killed.
1236 Roman Catholic crusaders slaughter Jews in the Anjou and Poitou regions of western France. The Catholic crusaders trample to death under their horses 3000 Jews who refuse baptism.
1243 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all the Jews in Berlitz, Germany (near Berlin).
1298 Roman Catholic mobs burn alive all Jews in Rottingen, Germany.
April 26, 1349 Roman Catholic mobs burn to death all Jews in Germersheim, Germany.
1348 – 1349 The Jews are blamed for the bubonic plague. Author Dave Hunt tells us, “Accused of causing the ‘Black Death’ Jews were rounded up [by Roman Catholic mobs] and hanged, burned, and drowned by the thousands in revenge.”
1389 Roman Catholic mobs murder 3000 Jews in Prague when they refuse to be baptized.
1481 – 1483 At the direction of the Roman Catholic inquisitors, authorities  burn at the stake at least 2000 people during the first two years of the Spanish Inquisition.
1540 – 1570 Roman Catholic armies butcher at least 900,000 Waldensian Christians of all ages during this 30-year period.
1550 – 1560 Roman Catholic troops slaughter at least 250,000 Dutch Protestants via torture, hanging, and burning during this ten-year period.
1553 – 1558 Roman Catholic Queen Mary I of England (aka “bloody Mary”) attempts to bring England back  under the yoke of papal tyranny. During her reign, approximately 200 men and woman are burned to death at the sake. Her victims include bishops, scholars, and other Protestant leaders.
1572 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. French Roman Catholic soldiers begin killing Protestants in Paris on the night of August 24, 1572. The soldiers kill at least 10,000 Protestants during the first three days. At least 8000 more Protestants are killed as the slaughter spreads to the countryside.
1618 – 1648 The Thirty Years’ War. This bloody, religious war is planned, instigated, and orchestrated by the Roman Catholic Jesuit order and its agents in an attempt to exterminate all the Protestants in Europe. Many countries in central Europe lose up to half their population.
1641 –  1649 Eight years of Jesuit-instigated Roman Catholic butchery of Irish Protestants claims the lives of at least 100,000 Protestants.
1685 French Roman Catholic soldiers slaughter approximately 500,000 French Protestant Huguenots on the orders of Roman Catholic King Louis 14 of France.
Circa 1938 –  1945 Catholic dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Monsignor Tiso slaughter approximately six million Jews in Europe prior to and during World War 2.
1941 – 1945 The Roman Catholic Ustashi in the fascist state of Croatia butcher up to one million Serbian Orthodox Christians. Roman Catholic killer squads are often led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars. This genocide is choreographed by two Jesuit prelates: Aloysius Stepinac and Ivan Saric.
Compiled by Darryl Eberhart.

John 16:2

2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

The RC has had quite a history of killing.


The documents come almost two weeks after a storm erupted over a postwar U.S. intelligence report that claimed the Vatican stored $130 million worth of gold coins and cash taken by the Croatian Nazi puppet state from Serbs and Jews.
Although the Vatican hotly denied any wrongdoing, …. the Vatican may have held money
taken from victims of Adolf Hitler……
The Vatican has declined to open its wartime archives to historians.


Vatican stands by its IOR execs

(Transliteration of the purpose of the IOR stated in above article): THE IOR isn’t a bank, but a Catholic institution who doles out their “ministries” profits to proselytize their religion to fuhrer their influence at an international level. IOR is located in the Vatican.
And, of course, they are perplexed and are confident and desire transparency……….

A sure bet that


unless you desire stones weighing down your pocket inside a body bag!

Unmasking the Vatican’s bank

…”It is hard to pin down the value of IOR’s holdings.
“It doesn’t publish a budget or an annual report,” Marroni said. “It is usually held that it has 5 billion euros in deposits, but I don’t know how exact this figure is.”
Another often reported figure is that accounts turn a 13 percent yearly interest — tax-free, like the Vatican itself.”…

…”IOR’s biggest asset, anyway, is its secrecy — all its accounts are identified only by number.”…

Revelation 17:6
And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.


So is the RC what the Gospel of Matthew meant by a nation

bringing forth the fruits thereof?


Sour Wine


Please watch: The Black Pope

The woman in the video seems to be overly protective of Adolfo……weird! But from what I read that Adolfo is the confessor of the White Pope….that must be a tough job…..absolving, that is!

Shroud of Turin

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

“Like his predecessors, the new Superior General is a powerful [and dangerous] man to whom even the Pope is subject.xiii The black pope, who today is Jesuit General Father Adolfo Nicolás, is Ratzinger’s confessor. “The Pope’s confessor, an ordinary priest, must be a Jesuit: he must visit the Vatican once a week at a fixed time, and he alone may absolve the Pope of his sins.”xiv”

2.Allegiance to the Pope.

“Historically, Jesuit Generals support the Pope as father of the faithful. Total commitment to the Pope is exercised through the Jesuits’ use of St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises:

…to take an irrevocable vow of obedience, – the obedience of the dead body, which has no will and no motion of its own…The obedience goes…to the Pope; and when the Pope says that black is white, and white black, it is the great moral glory, of the order that it is able to repeat the lie…vii Submission to human authority separates the Jesuit from the true Protestant. While the Bible believer recognizes the truth in God’s Word, the Jesuit is tied to ecclesiastical traditions.”

Some of the fruits of the RC. You shall know them by their fruits.


Pope Benedict XVl, the Vatican, the Mob

and China


Maimed by the Mob March 2008

7 months later………………………..

Why Is the Pope So Silent About the Mob? Oct 2008

2 years later……………………………

Pope honors priest killed by Mafia Oct 2010



Pope Visits Sicily, Condemns the Mafia


Transcribed as best I can:


Benedict the 16th has traveled to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. A very short visit of only 10 hours where he spoke out strongly against the Mafia and his words received much applause:

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.54.59 AM

Pope Benedict XVl: “Do not give in tho the lure of the Mafia, which is the path of death, (applause) incompatible, incompatible with the Gospels as many of your bishops have said.”

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.54.35 AM

He was speaking to a crowd of about 20.000 young people from the island. The pope acknowledged the courage of several victims of the Mafia such as the Priest Pina Poli and ………….both in the process of beatification.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.54.47 AM

(You can tell they like kids!)

Pope Benedict XVl: Dear young people of Sicily, be trees that are rooted in the “river” of good! Do not be afraid, (applause) do not be afraid to fight evil!


(Even though the Pope being old and weak not being able to care for his own clothing what he said here in almost a whisper is true otherwise you end up like the two men at the bottom of the page in the article:

The Strategy to Win War Against Terrorism

The problem I have with what the Pope said and how he said it was he said
“Do not be afraid” twice
and in essence it was a double negative out of that part of his message
making a positive out of the statement.
The French do it all the time.
In math
A negative plus a negative always equals a negative. But a negative subtracting a negative can equal a positive. He did not say “No, do not be afraid,”  he said, “Do not be afraid” twice one overriding the other because of applause in essence a gaffe or a faux pas not allowing the message to be completed whether by manipulating that applause by waiting for it?
Language is funny. Remember Bill Clintons, “Depends on what is is” (ISIS) and (Paula Dean’s “I is what I is” lately in response to I AM THAT I AM, I believe) then “there is no there there” by Obama and both men presidents seem to have caused great upheaval all over the world. “There, there” are usually words of fake comforting so in essence Obama sort of said “there is no comfort.” Dark sentences in a meaningless kind of way. Which he is meaningless. He hasn’t kept his promises that he pledged when he became President and hopefully his “real time” intentions will also be nulled and voided.
In the Old Testament Moses hits the Rock twice and it seems there is a duplicity in the Old Testament after that, IMO.
Pope Benedict was well versed in languages. I just wonder if the language he spoke in Sicily has some of those rules of negativity. The reason this comes to mind is the story in Exodus and the tongue habit of many these days that I have noticed and have expounded upon in many of my articles and the eucharist which is melted upon the tongue and it’s possible relationship to this strange habit and the behavior of many people that do the tongue extension from Jackie Bouvier Kennedy/Onassis right before she assassinates her husband, Pope John Paul, Dr. Billy Graham, and many others as if enslaved and then there is Benghazi and the Libyans carrying a man who is not Ambassador Chris Stevens and the man holding him has a black phone sticking out of his mouth which looks like a big black tongue. Benghazi has been an event to reckon with, to say the least, for the Obama administration. Siberian huskies have black tongues. Vladimir Putin in his goose outfit mentioned something about a “Of course, it was a set up” the day after Benghazi occurred and the Jesuit Priest at the Vatican Fredrico Lombardi mentioned “the video” as the excuse before the time that that same excuse was repeated by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama until it was discovered weeks later that it had nothing to do with Benghazi.

Obama did it in his speech a day (Aug 9th or 10th) or so ago on some point I can’t remember what the point was because I can hardly stand watching him anymore because he is the epitome of deception and it gets really old fast and now Harry Reid is hoping twice about the reason behind obstructing Obama and ObamaCare.

Harry Reid,

you are pandering.

Does every decision you make have to do with race or your election?

I’d love to see you try to buy Oprah a $38 thousand dollar purse in Switzerland!

However if you buy it for me I’ll sell it back to you for $35 thousand  and you can save $3 thousand when you give it to her or sell it to her for $3 thousand dollars less and get your money back and will have proved that you are not a racist.

Harry Reid hopes President Obama opposition not race-based

Reminds me of the time I was a waitress and a couple told me their child was autistic. I said “Really? How nice? I thought they said their child was artistic. I did not know about autism. I was 19 years old or so and I had 15 minutes to get drinks for probably 45 people not to mention wait for my orders to get filled with another 10 or so waiters and waitresses. Not like I had a lot of time to chit-chat about kids. I was embarrassed later and I’m sure they thought I was callous or stupid. I doubt they left much of a tip, but they didn’t complain about it, luckily. So perhaps the person in the store in Zurich was a bit out of touch.


During the meeting two youths from Sicily spoke to the Pope on behalf of all the citizens.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.57.15 AM

Young Man: We will not give up the dream of a better Sicily, fertilized by the blood of many martyrs of justice and faith…..

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.55.43 AM

Looks just like my dad but without the garb! Course when my dad spoke you would listen because while he didn’t chatter a bunch about nonsense or write a book he was formidable and honorable, thoughtful and devoted (he commanded a battalion in war) and the greatest dad a girl could have even though we made mistakes.

(applause by Pope and people) 

martyrs as Falcone, Borsellino, Don Pino Puglisi and Rosario Livatino.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 6.11.38 AM

Boy: We are helped so much by the Church and our priests. Feel us close to you, Holy Father. Be always close to us young people,…….

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.58.43 AM

During his visit the Pope’s car stopped on the highway where the ……Judge Giovanni Falcone was killed along with four others.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.03.02 AM

Georg Ganswein hurries behind the pope to straighten his satin shoulder cover and straightened the braid down his back because they were being filmed and he wanted the pope to look good and probably so that he might be filmed as well. There was a split- second flinch. He didn’t really need to adjust the Pope, but some people need extra special attention.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.03.22 AM

The Pope laid flowers at the monument that commemorates what happened and prayed for all victims of the mafia and organized crime.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 5.03.40 AM

Picturesque prayer and sign of the cross before nightfall

Pope Benedict xv1

 I am impressed that he retired which was quite a feat for a Pope!
Personally because he reminded me of my dad physically his departure was quite dramatic for me even though I have my grievances against the religion of Rome. The helicopter was what I was used to seeing my dad (not often but representative) as a colonel who fought in two wars (one twice), one commanding a battalion as I stated in Vietnam requiring the use of helicopters to direct. The last few years with my dad were spent mostly apart because of family problems and I felt cheated because I truly loved him as much as the rest of the family. I sort of felt like my dad might have helped him to make that decision, spiritually speaking that is, because one quality my dad did not lack was courage. I learned some things about the bible that he had not learned when he passed partially because of him and I am trying to pass it along.
Another reason is what happened at Benghazi and recognition of one of the victims and the timing of it (signs to me) with what was occurring in America and to me and my reaction to it in regards to Obama and his excuse to the American public and to the UN in the light of the bible studies I had encountered.
I think I’m a watchman on the wall, so to speak, because of my awareness and the abilities to understand (or try anyway) those signs that I notice.


 Another time I saw my dad was in an ad about the perils of ObamaCare.
I know he is helping me in “my interests.” because there

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 7.16.50 PM


And believe me, I have put up with a lot of shit but I guess that is part of the deal.

As far as warning about the mob and it’s danger

Um, I would not call that “speaking out strongly!”

In fact, I would call that


On the brighter side of these dark times:

Meet Ilda Boccassini, the lady who scares the Italian Mob

 Back to the Vatican relationship and CHINA:

Vatican warns China over bishop’s ordination

“The Vatican warned Beijing on Thursday not to force Catholic bishops loyal to the pope to attend the ordination of a bishop who is a member of the state-backed church

that does not recognize the pontiff.”

This must be a publicity stunt!

This is a strange twist in the affairs of men. While on the one hand I agree with the Vatican, can’t they see? But on the other hand it seems like a huge gigantic hypocrisy, especially with their history and their tactics of infiltration and bullying.

Funny, how the Vatican and the Pope defend their own recognition and authority

but are bashful when their own followers and others are slaughtered!


Kind of like, they are embarrassed by the Mafia,

because it is their family and they know

that they share in the guilt and are responsible.

Yet in defense of their authority and the recognition of the Pope

they are willing to be heavy handed with China?

There has got to be a catch!

Did they warn the Mafia?

Or is this a time to rally the troops point the finger another direction

to quell the bad publicity

of the

Vatican bank investigations.

Vatican bank under investigation over money laundering

“It was the first time that such action had been taken against the bank, which is formally known as the IOR or Institute for Religious Works……………………….”

“The Vatican bank’s chairman, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, who was appointed last year, was placed under investigation for allegedly failing to communicate to financial authorities where the money had come from.”

“He is not being investigated for laundering money but for omitting to disclose key information.”

Which is called OMISSION: Like not telling the Congress who made up the Video Excuse for the attack on Benghazi! I have written many of the press and some in Congress to tell them who first came up with the excuse because they keep asking who came up with the excuse and I read who came up with the excuse the day after the event occured (I think it was anyway) but all of them have ignored the information because they are protecting the JESUIT PRIEST Father Fredrico Lombardi in my estimation or why ignore the information? (Or they don’t are, or they don’t agree.) But of course they could be wrong and have made an assumption without proof either way because they aren’t willing to give the information or investigate the information or confront the person or persons involved even with evidence: an article written by their own organization of the Jesuits.

Vatican firmly condemns US deaths, disrespect against religions

    ”Profound respect for the beliefs, texts, outstanding figures and symbols of the various religions are an essential precondition for the peaceful coexistence of peoples,” Father Lombardi said in a Sept. 12 statement.”

“The serious consequences of unjustified offense and provocations against the sensibilities of Muslim believers are once again evident in these days, as we see the reactions they arouse, sometimes with tragic results, which in turn nourish tension and hatred, unleashing unacceptable violence,” said the written statement, which was also translated into Arabic.”

Can it be disputed? Father Lombardi made a statement a few days before Putin said it was a set up in his goose costume.

Putin Turns Photo Ops Into Soviet-Style Agitprop

……..”Of course it was a set up.”…….

………”Of course there are excesses,”……..

……..”Well of course they were planted!”………

……. ”Of course it was a set up.”……..

 ”Actually, if President Putin has gills, I’d say he’s entitled to show them off. If an American politician confessed to having gills, we’d see an attack ad that went,
“Can an aquatic organism really represent your interests in Washington, D.C.?”

So I guess that would be worse than OMISSION Although Putin weighed in early on.

Who was the writer of the article about Putin’s comments referring to when he said aquatic organism of Washington D.C. Was he/she referring to?

OBAMA? Hillary? Bill? Susan Rice? 

If you read and listen to the links in the next article it ought to add wisdom about the religion in Rome and it’s history and the relationship of Islam to Rome and vice versa and why the war on Terrorism is a never ending dilemma because of and between the two religions and why the warning in Revelation 18:4:

Pope Benedict XVI and His Power of Suggestion


  1. Someone or something that has been left out or excluded.
  2. The action of excluding or leaving out someone or something.

it would be considered a Sin of COMMISSION.


1.a. The act of granting certain powers or the authority to carry out a particular task or duty.
b. The authority so granted.
c. The matter or task so authorized: Investigation of fraud was their commission.
d. A document conferring such authorization.
2.a. A group of people officially authorized to perform certain duties or functions: The Federal Trade Commission investigates false advertising.

b. often Commission A ruling council within the Mafia that adjudicates family disputes and regulates family activities.
3. The act of committing or perpetrating: the commission of a crime.




Carry out or commit (a harmful, illegal, or immoral action).

Aiding, but not quite abetting


Accountability is absent in our society

because it is acceptable.

That is why we have bad behavior running rampant scaring people, inhibiting normal freedoms of normal people, organizations such as the NSA that for the most part make life miserable for the average law abiding citizens and have very little affect on criminals because of the aiding but not quite abetting lack of accountability sickness in America and all the speeches in the world by Popes, Priests, Clergy, Senators, Presidents, Congressmen, Teachers and Principals, moms and dads

are meaningless.

A coverup occurs with every crime because that is an integral part of every crime.

Some coverups take seconds, minutes, hours, months, days, and years.

And a lot of looking the other way, usually caused by fear of reprisal.

Vatican bank director, deputy resign amid scandal

The Pope And The Mafia Millions 1-5



Alex Jones Exposes the Vatican Part 1 of 2

Alex Jones Exposes the Vatican Part 2 of 2

Pope calls for a new world “financial” order

Pope Benedict XVI calls for a New World Order

Pope Endorses “World Political Authority” Good article!


Revelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.


Is a Grain of Mustard Seed Really All it Takes?

Or is the Art of Deception the Keys?

New Post coming about:

The secret world of teen cartel hit men




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